EveryPlate Review 2023: All You Need to Know

June 7, 2020


What is EveryPlate & how was it created?

Nutritious and healthy food is a basic need for anyone.

If you are struggling with making your food or hate finding the time to go for grocery shopping, EveryPlate could be just what you need.

With quite a few meal delivery services available now, their convenience and quick availability of delicious menu options are tempting!

While many people love cooking, others may not want to cook an elaborate meal and may look for inspiration and help. Some people may prefer having pre-measured ingredients with them at hand and may want to try different recipes each week.

For many people, the high prices of many meal delivery companies have kept them on the fence. If one meal serving can go up to or even exceed $10, it can be a debatable option.

EveryPlate is a great option if you wish to have a variety of meals but at an affordable price. With EveryPlate, you get a meal serving at approximately $4.99 per person with complete pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards delivered to your home each week.

Wondering how it compares with other meal kit providers? Is the food healthy, sourced from reliable suppliers, and tasty?

In this EveryPlate review, we will share all features of EveryPlate along with its advantages and drawbacks to help you arrive at an informed decision. You will know how EveryPlate works, its meal plans, and whether it’s right for you.

If you prefer having affordable home-cooked meals without all the hassle of meal prep and grocery shopping, you will love EveryPlate. Besides being budget-friendly, it offers you 8 new menu options each week that are both delicious and filling!

Simple-to-cook recipes that can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes with pre-measured ingredients available for you, you may get addicted to the affordable convenience of EveryPlate!

What does EveryPlate Company Offer in Weekly Menu Ideas

EveryPlate has a focus on providing the most affordable prices to its customers. They have not yet started having elaborate menu options for special diets such as gluten-free, paleo, keto, vegan, low-carb, or vegetarian.

If you check out their weekly menu options, you will notice about 8-11 recipes each week that are brand new and suit most diet plans.

In terms of meal plans, EveryPlate offers:

  • Dinner for 2
  • Dinner for 4

In both dinner plans, you get 3 meals per week where you can choose the number of servings that you prefer. If you are a 4-member family, you can select 4 servings per night with 3 meals per week. For a 2-member family, you can choose 2 meal servings per night for 3 meals a week.

If you are ordering just for yourself, choosing the 3 meals per week option with 2 servings that can help you cook dinner for 6 nights a week!

Wondering how ordering from EveryPlate works?

Read on to know how you can order dinner for the entire week can in less than 10 minutes!


EveryPlate offers you 11 different recipes each week.

You can go to their website and choose the 2-serving or 4-serving option and then click on the menu options for the week. Now, you can choose from the 11 recipes on your laptop or use their easy-to-use mobile app on your smartphone.

If you have newly signed up with the EveryPlate, then you will need 2 minutes to set up your account, password and add payment information. Next time you place an order, EveryPlate will auto-populate your information, and you can place your order quickly!

Fast Delivery

Once you input the delivery dates most suitable for you, you will get the meal kits from EveryPlate at your doorstep on the scheduled dates. Even if you need to step out for a bit, don’t worry about the deliveries as they come extensively packaged with ice packs to retain food freshness. Shipments generally come on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but the days can vary as per location. EveryPlate makes sure that their deliveries are packaged as per the season and climate of the place to keep the food fresh for longer.

Bon Appetit

Got your meal kit? Now go ahead and quickly prepare it in under 30 minutes to have a wonderful dinner! The meal kit comes with all the produce, meat, spices, and seasonings to make your dinner. Make sure you have oil, salt, sugar, and a few basic pots and pans in your kitchen to make the yummy EveryPlate meals!

EveryPlate also sends you recipe cards that give you detailed instructions for making the meal and the complete nutrition information. Have your dinner ready in 6 easy-to-prepare and simple steps.

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What are the top reasons to consider EveryPlate- Its USP in the Meal Delivery Field

Though there are a lot of things to like about EveryPlate, one of the top things is its affordability. It’s a meal kit subscription service that has reasonable prices and a lot of flexibility in food options.

Each week you get classic home-style recipes with pre-portioned ingredients at a super budget-friendly price of $4.99 per meal. The best thing is that you get doorstep delivery! EveryPlate promises to turn you into a MasterChef with their easy to follow step-by-step instructions and simple recipes.

If you are hesitant about starting a meal kit subscription service, let me share that EveryPlate has a super flexible plan. You can easily skip one week or many weeks if you’d like or cancel your subscription up to 5 days before your next scheduled delivery date.

Let us share the top reasons why you should consider EveryPlate:

Fantastic & Affordable Dinners

While meal kits sound all premium with luxury pricing and add on shipping prices, this does not happen with EveryPlate. You get easy to make meal kits that are priced at just $4.99 per serving.

Save your money

Since everything comes pre-measured, you save a ton of dollars on food that you don’t end up eating. Remember that 12 oz bottle of honey mustard that you brought but did not use after that first time? Well, no more spending money on things that are not going to be eaten.

High-quality food produce

EveryPlate promises to work with reputed and recognized suppliers that provide premium and high-quality ingredients that stay fresh until after delivery.

Save hours

EveryPlate makes an effort to be simple so that you can get your favorite dinner on your table fast! Easy-to-make recipes with packaged ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards make the entire cooking process super fast and quick.

Trusted by America

With more than 2000 positive Facebook reviews and an average 4 on 5 ratings, EveryPlate is liked by hundreds of Americans.

EveryPlate Meal Plans

Wondering what the EveryPlate meal plan options for the week are? If you are thinking of trying out EveryPlate, now is the best time.

You can skip the hassle of weekly meal planning, grocery shopping, and feed a two-member family for less than $40 per week. It’s a whole lot cheaper than takeout food and way healthier too!

You can find most of the American comfort food options on the weekly menu and quite a few world cuisine surprises too!

More than 8-12 weekly dinner menu options work well if you are not on any particular diet plan. EveryPlate changes the menu each week to give you excellent variety and keep you from feeling bored at any time.

If you like having leftovers, feel free to make a bigger batch that you can have for lunch the next day too. Since EveryPlate is predominantly a dinner meal kit service, you will only find dinner options.

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Top 3 Best Selling Meals

Sweet Ponzu Beef Bowls with Wasabi Aioli and Pickled Cucumber

Allergens – Eggs, wheat, soy, milk, fish

Prep time – 30 minutes to cook

Calorie intake – 750 cal per portion

Want a real nice dinner dish to impress your date? If they live beef, they’ll fall head over heels with this one! Enjoy a super yummy dinner when you throw together beef bowls with pickled cucumber drizzled with wasabi aioli. Gobble the ponzu simmered beef that comes with shredded carrots and steamy rice layered over it!

Chili Honey Butter Chicken with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Zucchini

Allergens – milk

Cooking time – 30 minutes to cook

Calorie consumption – 540 cal per serving

Love chicken breasts? Yeah, you’ll love this chili honey version that gives you a protein boost. Get chicken breasts topped with honey chili butter, pan-seared that come with a side of garlicky sautéed zucchini and buttery roasted sweet potatoes.

Southern-Style Grilled Cheese with Sweet Potato Wedges & Tomato

Allergens – milk, soy, wheat

Prep time – 30 minutes to cook

Calories intake – 940 cal per serving

Oh, my grilled cheese is one of my favs! If you are a cheese lover, here’s a cheese recipe that will blow you off. Enjoy pimento cheese that’s super spreadable with sliced tomatoes that are sandwiched in sourdough buttery bread. Grill it to get juicy and cheesy perfection that you can devour with sweet potato fries on the side for a delicious dinner!

EveryPlate Pricing Plans

*Last updated: June 2023
Ala Carte Plan
Get Started
Family Plan
Get Started

Simple and transparent pricing is what you get when you choose EveryPlate.

It’s interesting to see that the cost of shipping and per meal serving does not change based on the number of orders you make per week. So, in short, the shipping cost is $8.99 per box, and the cost per meal serve remains at $4.99 irrespective of how many meals you order.

To offer more variety to its customers, EveryPlate also has one-two premium service offerings per week. These meal options typically cost an additional $2.99, so you have to pay around $7.99 per week. Most of the steak or prawn recipes come on the premium menu. If you want a budget meal-kit subscription service, EveryPlate is the perfect option.

EveryPlate Student Discount

For students, EveryPlate has distinct pricing that even more affordable. Students can claim their discounted pricing for $3.99 per serving for their first 52 boxes that can help them with dinners for a whole year!

Though the shipping costs are the same on the student plan, the lower meal prices are huge savings for them.

EveryPlate Delivery Locations

EveryPlate delivers to most of the continental US areas as per their website. You can check if your pin code is present in their delivery areas list or send an email to their customer care to confirm.

EveryPlate delivers their meal kits once a week and includes everything you need to whip up a meal except for the pantry staples like salt, sugar, pepper, and oil.

EveryPlate deliveries happen from Tuesdays to Fridays, depending on the locations between 8 AM to 8 PM. Typically, you will notice that the meal kit boxes arrive in the afternoon or evening and are well-packed to keep the food items fresh.

Now let’s get straight into the advantages and drawbacks of EveryPlate and help you decide faster.

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Pros & Cons

  • Affordable meal kit delivery service
  • Easy to make and simple recipes
  • Popular and American-style comfort food menu options
  • Simple and recyclable packaging with minimum plastic
  • Offers student discounts
  • 8-11 new recipes options per week
  • Special diet food options not available for vegans, vegetarians
  • Not suitable for people with diabetes, those needing special food options such as paleo, gluten-free, keto

Why You Should Order from EveryPlate

EveryPlate’s unique method of conserving fresh food by turning it into frozen fresh is aimed to retain its quality, taste, and freshness. The frigid temperature inside the food box helps to increase longevity. All the items are scientifically packed inside an insulated box to maintain the airflow and ideal temperature before processing for shipment.

Preparing food becomes a hassle-free experience with EveryPlate. Heat and eat your favorite food and enjoy having it with your loved ones.

Cooking becomes entire hassle-free with EveryPlate. You just have to take out your favorite entrees from the freezer or refrigerator and microwave them. Voila, it’s ready to be served, relished, and enjoyed.

You get doorstep delivery of your favorite EveryPlate meal kits for just $4.99. Enjoy them in lunch, dinner, breakfast, or whenever you are hungry. The amazing food quality and quantity leave your taste bud satiated and with a full stomach with minimal cleanup. Easy to follow EveryPlate recipes coupled with high-quality ingredients are thoughtfully crafted and chosen by EveryPlate culinary experts to make your meal highly delicious.

Choose from a rotating weekly menu

Hate repeating the same meals every day? The rotating weekly menu of EveryPlate always offers something new and exciting for you to taste.

Some of the EveryPlate food items sound irresistible. But, they have less than 10 weekly meal options – which is far lesser compared to the competitors of EveryPlate.

Cancel or skip weeks whenever you want

Skipping or pausing your weekly meal delivery is super easy with EveryPlate. You just have to sign in to your account like when you select different meals; there you will find a “skip this week” button. Click, and your meal will be skipped for the chosen week.

If you wish to cancel your EveryPlate subscription, simply login to your account, go to setting and click on cancel subscription.

Special deals for students

If you are a college or a university student, EveryPlate offers more attractive prices. You can get 18 student meals at $2.50 per meal and save $45 in the process.

While signing up, you just have to verify that you are a college student, and you can grab this deal.

Premium menu options

EveryPlate is known for its simplicity and great taste in its meals. However, you will get at least one premium meal with EveryPlate per week. The meal tastes better and more sophisticated compared to standard menu items.

We tasted their signature Dijon Butter Steak by paying $2.99 extra per portion, and it was way better than the potatoes and chicken-based items.

Easy-to-follow recipe cards

Your meal preparation becomes a cakewalk with step-by-step recipe cards of EveryPlate. We tried making some dishes following their recipes and were impressed by how detailed they were.

Even beginners will be able to follow their super simple recipes easily.

Recyclable packaging

Many meal delivery companies do not use environment-friendly packaging materials. With them, you will often feel guilty of throwing a huge Styrofoam bunch, non-recyclable plastic away and spoiling the nature.

Every inch of EveryPlate packaging materials is recyclable and environment-friendly. You just have to dump the ice packs before recycling their meal boxes. The entire process only takes less than a minute or 2 and will leave you satisfied that they are making an extra effort to preserve our mother earth.

EveryPlate entrees are ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants a special date night of cooking something new: If you plan to surprise your beau by cooking something unique on a romantic date night, EveryPlate can fulfill your wishes. It can set you up for a fun evening of cooking with your friends or with your friends with its sumptuous meal kits. If you want to turn cooking into an enjoyable experience, you can sign up for different EveryPlate meal kits.
  • Those who don’t like shopping for food: If you hate shopping for daily food ingredients but don’t mind some fun cooking experiments, then EveryPlate will be the ideal solution for you. They will deliver high-quality ingredients on your doorstep with the detailed printed instructions and measurements. You can’t get anything easier than that.

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It’s effortless to order from EveryPlate. They just have two plans to choose from. Select your preferred plan, sign up by entering your email id and a new password, add payment details and delivery address, and you are good to go. You can choose from EveryPlate’s 8 weekly meal options for your 1st week.

EveryPlate offers simplicity with two standard meal plans. You can opt for 3, 4, or 5 meal kits every week with EveryPlate’s 2-portion plan. Their 4-serving plan allows you to choose only 3 meals each week. This simple arrangement is designed to ensure all food ingredients can be packed in a single box. You can allow EveryPlate to deliver the default meals or select from their 8 rotating menus.

EveryPlate meal ingredients stay fresh for 48 hours in the insulated meal box with no need for refrigeration. All their meal boxes are smartly designed with ice packs, cooling materials, and insulated liners to keep your food frozen fresh. EveryPlate modifies its packaging to meet seasonal requirements and retain maximum freshness.

If you get late delivery of your meal box and are concerned about the freshness of the meals, feel free to get in touch with their Customer Care Team. One of their experts will assist you with the right solution.

EveryPlate culinary experts include all the ingredients needed to make 3 delicious meals except a few essential items like salt and paper. Your life will become hassle-free with their step-by-step recipe cards for every meal. All ingredients get properly insulated and carefully packed to make sure 100% freshness is retained.

EveryPlate meal kits are usually delivered at your doorstep between 8 AM to 8 PM. The delivery time may vary depending upon your carrier. If you are outside and can’t receive your meal box, the delivery executive will drop it at your door or a different place as per your specific delivery instructions. No signature is required to receive your meal boxes. Your favorite meals come ice-packed in an insulated box and can stay fresh up to 48 hours. If you are planning to eat it after a few days, we recommend you to freeze it up. You can refrigerate if you want to consume the very next day.

The moment EveryPlate ships your order, you will receive the tracking link in your email. You can keep checking the delivery status using the tracking link. EveryPlate typically delivers your order on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The delivery schedule may get changed from time to time, depending on your area or any external influences. EveryPlate’s primary focus is to offer the meal kits at a low price point; that’s why they don’t deliver on other days.

You need some essential items like pan, baking sheet, trusty pot, cutting board, and knife to prepare EveryPlate meals. You may have to use a peeler, potato masher, zester, strainer, aluminum foil, or whisk for cooking some of the recipes.

At this moment, EveryPlate doesn’t offer gift cards.

EveryPlate doesn’t bind you with any contract. You can swap recipes, cancel the subscription, and skip weeks anytime. Just remember to do it before the weekly deadline – 5 days before delivery at 11.59 PM EST. You will have the freedom to order what you like and whenever you want to have it with zero commitments.

EveryPlate recommends you to wash all fresh produce and vegetables for cooking them.

Planning to skip your meal for a single week or all 4 weeks? Sign in to your EveryPlate account and select the “Skip Week” option on the particular week chosen. After signing in to your account, you can easily make the change before the weekly deadline, which is 5 days prior to the delivery date scheduled at 11.59 PM CT.

If you choose to deactivate or cancel your EveryPlate account:

On your laptop or desktop computer, you need to sign in to your account, go to the top right corner, open the menu, and select “Settings.” Once you reach there, you have to scroll down to the “Account” tab and click on the “Deactivate your Plan” link. Type in the cancellation reason and finally click on “Deactivate now,” and your plan stands canceled. If you do the entire process after the deadline, which is 5days before your last delivery, you will end up getting one more box that has been charged on your credit card.

On the mobile app, go to the bottom right of your screen and click on “Settings.” Finally, click on “Edit my account,” and you will be redirected to your web account. Follow the simple steps given in the EveryPlate web portal, and your account will be deactivated.

Get $80 off—$20 off your first 4 boxes