Best Vegan Premade Meal Delivery Services

Last Updated : May 17, 2024

Best Vegan Premade Meal Delivery Services
Last Updated 05/17
  • Organic, fresh ingredients
  • 100% Mouthwatering Guarantee
  • Paleo, Lean, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • 18 tasty recipes each week
  • No commitment

May 16, 2020
Customer made meals

Greek Chicken Orzo Salad

Havana Shrimp Mojo Tostadas

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  • Over 150+ Different Meals
  • Cook in 5 minutes or less
  • Nutritionally balanced Meals
  • 5 Different Plans
  • Unlimited support from a dietician

May 16, 2020
Customer made meals

Grilled salmon with creamy pesto w/cauliflower

Chipotle Pork with Salsa Verde
Chipotle Pork with Salsa Verde

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  • 160+ menu items
  • Lost weight in 30 days
  • Money back guarantee
  • Balanced nutrition
  • Premade and calorie-restricted

May 16, 2020
Customer made meals

Grill Beef w/ broccoli ?

Shrimp and chicken stir fry

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10 Best Vegan Premade Meal Delivery Services

A plant-based or vegan diet, no debating, offers plenty of health benefits – talk about lowering cholesterol levels, managing diabetes, and more. The health advantages also extend to gut health, weight, obesity, etc. So, isn’t opting for a vegan premade meal delivery service the best solution to avoid frequent grocery store visits?

These are plant-based, ready-to-eat lunches and dinners with pre-prepped and premeasured ingredients that you can spruce up in a matter of just a few minutes.

Let’s find out more about what types of meals they are and also get to know the top contenders!

What Is a Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is one that consists of no animal meat or by-products.

That means no poultry, seafood, beef, pork, etc. Also, no foods are derived from animals as well, such as lard, eggs, milk, and even honey. A vegan diet includes only plant-based foods like grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

What Are Prepared or Premade Meal Delivery Services?

Premade meals come under the parent category of meal delivery services. Prepared meals are already fully cooked – they’re delivered to you that way. Upon receiving your order, all you have to do is place them in the fridge or freezer. Once you’re about to eat, just pull one meal out of your fridge/freezer and simply warm it up in your microwave.

It truly is as simple, quick (ready in only 5-10 minutes), and convenient as that! At the same time, you get high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors, along with meals that cater to specific dietary preferences too (e.g., vegan premade meals).

Speaking of which, there are more than enough subscription-based vegetarian and vegan meal delivery services. On their menus, there are fully dedicated, wholesome plant-based meals that contain no animal meat or by-products of any kind.

Now that doesn’t mean these meal delivery services have no meat-based dishes. Many of them have both meat-loaded and meat-free (vegan or vegetarian) choices on the menu, such as Fresh N Lean and Factor.

Some offer fewer plant-based recipes, while some have a sufficient amount in their lineup of vegan meals. You just have to pick one that tickles your fancy in terms of food variety, allergies, preferences, and maybe even organic produce.

Likewise, a few of these meal services send you frozen plant-based meals, whereas some offer freshly cooked dishes wrapped in meal boxes equipped with recyclable, eco-friendly coolers and ice packs.

The question should be this:Why shouldn’t a healthy prepared meal delivery service be popular? Cooking meals at home, no doubt, can be enjoyable. However, it’s also a chore.

On top of that, there’s such a thing known as “Cooking Burnout.” Each time a dinner burnout happens (and it does once in a while), you can easily choose a plant-based meal delivery.

This particular approach is not only convenient but also super money-saving as well. Likewise, your options here include both frozen and fresh meals!

1. Meal Variety

The meals offered on the many menus of the best prepared meal delivery services are not of the same kind. Ingredients, flavors, cooking methods used for preparation, etc. – all of these factors differ from one service and dish to another. You get lunch and dinner options, along with snacks, breakfasts, and extra add-ons.

Therefore, there’s a lot of meal variety to look forward to when you go for meal delivery, vegan-based or otherwise. The list includes Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Korean, Indian, and global-inspired cuisines. At the same time, there’s also traditional or classic all-American food.

2. Dietary Preferences

A full 100% vegan meal delivery service will offer enough plant-based options to suit your dietary needs and demands as opposed to meal deliveries that feature only a handful of vegan-based meals every week.

Moreover, many of us also have special dietary preferences and/or restrictions, apart from the vegan diet. For example, you want only gluten-free plant-based food or you prefer your lunches/dinners to be made with only or mostly organic ingredients.

Food allergies are to be taken seriously, which means menus should be set up with filters that help you sort through the whole variety. These filters can also narrow down your search to high-protein, low-carb, low-calorie, and other options based on your diet plan and health/fitness goals.

The meals, despite their diet-specific profile, should be well-balanced, nutrition-wise. Furthermore, it’s a huge green signal if the prepared meal delivery service uses GMO-free and certified organic ingredients.

More often than not, this won’t be the cheapest vegan meal delivery because “organic” increases the cost automatically. But let’s talk about pricing in the next section.

3. Affordable Pricing

First of all, are vegan meal delivery services worth it? They certainly are if you want to maintain a committed vegan lifestyle. After all, they eliminate all efforts involved with meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and even cleanup afterward.

Secondly, are vegan meal delivery services right for you? Once again, the answer is a big YES if you ardently follow a vegan diet. They become even more suitable when you want a purely vegan diet to help you with weight loss!

However, it’s very important to keep in mind, in such scenarios, that a plant-based diet should consist of the essential nutrients normally present in dairy and meat. So, meat-free alternatives for those would be lots of vegan proteins such as nuts, tofu, tempeh, seeds, soy, etc. Minerals and vitamins, on the other hand, are derived from green veggies and nut-based milk options.

That’s why there is the best high-protein vegan meal delivery among many others that cook nutrient-rich dishes to make mealtime convenient, delicious, and healthy. So, does this kind of well-balanced nutritional value justify a high price? The answer is a resounding no when there are equally healthy ready-to-eat meals whose cost per serving is pretty affordable on a weekly basis.

What’s affordable in this regard? There are many prepackaged vegan meals that are available at $5-$7 per serving. If you ask me, the price range starting from $5-$7 to $12-$15 is comparatively more budget-conscious than takeout in the long run.

Some of the top meal delivery services give you both options – simple and traditional budget-friendly meals and “premium” dishes. This way, your weekly order can include relatively more affordable meals as well as one to two higher-end, more global-inspired dishes to upgrade your mealtime experience.

Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery for Vegan Premade Meals

1. Thistle


Thistle is a completely gluten-free, organic, and dairy-free service for ready-to-eat premade meals. Once I looked into it, I found that 95% of all Thistle offers are plant-based with substitutions for meat eaters. The meal options that Thistle offers, ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner, to snacks, have vegetarian and meat preferences.

By default, the meals are designed with organic produce sourced from local farms, which also includes ingredients that are not processed, without any artificial preservatives, unnatural sweeteners, and colorants.

Furthermore, Thistle includes a diverse and wholesome menu of immune-boosting superfoods on top-of-heart vegetables and fruits. Plant-based ingredients that in a typical household may contain lots of preservatives or processed ingredients are made from natural foods like coconut, cashews, soy, peas, legumes, chickpeas, etc.

Each meal on Thistle’s menu features a separate recipe page with all the essential information including nutrition, ingredients, reviews, and a relevant picture of the recipe so you know exactly what it looks like.

Thistle’s menu also consists of Sides and Juices. Both are plant-based menu categories that cost a bit extra, on top of what you would pay for the prepared meals on the main menu. The Next Week’s menu is a bonus feature so you know what’s coming after.

The Juices are made with organic ingredients like kale, cucumber, pineapple, aloe vera, coconut, mint, etc.

They also feature smaller, more concentrated servings of immune-boosting shots made mostly with organic superfoods like ginger, turmeric, lemon, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and other extracts.

Thistle’s Plant-Based Side Dishes work great as appetizers that you can eat right before a satisfying meal or even think of as a snack-worthy meal for a light yet nutritious binge. While Thistle features four different types of soups on the side, my favorite is the packed salads with such a colorful and layered array of interesting veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

A vegan diet does not disqualify meat recipes unless you want to base on your personal preference. Someone on a plant-based or vegan diet may indulge in a meat recipe every now and then, which makes Thistle the perfect choice because you do have the bonus option to turn the protein from plant-based to meat in no time.

Thistle’s Recipes

Red Thai Curry Vegan Nutrition Meat Nutrition
Calories 554 calories 631 calories
Protein 27 grams 36 grams
Fat 28 grams 35 grams
Carbs 60 grams 52 grams
Fiber 13 grams 8 grams


Herb Tahini RightRice Bowl Vegan Nutrition Meat Nutrition
Calories 458 calories 517 calories
Protein 23 grams 48 grams
Fat 18 grams 20 grams
Carbs 56 grams 38 grams
Fiber 12 grams 8 grams

Why Choose Thistle?

All the meals you see on Thistle are free of gluten, dairy, and egg. This takes plant-based meals to a whole new level because none of the meals you eat are processed with heavy, unhealthy carbs and animal by-products.

Their cheeses, sauces, and creams are totally plant-based made with coconut, nuts, seeds, lentils, peas, legumes, beans, etc.

Owing to this, Thistle’s meals have multiple health benefits such as being full of plant-forward protein, low in unhealthy carbohydrates, and rich in healthy fats and vitamins. The meat options, except for the protein, have everything plant-based including no eggs and no dairy.

Very quickly, let’s look at the good and bad things about Thistle.

Thistle Pros

  • You can view all the meals’ ingredients and nutrition information before signing up.
  • Premade meals that are both freezer- and fridge-friendly.
  • Absolutely no prep time on your part.
  • Delicious and super-healthy juices and tonics.
  • Most of the ingredients are organic.
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorants, or animal by-products.
  • Breakfast items have 250 to 450 calories with more fiber and immune-boosting foods.
  • Lunch and dinners have less than 550 calories with 20g+ protein per serving.

Thistle Cons

  • Not available all over the United States.
  • It is costlier than other vegan premade meal services.
  • The packaging includes single-use plastics.
  • Nothing specific is mentioned about food allergies.

How Expensive Is Thistle?

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Thistle is considered to be one of the more expensive vegan premade meal services. The good news is that the starting price of the majority of Thistle’s meals is from $40 per week for 3 days up to $90 per week for 6 days.

This is less than what you normally pay for when you order takeout food, especially when it’s vegan food – because we all know how expensive it can be!

Thus, the cost of each meal depends on this very factor, which is as follows.

Thistle has put a price on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals individually. Plus, you pay more if you pick meat instead of their plant-based recipes. The juices and sides menu has individually priced items too.

The cold-pressed juices cost $60 per box, which includes 3 nutritional shots and 6 different flavors of Thistle juices.

The cost of each side dish varies depending on the type of side dish you select. Sometimes Thistle includes cheesecake or cookies or baked items in their Sides menu.

Here’s a simple breakdown of their weekly meal plans:

Vegan Lunch 

No. of Meals Weekly Cost
For 3 days per week 3 lunches per week $43.5 weekly
For 5 days per week 5 lunches per week $70 weekly

Vegan Dinner

No. of Meals Weekly Cost
For 3 days per week 3 dinners per week $43.5 weekly
For 6 days per week 6 dinners per week $84 weekly

Vegan Bundles

Meal Type No. of Meals Weekly Cost
Vegan Lunch + Dinner 5 lunches & 5 dinners per week $125 weekly
Vegan Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches & 6 dinners $207 weekly

Meat Plans

Meal Type No. of Meals Weekly Cost
Lunch 5 lunches per week $81.2 weekly
Dinner 6 dinners per week $97.5 weekly
Lunch + Dinner 5 lunches & 5 dinners $147.5 weekly
Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches & 6 dinners $234 weekly

Where and How Does Thistle Deliver?

As already discussed, Thistle has limited location accessibility. It only delivers to areas like San Francisco, Davis/Sacramento, some parts of Portland, Los Angeles, LA, and Seattle.

You do qualify for delivery if you live in other areas such as Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Utah. However, Thistle employs other courier services to ship to these locations. Likewise, for these locations, you have to order more than four meals at a time.

Inside each delivery box, the plastic is BPA-free. However, my only complaint with this type of packaging is that it’s single-use only.

Thistle encourages recycling all the plastics you receive in each meal box, including the PET plastic used for packing the lunches and dinners, the polypropylene kits, the compostable PLA ramekins, and the PETE plastic containers used for packing juices and shots.

On a side note, there have been some customer reviews online about the single-use plastic containers in meal packaging as being the least sustainable option for the environment. It’s better when meal delivery services use reusable and compostable containers which help in storage so it is more consumer-friendly.

2. CookUnity

CookUnityYou can become a private chef at CookUnity and then have your meals delivered to others, or you could simply be the “others” and be at the receiving end of the process.

On CookUnity’s menu, you see premade meals specially curated by expert chefs in their own kitchens. These meals are then delivered directly to you cold and well-insulated. The meals have ingredients that are actually prepped and put together by private chefs – they’re not frozen!

As for the kind of meal plans on CookUnity, they accommodate the following diets:

  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Low carb
  • Low calorie
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sodium

The number of meals per week covered is 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 (the choice is all yours!). There are add-ons too, such as appetizers and snacks, which cost extra.

In that case, vegans can take their picks from the “Vegan” and “Vegetarian” options. On the same note, CookUnity has also listed the most common food allergens, like gluten, dairy, etc., for every premade meal. It truly matters to them that you not only have a vegan-specific and delicious meal but also one that agrees with a sensitive stomach.

Selecting from the many chef-prepared meals is the best part of CookUnity because with this type of meal delivery service, you don’t feel the need or desire to make any customizations. Since all dishes are curated by several professional chefs, you don’t have to worry about the meals not fitting into specific diet plans. In fact, you might be a little relieved to know that on the CookUnity menu, there are diet-focused filters (already mentioned above).

Every week, you get to choose from more than 80 premade meals. Many food items are repeated, of course, but new ones are also added for increased variety. With CookUnity, you don’t have to worry about the meals not being highend. These are premium-quality and restaurant-grade dishes – even the meat-free, veggie, and vegan options!

So, if you’re eager to try new, global-inspired cuisines while also staying true to your vegan diet, CookUnity is the way to go!

CookUnity’s Recipes

With CookUnity, you have to sign up first before getting access to all the nutritional information. Otherwise, you only get limited details about the meals. For example, for CookUnity’sKorean Yams and Cauliflower Curry with Basmati Rice, I only know that the dish is vegan, vegetarian, spicy, low-fat, and contains superfoods and just 400 calories. It even has a 4.1-star rating and 523 reviews!

Another one of those vegan-oriented meals is the Japanese-Style Curry with Chickpeas and Vegetables with Rice and Smoked Daikon. This one’s nut- and dairy-free, and it has 760 calories.

Why Choose CookUnity?

It’s a subscription-based service, which means you select how many meals you want to order per week – 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16. Pausing and skipping orders are available options, just like the other big players of the premade meal delivery industry.

Speaking of which, CookUnity, is more like having your own chef cook meals for you. That could be the brand’s unique factor for sure!

The CookUnity menu consists of a higher number of premade dishes than most of its competitors. During the meal selection process, the diet-specific filters present just what you and your tummy like. The list includes vegan, low-calorie, keto, paleo, gluten-free, and more such options.

The delivery day can also be changed as per your convenience. Once your weekly order arrives, you only have to follow the heating instructions provided.

Keep in mind not to neglect the chef’s recommendations.There will be recommendations, even when it comes to something as simple as using some aluminum foil for quick-heating the food in your microwave.

What I also found to be noteworthy is the quality of ingredients and sourcing standards. How the premade meals taste has so much to do with quality ingredients. So, it’s a relief to know that CookUnity has tied up with local farmers that do not include any GMO or artificial ingredients. Organic farming practices are maintained wherever possible.

To sum it up…

CookUnity Pros

  • Best-tasting, high-end, restaurant-quality premade meals.
  • Dishes are prepared by private chefs (you can chat with them directly!).
  • The menu has over 80-100 meals weekly, along with add-ons.
  • Special diet preferences are available as filters on the menu.

CookUnity Cons

  • Delivers only in limited areas
  • Slightly smaller portion size for premade meals
  • A bit expensive

How Expensive Is CookUnity?

CookUnity shipping cost is free, which is great because then you’re not forced into placing an order of a certain amount just for the delivery charges to be waived off.

Moving on to how much CookUnity premade meals cost, the pricing range is quite wide.

4 meals per week $13.49 per serving $53.96 weekly cost
6 meals per week $11.99 per serving $71.94 weekly cost
8 meals per week $11.49 per serving $91.92 weekly cost
12 meals per week $10.99 per serving $131.88 weekly cost
16 meals per week $10.49 per serving $167.84 weekly cost

The price range offered by CookUnity does seem a bit on the expensive side of premade meal delivery services with the per-serving cost starting only from $10.49 and then climbing up to $13.49.

Some of CookUnity’s “top picks” are even more expensive – $12-$15 for a single serving! But then, you get cheaper options too where the cost per serving is $8.50 for some of the dishes. That’s only if you go with as many as 12 or higher meals per week.

Where and How Does CookUnity Deliver?

Unfortunately, CookUnity’s delivery areas include only New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, and certain parts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. As I’m writing this, the prepared meal delivery service is vetting professional chefs so they can expand to other locations as well. That’s great news, isn’t it?

Check out CookUnity’s Delivery & Shipping section on the FAQs page to know more.

In terms of packaging, no doubt all of the premade meals are packed properly and remain cold during transit. A little bit of environmental waste in the form of harmful packaging is a part of every type of meal delivery service, but CookUnity is comparatively more aware with regard to minimizing eco waste.

The boxes used for packaging are made with recycled (and recyclable) paper. Even the thermal-lined insulation is both recyclable and made using recycled materials.

The ice packs that keep the food fresh can be emptied and recycled. Plus, the meal trays (constructed of molded fiber pulp) are completely compostable. Here’s CookUnity’s Packaging & Recycling section for more relevant information.

3. Daily Harvest

daily harvest logo

Daily Harvest is a unique meal delivery service that is premade but not for meals like lunches and dinners. They offer a menu of smoothies, healthy bowls, bakery items, bread, ice creams, soups, and small bites. Theirs is a premade breakfast meal service for people who want a healthier, heartier breakfast spread than just the typical omelet or protein bar!

If you’re not fond of making breakfast on your own or simply don’t have the time, consider subscribing to Daily Harvest’s super healthy premade breakfast meals. The entire menu is designed with the help of organic fruits and vegetables. Since they are 100% vegetarian, they only use organic ingredients, which is a bonus for serious vegan eaters.

This is what their menu looks like for someone who’s not familiar with how Daily Harvest works:

  • All

This is where you can browse the entire menu that Daily Harvest offers. You can quickly view what the bestselling itemsare, which include smoothies, harvest bowls, and flatbread.

Followed by the Best Sellers category are the Smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Harvest Bakes, Flatbreads, Soups, Forager Bowls, Scoops, Bites, Lattes, and Mylk.

These are all plant-based and vegan foods with special filters that allow you to skip or include specific ingredients such as the following:

  • Garlic
  • Coconuts
  • Nuts
  • Caffeine
  • Bananas
  • Onions

You can also filter the entire menu according to dietary needs such as gluten-free, keto, low carb, low sugar, low calories, low sodium, high proteins, and paleo.

  • Smoothies

The Smoothies menu of Daily Harvest has over 30 different smoothies with colorful and delicious fruits and vegetables. Seasonal fruits are also included in the menu, plus Daily Harvest allows you to view the Key Ingredients, Nutrition Facts, and Reviews of each and every smoothie on their menu.

Under the Ingredients tab, you can also see the health benefits of each smoothie which makes the entire experience of smoothie-picking more fun and rewarding.

For example, their Chai and Coconut smoothie has organic coconut, zucchini, cauliflower, MCT oil, and hemp protein. It contains natural sweeteners like coconut and dates with vanilla bean powder, cardamom, and cinnamon – all organic ingredients with less than 250 calories in a single serving.

Daily Harvest also tells you what the smoothie tastes like. As an example, the Chai and Coconut smoothie tastes like a Frozen chai latte. As you’re browsing the smoothie menu, you can see the different ingredient layering plus the color of the smoothie after it’s blended.

The smoothies are packed ready-to-blend, which means you simply have to add any plant-based milk like almond milk or coconut milk in a blender with the smoothie and it’s ready to blend and serve.

  • Harvest Bowls & Bakes

Harvest Bowls are clean and satisfying bowls that you can eat either for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. They are not as filling as standard main course meals, but I find them just as delicious and nutritious to try out if you’re in the mood for something light and vegan.

Daily Harvest gives importance to the portion and macronutrients of each meal, pairing fewer carbs with foods that are rich in other essential nutrients. The average caloric count of each serving is no more than 200-300 calories. However, you may also find a few bowls that have more than 350 calories as they’re carb-heavy with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, or beans.

Harvest Bakes are homemade baked food items like pasta dishes or curries. These are premade, just like Harvest Bowls, which means you don’t have to prep anything. Simply pop the dish in the microwave to bake it according to the instructions that Daily Harvest provides for each premade meal and you’re done!

  • Flatbreads

These are vegan flatbreads topped with hearty and delicious veggies like kale, sweet potatoes, spinach, tomato, basil, cremini, pesto, etc. You have eight different flatbread dishes in this category. It works as pizza, garlic bread, or the ideal breakfast entrée if you’re in the mood for something light yet crusty!

  • Soups

This consists of different pairings of soup-friendly ingredients like lemongrass, butternut squash, coconut, miso, lentils, and cremini. Daily Harvest’s Soups menu features hearty and nutritious soups perfect for a plant-focused meal.

  • Forager Bowls

These are different from the Harvest Bowls in that the Forager Bowls contain more breakfast-inspired superfoods such as rolled oats, nuts and seeds, and fruits. It’s the best start-of-the-day meal, if you ask me, with antioxidant- and vitamin-boosting ingredients like berries, dark chocolate, cinnamon, dragon fruit, chia seeds, and peach.

  • Scoops

These are creamy plant-based vegan ice creams in a variety of interesting flavors such as coconut, chocolate, apple, cinnamon, strawberry, etc.

  • Bites

Bites are healthy, concentrated doses of superfoods packed in small ball-like bites. Daily Harvest advertises these as “literally the easiest thing you can eat.” They work as snacks, breakfast, dessert, or even as energy boosters. Matcha, berries, bananas, coconut, espresso, chocolate, and hazelnut are some of the best ingredients used.

  • Lattes &Mylk

This consists of plant-based milk that you can drink with coffee without the bitter and unpleasant aftertaste. I don’t know about you, but I can never successfully make a really delicious plant-based coffee at home the way I’ve seen it made in a fancy restaurant!

That’s why Daily Harvest’s Latte menu is irresistible for the coffee lover in me. They serve coffee pods that you simply have to heat and drink in the temperature of your choice. Plus, so many different flavors like matcha, ginger turmeric, and almond.

Similarly, you can blend your own coffee or make your smoothies with Daily Harvest’s own plant milk, also referred to as Mylk. It reduces to tiny cubes without any gums, fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives. Simply pop 1-2 cubes in each serving of smoothie or forager bowl or coffee and blend it with some hot water.

The milk is vegan, plant-based, and tastes rich and creamy.

Daily Harvest’s Recipes

Nutrition is another reason to pick Daily Harvest since most of their meals are low in calories and unhealthy fats and carbs.

Harvest Bowls

Sweet Potato Wild Rice Hash Nutrition
Calories 330 calories
Protein 11 grams
Fat 11 grams
Carbs 51 grams
Fiber 9 grams


Tomato Basil Flatbread Nutrition
Calories 340 calories
Protein 6 grams
Fat 17 grams
Carbs 45 grams
Fiber 8 grams


Acai and Cherry Smoothie Nutrition
Calories 140 calories
Protein 3 grams
Fat 2 grams
Carbs 30 grams
Fiber 6 grams

Harvest Bakes

Chickpea and Coconut Curry Nutrition
Calories 560 calories
Protein 20 grams
Fat 19 grams
Carbs 78 grams
Fiber 17 grams

Forager/Breakfast Bowls

Apple and Cinnamon Bowl  Nutrition
Calories 310 calories
Protein 9 grams
Fat 14 grams
Carbs 40 grams
Fiber 7 grams

Why Choose Daily Harvest?

Their menu is so varied even with different snacks, coffees, smoothies, superfood bowls, ice creams, and light meals making it a brilliant option for people who have specific dietary needs.

Each item has its own dedicated page with all the nutritional information, ingredients list, and prep instructions.

Furthermore, you can find which meal suits your dietary preference with regard to sodium, carb, protein, and fat content. Since the nutritional information is present for each item, you have lots of options remaining in case you don’t like one or two items that are high in carbs or have too many calories per serving.

Daily Harvest Pros

  • Ideal for light eaters who prefer smaller portions in one meal.
  • Lots of delicious and fruity smoothies with nutritional info.
  • Protein-forward meal delivery service for vegans.
  • Minimal and compact packaging with dry ice.
  • Preparing the food takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Lots of variety in each menu category to avoid repetition.
  • Best vegan premade meal service for breakfast.
  • One of the more affordable vegan services on the market.
  • They deliver within 2-4 days of packaging.

Daily Harvest Cons

  • Not the best choice for food allergies.
  • Portion size is very small.
  • Overnight prep in the fridge may be necessary for some food items.
  • The food items are packed with dry ice.

How Expensive Is Daily Harvest?

Unlike most other meal delivery services, Daily Harvest does not charge by the number of servings you order per week. Since they have such a diverse range of food items, there are different prices for each meal.

You can, however, select from 3 meal boxes in which you can add 9, 12, or 24 items, respectively. Daily Harvest gives you a considerable discount per plan for larger orders in comparison to what you’ll pay per item.

In the Small plan, you can add as many as 9 items. In the Medium plan, 14 items per box is the limit. For the Large plan, you can add up to 24 items for a discounted price since it’s a considerably larger order for new customers.

Moving on, each food item comes with a unique price which you can see for yourself as you’re browsing the menu and exploring your most favorite items:

  • Smoothies: $8.49 per item
  • Harvest Bowls: $9.79 per item
  • Harvest Bakes: $11.99 per item
  • Flatbreads: $9.79 per item
  • Soups: $8.49 per item
  • Forager Bowls: $6.79 per item
  • Scoops: $8.99 per item
  • Bites: $7.99 for 7 bites
  • Lattes: $5.99 for 2 latte servings
  • Mylk: $7.99 for half a gallon of plant milk

Thankfully, Daily Harvest factors in the shipping and taxes in the costs mentioned above, which means you don’t have to pay extra during checkout.

Where and How Does Daily Harvest Deliver?

Daily Harvest delivers to all the major parts of the United States. They provide several intricate customizations to modify, skip, or cancel an upcoming order. A cutoff time is also set, which will be mentioned after you place your order in the Account settings.

For most orders, you have until Sunday to modify an upcoming order. If your order is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, make sure you make your edits on Sunday before delivery for it to update immediately. The cutoff time every Sunday is at 3 p.m. PT.

Thankfully, Daily Harvest lets you use either the app or website to make any such changes. You don’t need to contact customer care for skipping, canceling, or modifying placed orders.

All of Daily Harvest’s packaging is recyclable with plastic containers, except for the lids. You can store the cardboard box until your next delivery for pickup, which makes recycling easier.

To keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and firm, dry ice is placed between each container. Sometimes, you have to wait for 24 hours for the dry ice to completely evaporate before you can take out the meal boxes which is a drag, but considering how fresh and delicious these vegan meals are, it’s worth the wait!

Thankfully, Daily Harvest does not leave you guessing when it comes to meal preparation. All vegan meals have accurate prepping instructions that you can follow for the best possible flavor and texture.

4. Factor (also known as Factor75 and F_)


Ready-to-eat meals are making a huge impact on the food market in America and for good reason. Premade meals are prepared fresh, so there are no preservatives added to the food here, especially when the meal delivery service is a top player like Factor. They deliver to your doorstep fully prepared meals (lunches/dinners). That means you don’t need to cook anything from scratch.

Even though Factor is a relatively more recent addition, this prepared meal delivery service has come to be known as healthy. The meals meet nutrition goals, even though they’re premade. Their approach is more inclined toward providing low-carb, low-calorie, and high-protein meals. These seem to be perfect for athletes, gym-goers, and fitness-focused individuals.

How Factor works is you have to choose how many meals you want per week – your options are 4, 6, 8, 12, and 18. Needless to say, the cost per serving reduces when you add more meals to your weekly order. The meals, just so you know, include not only lunches and dinners but also breakfast, desserts, soups, cold-pressed juices, and shakes (additional cost applied here).

The weekly Factor menu consists of around 20 or so dishes, along with smaller portions of snacks and add-ons.

We already know that Factor organizes meal plans depending on how many meals you order per week. In that case, what are the meal plans you need to look out for?

  • Chef’s Choice
  • Keto
  • Calorie Smart
  • Vegan & Veggie
  • Protein Plus

Many other food preferences and restrictions are a part of the menu as well, such as the following:

  • Dairy-free
  • Plant-based
  • Dairy-free
  • Spicy
  • Low calorie
  • Low carb

Those with food sensitivities or food allergies may be relieved to know that all Factor meals are put together in a gluten-free facility. Isn’t that just what you want to hear in case your daily diet has no gluten in it?

Speaking of gluten, every dish on the menu features a list of all the ingredients used, nutritional information, and basic yet detailed notes about the food. Even potential allergens are specified.

One quick look at the Factor menu and you’ll realize just how health- and fitness-driven it is. These are not splurge meals that contain too much mashed potatoes, pasta, and the like. Instead, you receive meals loaded with lean proteins (for vegans, that would be tofu, quinoa, chickpeas, lentils, etc.) paired with lots of greens and grains!

Furthermore, Factor meals’ calorie count per serving is within the 500- and 800-calorie range. Moreover, those on a paleo and keto diet have a good number of premade meals to pick from. So, if you’re too busy or lazy to cook, Factor’s meals are convenient in terms of prepping and cooking.

Factor’s Recipes

Chickpea Curry with Forbidden Rice Blend & Ginger Green Beans Vegan Nutrition
Calories 480 calories per serving
Protein 13 grams per serving
Fat 24 grams per serving
Carbs 58 grams per serving
Fiber 11 grams per serving


Vegan Mushroom Marsala with Onion Risotto & Roasted Garlic Green Beans Vegan Nutrition
Calories 460 calories per serving
Protein 9 grams per serving
Fat 29 grams per serving
Carbs 43 grams per serving
Fiber 5 grams per serving

Why Choose Factor?

Factor is popular for its high-protein, low-carb premade meals!

The menu has delicious, chef-prepared lunches and dinners that cater to specific dietary preferences too. Some of the options include keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, low calorie, low carb, dairy-free, and more.

I would also like to mention that Factor doesn’t offer a wide-ranging menu for vegans and vegetarians, and it’s not like you can modify their meat-based meals, for example, when you get to substitute animal protein with plant-based protein. Disappointingly, this is not an option with Factor.

To make up for it, Factor has brought in the whole high-protein, low-carb nutritional profile. So, the vegan/vegetarian meals that are on the menu are perfect for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Plus, there are also desserts, snacks, smoothies, and different proteins you can add, for example, the Keto Cheesecake Strawberry Mascarpone and a “Breakfast Bundle” containing Breakfast Tostada Bake + Blueberry Pancakes are here on the “add-ons” page.

I also highly recommend Factor for its dedication to sustainability. They truly care about sustainable farming methods, which is why they only work with a few organic farms. Most ingredients are procured from within the United States, except for some premium cuts of meat and seafood, but you don’t need to know that since you’re vegan.

What you should know instead is that Factor is stringent about its use of only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients – no gluten, GMOs, artificial preservatives, and things like that to be found in Factor’s prepared meals. All of these clean flavors further enhance the taste of the food.

Despite being “microwaveable,” Factor’s premade dishes are sumptuously flavorful. Nothing tastes bland, salty, tough, etc.

On top of that, if you’re on a weight loss diet, you can pick the “Calorie Smart” meal plan. Your every meal, in that case, will be below 550-500 calories. Adding low-calorie meals into your daily diet goes a long way as far as monitoring and limiting calorie count for weight loss is concerned.

In the same context, Factor’s ready-to-eat meals are also suitable for those on special diets like keto, paleo, etc. These types of food preferences are part of the meal selection process and consist of a well-balanced ratio of protein, carbs, and fats.

Anyway, in all, this is what you should be expecting from Factor…

Factor Pros:

  • Premade lunches, dinners, and breakfast meals.
  • The menu caters to different types of diets.
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free, and no artificial ingredients.
  • Add-ons are also available – smoothies, desserts, juices, etc.
  • Recyclable packaging and containers are used.
  • A very delicious variety of high-protein, low-carb dishes.

Factor Cons:

  • Not the most affordable meal delivery service.
  • Options for vegans and vegetarians are limited.
  • Only single-serve meals.

How Expensive Is Factor?

4 meals per week $15 per serving
6 meals per week $12.83 per serving
8 meals per week $12.30 per serving
12 meals per week $11.50 per serving
18 meals per week $11 per serving

Only if you select 12 or 18 meals per week does the price per serving come down to $11.50-$11. It’s not the cheapest prepared meal delivery service; nonetheless, it’s popular simply because the food is incredibly healthy (thanks to the high-protein, low-carb content).

In my opinion, this would be the perfect meal planning if you decide to opt for Factor as your premade meal delivery service:

  • 4 meals per week: Best for ensuring that you eat at least one nutritionally-balanced meal per day.
  • 6 meals per week: Best for eating healthy and easy throughout the work week.
  • 8 meals per week: Best for working couples.
  • 12 meals per week: Best for working parents with children.
  • 18 meals per week: Best for larger families.

Where and How Does Factor Deliver?

Your Factor meals will arrive on the days between Monday and Wednesday – it actually depends on your zip code. “Receiving My Meals” on Factor’s website is a very helpful section of the FAQs that informs you what delivery carriers they use, what time of the day the meals get delivered, etc.

With your Factor subscription, you can cancel and pause your orders. Making changes is also possible provided you adhere to the cutoff time, which is before 12 a.m. (CT) on Wednesdays before the scheduled delivery week.

Factor’s delivery areas include all the 48 contiguous states of America, so that leaves out Hawaii and Alaska.

There have been no complaints regarding the packaging, which is great. Your weekly Factor meal box is well-insulated with ice packs for preserving the freshness of the food. No ingredient is likely to be spoilt, broken, or anything of the sort. Your prepared meals are fresh and wrapped using CPET, BPA-free, recyclable plastic.

Moreover, the cardboard materials used for packaging are also recyclable, but the plastic film is not. So, here’s the thing with Factor – they employ three various kinds of insulation. First is the laminated insulation – recyclable indeed. However, the two other different types aren’t recyclable, so you have to discard them.

As for the gel packs, these are reusable, but if you don’t want to use them, simply pour out the contents and recycle the plastic cover. Lastly, the food containers can be rinsed, and you can do a little curbside recycling.

5. Veestro


Now, how about a plant-based prepared meal delivery service? it’s called Veestro!

On Veestro, you’ll find subscription-based meal plans and also a la carte options, all of which are vegan of course. In comparison to frozen meals that you get at local supermarkets and grocery stores, Veestro’s premade meals are more expensive. It’s not surprising given the more flavorful character of the food and higher, fresher quality of the ingredients used.

Only a few vegan menus are as interesting as the ones found on Veestro. It has about 50 dishes on the menu – all vegan!

Now here are Veestro’s meal plans:

Veestro’s A La Carte

The A La Carte category consists of 40-50 dishes (this includes entrees and breakfast). You can add 10, 20, or 30 meals from here, be it the same dish with multiple servings or 30 different meals. The latter is better if you’re a foodie and are fond of variety.

This kind of flexibility is the best for those that have to follow specific dietary needs or if you’re a fussy eater. You can filter the menu by dietary preferences such as the following:

  • High protein
  • Low calorie
  • Kosher
  • Soy-free
  • Nut-free

Veestro’s Weight Loss

Even the Weight Loss meal plan menu can be filtered:

  • High protein
  • Nut-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Kosher

Once again, you have entrees and breakfast, but the prepared dishes for this plan are fewer than the a la carte option. Nevertheless, it’s a very effective meal plan that people getting into shape can rely on – you either choose the 5-day or 7-day plan size.

All meals are weight-loss-friendly, which just implies fewer carbs, fewer calories, and higher protein – and these are vegan meals!

As a whole, Veestro’s menu features a wide variety of plant-based recipes. Every dish includes its star rating and customer reviews. For example, their gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free Enchilada Casserole meal, a Mexican-inspired dish, is very healthy and mouth-wateringly delicious. It has earned a 4.4-star rating with over 450 reviews.

Veestro’s ready-to-eat meals are frozen and come in a single-serving size only. A peek into Veestro’s “Why Plants” page provides real encouragement for those on a vegan diet. They talk about all the amazing health benefits of a plant-based diet for not just weight loss but also for the prevention of heart diseases.

If you’re transitioning into adopting a vegan lifestyle bit by bit, Veestro’s only-vegan prepared meals are the best option. The same applies to those on a weight loss journey. A vegan diet does help a great deal when it comes to shedding extra pounds.

Also, the quality of the ingredients and food is quite impressive. This is an organic plant-based meal delivery service!

Veestro’s Recipes

Pulled Pork with Quinoa Patty Vegan Nutrition
Calories 430 calories per serving
Protein 18 grams per serving
Fat 3 grams per serving
Carbs 87 grams per serving
Fiber 17 grams per serving


Red Curry with Tofu Vegan Nutrition
Calories 410 calories per serving
Protein 11 grams per serving
Fat 17 grams per serving
Carbs 54 grams per serving
Fiber 6 grams per serving

Why Choose Veestro?

The nutritional value of Veestro’s plant-based meals surpasses all expectations! The focus of this organic, vegan meal delivery service is a good, healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

When on a vegetarian or vegan diet, the daily consumption of protein becomes very tricky since meat protein is not a part of this. So, you have to ensure that your body is still getting enough protein despite the plant-based diet.

At such times, a meal delivery service like Veestro provides the most enjoyable and also high-protein dishes. There’s a separate filter for that on both the menus of Veestro – a la carte and weight loss.

The Weight Loss meal plan, in particular, works for those counting calories. Three meals per day from this plan equals about 1,200 calories.

What’s also truly remarkable is the quick, convenient microwave experience. Veestro’s premade meals are specifically designed for the microwaving heating process, not the stovetop. However, there are a few ingredients that work better if you maybe heat them using the stovetop.

Despite that, the freshness, flavor, and quality of these frozen, prepared meals set the standards very high. The meals are flash-frozen and the veggies are super fresh! It’s an excellent quality if you ask me considering how shabby methods have been in terms of preserving and then reheating frozen foods like these.

Veestro Pros:

  • An only organic, vegan premade meal delivery service.
  • Two menu options with many meals and diet filters.
  • Entrees and breakfast options.
  • Clear nutrition labels where most meals are below 500 calories.
  • No preservatives are added and packaging uses recyclable materials.

Veestro Cons:

  • Frozen meals only.
  • It can be a little too expensive.
  • Not enough breakfast meals.
  • Bulky packaging.

How Expensive Is Veestro?

First of all, the price of your Veestro meal depends on whether you place a one-time order or purchase the subscription. In the former scenario, a $10 shipping fee is applied. Otherwise, it’s free and you also get various occasional discounts if you get the subscription.

Now here’s the Veestro pricing pattern:

10 meals $11.70 per meal
20 meals $10.80 per meal
30 meals $9.90 per meal


5-Day Meal Plan of 15 Meals $11.70 per meal
7-Day Meal Plan of 21 Meals $10.80 per meal

Where and How Does Veestro Deliver?

First of all, Veestro delivers all across the USA except for Hawaii and Alaska. That means all 48 contiguous states of the USA are on their delivery list.

Secondly, Veestro’s ordering and shipping/delivery processes are easy and quick. You get to choose between one-time and weekly deliveries, unlike other meal delivery services that force you into getting the subscription even when placing just a one-time order.

If you do opt for the subscription-based meal plan, don’t worry about not being able to make any changes to your weekly orders. You can even cancel them, but do so before the deadline, which differs from one location to another.

Veestro meal deliveries are done on Wednesdays in standard, recyclable cardboard boxes with biodegradable denim liners that maintain the food’s freshness for hours. Once they arrive, place the meals in the freezer right away. You will have to make a lot of room in your freezer because the packaging is slightly bulky.

The meal trays are freezer-safe and also microwave-friendly. Once you’re done with them, you can compost the trays, while the BPA-free plastic seal can be recycled.

Dry ice is used for keeping your meals cold during transit. It’s all very neatly organized in the case of Veestro, no matter how many meals you order. There is some plastic waste, but mostly it’s all recyclable cardboard or other recyclable materials.

6. Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon

Similar to Daily Harvest, Splendid Spoon caters to a specific vegan niche like smoothies, soups, and bowls. It is a light and heart vegan premade delivery service with fully prepared meals and tons of healthy juice options.

All of Splendid Spoon’s meals are made with plant-based ingredients including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, lentils, beans, etc.

If you crave hearty soups with relatively smaller portions, fresh-tasting, and nutritious, Splendid Spoon is a good option for you. Some of the meals, like their soups and grain bowls, are good as lunch or dinner. They offer plenty of choices, something that I didn’t find in other premade vegan delivery services.

Splendid Spoon has over 30 soup varieties and 9 noodle bowl recipes, all plant-based and vegan. There are plenty of meat-inspired dishes that are cooked with plant-based meat like vegan meatballs, tofu, and plant-based cheeses such as parmesan, which is made from cashew nuts instead of dairy.

In their Soups menu, you’ll find lots of unique and colorful options pairing delicious ingredients in a nutritionally balanced manner. None of the recipes seem too dull to try.

Another thing that’s tailored to suit your vegan lifestyle is Splendid Spoon’s Smoothie menu. The smoothies are bursting with flavor and packed full of plant-based nutrition.

Berries, hibiscus, cacao, carrots, vanilla, coconut, mint chip, cinnamon, moringa, rose water, basil, mango, and dates – these are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find spread across Splendid Spoon’s smoothie palate.

Splendid Spoon also offers different protein-packed snack bars, wellness shots, and cold-pressed juices in their Extras menu. Again, all are plant-powered with no preservatives or added sugar.

It’s easier to order in bundles on Splendid Spoon without spending a lot of money each week. True that Splendid Spoon does not cater to a large appetite, but it has some really fantastic GMO-free and 100% vegan options if you want to boost your weekly superfood intake and drink more fiber-focused, high-protein, and most importantly, high-fiber meals in the form of smoothies, soups, and fresh juices.

Splendid Spoon gives you access to the nutritional profile and ingredients list of each and every item. You can filter out what you don’t want from the menu with a click of a button. You can narrow down your choices by skipping ingredients or by dietary needs and health benefits.

Splendid Spoon’s Recipes

Creamy Mushroom & Spinach Noodles Nutrition
Calories 160 calories
Protein 6 grams
Fat 6 grams
Carbs 24 grams
Fiber 3 grams


Green Tomatillo Chili Soup Nutrition
Calories 210 calories
Protein 10 grams
Fat 7 grams
Carbs 28 grams
Fiber 9 grams

Why Choose Splendid Spoon?

Splendid Spoon has a fun assortment of smoothies, noodle bowls, and soups. It’s a great meal subscription service to select if you want to stock on up heart-friendly and high-fiber meals that come in freezer-friendly boxes.

You can easily order your meals in large bundles and stock up your refrigerator for the entire week, or even longer, as these are smaller meals.

If you like making smoothies and soups at home, from scratch, then you know what a hassle it can be sometimes to look for new recipes. Next comes the long and oftentimes backbreaking process of cooking it yourself!

Splendid Spoon takes care of all that by giving you plenty of options to choose from every week. Yes, they are what most people think of as a “premium” meal delivery service, but it’s nothing you wouldn’t already pay for were you to buy the ingredients yourself!

In fact, one of the great things about subscribing to a meal delivery service is that you buy per serving so there’ll be less food wastage. With Splendid Spoon’s smoothies, soups, and noodle bowls, you can consume superfoods without worrying about leftovers. Plus, you have to do no prepping or grocery shopping whatsoever!

Each food item is designed to be packed with essential nutrients such as fiber, proteins, and healthy fats as well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. What’s more compelling is how savory and pleasing the food combinations are. These recipes add a burst of flavor to your daily meals without depriving you of the health benefits of a plant-focused diet lifestyle.

Splendid Spoon Pros:

  • Smoothies are naturally sweet and GMO-free.
  • Soups and noodle bowls are nutritionally balanced with lots of fiber.
  • The meals take less than 5 minutes to prep.
  • Some of the meals are very satisfying and filling.
  • You can store most of the meals in the freezer.
  • Reheating in a saucepan, skillet, or in the oven is possible.
  • Great for sticking to a vegan and gluten-free diet.
  • All the ingredients are organic and preservative-free.

Splendid Spoon Cons:

  • Very small portion size for big eaters.
  • The smoothies are relatively expensive.
  • The meals are packed fresh and ready to eat.
  • Not the best choice if you want more meal options.

How Expensive Is Splendid Spoon?

Compared to other meal delivery services, Splendid Spoon offers a unique assortment of meals like smoothies, soups, noodle bowls, and wellness shots. All the food items are health-focused and in smaller portions, which makes them diet-friendly as well.

To put it simply, Splendid Spoon seems to be fit for someone looking to boost their weekly liquid meal plan. Such meals require practically no prep time and are fortified with more nutrients than your average meal.

With that out of the way, Splendid Spoon’s meal plans cater to the different needs of a person.

Instead of paying for each item of food individually, which ends up costing you a lot of money, you can order in bundles to cut back on weekly expenses.

The Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Reset Plan-This plan lets you pick 5 smoothies of your choice, 5 soups & grain bowls, 5 noodles, and 5 light soups for $160 to $195 per box.

If you’re confused about what to pick, you can see what Splendid Spoon has selected for the week’s menu, which includes smoothies, soups, light soups, and noodle bowls.

It’s completely optional to go for the pre-selected menu for the plan. You can individually choose what you like from the full menu during checkout.

The Breakfast, Lunch + Reset Plan-Fewer food options including 5 smoothies, 5 soups & grain bowls, and 5 light soups for $105 to $140 per box.

The Breakfast + Lunch Plan-5 smoothies and 5 different veggie bowls are included in this plan for $65 to $100 per box.

The Lunch Plan includes 5 soup and grain bowls only for $70 per box, while their Breakfast Plan has 5 smoothies for $70 per box.

If that isn’t sufficient for you either and you want something more specific, you can choose their On-DemandPlan to customize what you want. You can order as many as 15 smoothies, 15 grain bowls, 15 soups, and lots of other swappable meals with the help of this meal plan. It is designed for larger quantities because it allows more savings per box.

None of the meals charge a shipping fee, which means you never have to pay for shipping with Splendid Spoon, no matter how many meals you order weekly.

Where and How Does Splendid Spoon Deliver?

Splendid Spoon lets you pick your delivery day on either Wednesday or Friday, depending on where you stay. The delivery time is usually in the evenings, during business hours. Even if you’re not home to receive the order, it will be safely placed at your doorstep.

Speaking of which, Splendid Spoon delivers to all continental United States, and this includes 48 states but not Hawaii and Alaska.

All the meals inside the package are stored with dry ice. It’s a common misconception that premade meal delivery services freeze the meals to prolong shelf life. That’s not true in the case of Splendid Spoon. The meals are kept cold, but not frozen, with the help of dry ice to preserve the flavor, texture, and freshness of the food.

The packaging consists of pieces of cardboard to separate all the plastic containers of soups, smoothies, and grain bowls. Most of the packaging is recyclable for curbside pickup. Even the cardboard box and liner are recyclable, which makes everything better.

You can keep the meals inside plastic containers when storing them in the freezer or refrigerator. The meal containers, be it for soup or a noodle bowl, are easy to stack one on top of the other and leakproof. Plus, I like the smoothie and juice bottles as they are very storage-friendly and feel durable.

7. Trifecta

Trifecta is a more custom-tailored and diet-friendly meal service for most people. It comes with different diet menus such as Paleo, Clean Meal, Keto, Whole30, Vegan, and Vegetarian.

Each meal plan includes different recipes, and the menu for each meal plan changes weekly, which is one of the best things about Trifecta. Once you select the Vegan meal plan, you can select from a whole Chef-Selected menu of plant-based meals.

The meals are cooked and packed, which means all you have to do once the meal arrives is heat it to eat it.

The Vegan meal plan includes several meals per day starting from Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, to a 3rd Entrée. Based on the number of meals you select for each day, you can pick between 5 and 7 days’ worth of meals, which means the minimum order on Trifecta is 5 meals per week up to 28 meals for the entire week.

The meal plan is not only vegan, but it’s also nutritionally structured with a specific Average Macronutrients count, which is as follows:

  • Calories: 400 calories per serving
  • Protein: 25 grams per serving
  • Carbs: 50 grams per serving
  • Fat: 15 grams per serving

Based on these values, you can select as many meals you want starting with 5 meals per week up to 28 meals. Trifecta offers vegan breakfast, vegan lunch, and vegan dinners.

There is also the added advantage of filtering all the vegan options available to you by ingredient. You can easily exclude one or two ingredients such as soy or mushrooms from your weekly box. Good news for people with allergies or food intolerances, right?

Furthermore, if you want more control over the meals you select, both vegan and non-vegan, the Classic meal plan lets you pick recipes individually from the weekly menu. Rest assured, these are all nutritionally balanced meals, just like the Vegan plan, but it allows more customization for someone who is a bit more finicky about their weekly diet.

For fitness enthusiasts, macro counters, and health-conscious eaters, Trifecta’s meal plans for a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle are the best thing ever as a faster, more effective solution for home cooking.

Trifecta’s Recipes

Trifecta does not give access to the weekly menu before subscribing. The meal plans lay down the average macros of the meals to give you a general overview of what to expect. The Vegan Meal Plan includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a 3rd entrée. All are gluten-free meals with organic plant produce and chef-recommended recipes.

For the Vegan Meal Plan, this is what you should expect in each serving:

  • Calories: 440 calories
  • Protein: 25 grams
  • Carbs: 50 grams
  • Fat: 15 grams

Why Choose Trifecta?

To begin with, Trifecta offers a very balanced and nutrition-focused approach to home cooking. Their meals are divided not only by meal type such as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, but they’re even categorized by diet type:

  • Clean Meal Plan-Balanced veg and non-veg food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals have more proteins with a balanced carb ratio.
  • Paleo Meal Plan-A paleo diet consists of more proteins and veggies and fruits, fewer carbs, and zero processed or sugar foods. Since most of the meals are whole foods, it comes very close to a vegan meal plan, with the exception of meat.
  • Whole30 Approved-Similar to the Clean meal plan, Whole30 is diabetes- and heart-friendly. Recipes that are approved by dieticians and are portion controlled are included in this meal plan.
  • Keto Meal Plan-A keto diet plan cuts down carbs to the bare minimum. It also increases the healthy fats and protein value of each meal with the help of nutrient-dense whole food.
  • Vegan Meal Plan,Vegetarian Meal Plan– Being the least expensive meal plans on Trifecta’s menu, the vegan and vegetarian plans consist of low-carb meals with tons of plant protein, fiber-rich legumes and beans, and a balanced macro value for weight-watchers!

As you can see, Trifecta offers so many in the way of a nutritionally balanced and diet-friendly approach to weekly meal planning. It takes away the hassle of doing this yourself so you can focus on improving your nutrition and eating healthier meals every day without investing the time or effort.

Trifecta Pros:

  • Proven to be weight loss-friendly with protein-rich meals and balanced calories.
  • Provides plenty of nutrition for a paleo, ketogenic, low carb, and vegan lifestyle.
  • You can easily select your own meals or choose from their chef-selected menu.
  • The ingredients are all organic, GMO-free, and macro-balanced.
  • Chicken and beef are grass-fed and seafood is sustainably sourced.
  • Lots of meal options with minimal prep time.
  • Several add-on options for proteins and veggies are included.
  • You can exclude up to two ingredients to create a personalized menu.
  • All the meals are packed fresh and are easy to heat.

Trifecta Cons:

  • The meals are slightly expensive.
  • Most of the meals are preselected for you.
  • Not the ideal pick for people with severe food allergies.
  • You cannot see the food menu before signing up.

How Expensive Is Trifecta?

Because Trifecta has so many different meal plans, it can be confusing to keep track of the prices. The cost varies by meal type and by the number of servings you select weekly.

The starting prices of the meal plans are as follows:

  • Clean Meal Plan -It starts from $110 per week for 7 meals weekly. The average price per serving, on the other hand, is around $10.49 to $14 per serving.
  • Paleo & Keto Meal Plans -Both meal plans start from $110 per week for 7 meals weekly. The average price per serving is $14 to $16 per serving. The ketogenic and paleo meal plan is slightly more expensive because it involves more careful consideration of the macros and ingredients than the Clean or Classic meal plan.
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Meal Plans -Trifecta’s most affordable meal plans are vegan and vegetarian meal plans, the starting price of which is $100 per week with an average of $10 to $13 per serving.

Where and How Does Trifecta Deliver?

Trifecta delivers to all 50 states in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. It also doesn’t charge a shipping fee, even on the minimum order, which is very good news! However, they charge a surplus shipping fee to orders going in Alaska and Hawaii.

According to their FAQs, Trifecta uses services like FedEx, UPS, and GSO to deliver the meals. Once you’ve placed your order, you will receive an immediate order confirmation email along with a tracking link. You can also get timely updates via text about the delivery status of your order.

If you have any specific delivery requests, emailing Trifecta’s customer service with the order ID, your name, and delivery address is a good idea.

Unfortunately, Trifecta does not let you choose your ideal delivery time or day. Mostly, their deliveries are carried out every Friday or Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. You can skip an order by a week, cancel, or make quick changes to your order before the cutoff date, which is every Friday before the scheduled delivery week.

Trifecta has an app and website that lets you access all your account settings, including making changes to your orders before the cutoff date.

Trifecta uses BPA-free plastics that are FDA-approved and recyclable. You can use the same container the meals are packed in to heat them in the microwave. There are no toxic chemicals in the plastic that can contaminate the flavor or quality of the food.

8. Sakara Meals

Sakara has a fully plant-based menu with nutritionally fortified recipes. The quality and versatility of Sakara’s meals cannot be compared with others because Sakara is purely diet-focused. The meals have a medicinal quality in that they help relieve indigestion such as constipation and bloating and improve skin health, weight loss, and energy levels.

The meals are, by default, plant-based, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, and organic. Most of the meals are whole-food-based, which means salads and sandwiches or wraps and bowls.

You can build your food plan from the ground up with different diet plans such as the Signature Nutrition Program, Level II Detox, Metabolism Nutrition System, and the 20-Day Bridal Plan.

Though the meal plans are the same, the recipes included in each diet plan vary according to your zip code. You can pick how many meals you want each week from 2 to 5 days of the week. In your weekly box, you will receive all vegan and plant-based premade meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Plus, they have a separate Snacks menu for different dietary functions such as detox, energy and focus, beauty, and protein boost. The Supplements menu includes Sakara’s very own plant-powered array of immunity-boosting powders, drops, vitamins, probiotics, and wellness teas.

The best vegan meal plan for most people is the Signature Nutrition Program and the Metabolism Nutrition System. Both these diet plans include a balanced and gut-friendly menu with loads of protein-rich and anti-inflammatory recipes that boost overall health and well-being.

The meals have clean, non-processed proteins, less unhealthy fats, and carbs. They are also calorie-conscious, allowing you to replenish your fruits and veggies diet with ease.

Sakara’s Recipes

You cannot view the nutritional info before signing up, but you can view the current week’s menu based on the zip code you enter. I got the following vegan recipes for the entire week:

Chocolate Love Muffin

Breakfast has never tasted this good at home. The Chocolate Love Muffin has natural sweeteners like coconut and caramel and is also packed with superfoods such as almonds, oats, and honey.

Classic Cob Salad

Salads make incredible gut-friendly lunches for every day of the week. The Cob Salad has flavor, texture, and creaminess with bacon made from coconut, pickled onions, plant-based feta cheese, and a sweet and herby dressing.

Black Garlic BBQ Burger

Sakara’s dinners are more satisfying and filling with slightly larger servings and interesting recipes. The BBQ burger is completely plant-based with roasted potato wedges on the side and a protein-boosting avocado salad.

Why Choose Sakara?

Whether you select your meals for 2 or 5 days of the week, Sakara delivers 3 different meals for you each day!

After adding your zip code, you can view the appropriate menu and see the meals for the current week as well as the next.

Sakara offers many dietary and ingredient-based filters for swapping one or two ingredients. Plus, the meals are organized by time and day. It’s refreshing to see such a unique display of delicious and nutrition-driven vegan meals.

The different meal programs cater to clean eating anywhere from 5 to 40 days! So, you have plenty of time to reap the benefits of a vegan lifestyle without getting bored of plant-based recipes because Sakara’s menu changes weekly and they do not repeat the same recipe two times in a row.

Sakara Pros:

  • Their premade meals are gut-friendly and can reduce bloating.
  • You can add extra nutritional supplements to your plan.
  • Meal planning is simple and quick with multiple customizations.
  • Probiotics, detox tea, protein bars, and powders are also included.
  • You can swap specific ingredients like nuts, soy, mushrooms, etc.
  • The meals are more salad-focused with fewer spices and oils.

Sakara Cons:

  • The menu is very limited.
  • Expensive specialized programs for a vegan lifestyle.
  • Not the ideal choice for a foodie.
  • The portion size is relatively smaller.
  • No discount on larger orders.

How Expensive Is Sakara?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Sakara is a luxury brand, which means you pay more for less as it streamlines meal planning quite unlike anything you’ll ever come across.

All of Sakara’s meals are organic, vegan, and plant-based. Once you enter your zip code, you can pick your meals easily after reading about their nutrition and health benefits.

The different specialized meal programs come with different prices.

Starting with the Signature Nutrition Program:

2 meals per day 3 meals per day
2 days/week $129 weekly $195 weekly
3 days/week $180 weekly $275 weekly
5 days/week $299 weekly $440 weekly

Metabolism Nutrition Program 

2 meals per day  3 meals per day


5 days/week $379 weekly $520 weekly
20 days/month $1,276 monthly $1,840 monthly
40 days/month $2,552 monthly $3,680 monthly

Level II Detox Program

3 meals per day
(Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)
5 days/week $450 weekly

The Bridal Program

3 meals per day
(Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)
20 days/month $1,395 monthly

The average daily expenditure for a Sakara subscription is $100 per day for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. For some people, this may be a steep investment, but if you prefer Sakara’s plant-forward approach to veganism, it’s worth a try!

Where and How Does Sakara Deliver?

Sakara is a location-specific vegan premade meal delivery service. The menu differs from location to location though the specialized meal programs are the same across the country. Speaking of which, Sakara delivers to all parts of the continental United States.

Sakara lets you pick the day of delivery but not the time. The meals are cooked fresh and packed immediately to preserve freshness and flavor. The containers are made up of PCR PET plastic, which means they’re sustainable and recyclable.

The ice packs inside every weekly box are also recyclable. You can keep this alongside plastic containers for curbside pickup if that’s available in your locality.

Read about Sakara’s sustainability practices here to find out how you can safely and effectively get rid of their packaging including the boxes, food containers, box liners, and ice packs.

9. Fresh N Lean

fresh n lean

Fresh N Lean features many dietary meal plans, each of which is catered to specific nutritional functions. Vegan-wise, they have two different vegan plans:

The Standard Vegan Plan includes different breakfast and entrée options with all plant-based proteins, fewer calories per serving, and low sodium. The average macros for Fresh N Lean’s vegan diet plan are as follows:

  • Protein: 19 grams
  • Carbs: 49 grams
  • Fat: 14 grams
  • Calories: 430 calories
  • Sodium: 550mg

Fresh N Lean also caters to other diet plans, such as Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Bulk, Whole30, and Protein+, but they aren’t vegan.

The other vegan diet plan, which is Low Carb Vegan, includes seasonal and organic veggies that are low in carbohydrates so weight loss-friendly. The macros for this diet plan are as follows:

  • Protein:5 grams
  • Carbs: 11 grams
  • Fat: 33 grams
  • Calories: 295 calories
  • Sodium: 550mg

The difference between the Standard Vegan Plan and the Low Carb Vegan Plan is that the latter skips all starchy veggies and reduce the carb and caloric value of every meal.

Variety-wise, the Standard Vegan Plan offers more meals including breakfasts, while the Low Carb Vegan Plan has fewer meal options for lunches but no breakfasts.

In fact, the Standard Vegan Plan includes plant-based meat alternatives packed with more soy proteins, healthy vegetable oil, and spices. It tastes exactly like chicken, but it’s 100% vegan and organic.

You can also order these plant-based proteins in bulk to boost your weekly protein intake. In the Low Carb Vegan Plan, the meals are not as filling since they include light veggies like carrots, broccoli, green beans, and sweet potatoes as the main protein of the meal.

Fresh N Lean is good for you if you want really healthy and nutrient-focused meals. If you’re already used to counting your calories, proteins, and other essential nutrients of the day, meal planning gets a whole lot easier with Fresh N Lean.

You pay anywhere from $10 to $15 per serving depending on the number of meals you select each week. The more you add to your weekly cart, the less you pay.

Plus, while adding meals to your cart, you can skip up to three ingredients in case of any allergies or food intolerances. Fresh N Lean’s kitchen is certified organic and gluten-free, which is great news if you have a severe gluten allergy.

They do follow certain HACCP guidelines for allergy control and vegan food preparation, according to their FAQs page.

Fresh N Lean’s Recipes

Romesco Quinoa with Tofu and Roasted Kabocha Vegan Nutrition
Calories 370 calories
Protein 17 grams
Fat 15 grams
Carbs 36 grams
Fiber 6 grams


Southwest Veggie Chili  Vegan Nutrition
Calories 150 calories
Protein 5 grams
Fat 4 grams
Carbs 27 grams
Fiber 7 grams

Why Choose Fresh N Lean?

The diverse variety of ingredients on Fresh N Lean’s menu is impressive. You have different menus for different dietary functions, plus two whole new menus for vegans. Ideal for most people with big appetites, the meals are freshly cooked and packed.

None of the meals requires any more than 3 minutes of prep time, with a relatively low caloric value and sufficient portion size for each meal.

The vegan menu, despite the fact that it contains only fruits and veggies, is appetizing and varied, with a weekly rotating menu for each and every meal plan. Fresh N Lean does promote a daily diet of plant-based foods that you won’t ever get tired of.

The meals are crafty, satisfying, and simpler to select with a separate A La Carte menu for adding more proteins, sides, and more meals into your weekly cart.

Fresh N Lean Pros:

  • Makes nutrition tracking easier with accurate macronutrients for every meal.
  • Two different vegan menus for protein and carb-conscious eaters.
  • Absolutely no cooking or prepping is required!
  • The pricing is not very expensive per meal.
  • You can order more sides and proteins in bulk.
  • Fun and delicious vegan recipes that change every week.

Fresh N Lean Cons:

  • The package is a bit tricky to take off.
  • Some of the meals are pre-selected.
  • Lack of customization is disappointing.

How Expensive Is Fresh N Lean?

It turns out that Fresh N Lean is not very expensive for a vegan premade meal service, but it’s not very affordable either. The average cost per serving for a Standard Vegan meal is $12.99 per serving and $14.99 per serving for a Low Carb Vegan meal.

For the Standard Vegan meal plan, you can pick Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for either 5 days or 7 days of the week.

  • For 5 days, all 3 meals will cost you about $8.99 per meal.
  • For 7 days, all 3 meals will cost you about $8.49 per meal.

Were you to reduce the number of meals each day, the cost per serving increases. For example:

  • For 5 days of only Breakfast and Lunch meals, you pay $9.99 per meal.
  • For 7 days of only Breakfast and Lunch, you pay $8.99 per meal.

You can apply this when you want to skip Breakfast and order only Lunch and Dinner meals for 5 or 7 days, which will cost you $10.49 and $8.99 per meal, respectively.

The Low Carb Vegan meal plan is priced a little differently:

  • For 5 days of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, you pay $10.49 per meal.
  • For 7 days of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, you pay $9.99 per meal.

For Breakfast and Lunch meals:

  • For 5 days, you pay $11.24 per meal.
  • For 7 days, you pay $10.24 per meal.

The cost for Lunch and Dinner meals for 5 and 7 days is $12.49 and $10.99, respectively.

There are no extra shipping charges, which is a blessing! Even if you order the bare minimum, you don’t have to pay a shipping fee.

From the A La Carte menu, you can bulk up on extra servings of plant-based proteins based on the number of meals you select weekly. The minimum order from this menu is $85 per order. In return, you can select as many entrees and protein extras as you want, starting from $8 per meal.

Where and How Does Fresh N Lean Deliver?

Thankfully, Fresh N Lean delivers nationwide, excluding P.O. boxes. With FedEx and GLS, Fresh N Lean meals will reach you anywhere in the United States. Timely delivery updates via text and email are a priority, and you will receive your order during weekdays.

Even if you’re not at home, the package will be delivered to your doorstep and is capable of staying outdoors for a couple of hours without the meals spoiling inside!

The packaging is very standard and sustainable with BPA-free plastic containers that are recyclable. Since the meals are cooked and packed, the use of ice packs, which are also recyclable, is necessary to keep the meals fresh for longer.

The cardboard boxes, plastic liners, padding, and meal trays are also recyclable. You can easily read about how to discard all these materials easily by reading the printed label on the packaging.

10. Territory Foods

Now for the final prepared meal delivery service on my list – Territory Foods has on its menu all dairy-free and gluten-free meals. Territory Foods partnered with local restaurants and chefs to provide you with some delicious, local-flavored cuisine. Apart from that, they also have individual chefs working from their regional commercial kitchens.

Professional dieticians and expert nutritionists have created a wide-ranging, super healthy menu that caters to plenty of dietary needs:

  • Paleo
  • Keto Friendly
  • Mixitarian
  • Plant-Based
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Whole30
  • Low Fat
  • Low Carb
  • Mediterranean
  • Pre- and Postpartum

You can very easily find the meals of your choice using the abovementioned menu filters.

Territory Foods also has an “a la carte” option for those who don’t want to take any subscription or meal plan. Either way, you have to add at least four meals to every order. Each meal contains all the information you need to know about the list of ingredients, nutritional content (protein, carbs, fats, calories, etc.), and allergens.

As for the weekly meals, these are fresh, not frozen, although you can freeze some of them after they’re delivered to you.This is great if you’re not going to consume all the meals right away.

Territory Foods’ weekly menu consists of 90 local dishes, and every new menu features new dishes that are season-appropriate and popular or “trending.” This applies to the vegan and vegetarian options too!

You might also like to know that Territory Foods welcomes picky eaters as well. Since their prepared meals have no dairy, refined sugar, and gluten, you don’t have to worry about tummy allergies or sensitivities.

Territory Foods Recipes

Here are two randomly selected prepared meals from the extensive and colorful Lunches & Dinners part of the Territory Foods menu.

“Bonita” Black Bean Tacos Standard Size Boost Size
Calories 660 calories per serving 499 calories per serving
Protein 27 grams per serving 20 grams per serving
Fat 27 grams per serving 24 grams per serving
Carbs 86 grams per serving 57 grams per serving
Fiber 18 grams per serving 12 grams per serving


“Terrific” Almond Pad Thai with Kelp Noodles and Smoked Tofu Standard Size Boost Size
Calories 474 calories per serving 419 calories per serving
Protein 20 grams per serving 17 grams per serving
Fat 35 grams per serving 32 grams per serving
Carbs 26 grams per serving 22 grams per serving
Fiber 10 grams per serving 8 grams per serving

Why Choose Territory Foods?

The premade-only meal delivery service focuses on using only those ingredients that are nutrient-rich and responsibly sourced. The ingredients are all very carefully selected (hand-selected) and suitable for supporting a broad range of eating habits and preferences.

Once again, dairy and gluten are not added. What’s also excluded are highly processed oils and refined sugars.

You know you’re getting freshly sourced and prepared food when the meal delivery service offers weekly deliveriestwice. This also means that your favorite, diet-specific meals are well within your reach. Your meal boxes are sent to you every Wednesday, Sunday, or both days of the week.

To take it even further in Territory Foods’ favor, the menu consists of meals that come in two different portion sizes. So, there’s the Standard Size, which works for most people, and there’s the Boost Size for light eaters.

Territory Foods Pros:

  • Locally prepared food, thus supports local restaurants and chefs
  • Substantial portion sizes with two options – Standard and Boost
  • Tons of special/specific dietary choices
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free meals with no refined sugar
  • Clear-to-read macronutrient breakdown of each premade dish

Territory Foods Cons:

  • The website and user interface can be confusing.
  • Meals are not very affordable.
  • Delivery areas are quite limited.

How Expensive Is Territory Foods?

Territory Foods has chef-prepared plant-based and meat-based meals for two different kinds of appetites – Standard Size (450-650 calories) and Boost Size (250-450 calories).

  • Standard Size: The starting price is $13.95 per meal (for a smaller portion).
  • Boost Size: The starting price is $10.95 per meal (just the “perfect” amount for most people).

One cannot downplay the fact that Territory Foods meals aren’t affordable (it’s expensive because the ingredients are sustainably sourced and organic). The cost listed above for both Standard and Boost Size options is just the starting price. Meals can be more expensive as well reaching $15-$18 per serving.

The last thing to know is that you can add more meals into your weekly plan, such as 10 or 18 meals per week, which gives you 1 free meal, or you could select a repeated order, which will give you a 5% discount.

Where and How Does Territory Foods Deliver?

Customers situated in the local areas of Territory Foods receive their weekly meal boxes every Wednesday and Sunday anytime between 9 in the morning and 10 at night. You can also opt for once-a-week delivery (either Wednesday or Sunday).

As for regional deliveries of Territory Foods premade meals, these happen either on Friday or Saturday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Currently, Territory Foods only ships to some major cities in New York (like NYC), Texas (like Houston), Washington (like the D.C. metro area), Pennsylvania (like Philadelphia), and along the East Coast.

What about making changes to your Territory Foods orders? The cutoff time is 11:59 p.m. Thursday. You can read all the Q&As related to Shipping and Delivery here.

Moving on, how does Territory Foods deliver their prepared meals? Let’s talk about packaging!

They use the following materials:

  • Cardboard boxes made of renewable fiber.
  • Insulated liners made of plant-based, renewable paper and other components (these are curbside recyclable).
  • Meal sleeves made of 100% recyclable paper.
  • Meal containers made of plant fiber and bamboo (certified compostable).
  • Ice packs contain non-toxic gel and their plastic liners are recyclable.

Overall, the meal/box packaging used by Territory Foods can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Wrapping It Up!

These were our 10 best vegan meal delivery services that make your lunches and dinners more nutritious, accessible, and wholly plant-based. The meals are restaurant-quality, and you take no more than 5-10 minutes to get them ready!

The food options or the menu variety, even in the case of vegan/vegetarian dietary preferences, are quite wide-ranging and also reasonably priced! You’re most likely spending so much more money on takeout, which makes subscription-based, weekly meal deliveries a more permanent and inexpensive mealtime solution.

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