Magic Kitchen Review 2023: All You Need to Know

January 9, 2021

Magic Kitchen review

What is Magic Kitchen and How was it Created?

Magic Kitchen is one of the most popular meal delivery services that send pre-cooked frozen meals right at your doorstep. In addition to offering a wide variety of meals based on specific dietary preferences, it also offers specialized meals specifically geared towards senior citizens. Its service towards seniors apart it from other competitors and makes it an extra-amazing meal delivery service.

Magic Kitchen has been preparing and delivering meals across the country for the last 15 years. It is also known as the straight—from-your-mom’s-kitchen meal delivery service, providing delicious, nutritious, and home-style meal-plans for adding delight to your life. You will get an option of choosing your complete meals from their huge nutritional and family-friendly menu.

Magic Kitchen started its meal delivery service back in 2006 in Oakland, California. Significantly business started growing and headquarter got shifted to Kansas City, Missouri. Magic Kitchen started pleasing people with their fully prepared meal-plans and door-to-door delivery service. People enjoyed the concept of having meals fully prepared right at their door without much effort- all they need to do is heating their food and enjoy.

The company observed the market consciously and discovered the need for seniors who want warm and nutritional meals daily but weren’t able to prepare meals for themselves, that’s why senior meals are considered as the primary focus of Magic Meals. Moreover, they also offer a wide variety of special diet meal plans catering special dietary preferences of individuals.

Back in 2005, when meal delivery services were not so popular, Magic Kitchen Founders Greg Miller and Michelle Tayler began their service of the home-style menu that gives a pleasant experience to people who want large servings for their whole family and till date Magic Kitchen is satisfying their customers with their delicious, reliable and highly nutritional full-cooked meals.

What’s More- Magic Kitchen pioneered its niche in providing a specialized menu for those who have special dietary needs due to illness or age, for instance, Diabetic-Friendly, Dialysis-Friendly, low-sodium, and many more. Because of these specialized meal plans, Magic Kitchen is considered as an excellent food-delivery service for elderly care.

All Magic Kitchen dishes are being prepared by a team of highly experienced and professional chefs for providing their customers with a fresh, healthy, and flavorful meal.

What Does Magic Kitchen Offers In Weekly Menu?

Magic Kitchen chefs expertly design each meal for optimal nutritional balance and finger-licking taste. Magic Kitchen Menu is not limited to dinner only; it offers meal plans for breakfast, lunch dinner, and most importantly for snack time. From pasta to pancakes, there’s nothing that you can’t order from Magic Kitchen. More excitingly, they also offer dressings like cranberry sauce and gravy separately for enhancing your own recipes. Magic Kitchen ingredients are carefully researched and tested to ensure the highest quality and taste.

From the menu of Magic Kitchen, you can choose from two different types of plans. The first one is A La Carte and another one is Complete Meal Plan.

  • A La Carte menu is ideal for you and your family. You can order as little as you want to enrich your meals and favorite items in small batches to freeze so that you never run out. You can find the right recipe according to your preference from the option many meal bundles that is available on their website. You can select kid-friendly to dairy-friendly bundles and many more according to your lifestyle and needs.
  • Complete Meals option is one for those who want to cover multiple whole meals. It includes starters, main course and side dishes. The Magic Kitchen Menu has handy and easy to access filters where you can easily select main-course and other dietary requirements. They also give you the option of searching your meal plan by searching a specific recipe.

A La Carte gives you many different options for choosing your meal plan. From Main-Course Dishes to Desserts- you can select accordingly

Similarly, Complete meal plans give an option of choosing between two different meal plans. Complete Meals Plan or Mk Signature Plan- Further, there is an option of selecting preferences also.

Every different meal- plan allows you to select a different number of servings and meal plans. You can select 2 servings, 4 servings or 6 servings by adding different numbers of meals that you are required with.

Famous Meals of Magic Kitchen

  • Family Size:

This option is rarely seen in meal delivery services. One of the biggest groups of clients is busy parents who don’t have enough time to cook for their families. Magic Kitchen has meals and individual items in 4, 6,8, and, 12 portions. This option of a family-size meal plan can help you in feeding your family with a single order. As in many other meal services- The more you order, the prices go down. The same goes with Magic Kitchen, so ordering family-size meal plans is quite affordable and pretty good.

  • Senior Citizen’s Meal Plans:

The most impressive part of Magic Kitchen is that they cater to those individuals who are in the golden years of their life. As people grow older, cooking healthy and nutritional food becomes near to impossible, which results in frequent loss of nutrition in their bodies. Magic Kitchen provides a very overwhelming solution for senior citizens by initializing special-meal plans for them.

These meals are specially designed to cater lifestyles and health requirements of senior citizens. Kids can order these meals for their aged parents according to their health issues and dietary requirements.

There are many different options from which you can filter your meal plan accordingly before ordering.

Different Kinds of Meals That You Can Order From Magic Kitchen

All Magic Kitchen meals are being prepared with proper USDA- inspected facilities and organic ingredients.

There are two different services – The first one is a family-size meal program, where you can get family-sized portions, which are full of hearty dishes with classic flavors.

The second one is specialized meals for customers with specific dietary needs including senior citizen’s requirements.

Magic Kitchen deals in these different preferences and specialized meal plans-

  • Senior Special Diet– All recipes are perfectly designed by in-house dieticians, low in sodium, and optimally balanced for seniors with special health requirements.
  • Portion Controlled-Perfect for weight-loss goals. Smaller portions with excellent taste.
  • Diabetic-Friendly- Meals with less than 700 grams of sodium and 65 grams of carbohydrates in a single serving.
  • Low-Sodium- Keep a check on sodium-containing ingredients and balanced meals by adding less than 500mg of sodium per serving
  • Low-Carbohydrate- Every single serving contains less than 25 grams of net carbs.
  • Low-Fat- Perfectly balanced meals for people who are having some kind of cardiovascular disease- contains 3 grams of fat per 100 grams.
  • Renal-Diet&Dialysis-Friendly- Experienced health professional craft menu for people at CKD stages 3 & 4. Every meal plan is low in sodium, potassium, phosphorous and protein.
  • Gluten-Free- Wholesome and tasty dishes with no trace of gluten.
  • Vegetarian- Delicious plant-based meals with no meat, poultry, fish or eggs.

You will be amazed by this variety of specialized diet offerings. It is very hard to find appropriate ingredients and cook them to make a tasty and strictly controlled diet.

Additionally, the people who are looking for diet- food that helps them in losing weight- Magic Kitchen Meals is way easy to order meals by tracking each and every nutritional value present in the whole recipe. So you keep check on the exact number of calories that you are taking.

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Top 3 Best Selling Meal Plans of Magic Kitchen

1. Balsamic BBQ Pork Shank

  • 4-9 Minutes for preparation
  • 940 Calories/serving
  • 36 g Fats
  • 29 g Carbohydrates
  • 126 g Protein
  • Cost- $32.99/2 servings, $62.99/ 4 serving

– Completely cooked Pork Shank, Hickory and Brown Sugared Barbecue Sauce with Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Modified Food Starch, and Brown Sugar.

– Heat and Eat braised pork shank with stuffed baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts with Bacon.

– It is seared and enhanced with SWEET BABY RAY’S sauce.

2. Chicken Pot Pie

  • 10 Minutes for preparation
  • 690 Calorie/Serving
  • 41 g Fat
  • 53 g Carbohydrates
  • 26 g Protein
  • Cost- $9.49/serving, $17.99/2 servings, $34.99/4 servings

– Classic hearty meal, prepared by highly qualified chef.

– Tossed with best ingredients and magical seasonings.

– Handmade Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie is stuffed with generous chunks of chicken meat simmered in savory gravy.

– Topped with herbs and golden-flaky patty.

3. Cashew Chicken Stir Fry

  • 10 Minutes for preparation
  • 150 Calories
  • 6 g Gram Fat
  • 35 mg Carbohydrate
  • 14 g Protein
  • Cost- $18.99/ 2 servings, $36.99/ 4 servings

– A meal of chicken and crispy vegetables in an Asian-inspired sauce.

– Topped with delicious cashews.

– Heat it and your healthy cashew chicken stir fry is ready to eat.

Price of Magic Kitchen Meal Plans

Magic Kitchen offers 2 main pricing structures. You can either order complete meals or you can choose from A La Carte menu. From A LaCarte, you can make your meal plan by selecting the sides, mains, desserts or soups that you like more. There are many other ready-made plans for meeting your dietary needs and requirements including low-carb, diabetic-friendly and senior living.

Individual meals cost between $10 and $25. It all depends upon the type of dish you are ordering. For instance- Vegetarian-friendly and Diabetic-friendly VEGETABLE CAPONATA costs $11.50 per servings.

The price of meal bundles varies from $52.99 to $197.99; depending on ingredients and the number of portions.

           A la Carte Plan Complete Meal Plans
 Single serving               N/A  $11.50-$14.50
 2 Servings       $9.99-$29.99 $79.99-$89.99
 4 Servings       $19.49-$58.99  N/A
 1 meal per day              N/A $75-$85/week
 2 meals per day              N/A $150-$160/week
 3 meals per day              N/A $225-$250/week

While ordering meals ranging from $10-$25, you may get a good discount.

Most often, Magic Kitchen offers 10% off on First Order and $10 off for seniors on any order above $80. Meal programs of Magic Kitchen give you a heavy discount while signing up or reordering. Additionally, they claim to deliver every meal with a quality and satisfaction guarantee. So, if you find your meal damaged/spoiled, you will be compensated.

Magic Kitchen Delivery

Service of Magic Kitchen is available in 50 states, and meals are shipped from the Kansas City warehouse. Shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of your meals and distance from the location. Magic Kitchen ships meals in a recyclable Styrofoam along with dry-ice right at your door.

FedEx delivers the meal plans of Magic Kitchen and sends an e-mail to customers for letting them know about their delivery. Ordered food usually arrives within three days, but there is an option of choosing the exact delivery date. The website of Magic Kitchen also gives you an option of calculating your delivery date and if you want urgent delivery, then you can choose air-delivery instead of ground delivery. If you order your food before 2 pm CT Monday and Tuesday, meals are shipped on the same day. You can stop and start your meal delivery anytime by giving one-day prior notice.

*Location delivery dates may vary depending upon your order and location.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers wide Variety of Special Diet Meals
  • Senior Specific Meal Offerings
  • Orders Accepted Online and by Phone
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Offers Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Mom's home cooking style meals
  • Doesn't offer a one-person meal plan.
  • Packaging is recyclable but can be difficult to find a place to recycle it.
  • Shipping costs start at 18 to 20 dollars.
  • Dry ice used for packaging.

Why Should You Choose Magic Kitchen?

Magic Kitchen is a customer-friendly and top-quality meal delivery service that delivers delicious meals right at your door. It prepares the meals and then flash freezes them to make them delivery-ready.

Magic Kitchen goes an extra mile than other meal services in offering a variety of meal options to suit specific dietary needs or restrictions. You will be blown away by the considerable meal options available for special specifications.

The most appreciated thing about this company, that you also get so many specialized plans according to individuals’ medical needs. Magic Kitchen meals can be a great gift for anyone who is on some kind of restricted diet or for seniors (parents or grandparents) who may not be able to prepare their meals by themselves according to their medical needs.

The heating process of Magic Kitchen is very straight-forward, some dishes need to be heated in a conventional oven and some are fine being microwaved.

The Get Well Meal Bundle or Baby Shower Meal Bundle contains exactly what they require at that time. Gifting four easy-to-make meals along with delicious and healthy desserts sounds a perfect, generous, and thoughtful gift.

The meal bundles allow you to order a required number of entrees or breakfast dishes at once rather than the traditional meal format. This helps customers in selecting certain things from the menu that they want to eat.

Magic Kitchen gives treat and delight to your taste buds; Chefs of Magic Kitchen expertly design and prepare each meal with a complete balance of nutrition and gourmet taste.

From Kid-Friendly to Low-Fat, there’s something for everyone. The Magic Kitchen online menu has easy-to-apply filters, where you can select the main course and dietary requirements according to your needs. You can also find a specific dish by entering a keyword.

All these features and delicious meal-plans of Magic Kitchen prove it as a real winner among other meal plan services.

Magic Kitchen Customer Support

Magic Kitchen has a dedicated and friendly customer support team, always ready to help you with any inquiry or issue you may encounter. You can call them anytime during their office hours at their toll-free number- 1-877-516-2442 and E-mail them at

Office Hours: Mon-Fri (9 am to 9 pm central time)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Kitchen works efficiently in making people’s life easier, especially for seniors who are under some specific medical restrictions. It is a great time-saver for health-conscious individuals and families with a busy lifestyle.

All you need to do is-

­ Log in to Magic Kitchen Account.

­ Browse Menu and apply filters accordingly.

­ Order as per your requirements.

You don’t need to sign any kind of contract to commit for a week or month. Order reasonable sizes of meal-plan according to your needs and requirements. All recurring orders are shipped out on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can stop and start your order anytime by giving prior one-day notice.

You don’t need to worry about that. Complain to their customer-service by calling on the toll-free number or E-mail them your concern. They are available for your service 24×7.

Additionally, you can also change your meal-ingredients for your upcoming order.

Yes, Magic Kitchen gives you the option of choosing different meals from the menu as per your dietary requirements. At one time, you can order- main-course, side-dishes, desserts, anything that you like on the menu. Just Grab it!

A LA’ Carte is ideal for small families. You can find the right recipe according to your preferences. You can order 2 servings and 4 servings in this plan. You can select kid-friendly to dairy-friendly meal bundles based on your lifestyle.

The complete Meal plan is for those who want to order multiple whole meals. It gives handy filters to select meals according to dietary needs. You can also order senior special meals to diabetic-friendly food in the complete meal plan.

Every meal of Magic-Kitchen is well-packed in a recyclable plastic covering. You can easily store meal-boxes in the refrigerator for a maximum of 30 days.

Almost all meals of Magic Kitchen need to be microwaved only, you don’t need to cook anything. There are very few items like chicken-pot-pie that requires a little bit of cooking in the oven.

Yes, chefs of Magic Kitchen are highly experienced and all ingredients are sourced within the USA, and all products are prepared 100% in the USA and made in either USDA and/or locally approved kitchens. Every ingredient is fresh and pure with a 100% guarantee.