How to Cancel HelloFresh Plan in 2024 + 3 Similar Brands

Last Updated : June 7, 2024

Cancel HelloFresh Plan

If you’re sick of the same routine every day, whether it’s meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing school lunches, or eating the same two eggs for breakfast, we’re here to tell you that it’s alright to be bored with such things.

After a hard day’s work, child care, or staring at the same four walls as yesterday, it may be a daunting effort to prepare dinner from scratch, and ordering takeout on a regular basis can soon become prohibitively costly.

We understand that HelloFresh might have been your kitchen hero for a while; however, if you’re feeling the pinch of subscriptions or the itch to get creative back in the kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. This article goes straight to the point, providing clear, step-by-step instructions to end your HelloFresh subscription. Here, expect detailed guidance from prep to finish, including understanding your subscription details, initiating cancelation, and ensuring no loose ends. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can cancel your HelloFresh meal subscription by 11:59 p.m. PST five days before your next scheduled delivery. This can prevent you from being charged for the next delivery.You can manage modifications under your account’s “Plan Settings.”
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you cancel your HelloFresh membership, and the delivery service will stop. However, if you don’t cancel the delivery, you will still receive it and must pay for it.
  • If you’re traveling or don’t want to receive your meals, HelloFreshofferstheoptiontoskipadayorpausethedeliveryservice. To do this, visit the HelloFresh homepage and log in to your personal account. Click “My Menu,” select the days you don’t want the meal, and then click “Skip Week.”
  • Multiple meal delivery services are available as HelloFresh alternatives. You can carry other delivery services like Home Chef, Mealfan, or Blue Apron. All these options offer cost-effective, high-quality meals at your doorstep.

Understanding Your HelloFresh Subscription

Meal kit delivery services have become widespread in the USA, with HelloFresh being one of the most popular options. This fame increased during the pandemic when many wanted to enjoy good-quality meals from the comfort of their homes.

HelloFresh offers a variety of kitchen kits designed to be convenient and fit perfectly in your fridge. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner,

easy-to-make sides, grab-and-go lunches, or special treats, HelloFresh has something for you.

You’ll receive a box with preportioned high-quality ingredients from the farm weekly. These ingredients allow you to create nutritious, flavorful, and diverse meals. The boxes also include easy-to-follow recipes with handy nutritional facts.

HelloFresh helps reduce food waste and make meal preparation easier. It does so by providing everything you need in the right amounts. Moreover, it introduces you to new recipes and cooking techniques, expanding your cooking style.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

HelloFresh works on a subscription basis. It automatically renews your plan each week unless you decide to pause, adjust, or cancel your subscription. Notably, there is no membership cost to begin getting boxes.

When you join, you can pick from different meal plans in a two-or four-person serving size. You can also customize your meal subscription by choosing from the following:

  • Two meals per week
  • Three meals per week
  • Four meals per week
  • Five meals per week
  • Six meals per week

The lowest price before shipping and taxes is$49.96, which provides two meals for two people at a per-serving cost of $12.49. Increasing your purchase to three meals per week reduces the per-serving price to$9.99, while the four-, five-, and six-meal alternatives cost $9.79.

Different Meal Plans

These are the following meal plans you can choose from: 

  • Classic Meat and Veggie: A traditional diet including recipes for meat, chicken, fish, and fresh vegetables. 
  • Veggie: Recipes for meals without meat that include veggies.
  • Family Friendly: Recipes designed to appeal to young palates. 
  • Pescatarian recipes: They are vegetable-heavy recipes, including fish and seafood. 
  • Fit & Wholesome: This plan contains dietitian-approved meals under 650 calories per serving. 
  • Quick and Easy: Easy to make meals in less than 20 minutes, which is ideal for those with limited time. 

By selecting more recipes, you can create more unique meal boxes. However,it is vital to note that certain dietary requirements, such as keto, paleo, vegan, or gluten-free meals, are unavailable. If you have any of these requirements, you will need to change the recipes accordingly.

Note: The type of meal you choose will not impact the cost per meal.

Keep in mind that HelloFresh has a weekly cut-off time. If you wish to cancel or skip your weekly meal subscription, be sure to do so before 11:59 pm PST, five days before your delivery. This way, you’ll avoid paying more for meals you won’t eat.

Initiating the HelloFresh Cancellation Process

Cancel hellofresh

While HelloFresh has been a convenient solution for many, sometimes we need to rethink our commitments. Canceling your HelloFresh subscription is easy.

The first step is to log into your HelloFresh account on their website. You will need your HelloFresh email and password to log in.

Once you’ve logged in, select Account Settings. You will be automatically sent to the Plan Settings page.

From here, you can begin the cancelation procedure. Complete this step by 11:59 pm PST five days before your next delivery. If you don’t, you will be charged for the entire week.

Locate Your Account Settings

Account Settings

When you log in to your HelloFresh Meals account, you can enter your account settings under your “Name” in the upper right corner. The account settings symbol isn’t defined on the website. However, it’s usually a human icon or your name.

If you have an app, search for the “AccountSettings” section. Here, you’ll find options for managing your account and app settings.

If you need any help with your membership, HelloFresh customer service is an email away.

Navigating to Plan Management

After you’ve located your Account Settings, go to “Plan Settings” on the left panel. If you’re using the HelloFresh app, you can manage your plan by checking your account data from the app.

Finalizing Your HelloFresh Cancellation

Finalizing Your HelloFresh Cancellation

Selecting the HelloFresh Cancellation Option

Good job. You’re almost there! To complete the cancelation, open the“Plan Settings” page, and select “Manages Subscription” or “ Cancel plan.” It depends on your version of the HelloFresh app or website.

HelloFresh may offer different cancelation processes based on your subscription type or current plan.

To ensure that HelloFresh can tell its suppliers, cancel an order by midnight PST at least five days before your next delivery. If you do not cancel by this deadline, you will be responsible for all charges incurred by the order.

Submitting Your HelloFresh Cancellation Request

After selecting the cancelation option, you must submit a cancellation request. You can do this by entering your name and the email address connected to your HelloFresh account. 

If you have any doubts, please contact HelloFresh customer care for assistance. 

After canceling, review your HelloFresh account to ensure correct processing. This will avoid future charges. 

Confirmation and Follow-Up

It’s time to confirm the cancellation, so ensure you’re 100% sure before proceeding. When you’re ready, select “Yes” or “Confirm.”You may also be asked for an explanation for the cancellation. You may choose one of the choices offered or “Other” to provide another reason.

Within 5–10 minutes of cancelation, HelloFresh will send a confirmation email to your email address. Keep this email for future reference.

This email will likely contain a note acknowledging the cancellation of your membership. Moreover, this email will focus on HelloFresh’s desire to keep you as a valued client. This is a standard process, so don’t be shocked if they try to win you over with back-and-forth emails.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, don’t worry. Simply, contact HelloFresh customer service to confirm your cancellation. You can also contact the support team by phone at (646)-846- (3663) or by email.

Alternatives to Cancellation

If you’re thinking about canceling your HelloFresh membership, here’s some good news–you can easily put your subscription on pause instead of completely unsubscribing. Yes, that’s right! HelloFresh offers an easy and flexible plan that allows you to skip a week or more whenever you wish and resume whenever you’re ready to enjoy their delicious meals again.

Skip Your Weekly Deliveries

This is ideal for when you will be away from home for an extended period or want to take a vacation from cooking; pause your membership to skip your weekly delivery.

Here are the steps for skipping an order:

  • Visit the HelloFresh website and sign in to your account.
  • Click My Menu. If you still need to get on your home page, click Deliveries to go there.
  • Select which weekdays you want to skip. You can modify the weeks as long as the order hasn’t been processed.
  • Click Edit delivery at the top of the menu. You will see numerous alternatives.
  • Select Skip Week. To undo this, select Unskip this week from the week’s panel.

Adjusting Meal Preferences

Customers are never trapped in a HelloFresh meal plan. At any time, you can go to your customer account page and adjust the number of meals you receive each week. You can also change the number of servings in each recipe, including the sort of recipes you receive. For example, you can start the Classic Meat and Veggie with two servings of four different dishes every week but then opt to try two servings of only three Calorie Smart meals the following week.

To change your subscription, login to your account, and go to the customer account page. From there, you can change the number of meals you receive weekly.

Aside from that, you can customize the kind of recipes you receive and the quantity of servings for each recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Process the Same When Canceling Your HelloFresh Subscription on the iPhone App?

Canceling your HelloFresh membership with the iPhone app is the same as canceling through the website. Here’s how to cancel your HelloFresh membership with the iPhone app:

  • Open the HelloFresh app on your phone.
  • If you are not logged in, enter your HelloFresh account information to access your account.
  • Once logged in, search for the”Account” or “Profile” icon. It is at the bottom menu bar or the app’s settings area.
  • Search your account settings for a subscription or plan control option. Look for “Manage Subscription,” “Plan Settings,” or something similar.
  • In the plan management area, you should see an option to cancel your HelloFresh membership. Tap this button to initiate the cancellation procedure.

Follow Up and Cancelation

The app will most likely walk you through a series of questions to confirm your selection and offer any further information for the cancelation procedure.

After checking your cancelation information, please confirm your decision to terminate your HelloFresh membership. Depending on the app’s design, this could include pressing a “Confirm” or “Cancel Subscription” button.

You should receive confirmation within the app when you successfully cancel your membership.This confirmation may include information about your previous delivery and any follow-up instructions.

Is the Process the Same When Canceling Your Hello Fresh Subscription on the Android App?

Yes, canceling your HelloFresh subscription using the Android app is the same as canceling through the iPhone app or website. As with any program, the precise procedures and interface may differ slightly based on the HelloFresh version you’re using. If you have problems with the cancellation procedure, you can contact HelloFresh customer service.

Does Canceling My Subscription Delete My HelloFresh Account?

Canceling your HelloFresh membership does not delete your account. Your account retains saved information unless you remove it on your own. If you want to deactivate your account entirely, you’ll need to take extra steps after canceling your subscription. These steps include the following:

  • Contacting HelloFresh customer service
  • Checking your HelloFresh account
  • Deleting your authorization
  • Updating your other payment data
  • Changing your method as needed

How Do I Cancel My HelloFresh Subscription from Reddit?

If you’re canceling a subscription through the web, follow these steps: Log in to your account online, choose your name in the upper right-hand corner, then select Account Settings. Scroll down the Plan Settings page and select “Cancel Plan” (under the Status section). Follow the prompt(s) to cancel. You will get a message confirming that your account has been terminated. Just be sure you pause/cancel by 11:59 pm PST, five days before your next planned delivery.

If the steps you have taken to cancel your subscription do not work, you can use the Chat feature to cancel. Just write “box cancellation” or ask to speak to a real person, and they will connect you with their support team. HelloFresh may offer discounts or reasons to stay, but they will assist you if you are determined to cancel. You will receive a confirmation email regardless of the cancellation method you choose.

What Is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery business that distributes weekly boxes of fresh goods along with recipes to help make mealtime simpler. These meal kits may be purchased individually or as part of a subscription plan.

The containers have premeasured portions of various condiments, spices, and garnishes – all of which may be used in the preparation of your meals.

You have the option of selecting a meal plan and letting HelloFresh decide which meals you will get. You may also construct a personalized menu by choosing from more than 20 different recipes that rotate weekly. Likewise, you are free to skip a week whenever you choose.

There are six different meal plans available for selection on the HelloFresh website:

  • Meat & Veggies. The most basic diet offers a range of dishes and meals with meat and vegetables.
  • Veggie. These are plant-based meals that are definitely vegetarian but not always vegan.
  • Family Friendly. Family-friendly meal plan includes easy-to-prepare and kid-approved dishes.
  • Calorie-Smart. Meal packages that are roughly 650 calories or fewer per serving.
  • Quick and Easy. These meals take only 30 minutes or even lesser to prepare.
  • Pescatarian. Meal kits and recipes containing seafood and no meat.

In addition, you have the option of selecting meals from a variety of alternative meal plans.

If you’re on the Calorie-Smart meal plan but you find a Family Friendly dish that you’d want to try, you can simply switch out one of your meals so that the recipe for the dish is included in your delivery.

HelloFresh also notifies customers of the presence of allergens, such as gluten. However, the company does not presently provide gluten-free or allergen-free menu options.

Pros and Cons of HelloFresh

Here are the pros and cons of HelloFresh’s meal kit delivery service.

Pros Cons
Offers a variety of flavorful, easy-to-prepare meals It may not be as convenient as other meal delivery services.
Offers different vegetarian, pescatarian, and reduced-calorie meal plans No gluten- or allergen-free meal options
Delivers both groceries and recipes directly to your door No meal plans for diets like keto, paleo, or vegan
Inexpensive options You still have to cook.

Similar Brands to HelloFresh

Don’t worry if you don’t seem to be agreeing to the HelloFresh subscription anymore. You have many other options to choose from! Let’s find out some amazing ones.

What Is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a well-known company that offers a meal kit delivery service that sends anything from two to four different recipes and all of the necessary materials to your doorstep on a weekly basis. In addition to that, it provides selected wine pairings as well as gifts.

Even though Blue Apron is one of the meal kit delivery services with lower prices, it’s still more expensive than going grocery shopping in most cases. Likewise, it’s not necessarily a good fit for people who have to adhere to very specific dietary requirements. Nevertheless, Blue Apron is one of the meal kit delivery services with lower prices.

Blue Apron Vegan Proteins

One-Pan White Bean & Poblano Shakshuka

One-Pan White Bean & Poblano Shakshuka
  • Cook time: 25 min
  • Serving: 2
  • Calories: 400 Cals

Sweet & Spicy Tofu Rice Bowls

One-Pan White Bean & Poblano Shakshuka

  • Cook time: 45 min
  • Serving: 2
  • Calories: 760 Cals

Peach & Snap Pea Grain Bowl

One-Pan White Bean & Poblano Shakshuka

  • Cook time: 25 min
  • Serving: 2
  • Calories: 500 Cals

Blue Apron vs Hello Fresh: Menu Consideration

Blue Apron offers both cooked meals and meal kits, with five options to pick from, including the following:

  • Favorite dishes from Blue Apron chefs. 
  • Nutritionist-approved, including Weight Watchers-recommended and carb-conscious meals. 
  • Family-friendly meals are meant to be kid-friendly. 
  • Quick Prep and Heat-and-Eat Meals. 
  • Plant-based dishes. 

When you navigate the menu, you will see four categories: 

  • Signature: Contains meat and plant-based foods, Weight Watcher-approved meals, and diabetes-friendly recipes. 
  • Signature for Four: It covers most Signature menu items with four servings each. 
  • Wellness for Two: Nutritionist-approved recipes, including WW-approved and carb-conscious options. 
  • Vegetarian for Two: Meat-free dishes with seasonal veggies 

Their menu also includes vegetarian and health enthusiast-approved dishes. Similar to HelloFresh, you can pick your favorite meals from their weekly menu. You also have the option to add-ons, including side dishes, brunches, and desserts. In addition, the Blue Apron Market offers meal kit bundles, holiday boxes, and wine. 

With Blue Apron, you can choose the protein categories you want to avoid. However, you cannot currently customize the proteins or sides included in any of the dishes. Blue Apron has fewer options than HelloFresh and offers approximately 19 items on the Signature menu weekly. 

How to Order from Blue Apron

When it comes time to pick your meals, you can browse all of the options that are available for your meal plan for that particular week. Each week, you will get new options to choose from.


At this time, you are not permitted to switch between different meal plans within the same week. Nevertheless, you’re free to change your food plan whenever you choose.

The Signature plan provides the greatest amount of diversity, with between 18 and 20 different recipes to choose from. In comparison, each week, there are just 3 to 4 alternatives included in the Wellness and Vegetarian plans, whereas there are 8 to 10 choices available with the Signature for Four plan.

You have the option to choose “heat and eat” meals, which are complete meals that can be reheated in the microwave in a matter of minutes and are included with either of the Signature plans.

Blue Apron Pricing vs HelloFresh

Blue Apron meals vary in cost from $7.49 to $9.99 per serving.

Here’s a closer look at the per-serving price for each meal plan:

Recipes Price per meal
2 recipes per week $11.99
3 recipes per week $9.99
4 recipes per week $9.49

Shipping costs an additional $9.99, regardless of which meal plan or box size you choose.

Promotions and Discounts

Blue Apron provides discounts to military personnel, veterans, students, teachers, medical professionals, first responders, and seniors over the age of 55. Meanwhile, HelloFresh discounts medical doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, military, veterans, and students. 

Two Popular Dishes

Deviled Chicken & Honey-Chipotle Sauce with Cilantro Rice & Tomatoes

Deviled Chicken & Honey-Chipotle Sauce with Cilantro Rice & Tomatoes

After eating this insanely mouthwatering meal, you’ll definitely want to save this Blue Apron recipe card for future reference. By dredging these chicken breasts in seasoned butter and cheesy breadcrumbs, you can create a coating that is delightfully golden and crispy on the outside. You can also enjoy your meal in no less than 40 minutes after placing them in the oven to obtain the ideal level of crispiness.

Nutritional Facts

  • Total fat: 29g
  • Cholesterol: 145mg
  • Sodium: 1260mg
  • Carbohydrates: 71g
  • Protein: 47g

Here’s an image of the nutrition facts from their website:

Deviled Chicken & Honey-Chipotle Sauce with Cilantro Rice & Tomatoes

Crispy Skin Salmon & Orzo with Lemon-Caper Sauce

This vibrant meal is bursting with the aromas of salmon cooked with its skin on and served on delicate orzo, sautéed vegetables, and a rich, acidic sauce prepared from butter, lemon, and salty capers. It takes around 40 minutes to prepare this, but trust us when we say that the extra time is well worth it! This seafood meal is so full of flavor that it will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Crispy Skin Salmon & Orzo with Lemon-Caper Sauce

Nutritional Facts

  • Total fat: 41g
  • Cholesterol: 110mg
  • Sodium: 1040mg
  • Carbohydrates: 58g
  • Protein: 39g

Here’s an image of the nutrition facts from their website:

Crispy Skin Salmon & Orzo with Lemon-Caper Sauce

What Is EveryPlate?

EveryPlate is a subscription service for meal kits that gives everything you need to prepare delicious meals at home, including ingredients that are both fresh and savory. It is regarded to be a component of Green Chef, which is an additional well-known meal delivery business that was bought by HelloFresh in 2018.

EveryPlate is less expensive than many other firms that provide a comparable product and meal kits beginning at only $4.99 per dish. In addition, you have the ability to totally personalize your meal and choose from among 17 different dishes each week, with some of them being suitable for vegetarians and families.

The recipe cards and materials that are included in the weekly boxes make it simple to prepare home-cooked meals that are ready to eat in around 30 minutes to 1 hour. Because you can simply skip a week or make changes to your menu up to 5 days before each delivery, it is an option that is suitable for those who have a hectic schedule.

EveryPlate Vegan Proteins

Charred Zucchini & Tomato Melts

Charred Zucchini & Tomato Melts

  • Cook time: 40 min
  • Serving: 2
  • Calories: 930 kcal

Umami Ginger Snow Pea Stir-Fry

Umami Ginger Snow Pea Stir-Fry

  • Cook time: 35 min
  • Serving: 2
  • Calories: 580 kcal

Feta-Topped Shakshuka

Feta-Topped Shakshuka

  • Cook time: 40 min
  • Serving: 2
  • Calories: 770 kcal

How to Order from EveryPlate

Each week, EveryPlate offers a new menu with 17 different dishes to choose from. In general, a protein source, veggies, and a carbohydrate such as potatoes, pasta, couscous, or rice make up the majority of the components of a dish. You have the option of selecting from the following four packages:

  • ClassicPlate. It includes a full array of mouthwatering meat, seafood, and veggie options.
  • VeggiePlate. It includes a variety of vegetarian meals
  • FamilyPlate.It is a family-friendly, kid-approved meal for spending more time around the table with your family.
  • EasyPlate.Take all the stress off with easy cleanup and prep times as less as 30 minutes!

Each purchase comes with the majority of the components needed for each dish, included as meats, vegetables, herbs, spices, starches, and sauces. However, there are certain dishes that call for additional components, such as salt, pepper, sugar, butter, or cooking oil, in addition to the main course.

Depending on the kind of membership you have, you can choose between three and five meals every week, each of which comprises either two or four portions.

You also have the option of letting the service choose your meals for you if you’d rather not know what you’re getting. It’s not difficult to sign up for EveryPlate. After logging onto the website, the next step is to pick the meal plan you want to use and the number of portions and meals you want to get each week.

select plan

Following the selection of your plan, you will be prompted to submit your payment and shipping information. Following this, you will choose the meals that you wish to be included in your first delivery.

You are able to cancel or put your plan on hold anytime you want since there are no obligations involved. Alterations or skipping of as many as 4 consecutive weeks’ worth of your weekly order may also be done before it is delivered. Just keep in mind that any changes must be made at least 5 days before your next delivery in order for them to be processed.

EveryPlate Pricing

EveryPlate markets itself as “America’s Best Value Meal Kit,” with boxes beginning at only $4.99 per serving. However, the price of each box might vary based on the number of meals that are ordered. Every purchase is subject to an extra shipping cost that is currently set at $9.99.

A more in-depth look at the prices for each plan is as follows:

3 meals/week 4 meals/week 5 meals/week
2 servings/meal

First-week box







4 servings/meal

First-week box







Two Popular Dishes

Sticky-Sweet Broccoli Bowls with Ginger Rice, Sriracha Mayo, and Fried Egg

Sticky-Sweet Broccoli Bowls with Ginger Rice, Sriracha Mayo, and Fried Egg

This dish is a work of art with its many layers, different textures, and delectable flavors. On a bed of rice flavored with ginger, it has crisp broccoli, onion, and bell pepper that have been coated with soy sauce.

On top of it, there is a flawlessly cooked egg, some sesame seeds, and a dab of Sriracha mayonnaise. After just one mouthful, you will feel as though all of the power in the world rests on your shoulders.

Nutritional Facts

  • Total fat: 30g
  • Cholesterol: 215mg
  • Sodium: 1340mg
  • Carbohydrates: 103g
  • Protein: 15g

Here’s an image of the nutrition facts from their website:

Cheesy Stuffed Green Peppers with Pico de Gallo, Spiced Rice, and Zesty Crema

Cheesy Stuffed Green Peppers with Pico de Gallo, Spiced Rice, and Zesty Crema

The smoky, earthy peppers are first roasted until soft, after which they are stuffed with an abundance of cheese and broiled until the cheese bubbles and melts. Serve them on a bed of rice, pile a generous spoonful of tangy pico de gallo on top of each one, and finish the dish off with a drizzle of lime crema.

Nutritional Facts

  • Total fat: 41g
  • Cholesterol: 90mg
  • Sodium: 430mg
  • Carbohydrates: 88g
  • Protein: 18g

Here’s an image of the nutrition facts from their website:


What Is Freshly?

Freshly is a meal delivery service that provides completely cooked foods that can be reheated in the microwave in only 3 minutes, finally becoming ready to eat. The meals are prepared without the use of any artificial flavors, extra sugars, or chemical preservatives and are then portioned out into individual portions.

The menus are also customizable, giving you the ability to combine and recombine your preferred dishes in accordance with your own tastes.

Freshly Vegan Proteins

Middle Eastern Falafel

Middle Eastern Falafel

  • Serving: 1
  • Calorie: 430 Cal

Creamy Marinara Lentil Pasta

Creamy Marinara Lentil Pasta

  • Serving: 1
  • Calorie: 520 Cal

Indian-Spiced Chickpea Curry Bowl

Indian-Spiced Chickpea Curry Bowl

  • Serving: 1
  • Calorie: 360 Cal

How to Order from Freshly

The ordering process may be summarized as follows:

  • There is a sign-up box where you may enter your email address and zip code.
  • Select your preferred food plan. Bear in mind that unless they are frozen, the shelf life of Freshly’s meals is around 5-7 days.
  • Select the date of your delivery from those that are available. Unless you request a change, the designated day of the week will continue to serve as the day of your weekly delivery.
    delivery date
  • Select the delectable meals you want from Freshly’s range of over 30 options.
    select meal
  • Include your delivery address, contact information, and payment information in the form.

Freshly Pricing

Pricing for Freshly is subject to change based on the number of meals that are ordered in a given week. Despite the fact that increasing the number of meals ordered each week might bring the overall price per serving down, Freshly is still quite expensive in comparison to some of its rivals.

For instance, the lowest possible weekly total cost would be $47.16 if you order a minimum of 4 meals per week, while the highest possible weekly cost would be $107.88 if you order a maximum of 12 meals per week.

Here is how much each plan costs:

  • 4-5 meals per week at $11.79/meal
  • 6-7 meals per week at $9.99/meal
  • 8-9 meals per week at $9.49/meal
  • 10-11 meals per week at $9.29/meal
  • 12 meals per week at $8.99/meal


When you make your purchase, the applicable shipping costs will be computed, and the total cost may range anywhere from $9.99 to $11.99, depending on how many meals you buy.

Two Popular Dishes

Moroccan-Spiced Harissa Chicken with Caramelized Onion Coconut Rice

Moroccan-Spiced Harissa Chicken with Caramelized Onion Coconut Rice

This meal is influenced by North African cuisine and is a chicken breast grilled with lemon and herbs served over a bed of fragrant coconut rice with caramelized onions. It comes with a harissa sauce that packs a punch of heat because of its combination of caraway, cayenne, cumin, and chipotle.

This is finished with a chickpea, raisin, red onion, and walnut topping that has a Moroccan flavor and is seasoned with garlic. Cauliflower, carrots, kale, and grape tomatoes, all roasted in a fragrant za’atar mix that consists of ground sumac, thyme, and toasted sesame seeds, are served as a side dish.

Nutritional Facts

  • Total fat: 23g
  • Cholesterol: 100mg
  • Sodium: 670mg
  • Carbohydrates: 45g
  • Protein: 33g

Creamy Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli & Parmesan Cheese

Creamy Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli & Parmesan Cheese

Alfredo sauce that is traditionally rich in creaminess and cheesiness, mixed over fettuccine pasta, is the basics of this meal. It includes breasts of white flesh chicken that have been grilled to provide lean and natural protein strips. The broccoli florets provide an extra dose of vibrant green color. It is served with a garnish of parsley and shaved parmesan cheese.

Nutritional Facts

  • Total fat: 11g
  • Cholesterol: 65mg
  • Sodium: 670mg
  • Carbohydrates: 37g
  • Protein: 27g