Dinnerly Review 2023: All You Need to Know


What is Dinnerly & how was it created?

Looking for fresh meal kit delivery at your doorstep at a reasonable price?

Choosing Dinnerly can be one of the best decisions ever!

Dinnerly delivers meal kits at the lowest prices. You get quick-to-make recipes along with pre-measured and high-quality ingredients with Dinnerly. Valuing customers more than anything else is in the lifeblood of this brand.

The idea of Dinnerly has been cleverly yet simply crafted for the benefit of its customers. If you are pressed for time and look for an easy solution, Dinnerly’s meal kits make your cooking effortless and wrap it up in very little time. Affordable and easy meal kit subscriptions are the USPs of Dinnerly. You can get chef-designed unique recipes, top-quality foods, and fast home delivery offered in an attractive price tag that is 2-times lower than the industry average.

Before delving deeper into its service, let’s discuss more about Dinnerly. They are focused on helping busy people with affordable meal kits. Their meal kits comprise of 6 to 7 ingredients, making the food preparation fast and simple.

Dinnerly has been promoted by the famous brand- Marley Spoon, which is more connoisseur focused. As a budget-conscious brand, Dinnerly has a simple objective – providing its customers with easy-to-cook food at an affordable rate. Go to their website and choose your options wisely, keeping in mind your budget. As long as you are clear on your requirements, Dinnerly will turn out to be your Go-To option.

Make your dinners stress-free, simple and healthy with Dinnerly.

What Does Dinnerly Offer in Weekly Menu Ideas?

Their menu is quite flexible, with 14 different food items. These items are rotated regularly. In this way, you will never have to taste the same recipes each time. They maintain great varieties as well. Dinnerly has plenty of vegetarian meal options along with pescatarian options. All these meals are clearly labeled and marked whenever they are gluten-free.

Dinnerly allows you to plan your menu for many weeks in advance. You can either choose the recipes or let their experts do it for you.

You can select 14 weekly recipes and 2 types of meal boxes with Dinnerly. Their 2-person box has ingredients and recipes essential to cook 3 to 5 meals for 2 adults in your home. The Family box is sufficient for a 4-member family with ingredients and recipes for 3 to 5 meals.

Currently, only dinner recipes are offered by Dinnerly. Their recipes are classic and well-loved across the United States. They design to satiate the taste buds of most of the customers along with the picky eaters. The majority of the recipes feature poultry and red meat, with a couple of delicious options for veggie lovers.

You need to go for a monthly subscription to order from Dinnerly. The best part is that their subscription is completely flexible and has zero compulsion on your order.

If their current menu doesn’t suit your taste and preference, you don’t need to order at all. You can skip delivery until they revise their menu or customize it for you. If their service doesn’t satisfy you, you may cancel it at any time.

If you want more or less food at any time, Dinnerly gives you options to switch between boxes. Your satisfaction, health, and hygiene are of prime importance to their team. You have the full liberty to decide how frequently and long you want to order from them.

What are the top reasons to consider Dinnerly?

If you are trying to find one reason to choose Dinnerly, you will get plenty.

We have already mentioned in this review that Dinnerly is the most inexpensive meal delivery option in the industry. Budget conscious customers will love the affordable and delicious meal kits from Dinnerly. It offers healthy and fresh ingredients and excellent recipes in half of the regular meal kit price.

The brand has kept such a low price point to attract a huge number of new customers. If you had considered other meal delivery options before but stepped back due to their high price points, try the super-affordable options of Dinnerly.

The uniqueness of Dinnerly recipes lies in the number of ingredients they use in their meal kits. Only 6 components simplify the cooking process and drastically reduce the preparation time. They always procure ingredients from highly trusted vendors. All the produce is natural, fresh, and meat is grass-fed and antibiotic-free. Dinnerly meal kits don’t contain any luxury, exotic items that would shoot up the meal price.

Another money-saving and distinguishing feature of Dinnerly is their digital recipes. You can opt for them instead of the fancy recipe cards usually delivered inside the meal kit boxes. Dinnerly offers you the flexibility to avoid any unnecessary costs and keep the overall service quality intact.

You will find it super-easy to cook their recipes. Following their online or in-app instructions don’t require you to be tech-savvy, and most of their ingredients are pre-prepped.

Occasionally you may have to add some of the ingredients from your kitchen shelf, like vinegar or eggs. They accurately label the cooking time on the meal kit. All these should make your cooking process fast and easy.

Dinnerly is an excellent option if you have a tight budget. They are a little more expensive than junk food, but with better quality. You can also never compare them to typical restaurant food as they are much cheaper.

Each portion is priced between $4.49 and $4.99, depending on the number of weekly meals you select. Opting for the family package of 5 meals a week will give you the lowest price per serving.

Dinnerly Meals - How Many Kinds of Meal Kits Do You Get

You get large meal kit varieties with Dinnerly that makes it ideal for a family of any size. With an increase or decrease in family size, you can easily tweak your weekly menu option.

You can choose one of their weekly dietary plans and change it any time you want.

As we mentioned previously in our Dinnerly review, their weekly menu has 14 different options that satisfy a wide range of preferences. You will get plenty of kid-friendly meal options with Dinnerly without having your little ones grudgingly frowning at their plates. The majority of the meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare. You will get 3 vegetarian-friendly items per week with Dinnerly. They also offer low-calorie, low-carb, dairy, and gluten-free meals quite a few times.

Their digital recipes are quite comprehensive and easy to follow with beautiful images available for every step. The best part is that you will have full information on the cooking time, allergens, essential ingredients, and difficulty level of every recipe. Based on the preparation instructions, you can arrange for pans, pots, and other kitchen utensils well in advance.

You will also get complete nutrition information on every Dinnerly meal, which includes the protein, carbs, fat, and calorie percentage in every portion. What we admire in their value proposition is complete transparency. They let you choose your meal based on your nutrition requirement and keep you healthy. The little hacks attached in the recipes help you upgrade your culinary skills by teaching how to turn any dish from good to divine.

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Top 3 Best Selling Meals

Creamy Lemon-Garlic Ravioli with Snap Peas

Kid-friendly and Vegetarian

Allergen – Wheat, egg, milk

Time required to prepare – 20 to 30 minutes

Calories – 630 cal in each portion


You will savor this finger-licking, creamy, and lemon-flavored kid-friendly dish with Dinnerly at the comfort of your home. It’s delicious, low-on-calorie, and serves snap peas on the side. Can you really stay away now?

Guacamole Burger with Mexican Home fries

Kid-friendly, ideal for Meat Lovers

The time needed – 30-40 minutes

Allergen – wheat, milk, sesame

Calories – 840 cal in each serving


Make your dinner night special with this innovative recipe of tangy guacamole as your big burger dressing. Round out your Dinner with your favorite Netflix series and Mexican homefries on the side. Doesn’t it sounds yummy? Why not try it today.

Tuscan Rosemary Pork Tenderloin with Parmesan Potatoes & Broccoli

Low-calorie red meat

Allergen – milk

Preparation time – 30 to 40 minutes


Calories – 650 cal in each serving

Have pleasure with this dinnertime treasure reclining in your comfy couch. The mouth-watering parmesan potatoes are served with charred broccoli, juicy, and soft rosemary pork tenderloin for a  joy trip to flavor town. Experience the taste that you will never forget.

Dinnerly Pricing Plans

*Last updated: Jan 2023
Veggie Plan
Free Shipping
Family Plan
Free Shipping

Dinnerly pricing is quite straightforward and dependent upon your selected meal plan. It also depends on the number of recipes you need per week and the people you want to cook for.

The price per serving ranges between $4.49 to $4.99 for each portion. Shipping comes with additional costs of $8.99 for weekly delivery.

Now, let’s discuss a scenario to understand how much you are paying based on your chosen options. If you go for the 2-person box, you end up paying $4.99 per serving. Choosing 4 recipes give you a 10 cents discount with a total cost of $4.89 for each portion.

With every increase of recipes, you will pay 10 cents less, so the more you order better in terms of per-unit cost.

In the Family box option, you get 3 meals every week for $4.99 for each portion and get a 20 cents discount for every increase in the number of meals. Even when you add shipping cost with this the price for every meal remains affordable, making Dinnerly a lucrative option.

Finally, you should factor in the money spent and time wasted on every trip to the grocery store, nearby market, and thinking of new and exciting recipes daily.

Dinnerly Delivery Locations

Immediately after launch, Dinnerly used to deliver only in 6 West Coast states. With time they have ramped up their delivery network and now ship almost everywhere in the continental United States with a few exceptions. They don’t deliver in some rural pockets of New York.

If you still have any doubts, enter your zip code on their website and find out in minutes whether your area is deliverable or not. You can even call up their support staff to get first-hand information.

Delivery days may vary as per your location. You can even select the day as per your convenience. Dinnerly delivers all meal kits in insulated boxes filled with ice packs to keep the ingredients fresh and chilled in transit.

Before going ahead with Dinnerly, you should know the pros and cons of their services. A brief overview of it will help you decide if Dinnerly fits your bill or not.

Pros & Cons

  • Most inexpensive and the best for price-sensitive customers
  • No compromise on the quality of ingredients
  • Easy-to-prepare recipes
  • 14 unique meal ideas every week
  • Kid-friendly menu
  • Preferred by picky eaters
  • Flexible subscription model
  • Eco-friendly meal options
  • Make your cooking experience stress-free and enjoyable with doorstep delivery of your preferred meal kits
  • Zero menu option for meals
  • Limited customization options in the pre-existing menu
  • Extra shipping charges on the box price
  • Dinnerly doesn't deliver in the entire United States. Some areas in Louisiana, Alaska, and Hawaii are yet to find a place in Dinnerly's delivery network.

Why You Should Order from Dinnerly

Dinnerly helps anyone who wants to make cooking a simplified process with great recipes and high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price point.

We tested their service and were pleasantly surprised to see its quality. The service quality of Dinnerly is at par with the industry leaders and ensures the best meal kit for its customers.

It’s an ideal mix of deliciousness, affordability, and convenience for amateur home cooks like most of us. We always want our meals easy-to-prepare and within our budget.

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Our Verdict (Our Overall Rating is based on all reviews)

People with budget constraints are the primary audience of Dinnerly. Their average price per portion is low enough not to eat away your entire food allowance.

Their menu is perfect for busy parents as it can easily cover the workweek dinner with their easy and straightforward recipes.

Dinnerly offers great meal options for people looking to improve their diet during the weekdays. They help you to cut down the expensive restaurant dinners and build your culinary skills.

The meal kit delivery service of Dinnerly is light on your pockets. Additionally, Dinnerly is considered to be “the cheapest meal delivery service provider” across the US.

You will always get a 50% discount on Dinnerly meal kits. The average payment per customer is only $4.99 for each portion, which is way lower than the full meal cost at McDonald’s.

Dinnerly meal deliverys are prepared considering your budget-constraints and busy schedules. Every recipe contains 6 different components and takes less than half an hour to whip up.

Dinnerly never compromises on the quality of its ingredients. They strictly use high-quality grass-fed beef and organic veggies as essential components of their meal kits.

They may not have the most exotic recipes on the card, but that doesn’t reduce their meal quality and compromise on taste. As long as you are not from the elite class and relish delicious food, Dinnerly is ideal for you.

They are an excellent solution for people pressed for time with no time or experience of cooking. At the same time, their dinners are tastier than fast food and cheaper than a typical restaurant. You are assured of exceptional quality and doorstep delivery with Dinnerly.

You and your family can enjoy the taste of delicious home-cooked meals with Dinnerly.

We think Dinnerly meals are perfect for:

  • People who want healthy meal options at a reasonable rate
  • Working parents with a busy schedule and kids to take care
  • Those who prefer home-cooked meals over outside food.


Dinnerly has a straightforward sign-up process. You can easily choose the number of meals and servings you want per week. They offer a family plan with 4-servings and a 2-person box for individuals and couples. You can go for their weekly meals ranging from 3 to 5. You can also tick a checkbox to select the vegetarian menu of Dinnerly if you are a vegetarian.

In the next step, you have to input your delivery location and other details, such as selecting the exact days for weekly deliveries. Once you choose your preferred payment option, you can select the items you want to include in the package.

Their menu follows a smart rotation of 14 items every week. Despite having the same items, you will rarely find the same categories back to back. Their menu includes at least one gluten-free, one low-calorie, and different kid-friendly food items. There is a scope of adding more varieties in the vegetarian section, which usually offers around 5 items with an extra pescatarian meal option.

Dinnerly makes sure all the meal kits get delivered in insulated boxes to keep its freshness intact. After receiving the delivery, we recommend that you refrigerate the ingredients if you don’t have the plan to cook it on the same day.

Dinnerly has outsourced their delivery to many trusted delivery partners, who take care of the doorstep delivery on behalf of them. The company uses sustainable packaging. They are lauded by industry experts for their eco-friendly approach and effort to reduce carbon footprint. You can find detailed recycling instructions for Dinnerly packages on their website. With that, you will find it easy to dispose of the boxes, liners, and bags in the right manner.

You can easily receive tracking information of your active Dinnerly order once your box is shipped. You can even log in to your online dashboard in the Dinnerly account or the app to check the order history and other delivery details.

You need minimum preparation time after getting your Dinnerly box.

The majority of the ingredients inside the box are pre-pepped, which includes their spice blends, sauces, chef-curated salad dressings, and many more such items.

You only need to do some basic preparation and cooking in Dinnerly recipes. Some of the jobs which you need to do are chopping, dicing, grating, and peeling. You get a full recipe card with every recipe that has prep timings and other visual cues to get sumptuous Dinner right on your table.

Though Dinnerly doesn’t offer gift cards, it’s super easy to gift Dinnerly discount coupons and boxes to your friends and family members. Keep an eye on their promotional offers where they share coupons and gift cards in your box.

Dinnerly never binds you with any contractual obligations. There are no monthly contracts or minimum commitments once you decide to go ahead with Dinnerly. If you are traveling or not at home, you can pause the subscriptions at any time. Once you are back or as per your requirement, you can resume the service in the next 2 months.

Dinnerly highly recommends thoroughly washing all fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, before cooking and eating them.

Any time you can customize your delivery options with Dinnerly. You can select the preferred days of the week you want to receive your meal kits between Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Choices are a bit limited, that’s why we recommend you to plan in advance. You can easily modify everything using your Dinnerly account or their app.