Home Chef Review 2023: All You Need to Know

Home Chef review

What is Home Chef & how was it created?

Are you trying to get healthy and get delicious meals on your table fast?

Then you’d love Home Chef.

Home Chef is a meal delivery service provider based in Chicago. The brand has a sharp focus on healthy and fresh food ingredients.  Saving time for their customers is what they strive to do every single day.

Take a look at their tagline “Helping you save time while enjoying real home cooking and the joy that comes with it.” Customers like you and me who are pressed for time can easily relate the tagline with their needs.

Home Chef lets you focus on your life’s core responsibilities while bringing the delicious meals on your dining table. Their CEO, Pat Vihtelic, founded the brand to give everything you need to make your dining moment enjoyable. They believe that a busy schedule should not deter you from savoring the delicious meals. Their food connoisseurs set you onboard to the journey of deliciousness by guiding you to prepare and enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Pat started Home Chef in 2013 with his chef-partner to conceptualize and design sumptuous and easy-to-prepare recipes. 7 years from its launch, the brand has grown from strength to strength.

In 2020, they added several culinary experts, master chefs, and 700 employees across marketing, design, technology, product, customer service, and production teams. In 2019, Home Chef delivered over a whopping 10 million meals and expanded their delivery network to cover over 97% of the US population.

What Does Home Chef Offer in Weekly Menu Ideas?

Home Chef has grown at a breakneck speed. It has only been in the market for around 7 years and become the perfect example of how innovative a meal delivery service can be.

It comes up with fresh meal ideas every week in their rich menu. With Home Chef, your meal ordering process gets super easy. Their subscription model is flexible, easy to comprehend at a fair price. Let’s dive right in to explore how Home Chef can make your cook experience effortless and follow a healthy diet.

Home Chef offers 2 ready-to-cook protein packs, 16 dinners, 2 salads in lunch, and 1 fruit platter add-on every week. You can order as per your family size. Ordering 2,3,4,5 or 6 meal kits can be sufficient for 2,4 or 6 people, respectively.

Dinner kits designed by Home Chef can lure even the fussiest of eaters. You will find meals ranging from vegetarian to seafood and meat, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, and low-calorie dishes. Amazing, isn’t it? Their lunch options provide you the unique opportunity to cook delicious meals no matter where you are. Get your lunch ready in 5 minutes without the need to prepare.

If you are badly pressed for time, you can now opt for their Fresh and Easy meals that need zero preparation. Fresh and Easy has been launched in Q1 2020, which keeps your meal grill and oven-ready or ready to serve. You can sit back and relish your delicious meal with zero headaches of cleaning up.

Well, that’s not all. If you are craving for fresh fruits, healthy dessert, or delicious sweets at the end of your meal, grab some of their nutritious and refreshing smoothies. Home Chef’s diverse and innovative menu options will surely satiate your taste buds.

What are the top reasons to consider Home Chef?

Home Chef menu options are designed to make home cooking enjoyable and easy. They deliver high-quality, correctly portioned ingredients, and original recipes right at your doorstep. Plan your meals well in advance with Home Chef’s wide range of meal options. Pre-planning your meal minimizes your kitchen time by at least half an hour.

Home Chef’s culinary team comes up with a wide range of delicious and exciting recipes to satiate your taste bud. You can pick the ones you like. You just have to follow Home Chef’s detailed guidelines, simple steps to cook super tasty meals. With Home Chef, you won’t have to learn any complex technique to become a champion chef. Home Chef understands that you are pressed for time and makes it recipes perfect to cook with less time and effort. Choose Home Chef to learn and have fun with your culinary experience.

Unlike other meal delivery providers and most of its competitors, Home Chef doesn’t focus only on dinner. They have pumped up meal varieties by bringing in lots of interesting and delicious add-ons. Their ready-to-cook protein, fresh fruit platters, and delicious lunch options don’t need you to cook at all. Enjoy your no-cooking days with delightful meal options of Home Chef.

Home Chef’s customization options make their offering even more exciting and innovative. They allow you to customize your orders in different ways. You can now choose your recipes based on your likings, diet, and health requirements, all at the same time. They also let you decide on the exact number of meal kits every time you order along with the portions you choose to receive in every meal. Want to order extra serving? Home Chef lets you order extra servings of your preferred dish with the flexibility of upgrading or changing the main protein source. Their culinary experts eliminate your cooking time and help you tweak your meal as per your taste.

Home Chef has a huge fan following and is loved by people for the same ideology on which it was launched. They focus on saving time, reducing food waste, and brings your family members and friends together for a delicious home-cooked meal.

Home Chef Meals - How Many Kinds of Meal Kits Do You Get

Home Chef offers you weekly subscription service for their meal kit. You can select any of their recipes from their meal kit list and get all the cooking instructions and ingredients delivered at your doorstep.

At the time of signing up with Home Chef, you have to fill out a questionnaire with some necessary details. It asks you how many people you are planning to cook for. You will get 3 options- 2, 4, or 6. The next important question is how many meals you want to cook per week. You can choose anything between 2 to 6. If you wish to opt for their free shipping options, you have to order 3 or more meals per week.

  1. Choose Your Meals

Choose your recipes every week based on your health goals, dietary restrictions, and preferred foods. You can select from Home Chef’s suggested menu or make up your own.

  1. Personalize Your Plate

You can swap, double up or upgrade select or your favorite recipes any time using Home Chef’s “Customize It” feature.

  1. Make and Relish Your Food!

Get pre-portioned, fresh, and healthy food ingredients at your doorstep with Home Chef’s excellent meal delivery service. Use their step-by-step guide and recipe cards to create and savor your favorite and other exciting dishes effortlessly. Home Chef makes cooking a delightful experience.

Once you have decided to sign up with Home Chef, you need to fill out their taste chart. Here you need to specify your preferred meal ingredient for Home Chef to serve you better. Their meal preference choices are one of the most comprehensive in the market. Their culinary experts use your selections for building your detailed taste profile. The taste profile helps you get the ingredient as per your taste and preference.

With Home Chef, you will get plenty of dining options. You can choose anything from seafood, vegetables, meat, or any of your preferred combination. If you want to avoid any ingredient, specify that in your meal preference. For example, you may choose not to eat nuts, soy, dairy, gluten, certain veggies, and red meat or any combo of these.

It will help you stay away from ingredients on which you may have allergies. When you have finalized your meal preferences, choose how many meals you want per week. You can select 2,3,4,5 or 6 meals every week to prepare foods for 2,4 or 6 people. Home Chef has kept its meal kit choices exceptionally flexible, unlike most of its competitors. If you don’t like to go ahead with a typical or 2-person family plan, select from their bouquet of choices. Later on, you can choose specific days per week for meal delivery – Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Fridays. So much flexibility helps you try out different delicacies without compromising your health or diet.


How about crunchy Nutella Churro French toast or deliciously eggy breakfast with baked beans on the side? Sounds delicious, bet the taste will be even more irresistible. Are you a chicken person? Fill your heart with their savory and buttery chicken with crunchy munchy waffle. Your day will be filled with sunshine and lots of goodies when you start it with the finger-licking breakfast of Home Chef Meal Delivery.

Calorie Conscious

Well, you may be worried that Home Chef recipes can be low calorie with less flavor. Wrong! Their recipes may have low calories, but they are equally high on taste. Home Chef counts every calorie that goes into your immune system. Some of their delicious low-calorie dishes are turkey gyro meatball salad and chili-lime steelhead tout. Home Chef Meal Delivery satiate your taste bud by making you good about every aspect of their meal options.


Are you a beef lover? You will get all beefy delicacies right here with Home Chef. From casual dishes like BBQ gouda juicy lucy to classic ones such as truffled demi-glance steak, you will get every ounce of red meat you crave for. Drive straight into this gratifying and mouth-watering protein with the meal delivery of Home Chef right away.


Nothing can beat the mouth-watering steak. Every meat-loving family loves it in the United States. Whether you want to taste brasserie, sirloin, blue cheese, or get a coffee-ground polished steak, try your favorite one with Home Chef’s meal delivery recipe.


Sip and quench your thirst with Home Chef’s signature smoothies. Whether you are returning from your gym session or just starting your day, refreshing smoothies keep you energized. Sip Home Chef’s healthy and delicious smoothies come in different flavors like Strawberry Fields and Mango Tango. Feeling elated? Indulge in their sweet delicacies like Chai Gingerbread and Almond Joy. Let Home Chef make your day smooth with their refreshing smoothies.


Want to treat yourself with delicious salmon in the summer with Lemon Dill Yogurt Sauce or fresh veggies on the sides. Go for the weekly fish fry option in Home Chef’s meal delivery service and buy yourself a bundle of happiness.


Are you a salad person? Eat healthy and feel better with fresh, light, leafy, and crunchy Home Chef salads. Try their signature salads like the Crispy Goat Cheese, Arugula, and Apple & Chicken Salad. Try their Southwestern Shrimp Salad if you love shrimp. You will get delicious yet simple flavors with Home Chef’s mouth-watering salads.


Looking to spice things up with Home Chef’s classic pasta? Confused which one to choose between Rigatoni and Penne? Soothe your gut, heart, and soul with over a dozen of their pasta recipes. From linguine to lasagna, Sun-dried tomato to smokey sausage, nothing can go wrong with Home Chef’s classic pasta meals. Twist your tongue to slurp the flavored Home Chef pasta.


Shrimp’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for the seafood eater. The recipes and taste can vary to a great deal from coast to coast. The cooking styles and recipes can be different, but the core taste remains the same. If you want to gorge into the shrimp dishes, choose from Home Chef’s flavorful shrimp meal options. You get to taste different flavors, from sweet to spicy, gritty to buttery, or their unique ceviche style. Dive and satiate your cravings with the delicious shrimp recipes home delivered by Home Chef meal delivery services.


Charge up your immune system with Omega-3 and Nutrition filled Salmon dishes. Salmon in garlic or light white tuna sauce or signature smokey salmon, you name any of it and get served right on your plate. Drop your fishing net and choose Home Chef’s fair-priced meal delivery service to get fresh salmon delivered at your doorstep.


Treat yourself and loved ones with Home Chef’s premium meals. Celebrate your weeknight, birthday, or anniversary with their top-quality and finger-licking meals. Go for their specialties like thick-cut lamb chops or classic filet mignon with smoked gouda-potato gratin on the sides. Light up some aromatic candles, bring out the fine bone china crockeries, and enjoy your romantic candlelight dinner with Home Chef Meal Delivery.

Carb Conscious

Want to go for a low-carb diet by avoiding bready entrees or starchy sides? Home Chef has your back. Their low-carb dishes are full of veggies, proteins, and other nutrients to offer you a balanced diet. Try their Sweet Chilli succulent chicken and crunchy lettuce-filled wrap or juicy pork tenderloin in green peppercorn flavor. Get these heavenly low-carb and low-calorie delights home delivered with Home Chef’s expert meal delivery services.


Home Chef genuinely cares for all their veggie friends by offering a minimum of 3 vegetarian meal options per week. With delicious dishes like Mexican street corn flatbread and lasagna bianca, you will never run out of options. Treat yourself with green culinary experience with Home Chef’s veggie meal options. Give your body sufficient plant-based nutrients with Home Chef’s doorstep meal delivery options.

Without Nuts

If you want to stay away from nut-based recipes, Home Chef is the right choice. From their classic pork tenderloin rubbed on coffee to crisp Dijon chicken, you can enjoy these nut-free delicacies anytime you want. Your peanut-butter loving friends will envy you when you order Home Chef’s sumptuous nut-free recipes.


Dreaming about chomping juicy lamb chops? Add this zesty red meat to your menu and get heightened satisfaction. Home Chef signature lamb dishes like lamb meatball pita and grilled lamb chops dipped in mustard crème will want you to crave for more. Your dinner table will be full of irresistible aroma impossible to ignore. So, what are you waiting for? Add Home Chef classic lamb dish to your meal delivery today.


Home Chef culinary experts source the fresh cod from the cold water of Atlantic deep-sea regions. Their master chefs spice it up with tasty sauces and panko or parmesan crusting to add to its flavor. Home Chef cod recipes are exceptionally gratifying when you add it to your weekly meal delivery options.


Nothing finishes a perfectly prepared meal better than a sweet dessert. Give your dinner a tasty delight with Home Chef’s signature Cinnamon Apple Galette. Fresh desserts from the meal delivery service of Home Chef will give your fabulous meal a classy finish.


Ah, mouth-watering, finger-licking chicken! Want to order your favorite chicken dishes from Home Chef meal delivery?
You will delicious chicken dinners ranging from their signature goat-cheese crusted chicken to the juicy chicken pot pie.

Prefer Turkey?

Don’t worry; Home Chef got you covered with palatable dishes like BBQ turkey burger or the spicy Thai Turkey lettuce wraps. You can get these savory poultry recipes right at your doorstep with Home Chef’s reasonably priced meal delivery service.


Do you see finger-licking chickens in your dream?

Well, it’s time to make it a reality by getting hundreds of Home Chef chicken recipes. You can choose any flavor from classic to spicy to suit your taste. Treat yourself and loved ones with chef’s favorite Blackened Chicken Salad, Farmhouse Fried Chicken, and Chicken Pad Thai. Go for Home Chef’s affordable meal delivery service to get your favorite chicken recipe at your doorstep.

Without Soy

Are you allergic to soy-based dishes?

Home Chef has recipes that will make you jump and say, “oh boy, finally no soy.” They kept all their soy-free friends in mind while creating sumptuous recipes like Thai red curry shrimp and pesto chicken pizza. You can enjoy these delicious meals with Home Chef’s doorstep meal delivery service.

Without Wheat

Many of us want our diet to be wheat-free. Well, if you fall in that league, you should try Home Chef’s no-wheat recipe. You can choose from their delightful dishes such as salmon with dill crema or steak au poivre in your weekly meal delivery.


Many of us go weak on our knees by seeing and smelling the aroma of finger-licking seafood. Seafood delicacies are not only delicious but Omega-3 rich and heart-healthy as well. Treat yourself with healthy seafood dishes like shrimp jambalaya and feta and herb-crusted salmon. Fit these recipes easily in your weekly seafood dishes and your budget.


A true meat lover can die for pork (not literally!) It’s super tasty and filled with loads of nutrients like potassium and iron. Try Home Chef’s fig-gazed pork tenderloin or mojito pork chops and keep licking your fingers after you’re done with your food. Trust me; your craving will increase when you add these recipes in your Home Chef meal delivery.

Carb Conscious and Calorie Conscious

This section is dedicated to carb and calorie-conscious people. Home Chef brings on your plate a higher taste packed with lower calories. Try their flavorful dishes such as roasted balsamic pear and chicken salad and feta and herb-crusted salmon to make every calorie count. Every ounce of carb is swapped with veggies and protein in Home Chef’s low-calorie dishes. Fill your heart with finger-licking delicacies like seared ribeye with Caprese salad or classic and juicy pork tenderloin wrapped in green peppercorn. When the flavors are doubled up, do you really need carb? With Home Chef, you will get these delicious low-carb, low-calorie meals right at your doorstep.

Staff Picks

All these signature and widely loved dishes are the results of the relentless efforts of Home Chef’s culinary experts. They innovate, create, taste, test, and revise recipes multiple times until these recipes are perfect. They care for each customer and get ingredients ready for your custom-ordered meal delivery every week. Taste the chef’s favorite meal and become a culinary expert in no time.

Without Milk

Do you have a lactose allergy? Get your chosen milk-free flavors with Home Chef’s world of delicacies. Enjoy the moment when cream and butter melts in your mouth with their signature Korean BBQ steak or shrimp with tiger sauce. Home Chef ensures all its customers get rich and flavorful recipes home delivered at their behest.

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Top 3 Best Selling Meals

Sous-Vide Pork Osso Buco With Parmesan Risotto, Mushroom-Shallot Sauce, and Tomato-Thyme Relish

Prep & Cook Time: 30 to 40 minutes

Calories: 508

Serving: 2

Cook Within: 6 days

Allergen: Lactose or Milk

Try out Home Chef’s bone-in Pork shanks, which falls into the category of traditional veal shank of Italian comfort classic. Their master chefs have already slow-cooked the pork for many hours in a controlled and sealed environment to make it tender and juicy. It saves your precious cooking time and makes you focus on creating a perfect and delicious Parmesan risotto. Relish this signature delicacy with a savory tomato and sautéed mushrooms.

Sirloin Steak with White Wine Demi-Glace and garlic-herb potatoes

Cook & Prep Time: 30 to 40 minutes

Calories: 684

Serving: 2

Cook within 6 days

Allergen: Milk or Lactose

Want to jazz up your lunch or dinner with higher taste? Close your eyes and feel every bite of this succulent Sirloin Steak with White Wine Demi-Glace. Have you already started dreaming about this heavenly delicacy? Potatoes are slow roasted with butter and tossed with peas, garlic, and different herbs. The same herbs are then added to the delicious sauce, demi-glace, butter, and a rich troika of white wine. We bet that you are licking your fingers by now, aren’t you? Let that be a secret until you experience this divine taste.

Cinnamon Apple Galette With Easy Make-Ahead Vanilla Ice Cream

Cooking and Prep Time: 50 to 60 minutes

Calories: 1460

Serving: 2 people

Cook within: 7 days

Allergen: Milk, Wheat (contains gluten)

Allergen: Wheat and Milk

Do you know why March 14th is so special? It’s is marked as the observance of annual Pi Day (3/14, right?). What comes in your mind when you hear “pi”? In less than 3.14 sec your mind conjures up a fresh apple pie image such as this foamy Cinnamon Apply Galette. Still not believing how easily it can be made. You just need to whip up your favorite homemade ice-cream and dough, without the need to churn anything. The moment you toss it up in your oven, your kitchen will be filled with the sweet fragrance of cinnamon and baked apples. After making and savoring this delicious recipe, you will certainly circle this day in your annual calendar and remember it for many years.

Home Chef Pricing Plans

*Last updated: Jan 2021
Veggie Plan
Free Shipping
Family Plan
Free Shipping

Home Chef meal delivered plans are reasonably priced and near the industry average. Prices range from $4.95 to $9.95 depending on the meal type (dinner, lunch, or any add-on). Prices never change irrespective of the number of servings and kits purchased by you. You get free shipping in the majority of the orders.

Let’s delve deeper into Home Chef’s meal pricing. Their dinner is priced at $9.95 for every serving, and you may choose serving options between 2,4 or 6 persons. Get Home Chef’s 5-minute lunch at a lower cost with $7.99 each portion.

Their pricing is simple and transparent. Home Chef lets you know the delivery cost beforehand to make your decision making faster.

Now you can order many different meals with Home Chef’s bouquet of options. You can add-on fresh smoothies for $4.95, along with premium meals and protein packs on special occasions. These special menu items are a tad pricier than regular meals. For example holiday specials which include a dessert and multiple sides. Don’t spend your valuable time shopping groceries and looking for new recipes in your next Christmas. Place your trust in Home Chef’s expertise and get your favorite meal home delivered.

Home Chef recipes can instantly lift your mood with fresh ingredients, refreshing aroma, and quick to prepare items. End your 3 or 4-course dinner with deliciously fruity yet low-calorie sweets.

All your Home Chef orders will be delivered free of cost if they are priced more than $45. You may have to pay up to $10 if the order value is below $45.

Home Chef Delivery Locations

Home Chef’s delivery network is spread across the US, except for some areas. After expanding its network, Home Chef’s delivery now covers 98% of the country.

Home Chef is continuously increasing its delivery range. Before ordering, it’s recommended to key in your zip code on Home Chef’s website and find out if your area is covered.

You will get your weekly menus usually delivered on Thursdays and Fridays. However, you can select the days at your convenience. Always remember, delivery options may vary depending on your location.

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Pros & Cons

  • Get 18 mouth-watering recipes with 3 fresh add-ons on Home Chef menu per week
  • Allergy-friendly Meal options for vegetarians, eggetarians, omnivores, meat lovers and calorie-conscious people
  • High-quality, fresh ingredients sourced from local vendors
  • Prep time of all dinners are less than half an hour
  • Get zero-cooking lunches served on your plate in less than 5 mins.
  • Option to customize your meal kits
  • Enjoy free shipping on the order value of more than $45
  • Savor deliciously simple recipes that are easy to remember and prepare.
  • Customize your meal options as per your taste and preferences
  • Home Chef recipes are organized based on varying levels of difficulty: Vegetarian, Meat-eaters and many more
  • Yet to launch different recipe options for vegan customers
  • If you are a solo chef, be prepared to pay double the amount for small (minimum of 2) servings
  • Lack of special meal plans
  • People with high-gluten intolerance may find Home Chef menu non-suitable due to high risk of cross-contamination

Why You Should Order from Home Chef

Home Chef is an old and trusted player in the meal delivery market space for long. With time, meal delivery services are seeing a surge in competition and increasingly becoming popular. Home Chef keeps on innovating and rejigging their offerings to stay afloat and race ahead of the competitors. You won’t find such flexibility in other service providers.

With fresh and delicious ingredients of Home Chef, meal prep time doesn’t take more than half an hour. They have curated simple-to-follow step-by-step and detailed recipe cards to help you in your cooking journey. At the time of researching Home Chef meal delivery features and other aspects, we were pleasantly surprised by their commitment and efficiency level. If you are tired and bored of ordering outside or junk foods or waste your time in grocery shopping, Home Chef is your solution. You will get the taste of home-cooked, warm and healthy meals with them and enjoy a zero-cooking life.

With Home Chef’s flexible servings, you can easily get improved menu items, more detailed recipe cards, and flexible ordering process. You will get these options with specific menu items that allow you to add 2 to 4 portions to your chosen meal. For example, if you have called your friends for any occasion or need extra food, you don’t need to change your monthly subscription. Instead, more servings can be ordered for individual meals as per your requirements.

This option is perfect for:

  • People with dietary restrictions and health issues
  • Anyone wishes to save their valuable time
  • People looking for a wide range of food choices

Our Verdict (Our Overall Rating is based on all reviews)

Home Chef stands out for the subtle difference in their offerings compared to other market players. They deliver the best quality ready-to-cook ingredients at your doorstep so that you can cook and eat fresh.

If you are a health-conscious eater, Home Chef can be a perfect choice. You can get a healthy portion of your favorite meal without sacrificing the flavor, taste, or convenience.

Some people may find it difficult to adjust to Home Chef’s cooking time for every dish. Unlike other meal delivery services that provide ready-to-eat foods, Home Chef meals need some preparation. Especially if you are pressed for time or had a busy day, cooking is what you would like to avoid. Home Chef guarantees flavor at the cost of your time.

If you are ready to spend 10 minutes extra meal prepping, Home Chef’s innovative recipes, flavorful dishes, fresh ingredients are well worth your extra cooking time.

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After registering with Home Chef, they will auto-assign you some of the best-selling meals created by their expert chefs. Always remember to review the meal ingredients in every recipe so that you can choose the exact recipe as per your diet.

You will get enough flexibility with Home Chef in your meal selection. You can modify your choice any time, skip a weekly delivery if you don’t need it, or even change your weekly delivery deadline. Don’t forget the pre-set timeline by Home Chef. Any delivery skip or menu change requests must be submitted on Friday at 12 PM CST before the scheduled delivery.

At the time of registration in the Home Chef website, you will have to fill out a personal and customized taste profile. Home Chef uses your taste profile to match with their weekly meal selections as per your dietary preferences and health restrictions. After finishing their sign-up process, you click on the “Taste Profile” tab to add comprehensive information about your meal preferences. Your account settings should match your preferences for Home Chef to assign you your preferred meal. If at any time your default number of meals is not allocated, it can be an indication that the existing menu doesn’t have sufficient items to match your preference.

Each Home Chef meal comes with insulated packaging which used partially-recycled ingredients. It’s designed to keep your meal ingredients cold and fresh, ideal if your meal arrives home before you.

Most of the Home Chef’s packaging is recyclable, which is for the greater good of our environment. The box, produce bags, ice packs, dividers, wraps, plastic containers, and recipe cards can also be recycled. The little amount that’s left can be thrown in the trash can.

The insulated recyclable packaging keeps the meal kit ingredients fresh even 5-6 days after delivery. Keep them refrigerated after they are delivered.

We like Home Chef’s delivery as they ship fresh produce carefully using an insulated, biodegradable box that comes with cool gel and water-soluble gel packs. These gel packs keep your meal kit ingredients in a refrigerated state but not frozen, and doing this helps retain the original food textures and flavors.

You will receive an email from Home Chef once your meal kit is dispatched. You can also track the details by accessing your Home Chef account.

You will have to devote very little time. 99% of the meal prep is taken care of by your Home Chef team. They curate, clean, divide, and package every food ingredient to set you up for an awesome lunch or dinner. Their recipes are simple to follow that packs punch with the custom nutritional chart. Not planning to cook lunch or dinner today? Home Chef got your covered. Properly refrigerate all your food items and have them in your preferred day and time.

 Oh yes, they do have gift cards.

Everyone likes to enjoy finger-licking delicacies, and what can be better than gifting one to your loved ones. Home Chef meal kit delivery is a beautiful and memorable gift for your friends and family. You can select your preferred gift card denomination on the Home Chef website and customize it as per your liking. You can either get it delivered with a gift wrap or get it printed at home. You can also add a heartfelt message to wish your loved ones. Isn’t that an icing on the cake?

Not at all! Home Chef doesn’t bind you with any monthly or annual contract; instead, it focuses on giving a great experience.

You can skip or cancel a delivery easily by accessing the easy-to-navigate delivery calendar. Visit the delivery calendar tab and choose the week you want to skip the delivery. Remove that week from your delivery schedule. You will see the option in your screen’s bottom-right corner. After you have successfully canceled, it will be marked with a striking red ‘X’ symbol on the calendar.

Keep in mind the Home Chef timing to edit or modify any menu selections. Submit any change request by Friday at 12 PM CST before the scheduled delivery day.

Home Chef recommends complete cleanliness in your food preparation and cooking process. You must wash all their fresh produces, including fruits, veggies, herbs before cooking and eating them.

Home Chef is famous across the US for its flexibility and transparency. Unlike other meal delivery providers, Home Chef allows you to cancel or modify your schedule at any time you want. You can choose to skip your orders with Home Chef many times. The plug and play mechanism of Home Chef account lets you pause and resume your account at any moment.