EveryPlate Review 2024: All You Need to Know

Last Updated : June 8, 2024


EveryPlate truly opens the door to homemade dining for a wide range of individuals. With its budget-friendly pricing and a menu that’s varied and weekly rotating, it stands as an excellent choice for any household seeking quick and convenient weeknight dinners.

For great value and simplicity, EveryPlate’s menu and flavors offer basic recipes with easy-to-follow recipe cards with some meal customizations for a balanced and wholesome diet lifestyle.

In conclusion, EveryPlate emerges as a highly appealing choice for individuals aiming to reduce dining-out expenses and simplify the way their meals can be cooked at home.

What Is EveryPlate and How Was It Created?


EveryPlate is one of the more affordable meal delivery services that offer meal kits with preportioned ingredients. Their meal plans also include add-ons that can be side dishes, meal bundles, desserts, and à la carte proteins.

It’s essential to note that EveryPlate operates under the umbrella of its parent company, HelloFresh. However, the two meal kit services maintain different menu offerings. Founded in 2018, EveryPlate stands as a relatively newer meal kit delivery service with significantly lower prices compared to many competitors, including HelloFresh.

In fact, EveryPlate’s cost-effectiveness can translate into savings of up to 56% compared to leading meal kit services and potential grocery bill reductions of up to 30%.

EveryPlate’s ability to offer prices as budget-friendly as $4.99 per serving is driven by a strategic approach aimed at minimizing operational expenses while maximizing value for customers.

This is achieved through streamlined packaging and simplified recipes, resulting in the use of fewer ingredients per meal kit, fewer cooking steps, and ultimately lower costs per meal. While other meal kit services may feature more elaborate and unique dishes, EveryPlate places its primary focus on delivering delicious and simple dishes.

Similarly, EveryPlate is also dedicated to reducing food waste, focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing and getting just the right amount of fresh produce from local suppliers.

While many people love cooking, others may not want to cook an elaborate meal and may look for some inspiration and help. Some people may prefer having premeasured ingredients with them at hand and may want to try different recipes each week.

For many people, the high prices of many meal delivery companies have kept them on the fence. If one meal serving can go up to or even exceed $10, it can be a debatable option.

EveryPlate is a great option if you wish to have a variety of meals at an affordable price. With EveryPlate, you get a meal serving at approximately $4.99 per person with complete preportioned ingredients and recipe cards delivered to your home each week.

These are simple-to-cook recipes that can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes with premeasured ingredients available for you; you may get addicted to the affordable convenience of EveryPlate!




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What Does EveryPlate Offer In Their Weekly Menu?

Everyplate Weekly Menu

EveryPlate’s menu is divided into two categories:

  • Meals
  • Add-ons

The Meals comprise handy meal kits equipped with all preportioned ingredients, proper cooking instructions, allergens, and accurate nutritional values. EveryPlate tells you what it sends and also what you’ll need to prepare the dish perfectly.

For example, for their Herby Parmesan-Crusted Chicken, you’ll need kosher salt, pepper, butter, and olive oil.

On top of it all, EveryPlate also includes additional information about each meal kit recipe, such as cooking time, calories, and pictures, to help you through the cooking process.

The menu that displays all the meal kit recipe cards including add-ons has different labels on them, such as Premium, Feel-Good Food, 15 Mins Or Less, Big-Batch Faves, 30 Mins Or Less, Customer Fave, Veggie, New, Easy Cleanup, 2X Servings, and Quick Prep.

There are 25+ meal kits and 15+ add-ons on their weekly menu,with the added convenience of viewing the upcoming weeks’ menus for the last 3 weeks of the month.

The menu boasts primarily nonvegetarian recipes including chicken, beef, pork, steak, salmon, and bacon. Vegetarian recipes offer plant-based proteins like soy, white beans, black beans, mushrooms, zucchini, etc.

A word about their add-on menu is that it focuses on a healthier consumption of side dishes like salads, garlic bread, and soups; healthy desserts like vanilla cheesecake, almond pound cake, waffles, and chocolate cake; sizable portions of extra proteins like ground beef, chicken breasts, steak, Italian chicken sausage mix, etc.; and lastly, light lunch options like quesadillas, tortelloni, and chili.

Got your meal kit? Now go ahead and quickly prepare it in under 30 minutes to have a wonderful dinner! The meal kit comes with all the produce, meat, spices, and seasonings to make your dinner. Make sure you have oil, salt, sugar, and a few basic pots and pans in your kitchen to make the yummy EveryPlate meals!

EveryPlate also sends you recipe cards that give you detailed instructions for making the meal and complete nutrition information. Have your dinner ready in 6 easy-to-prepare and simple steps.

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EveryPlate – How Many Meal Plans Do You Get?

Everyplate How many meals do you get a week

Once you’re ready to place your first EveryPlate order, you have to go through the Our Plans page to select the right meal kit plan. Here you have the option to choose from the following meal plans:

  • Meat & Veggie
  • Veggie
  • Family Faves
  • Quick & Easy
  • Nutrish& Delish

EveryPlate is not like other meal kit delivery services like Trifecta Nutrition, for example. You can select more than one meal plan at a time. This lets you mix and match between several meal plans.If you want to have the option to select meal kits from all meal plans, that’s possible too.

Simply tick one, two, or all of the boxes; adjust the size of the order, which includes the number of people and meals per week; and finally fill in your details like email, phone, name, delivery address, and payment.

One thing to note is that even when you decide to select just one meal preference while selecting your meal kit recipes, you still have access to all the meal kits on EveryPlate’s menu, including the meal preferences that you didn’t initially select.

Because EveryPlate offers an appetizing and wholesome menu for distinct preferences, their meal customizability is limited. You cannot swap proteins or exclude specific ingredients from any meal kit. You can, however, remove specific ingredients on your own once the meal kit arrives, adding your preferred substitutes.

A good example would be to swap the ground pork in the Sriracha Pork Stir-Fryrecipe with either ground beef, chicken, or tempeh. Just follow the same recipe instructions to get the exact same flavor with just a slightly altered texture.

Another example of swapping ingredients, which are proteins, would be to swap Pico de Gallo which is can be quite spicy with refreshing cilantro in the Black Bean & Pepper Jack Tostados.

In this manner, not only is customization for every meal kit possible but it can be personalized based on your unique preferences.

Add-ons like salads, soups, garlic bread, etc. add to the meal variety of EveryPlate’s menu, allowing you to boost your protein intake with extra servings of just proteins for every meal kit. You can add as many servings of extra proteins as you’d like.

Is EveryPlate a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Everyplate Lose Weight

As for the nutritional value of EveryPlate meals, it’s a bit disappointing how EveryPlate does not label some of their meal kit recipes as being low in calories when in fact they are. Some of their meal recipes offer a relatively lower caloric value than others.

If not excessively low in calories, EveryPlate’s menu caters to a balanced and nutrient-dense diet, focusing on eating a healthier diet or contributing to a calorie-restrictive diet where people prefer to skip one to two meals per day and make up for it by eating one heavy meal.

Compared to their average calorie per serving, which exceeds 800kcal, the Open Sesame Chicken with Sweet Soy Glaze contains 900kcal per serving, while recipes like the Herby Parmesan-Crusted Chicken contain fewer calories, which is less than 650kcal per serving.

For example, for vegetarians, the Couscous-Stuffed Delicata Squash recipe would be a delight to savor, knowing that it has 570 calories per serving.

Even for a simple Chicken Cobb Salad recipe, the meal is considered to be heavy and filling, with eggs, spinach, bacon, croutons, and buttermilk ranch. The caloric value is 670kcal with a whopping 56g protein and low carbs of only 21g per serving.

So you see how EveryPlate, while keeping their average calorie-per-serving value high, manages to contribute to a potentially stable weight loss diet plan with their high-protein and low-carb meal kit recipes.

However, these types of meal kits are fewer than those loaded with carbs and calories, which may be a slight problem with very, very health-conscious people. But it’s good to know exactly what you’ll be consuming with their transparent nutritional values for each meal kit.

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Is EveryPlate Good for Vegans/Vegetarians?

Everyplate for Vegetarians

Does EveryPlate offer interesting food choices for vegetarians? Yes.

And are there enough meals on EveryPlate’s menu to satisfy a vegetarian’s daily meal requirements? Again, yes!

On their current week’s menu, I see only 6 vegetarian recipes out of 26 recipes.

If your plan is to eat one EveryPlate meal per day for 6 days of the week, I see no problem. You can order 6 vegetarian meals per week with 2 servings each, and you’ve got all your lunches and dinners sorted out.

Apply this to the needs of one or many, and you can order as many as 6 veggie meals per week with 2, 4, or 6 servings each.

EveryPlate is consistent and varied, no doubt about it. For every week’s menu, I checked for all the upcoming dates and had at least 6 veggie meal kits with no repetitions. They are interesting and easy-to-make dishes perfect for a green getaway!

Top EveryPlate Bestselling Meals To Try

Everyplate Top Best Selling Meals

Sweet Ponzu Beef Bowls with Wasabi Aioli and Pickled Cucumber

Allergens – Eggs, wheat, soy, milk, fish

Prep time – 30 minutes to cook

Calorie intake – 750 cal per portion

Want a real nice dinner dish to impress your date? If they live beef, they’ll fall head over heels with this one! Enjoy a super yummy dinner when you throw together beef bowls with pickled cucumber drizzled with wasabi aioli. Gobble the ponzu simmered beef that comes with shredded carrots and steamy rice layered over it!

Chili Honey Butter Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Zucchini

Allergens – milk

Cooking time – 30 minutes to cook

Calorie consumption – 540 cal per serving

Love chicken breasts? Yeah, you’ll love this chili honey version that gives you a protein boost. Get chicken breasts topped with honey chili butter, pan-seared that come with a side of garlicky sautéed zucchini and buttery roasted sweet potatoes.

Southern-Style Grilled Cheese with Sweet Potato Wedges & Tomato

Allergens – milk, soy, wheat

Prep time – 30 minutes to cook

Calories intake – 940 cal per serving

Oh, my grilled cheese is one of my favs! If you are a cheese lover, here’s a cheese recipe that will blow you off. Enjoy pimento cheese that’s super spreadable with sliced tomatoes that are sandwiched in sourdough buttery bread. Grill it to get juicy and cheesy perfection that you can devour with sweet potato fries on the side for a delicious dinner!

EveryPlate Add-Ons

Everyplate Add-Ons

Here’s what EveryPlate says about its add-ons:

“Compliment your meals and grab the essentials each week with these handy add-ons.”

It was a brilliant decision on the part of EveryPlate to incorporate add-ons into the menu, such as salads, soups, and sides. To be more specific:

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Turkey Sausage & Cheddar Egg Bites (grab-and-go breakfast)
  • Chopped Chicken Breasts (for additional proteins)
  • Bring Home The Bacon Tortelloni (quick “15 min or less” meal)
  • Desserts like Chocolate Loaf Cake, Fudgy Wudgy Cookie Sandwiches, Vanilla Delight Cheesecakes, etc.

There are sandwiches and salads for lunch, kid-friendly food items, and breakfast entrées in the add-ons department. Hence, you need no more extra grocery store trips and no more empty refrigerators and pantries either.

These foods can be easily added to your weekly EveryPlate meal box, but the options may be a little too limited. Nonetheless, you at least get a chance to supplement your meal kits with extra servings of quick lunches/dinners, breakfasts, snacks, and proteins.

The best news above it all is that the add-ons take the shortest amount of time to prepare. For example, one of their favorites, egg bites, just needs to be thrown in your microwave and heated for only 30 seconds – that’s it!

EveryPlate Pricing Plans

*Last updated: Jan 2024
Ala Carte Plan
Get Started
Family Plan
Get Started
Everyplate Meals Pricing

Even with the recent change in pricing, EveryPlate still stands out as one of the most budget-friendly meal kit delivery services, followed by Dinnerly as its closest competitor.

The simple and tasty meal kits’ starting price is $4.99 per serving when you order 18 or more meals per week in total. Here’s the cost breakdown with a $4.99 per serving price:

  • For 18 meals: $89.92 per box
  • For 20 meals: $99.80 per box
  • For 24 meals: $119.76 per box
  • For 30 meals: $149.70 per box
  • For 36 meals: $179.64 per box

When considering a slightly higher price point, between $5.49 and $7.94 per serving, here’s the cost breakdown:

  • For 6 meals: $44.94 per box
  • For 8 meals: $55.92 per box
  • For 10 meals: $64.90 per box
  • For 12 meals: $71.88 per box
  • For 16 meals: $87.84 per box

The price per serving or per box varies slightly when you’re ordering for vegetarian recipes only.

To offer more variety to its customers, EveryPlate also has several premium meal kit offerings per week. These meal options typically cost an additional $2.99, so you have to pay around $7.99 per week. Most of the steak or seafood recipes come on the premium menu.

EveryPlate Cost Per Week

Everyplate How many meals do you get a week

Subscribing to EveryPlate is a cost-effective solution for your weekly meal planning. With prices starting at just $4.99 per serving when ordering 18 or more meals per week, you can enjoy delicious and satisfying dishes without straining your budget.

For instance, if you opt for 18 meals divided into 3 meal kits per week and 6 servings per meal, it will cost you $89.80 per week. If you want more meal kit recipes, choosing 5 meal kit recipes and 4 servings per meal brings your per-serving cost down to $4.99, the same as 18 meals.

Just like that, your weekly costs vary between $85 and $180 per week depending on the number of meal kits you order for.

Additionally, add-ons cost $1.49–$2.99 per item; the price fluctuates depending on what it is you’re getting. Don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs, which stay the same regardless of the size of the order, at $10.99 per box.

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EveryPlate Cost Per Month

Everyplate Cost per Month

When considering a monthly budget, EveryPlate’s affordability becomes even more evident, especially when you compare it with how much you wind up paying for takeout food.

Assuming you order for 4 weeks in a month, your monthly budget would amount to roughly $395.64, which includes both the meal kit and shipping costs.

In comparison to frequently splurging on expensive takeout when you don’t have time, EveryPlate’s reliable and affordable pricing not only saves you money but guarantees that you always have the option to choose healthier meals to balance not only your budget but your diet lifestyle as well.

Takeout food, at least the ones that match the nutritional value and wholesomeness of a home-cooked meal, costs $10 or more per serving, which comes up to $20 per day for lunch and dinner.

  • $20 per day x 6 days per week = $120 per week
  • $120 per week x 4 weeks per month = $480 per month

This is the minimum that you would spend on if you were to order takeout food every day. As this is a rough estimate, the actual spending budget varies depending on location, specific food choices, and any additional expenses like taxes and delivery fees.

It must be pointed out that, in general, nutrient-dense and nonprocessed meals at restaurants tend to be more expensive than typical fast food options.

EveryPlate Delivery Locations

Everyplate Delivery Location

EveryPlate delivers to most of the continental US areas as per their website. You can check if your pin code is present in their delivery areas list or send an email to their customer care to confirm.

EveryPlate delivers their meal kits once a week and includes everything you need to whip up a meal except for the pantry staples like salt, sugar, pepper, and oil.

EveryPlate deliveries happen from Tuesdays to Fridays, depending on the locations between 8 AM to 8 PM. Typically, you will notice that the meal kit boxes arrive in the afternoon or evening and are well-packed to keep the food items fresh.

Now let’s get straight into the advantages and drawbacks of EveryPlate and help you decide faster.

EveryPlate Packaging

Packaging is certainly not among the chief EveryPlate complaints. Even value for money isn’t, which is exactly why packaging isn’t; both are connected somehow. Here, let me explain.

This best meal kit delivery service is such a budget-friendly choice because they ensure that their packaging is minimal. Minimal packaging has proven to work, in the short and long term, when it comes to cutting costs.

To make things even better, the packaging materials are sustainable. EveryPlate doesn’t wrap each ingredient individually as it used to before. Rather, all the natural produce is kept loose inside a cardboard box,and all their boxes and liners are 100% curbside-recyclable too.

As for gel ice packs, you discard the gel contents into the bin and then recycle the emptied packs.

Are EveryPlate Meals Good?

Is Everyplate Good?

The major reason why EveryPlate’s meals are so inexpensive is because they use simple ingredients sourced from local farms. But are the ingredients organic and highquality? We’re not sure exactly where and how EveryPlate sources its ingredients from.

What we know for sure is that none of the ingredients on EveryPlate’s menu are organic. Using organic ingredients will naturally increase the cost per serving, which is what most other competitors offer. Because EveryPlate uses conventional ingredients, their meal kits are priced fairly reasonably.

For vegetarians, EveryPlate is a healthy and wholesome option. For vegans or pure plant-based diets, surely not.

Sometimes, though, you might receive veggies that are not as fresh, including cuts of meat that look like they’re not as premium and high quality. But despite this minor flaw, the taste and texture of the meals are perfectly good.

Keeping allergies in mind, none of EveryPlate’s meals are gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free, etc. To avoid the consumption of specific ingredients, you have to substitute the ingredients you don’t like once the meal kit arrives.

This is the beauty of subscribing to a meal kit service that delivers preportioned ingredients instead of fully cooked meals. You can always swap ingredients with your choice of alternatives, due to specific health or taste preferences.

EveryPlate’s commitment to quality means that they use standard-grade ingredients that are GMO-, preservative-, and artificial additive-free. However, the only flaw that I see is that their meal options do not incorporate organic ingredients, which may not align with the preferences of some customers.

If you want to follow a restricted diet like keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, etc., EveryPlate is not the ideal choice for you.

Are EveryPlate Meals Easy to Prepare?

Everyplate easy to prepare

Among the various meal kit services I’ve personally tested, EveryPlate consistently stands out for its user-friendly meal preparation. Even the most intricate recipe you tackle, like meatloaf, for example, won’t take you longer than 30 minutes from prep to plate.

What distinguishes EveryPlate is its commitment to straightforward recipes that do not demand advanced culinary skills or fancy kitchen equipment, ideal for both novice and amateur cooks.

Each EveryPlate meal kit is thoughtfully stocked with a handy recipe card, featuring glossy images and clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the cooking process.

Additionally, the cards include a list of basic pantry ingredients not provided in the kit, such as cooking oil, butter, salt, pepper, ketchup, etc.

For people who want to customize their meals, they can do so by swapping sides or proteins. To make this easier, EveryPlate packs some meals with small notes in the corner to address any necessary adjustments.

EveryPlate Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

Everyplate Coupon

A first-time discount has become the norm with the best meal delivery services, and this includes EveryPlate. It’s all the more reason to go ahead and order the largest weekly meal box, which would be 6 meals per week, 4 servings each. But even without this first-time discount, your total bill amount comes up to only $130–$131. Now that’s still pretty affordable compared to its competitors!

EveryPlate offers a good many discounts and coupons from time to time. Promotional deals are a part of this too where you can have convenient, delicious meals delivered to you without having to spend even what is considered to be budget-friendly. For example, here’s how some of EveryPlate’s coupons and discounts work – for the first 3 meal boxes, you can get $57, $79, or $86 off based on the plan you pick.

How to Order from EveryPlate Using the App/Website?

How to Order from Everyplate?

As simple as the sign-up process can get is the kind of experience you’ll have if you choose EveryPlate as your weekly meal kit delivery service.

Step 1

Select your meal plan (from 4–5 different options), and then immediately move on to the EveryPlate menu, which comprises a full-fledged meat and veggies menu.

Every week’s menu is a rotating selection of 25+ entrees and about 20–25 add-ons. Picking out meals is the most fun part of the process. And it’s even more delightful with EveryPlate since the company allows you to swap proteins and sides to make the meals more in sync with your dietary preferences and needs.

Step 2

After choosing your meal plan and meals, pick your meal box size. EveryPlate meal kits are available in 2 servings or 4 servings.

As for how many meals per week, that is between 3 and 6 of them each week (plus around 15 add-ons irrespective of the size of your order).

Step 3

Create your EveryPlate account by filling out information such as your email address, delivery location, payment details, etc. You then also have to select a delivery day; not everyone gets the same options here as the delivery days depend on where you live.

About managing your EveryPlate subscription, no worries about that because most changes can be made very easily and quickly, such as rescheduling deliveries, canceling orders, and even pausing the subscription.

EveryPlate Pros and Cons

Everyplate Pros and Cons
  • Affordable meal kit delivery service
  • Easy to make and simple recipes
  • Popular and American-style comfort food menu options
  • Simple and recyclable packaging with minimum plastic
  • Offers student discounts
  • 8-11 new recipes options per week
  • Special diet food options not available for vegans, vegetarians
  • Not suitable for people with diabetes, those needing special food options such as paleo, gluten-free, keto

Is EveryPlate Worth It for a Family?

Everyplate for Family

Though there are a lot of things to like about EveryPlate, one of the top things is its affordability. It’s a meal kit subscription service that has reasonable prices and a lot of flexibility in food options.

Each week, you get classic home-style recipes with preportioned ingredients at a super budget-friendly price of $4.99 per meal. The best thing is that you get doorstep delivery! EveryPlate promises to turn you into a MasterChef with their easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and simple recipes.

EveryPlate is known for its simplicity and great taste in its meals. However, you will get at least one premium meal with EveryPlate per week. The meal tastes better and more sophisticated compared to standard menu items.

We tasted their signature Dijon Butter Steak by paying $2.99 extra per portion, and it was way better than the potatoes and chicken-based items.

Your meal preparation becomes a cakewalk with step-by-step recipe cards of EveryPlate. We tried making some dishes following their recipes and were impressed by how detailed they were.

Even beginners will be able to follow their super simple recipes easily.

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Why You Should Order from EveryPlate?

Why You Should Order from Everyplate

While meal kits sound all premium with luxury pricing and add-on shipping prices, this does not happen with EveryPlate. You get easy-to-make meal kits that are priced at just $4.99 per serving for a larger order.

Since everything comes premeasured, you save a ton of dollars on food that you don’t end up eating. Remember that 12 oz bottle of honey mustard that you brought but did not use after that first time? Well, no more spending money on things that are not going to be eaten.

EveryPlate also promises to work with reputed and recognized suppliers that provide premium and high-quality ingredients that stay fresh until after delivery.

EveryPlate makes an effort to be simple so that you can get your favorite dinner on your table fast! Easy-to-make recipes with packaged ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards make the entire cooking process super-fast and quick.

With more than 2000 positive Facebook reviews and an average of 4 out of 5 ratings, EveryPlate is liked by hundreds of Americans.

You get doorstep delivery of your favorite EveryPlate meal kits for just $4.99. Enjoy them at lunch, dinner, breakfast, or whenever you are hungry. The amazing food quality and quantity leave your taste buds satiated and with a full stomach with minimal cleanup. Easy-to-follow EveryPlate recipes coupled with high-quality ingredients are thoughtfully crafted and chosen by EveryPlate culinary experts to make your meal highly delicious.

If you are a college or a university student, EveryPlate offers more attractive prices. You can get 18 student meals at $2.50 per meal and save $45 in the process.

While signing up, you just have to verify that you are a college student, and you can grab this deal.

EveryPlate entrees are ideal for the following:

  • Anyone who wants a special date night of cooking something new

If you plan to surprise your beau by cooking something unique on a romantic date night, EveryPlate can fulfill your wishes. It can set you up for a fun evening of cooking with your friends or with your friends with its sumptuous meal kits. If you want to turn cooking into an enjoyable experience, you can sign up for different EveryPlate meal kits.

  • Those who don’t like shopping for food

If you hate shopping for daily food ingredients but don’t mind some fun cooking experiments, then EveryPlate will be the ideal solution for you. They will deliver high-quality ingredients to your doorstep with detailed printed instructions and measurements. You can’t get anything easier than that.

EveryPlate Alternatives



The first next-best alternative simply has to be HelloFresh since it’s the parent company of EveryPlate. The HelloFresh menu is equipped with a larger selection of meals, and these meals are more adventurous as well. There’s a higher number of meal plans on HelloFresh, along with some organic and many seasonal ingredients too.

The main difference is the pricing. EveryPlate is a more inexpensive option offered by HelloFresh, which is a slightly costlier version of a meal delivery service.


The Dinnerly price range is pretty much the same as EveryPlate. Another aspect that both have in common is simple recipes and high-quality ingredients,except that the Dinnerly menu features a wider variety and a higher number of meals per week (over 100, which is A LOT in comparison to EveryPlate’s roughly 25–26 options).

Also worth noting is that Dinnerly caters to dairy-free, low-carb, low-calorie, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, whereas EveryPlate’s diet-friendliness extends just to vegetarianism.

Then you also have conventional ingredients of EveryPlate on the one hand and some organic ingredients of Dinnerly on the other.

Green Chef

HelloFresh is the parent company of both EveryPlate and Green Chef. With Green Chef, the parent brand has doubled the prices of EveryPlate. On top of that, Green Chef accommodates more dietary preferences like keto, paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, high protein, and gluten-free.

Green Chef seems like a better fit if you have certain or specific food allergies and/or if you prefer only certified organic ingredients in your meals.

EveryPlate Customer Service

Everyplate Customer Support

Both the website and app of EveryPlate take care of the most common concerns of customers. Be it changing the delivery address, canceling the subscription, skipping weeks, or anything regarding food safety, billing, shipping, etc., the Help Center and FAQ section has got you covered:

  • 24/7 live chat is available.
  • You can also phone them at +1 (973) 210-4915 on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. (EST).

Final Verdict

You can fill your table with EveryPlate meals as much as you like for one too many reasons. First of all, EveryPlate’s meal kits are wholesome and budget-friendly. The quality of the ingredients isn’t compromised, nor is the portion size. With affordable EveryPlate subscription, you pay much less per serving because of the many discounts and coupons.

EveryPlate is a very suitable meal delivery service not only for singles and couples but also for 4 (you can order either 2 servings or 4 servings per meal).

On top of that, these meal kits come with nicely printed and designed recipe cards that explain every step of the cooking and preparation process (with pictures too!).

And then there’s the minimal, recyclable packaging as well, so you know that EveryPlate makes use of a lot less plastic as compared to other meal kit delivery services. In all, it’s a great long-term choice indeed.

Frequently Asked Questions About EveryPlate


It’s effortless to order from EveryPlate. They just have two plans to choose from. Select your preferred plan, sign up by entering your email id and a new password, add payment details and delivery address, and you are good to go. You can choose from EveryPlate’s 8 weekly meal options for your 1st week.

EveryPlate offers simplicity with two standard meal plans. You can opt for 3, 4, or 5 meal kits every week with EveryPlate’s 2-portion plan. Their 4-serving plan allows you to choose only 3 meals each week. This simple arrangement is designed to ensure all food ingredients can be packed in a single box. You can allow EveryPlate to deliver the default meals or select from their 8 rotating menus.

EveryPlate meal ingredients stay fresh for 48 hours in the insulated meal box with no need for refrigeration. All their meal boxes are smartly designed with ice packs, cooling materials, and insulated liners to keep your food frozen fresh. EveryPlate modifies its packaging to meet seasonal requirements and retain maximum freshness.

If you get late delivery of your meal box and are concerned about the freshness of the meals, feel free to get in touch with their Customer Care Team. One of their experts will assist you with the right solution.

EveryPlate culinary experts include all the ingredients needed to make 3 delicious meals except a few essential items like salt and paper. Your life will become hassle-free with their step-by-step recipe cards for every meal. All ingredients get properly insulated and carefully packed to make sure 100% freshness is retained.

EveryPlate meal kits are usually delivered at your doorstep between 8 AM to 8 PM. The delivery time may vary depending upon your carrier. If you are outside and can’t receive your meal box, the delivery executive will drop it at your door or a different place as per your specific delivery instructions. No signature is required to receive your meal boxes. Your favorite meals come ice-packed in an insulated box and can stay fresh up to 48 hours. If you are planning to eat it after a few days, we recommend you to freeze it up. You can refrigerate if you want to consume the very next day.

The moment EveryPlate ships your order, you will receive the tracking link in your email. You can keep checking the delivery status using the tracking link. EveryPlate typically delivers your order on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The delivery schedule may get changed from time to time, depending on your area or any external influences. EveryPlate’s primary focus is to offer the meal kits at a low price point; that’s why they don’t deliver on other days.

You need some essential items like pan, baking sheet, trusty pot, cutting board, and knife to prepare EveryPlate meals. You may have to use a peeler, potato masher, zester, strainer, aluminum foil, or whisk for cooking some of the recipes.

At this moment, EveryPlate doesn’t offer gift cards.

EveryPlate doesn’t bind you with any contract. You can swap recipes, cancel the subscription, and skip weeks anytime. Just remember to do it before the weekly deadline – 5 days before delivery at 11.59 PM EST. You will have the freedom to order what you like and whenever you want to have it with zero commitments.

EveryPlate recommends you to wash all fresh produce and vegetables for cooking them.

Unfortunately, EveryPlate does not allow for ingredient swapping or customizations. But you can easily swap proteins or ingredients as per your personal taste once the meal kits arrive.

Planning to skip your meal for a single week or all 4 weeks? Sign in to your EveryPlate account and select the “Skip Week” option on the particular week chosen. After signing in to your account, you can easily make the change before the weekly deadline, which is 5 days prior to the delivery date scheduled at 11.59 PM CT.

If you choose to deactivate or cancel your EveryPlate account:

On your laptop or desktop computer, you need to sign in to your account, go to the top right corner, open the menu, and select “Settings.” Once you reach there, you have to scroll down to the “Account” tab and click on the “Deactivate your Plan” link. Type in the cancellation reason and finally click on “Deactivate now,” and your plan stands canceled. If you do the entire process after the deadline, which is 5days before your last delivery, you will end up getting one more box that has been charged on your credit card.

On the mobile app, go to the bottom right of your screen and click on “Settings.” Finally, click on “Edit my account,” and you will be redirected to your web account. Follow the simple steps given in the EveryPlate web portal, and your account will be deactivated.

Skipping or pausing your weekly meal delivery is super easy with EveryPlate. You just have to sign in to your account like when you select different meals. There you will find a “skip this week” button. Click, and your meal will be skipped for the chosen week.

If you wish to cancel your EveryPlate subscription, simply log in to your account, go to settings, and click cancel the subscription.

While the insulating box liners effectively maintain ingredient freshness within the package itself for 48 hours, it’s best to keep the meal kit refrigerated upon delivery.

Once safely stored in the refrigerator, it’s recommended to prepare and cook the meals within 7 days from their delivery date.

All of EveryPlate’s meals are easy and simple to make, with a simplified cooking time of 20–40 minutes depending on the ingredients. This makes for an effortless, beginner-friendly, and convenient dining solution for singles, couples, and families alike.

EveryPlate delivers within the 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. timeframe. The delivery day can vary based on your delivery address as EveryPlate uses a local carrier for transportation.

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