ModifyHealth Meal Delivery Service Review 2023: All You Need To Know


This post will review what Modify Health is, who it stands for, the different meals you get with the service and if the service offers healthy eating options.

What is ModifyHealth?

ModifyHealth Logo

ModifyHealth is an Atlanta-based FODMAP meal-delivery service. Its mission is to help you take control of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

The service was started by (GI) or Gastro-Intestinal professionals. ModifyHealth is a low-FODMAP certified nationwide meal delivery service with expert dietitians and chefs at the helm who work with patients to create low-FODMAP gut-friendly food.

ModifyHealth is a relatively new meal-delivery service provider. They started in 2018 to help people with conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD, SIBO, Celiac disease, and fatty liver disease, also called NASH. To that end, they developed programs to provide the right kind of meals to people with these conditions.

Experts recommend changes in diet for all these conditions. ModifyHealth developed its meal plans to align with this idea. Food is the best medicine to treat chronic conditions, according to the ModifyHealth website.

ModifyHealth delivers full meals charted on Low-FODMAP dietary guidelines. This was developed by Australia’s Monash University. The core philosophy behind this is to eliminate certain foods from the diets of those with IBS. ModifyHealth solved the problem by creating an easy-to-follow diet plan that served meals that meet recommended diets suitable for people with these conditions. This helped anyone with a subscription to ModifyHealth to get the benefits of Low-FODMAP in the simplest way.

GB Pratt is the current CEO of ModifyHealth.

They launched ModifyHealth in Washington DC in 2018 after seeing a demand for great Low-FODMAP meals. They expanded to all cities in the US by 2021.

The service help patients with IBS. Many team members also have Colitis, Celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity. So it’s personal for them. The personalized approach has carried them far.

What we eat impacts our health and life. Finding specific triggers and alleviating them with chef-curated convenient meals for conditions like IBS, SIBO, and IBD is what you need to do, and that’s where ModifyHealth comes in.

Here’s an example:

One of the customers of ModifyHealth said that her symptoms were progressively bad for several years, and her condition limited her interactions with her family. The symptoms would start in the evening, colliding with the time her husband returned from work.

Her only option was to lay on the couch and watch him with the boys.

After subscribing to ModifyHealth’s diet plans, her symptoms are now under control, and she can be part of the family life she was missing out on.

Most people feel trapped with conditions like IBS.

ModifyHealth follows Monash University’s guidelines to make meals always have FODMAPs below the levels recommended in the elimination diet.

The lead culinary Director, Seth Freedman, starts by creating recipes. He has worked in several restaurants and has a passion for high-impact food.

After the recipe is created, Patsy Castos, MD, ensures it meets standards set by Monash University.

ModifyHealth provides you with low-FODMAP foods. FODMAPS are short for carbohydrates that aren’t properly absorbed in the stomach for people with gut disorders like IBS.

But first, what’s meant by FODMAP?

  • F: Fermentable, the gut bacteria ferment undigested carbs to produce gas in the gut
  • O: Oligosaccharides (fructans and GOS foods like wheat, onions, and garlic
  • D: Disaccharides in soft cheese, cottage cheese, milk, and yogurt
  • M: Monosaccharides high fructose foods like honey, apples, corn syrup
  • A: and
  • P: Polyols artificial sweeteners, some fruits

FODMAPs naturally occur in foods like pears, onions, garlic, and honey. Research shows that you can improve gastrointestinal disorder symptoms like bloating, pain, and change in bowel movements common in those with IBS.

Most patients aren’t sensitive to all categories of different FODMAPs here.

Every person’s body is different, and food has to be tailored to your individual needs. For customizing food, there’s no one size fits all solution.

FODMAP applies to unhealthy short-chain carbs in ingredients like apple, garlic, and more. A few people have trouble digesting these carbs. This results in diarrhea, stomach ache, and constipation, collectively known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Modify Health specializes in delivering a low-FODMAP diet that’s great for those who have IBS, SIBO, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and more such disorders.

A Low FODMAP diet minimizes the symptoms of these diets. This meal-delivery service comes with a two-week elimination diet followed by a six-week reintroduction diet. Under trained dieticians, these protocols help you identify foods causing you the biggest problems.

You can start by replacing high-FODMAP foods with Low-FODMAP foods. When you re-add FODMAP foods to your diet, you can better understand which foods your body can tolerate and which it can’t. This personalization helps you have your food with more freedom in selecting the foods you can eat. The elimination diet is a clever way to determine which food works for you and which doesn’t.

As someone who needs low-FODMAP foods, you may lack the proper guidance on where to start, what foods to avoid, and those to eat. You lack the proper resources. Lack of resources creates uncertainty and fear about what you can and cannot have.

ModifyHealth helps you make the right decisions with its meal service and dietitian support.

The meal service is also great for anyone looking for gut-friendly meal options.

These meals improve your emotional and physical life and help you understand your triggers.

ModifyHealth offers two different plans.

Option #1 or M1 Get a better Low-FODMAP Plan

This plan also called the m1 plan or the Get Better Low-FODMAP plan, is great for those with IBS and who want to control their symptoms. The m1 plan is based on Monash University’s research that shows that 66% of people will get relief from their symptoms after completing the low-FODMAP protocol diet.

With this plan, patients can order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The plan has the elimination and reintroduction phases under the FODMAP protocol. After eight weeks, you should get relief and understand your trigger foods.

You can choose how many meals you want with a minimum of five meals for an order.

You can also have foods for dietary needs if you are vegetarian, have allergies, or have conditions like GERD or Gastroparesis.

Option #2 Expert dietician support

Option #2 has two to three meals per day with dietician support and has three e-consultations.

In addition to these two programs, they also have a Mediterranean meal-delivery service launched in June 2021.

Mediterranean Meal delivery program

This program focuses on meals from countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain. The diet is heavily plant-based and uses whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, and olive oil.

The Mediterranean diet has several health benefits and is great for reducing gut problems and improving cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The recipes are great for helping with fatty liver disease, heart problems, celiac disease, and more.

The Mediterranean diet is great for supporting weight loss as well. The company offers both pescatarian and vegetarian meals with nuts, beans, and vegetables are gluten-free, they aren’t low in FODMAP.

It’s similar to the low-FODMAP plan but is meant for a bigger client profile consisting of people with heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, liver disease, those focused on weight loss, and those who want healthy meals.

There are plenty of diets to choose from, but significant research in the direction shows that the heavily plant-based Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets. The diet limits meat and sweets from the menu.

There are those who don’t agree with every aspect of the Mediterranean diet. Still, considering everything, it seems like a healthier alternative. Several magazines named it the best overall diet for years together.

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How ModifyHealth works?

Let’s look into how ModifyHealth works. The first thing you need to do is choose a meal-subscription plan. After choosing between Low-FODMAP or the Mediterranean diet, there are more options like The Mediterranean Get Well Program and Mediterranean Meals program.

You get meals delivered to your home with these plans. In addition, you get active and continued support from a registered dietician. You can talk to a dietician over the phone, via video chat, or use a hotline for on-demand service.

This is great for anyone who wants an expert opinion and can’t get it from doctors.

The Mediterranean Get Well Program has ongoing support for you at ten or more meals/week. This pushes down the cost of a single meal to just $11.75.

The Mediterranean meals option isn’t too different from any other meal-delivery service. You get six meals every week at $12.50 per meal. You can also add dietician support to your plan as an add-on service.

You get an option to filter out specific ingredients to make it easy to choose from the rest of the meals.

You can skip meals or cancel the subscription any time you want. You’re not forced into any long-term commitment to their subscription plans.

Everything you get is pre-cooked. You only need to reheat the food. This is as quick as it gets. The meals are created with expert guidance from dietitians, with chefs using the input to prepare nutrient-rich tasty meals.

The ingredients are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. They have vegetarian meals too.

Some of the sample meals are vegetarian pot roast with cauliflower and potatoes. Another example is Shrimp pasta with tomato and herbs.

One more example is a Lemon themed chicken with Tahini cauliflower.

How to heat ModifyHealth meals?

Microwaving is usually the quickest and easiest method to reheat meals. If you use a microwave, you don’t have any dishes to wash after. However, pouring the contents inside a stovetop pan and heating it that way resulted in the meal tasting close to the real meal, according to many reviewers. An oven is also a good option, but it takes a lot of time to heat things and get your food.

How ModifyHealth meals taste?

In the next section, let’s start by talking about the taste, the meal portions, and if the servings are enough for one person.

Here are a few sample meals:
The Veggie Tikka Masala: The butternut squash and the rich curry drive this meal’s flavour. This dish has plenty of flavor, and rice makes for a filling meal.

The Longevity Stew: This stew is a bean dish. It has kale. The flavor has a lot of complexity brought forward from the sauce. It doesn’t have enough sodium, which you don’t find in most bean dishes.

The Veggie Pot Roast: The veggie pot roast has a delicate flavor. The flavors of the different vegetables used in the meal balance with each other.

Then there’s the weekly menu where they add the newly developed recipes.

The meals are of high quality and are recipes you might find in a restaurant.

Coming to the total meals, you get 25 Mediterranean meals and 21 FODMAP meals. You can get up to six different meals in a week. There are plenty of proteins and fish included in the meals.

Healthy meal-delivery services try to make higher profits by adding plenty of vegetables and only some protein to meat-based dishes. Modify Health serves ample amounts of chicken, steak, salmon, and other proteins in the meals.

Here are some of the meal options from Modify Health:
● Vegetarian
● Vegan
● Paleo
● Keto
● Whole30
● Gluten-Free
● Dairy-Free
● Diabetic-Friendly
● Low Calorie

The only missing items are desserts. There are many ways to make healthy desserts, but sadly they’ve not got any.

They use grass-fed beef, wild-caught seafood, and free-range chicken and eggs.
They pay attention to the ingredients used and serve organic vegetables and non-GMO food whenever possible.

Modify Health makes tasty meals that you and I will enjoy. However, a common complaint is that most of their recipes use the same vinegar dressing or marinade because they want a healthier alternative to the sauces.

There are no heavy creams or sauces. The meals are lighter and less greasy.
Other Low FODMAP and Mediterranean meals may cost over $16 to $17 a meal since low-FODMAP meals are specialized.

If you go for those services, those additional costs keep accruing over months.

How's the ModifyHealth packaging?

The first thing you notice is the vacuum seal. This is uncommon compared to other fully-cooked meal-delivery services. The seal keeps the food fresh during transport, and you can put it as is inside the refrigerator or the freezer.

The entire packaging is fully recyclable, including the plastic seal.

There are heating instructions and nutrition information for each meal.

They have made some improvements in their packaging to make them more eco-friendly.
They now use ice packs made with ClimaCell liners. These liners are made of plant-based renewable materials. These create a lot less waste. The ice packs are made of nitrogen that can be used as fertilizer for your plants. You can pour the gel inside the containers that house your outdoor plants or pour them on the ground for your indoor plants.

The meals are vacuum-sealed into containers made of BPA-free plastic. The food can stay fresh inside them for ten days or more. You don’t have to freeze meals to keep them fresh.

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ModifyHealth Pricing

The pricing is reasonable. The Low FODMAP meals cost $7.9 each, and Mediterranean meals start at $12.5

Low-FODMAP Meals

If you want these meals, you can choose between six low FODMAPmeals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The pricing for breakfast is $7.9 and for lunch and dinner is $11.75 each.

Low-FODMAP Program (with Expert Support)

The pricing for the GI dietician support is from $165 to $219.8 per week. Shipping is free.

The Mediterranean Get Well Program (with Expert Support)

The Mediterranean meal is more popular as it works for anyone and is great for improving wellbeing. The meal plan supports chronic conditions like diabetes and heart and liver disease. You can choose ten or more dishes for delivery. If you book dietician support that costs you $99 more, this has three consultations with educational material.

Meal plan

Low-FODMAP Meals $11.75/meal

Low-FODMAP Program $11.78

Mediterranean Meals $12.50

The Mediterranean Get Well Program $11.750

Pros and Cons of ModifyHealth Meal Delivery

The low-FODMAP plan has Monash University certification.
Provides Optional Dietitian Support: You can consult with a dietician on both meal plans. The additional support costs more and is available as a weekly plan
With Food Allergy/Dislike Filters: you can choose which ingredients you don’t want in your food
Fresh: You get fresh meals designed and prepared by chefs that are ready-to-eat
Wide Recipe Selection: there’s an option that satisfies everyone

  • The meals are fresh and healthy
  • There are heart-friendly and diabetic-friendly options
  • The meals use sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Most ingredients are sourced locally
  • The meal options have allergen filters. You can also specify ingredients you don't like in the list
  • The pricing is good with free shipping
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Vacuum-sealed meals that stay fresh for ten days or longer
  • Registered dieticians to guide through the customized plan.
  • You get a large number of meal options, 45+ meals each week
  • The pricing isn't too high or too low at $11.75/meal
  • The food is always fresh and never frozen
  • You can simply reheat the meals and enjoy them
  • There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available
  • The meals are for the health-conscious. They're gluten-free, dairy-free, and low in sodium
  • With Modify Health, there's accountability for the meals because of the dieticians on board. That, along with the dedicated focus on serving people with chronic illnesses, makes it stand out
  • If you're someone who wants to prevent diabetes by switching to healthy eating habits, the Mediterranean diet is the go-to plan of choice.
  • There are, however, many cheaper alternatives but rarely with the focus on using the same quality of ingredients as Modify Health
  • The vacuum-sealed meals stay fresh for ten or more days
  • The packaging is eco-friendly
  • The meal recipes use an everyday vinegar/ranch dressing
  • The variety is limited, just Mediterranean and Low FODMAP meals
  • Modify Health's meals aren't too different from other meal-delivery services
  • There's plenty of single-use plastic in the packaging.
  • Portion Size May Be Small: some may feel that the portion size is too small
  • May Be Bland for Some: the meals are for people with gut problems. The food may be bland

ModifyHealth Shipping and Delivery Areas

The meal service is delivered all across the United States. The shipping is free. If you’re not at home, the package will be left at the doorstep.

ModifyHealth Customer Service

As a Modify Health customer, you can skip or change the meal plan by Sunday by midnight or call 888-766-3439 to make the changes.


ModifyHealth takes care of your wellbeing through great-tasting healthy food. The food is gluten-free, low-FODMAP, and features Mediterranean recipes.
According to many reviews, the meals are delicious.

This is an excellent value for money considering similar services charge a lot more for the same service. ModifyHealth is a fresh new solution for anyone who wants to follow a medically-recommended diet but is bogged down by the complexities involved. It can feel overwhelming.

Low-FODMAP meals aren’t meant to be a long-term solution for your health issues. The ultimate goal is to understand which foods trigger problems for you and avoid those foods specifically. The goal is to take charge of your life, control the symptoms, and master digestion.

It’s more about understanding what works for your body and doesn’t. This is different for everyone. It’s something that’s not that easy to make sense of the first time you have to navigate it. ModifyHealth makes it very easy for you to do that.

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ModifyHealth FAQs:

They charge $11.75 a meal.

No, they also have the Mediterranean plan that’s great for people with type-2 diabetes and other lifestyle disorders.

Yes, you’re free to choose your own meals each week.

Yes, you’re free to order a gift card and give it to someone who wants to change their eating habits. The minimum is $50, but you can go as high as $250.

Due to vacuum sealing, the meals can stay fresh for ten days if kept in the fridge. If you want them fresh for longer, keep them inside the freezer.

You need to place requests for canceling or changing a delivery before Sunday 11:50 pm EST before the next week’s delivery. If you make changes after, these will apply for the following week’s delivery.