Wild Alaskan Seafood Review 2024: All You Need to Know

Last Updated : April 17, 2024

Wild Alaskan Seafood

When it comes to seafood delivery, many of us prefer more than just high-quality seafood. It’s so much better when the selections are also ethical and sustainable. That’s when Wild Alaskan Company comes to the rescue. Right from the beginning, you just know they’re committed to sustainability and ethics.

It’s a subscription-based seafood meal delivery service, so there’s that convenient option of recurring shipments. Shipments contain better-flavored, less fatty, and leaner meat (and thus, healthier than the farm-raised alternative) wild-caught seafood.

So, if you’re curious about Wild Alaskan Company recipes or even Wild Alaskan Company prices, packaging, sustainability, or any other important factor, here are some very honest, unbiased, and overall thoughts.

What is Wild Alaskan Seafood and How Was It Created?

Wild Alaskan Company History

Alaska has an abundance of sustainably harvested and fresh seafood. You can enjoy the delicacies in different eateries, restaurants, and premium meal delivery services and satiate your taste buds.

Keto dieters love chomping on seafood as it’s one of the core elements in their meals.

If you have ever been to Alaska – you would know what I am talking about. The lip-smacking Alaskan seafood varieties are world-famous, hard to beat, and high on food value and nutritional benefits. Not to mention that it’s keto-friendly, low-carb, mineral, and vitamin-rich. Regular intake of seafood can safeguard you from cardiac arrest, obesity, stroke, and hypertension.

And you know what? You don’t need to spend time in your neighborhood market or visit Alaska to taste the fresh and most delicious seafood in town. Now, get your favorite seafood cuisine delivered right at your doorstep by The Wild Alaskan Company.

You know how it works: teach someone to fish and feed him for his entire life.

But, what if you are not a teacher, you can still gift him the monthly subscription of The Wild Alaskan Company seafood delicacies and feed him every month.

Wild Alaskan company was founded by Arron Kallenberg – a 3rd gen commercial fishing expert and an Alaskan native. Kallenberg emphasizes that he is 100% focused on sustainability, and that’s his heritage.

That has been his family tradition and the responsibility now rests on his shoulder to take the legacy forward. He is focusing on building supply-driven food models as opposed to demand-driven ones. He believes that we all should eat what Mother Nature sustainably provides us. He offers his customers a wide variety of high-quality and naturally bred fishes.

The company procures fresh seafood from different wild fisheries across Alaska and some in Pacific Northwest. They only work with those vendors who meet the highest sustainability standard.

He says that we all have misconceptions about fresh fish. It’s crucial to oversee how fast the fish is cut, headed, cleaned, filleted, and frozen.  The freshness of raw fish can be retained by how quickly a company can process it. Its quality can be degraded by not treating the fish soon enough after it’s sourced from the wild. Kallenberg has reiterated that treating the seafood within a reasonable time can keep it fresh-frozen until delivered to the customers. The Wild Alaskan company follows some strict standards like fast processing and blast freezing. Most of the fishes sold in the US is frozen first, then thawed, processed and re-frozen. This entire process badly affects the quality and taste of the seafood. Wild Alaska freezes their fish once and never thaw it until it reaches you. Once you receive your frozen seafood, you can thaw it for lunch or dinner.

The Wild Alaskan company offers naturally sourced seafood to its members in a wide range of monthly plans, which is customizable as per your requirement. You can modify or tweak it as per your seafood preference. For example, you may prefer Wild fish like cod and halibut or wild salmon such as coho and sockeye, or you may want a custom assortment of selected Wild fish and 6-ounce salmon. The choices and plans are pretty flexible and offer you plenty of options.

Once you have made your choices, your favorite seafood gets delivered in properly-sealed, separate, and refrigerated meal boxes. All the Wild Alaskan Company entrees are ready to cook once you thaw them out. Even if you are a seafood enthusiast and not an expert in cooking, you would love their step-by-step recipes and great cooking advice. You can access every single resource on their website, which will hook you to their delicious seafood entrees.

We appreciate that the Wild Alaskan Company’s value proposition is built around its top-class service and extensive knowledge of fish. The Wild Alaskan Company crews hand-pick the best seafood combinations on a regular basis. It’s a lot like showing up at your favorite sushi counter and trusting the expertise and knowledge of your sushi chef instead of experimenting on your own. Rest assure, you will get the best every time more than you can imagine. The Wild Alaskan Company doesn’t want you to eat what is trending. Instead, you will eat the sustainable offerings of Mother Nature. The Wild Alaskan Company cares for your health and taste and delivers what is best for you.

The Wild Alaskan Company company lets its members select their favorite fishes, unlike other seafood delivery companies. However, the members are not allowed to pick the exact species or cuts.

What Does Wild Alaskan Company Offer In Their Weekly Menu?

Wild Alaskan Company Weekly Menu

Every salmon piece from The Wild Alaskan Company company weighs around 6 ounces, which is perfect for a standard meal. If you like salmon or feel hungry, you can always have 2 or more extra pieces. At the time of reviewing, we weighed all the salmon pieces, and they were almost accurate, as claimed by the The Wild Alaskan Company company. Everything was tightly sealed and frozen to make them rock solid and sustain longer.

Depending on your selected plan between Wild Combo, Wild Wild Fish or wild salmon’s availability, your meal box may include:

  • Alaska Sockeye salmon fillet
  • Coho Salmon
  • Halibut
  • Cod
  • Wild Alaska Pollock
  • Rockfish

If you follow a specific diet, salmon will pretty much be your ideal food. You name any diet – whole30, gluten-free, keto, or weight watchers, salmon will surely fit the bill. It packs a punch with good fat and protein. As it is sourced from wild fisheries, you never have to bother about the fish’s daily diet or unethical farming practices.

Ordering your favorite monthly meal box is easy with The Wild Alaskan Company by following the steps given below:

Choose Your Plan

Did you ever have to leave the seafood counter with lots of questions and no satisfactory answers? The combo, wild fish, and salmon plans of the The Wild Alaskan Company company make sure you are fully convinced and satisfied with your seafood. High-quality and customer satisfaction are the USPs of The Wild Alaskan Company, and they always stand by them.

Get Your Favorite Seafood Delivered

Worried about the scorching summer, be stress-free with the The Wild Alaskan Company company. Their eco-friendly packaging in an insulated cooler and dry ice maintain the freezing temperature of your fish even in the hottest summers.

Enjoy your Delicious Seafood

Every The Wild Alaskan Company portion is individually wrapped and designed for effortless and fast cooking. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of getting regular doorstep delivery of your favorite meals. Plan and surprise your friends at the next lunch or dinner party with the finger-licking seafood.

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Wild Alaskan Company – How Many Meal Plans Do You Get?

Wild Alaskan Company How many meals do you get a week

Meal plan selection in the case of Wild Alaskan Company is as simple as picking 1 out of the 3 monthly seafood boxes:

  • Wild Salmon Box
  • Wild White Fish Box
  • Wild Combo Box

Just select a box, and then the company automatically fills it with different varieties of high-quality, wild-caught seafood that comes straight from sustainable fisheries situated in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

When you opt for a Wild Alaskan Company subscription, you have to choose between salmon and white fish or a combination of the two.

Wild Salmon Box

For salmon lovers, this pack by Wild Alaskan Company is a huge hit. The box includes sockeye and coho salmon (unfortunately, nothing about king salmon is mentioned). It doesn’t matter if you can’t pick between sockeye and coho because you can add both to your order as extra add-ons.

Per serving is a 6-ounce portion, and you can choose to receive 12 or 24 portions for each delivery. And if you select this Wild Salmon Box, don’t miss out on their super delicious, rich-flavored, and tender-textured salmon cakes.

Wild White Fish Box

The freshest fish is a part of the Wild White Fish Box; this is the most suitable for you if you’re not so bonkers about salmon. You get varieties of wild white fish, and they’re packed individually (portion-wise) and also vacuum-sealed.

Some of the selections here are Wild Alaska Pollock, Pacific Rockfish, Pacific Cod, and Pacific Halibut. You’ll find refreshing and healthy fish-based dishes here, such as Pacific Halibut cooked to perfection in tangy aioli.

Wild Combo Box

This one’s the most favorite option on Wild Alaskan Company. And this too comes in either 12 or 24 portions of 6-ounce per portion. It’s a combination of white fish and salmon, but how much of the two you can buy depends on the current availability.

Is Wild Alaskan Company a Good Way to Lose Weight?

Wild Alaskan Company Lose Weight

Wild Alaskan Company is all high-quality protein, which helps a great deal with weight management. Protein is what keeps your tummy full for a longer span of time; hence, you’re less likely to have another meal unnecessarily or even binge eat.

When on a diet, there are only a few foods that fit seamlessly into your weight loss program, right? And by the stroke of luck, buttery, mildly sweet, and juicy salmon is a part of that very limited list and not just for “Weight Watchers” but also for those on a gluten-free, paleo, keto, or any other diet plan.

Wild Alaskan Company’s wild-caught salmon contains good fat and protein. In short, nothing is questionable here; that’s for sure.

Is Wild Alaskan Company Good for Vegans/Vegetarians?

Wild Alaskan Company for Vegetarians

CAN vegetarians eat salmon? DO vegetarians eat salmon? The answer to both questions is a solid NO. Needless to say, fish or any other kind of seafood isn’t vegan or vegetarian. Therefore, Wild Alaskan Company is NOT for you if you follow a plant-based eating program.

As far as vegetables are concerned, the company pairs its hearty and sundry fish with many types of veggies (and also a delightful assortment of spices). These are fresh, grilled vegetables that complement the varied flavors of Wild Alaskan Company.

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Top Wild Alaskan Bestselling Meal Boxes

Wild Alaskan Company Top Best Selling Meals

After thorough research and several rounds of trials, we suggest 3 of their best-selling and top quality meal boxes.


Wild Salmon is the signature meal box of the Wild Alaskan company. It contains 6-ounce servings of different varieties such as coho and sockeye.


You get a wide range of species, portion sizes, and cuts of your favorite wild Wild fish and salmon in this combo box.


The specialty of this box is the wide assortment of wild Wild fish species, cuts, and portion sizes. Cod and halibut are some of the popular’s choices.

You get all seafood boxes in 12 and 24 packs and choose your preferred ones every month as per your needs.

Wild Alaskan Company Add-Ons

Wild Alaskan Company Add-Ons

Every Wild Alaskan Company plan consists of either 12 or 24 packs of wild-caught seafood, along with add-ons.

The add-ons can take the form of any specific fish you like, such as scallops, pollock, etc. But salmon is the one that’s the most popular, especially sockeye and coho salmon – both can be added as extra portions.

Wild Alaskan Seafood Pricing Plans

*Last updated: Jan 2023
Veggie Plan
Free Shipping
Family Plan
Free Shipping
Wild Alaskan Company Meals Pricing

What box size you choose is what determines the price of each recurring order. The cost increases if you include any extras. But all plans (Wild Salmon, Wild White Fish, and Wild Combo) have the same price, which is perfect whenever you wish to switch to a different box for your monthly delivery:

  • 12 packs = $145 ($12.08 per 6-ounce serving)
  • 24 packs = $267 ($11.13 per 6-ounce serving)

Wild Alaskan Company is a slightly pricey seafood delivery service in comparison to purchasing seafood at a local supermarket or grocery store. Compared to buying from a quality seafood market, however, the costs are almost similar. When you want high-quality, delicious, and sustainably sourced fish, everybody knows that you have to spend a little more.

You get once-a-month deliveries with Wild Alaskan Company, plus free shipping!

Wild Alaskan Seafood Delivery Locations

Wild Alaskan Company Delivery Location

Wild Alaskan Company has an extensive delivery network spread across the USA, Alaska, and Hawaii. If you are still unsure about whether they will serve your area or not, just connect with their customer care team, and they will be happy to help you.

Wild Alaskan Company makes sure to deliver excellent quality seafood, which is 100% wild-sourced and never unethically farmed. It usually comes from the remotest parts of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest waterbodies.

Processing and packaging are done in the USA and shipped to one of the 5 fulfillment centers – Florida, Oklahoma, California, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Once you place your order, it’s immediately shipped to your address.

Our team placed an order to check how fast is their delivery and we were surprised. The order was placed on Monday, and we received it on Wednesday. The packaging was super durable. It came in a Green Cell Foam container stuffed with dry ice to retain the freshness and maintain the freezing temperature.

Wild Alaskan Company Packaging

Finding juicy, flavorful salmon is a laborious task; you come across this exceptional variety of seafood just once in a while. But with Wild Alaskan Company, all of the “perfectly packed” fish is never bland, unlike most of the stuff you might get at local supermarkets. Speaking of perfectly packed, your seafood selections are delivered to you fresh and frozen.

When you open your box, you’ll see that it’s filled with a lot of dry ice, which ensures the fish remains frozen solid inside.

Wild Alaskan Company has really aced their packaging bit. The proof of this lies in their use of “Green Cell Foam” – special insulation made using cornstarch. The insulation here maintains a frozen temperature and also keeps your precious fish from bumping around during transport.

Also praiseworthy is the fact that Green Cell Foam is 100% biodegradable – place it under water, and watch it fully dissolve! The insulation is so good that even if your order sits waiting outside for 4–5 hours until you get home, the seafood will still be hard rock frozen (in recyclable containers).

Are Wild Alaskan Company Meals Good?

Wild Alaskan Company Is it Good?

Wild Alaskan Company is a family business that supports sustainability. All their seafood has no GMOs, additives, or antibiotics. The seafood is wild-caught and never farmed.

The meals are good in every sense, even for those on a diet since salmon fits into every kind of diet plan, be it gluten-free, paleo, keto, weight loss, and more (not a vegan/vegetarian plan, of course). The salmon you get contains a ton of good-quality protein and fat. Seafood is sourced from fisheries that practice sustainability in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Frozen fish is delivered each time because the seafood delivery service freezes their wild-caught findings the very moment it’s all brought to shore. So, even you can store it in your freezer right away and enjoy its deliciousness later or even after a few days.

Are Wild Alaskan Company Meals Easy to Prepare?

Wild Alaskan Company easy to prepare

Cooking salmon becomes so much more convenient, easier, quicker, and healthier when you bake the fish. Pan-cooking can be done as well if you wish to get the most flavor out of seafood, including salmon of course. Plus, it’s more enjoyable because of the crisped salmon skin.

Steps to pan-cook Wild Alaskan Company salmon:

  • In order to remove moisture from the salmon, use a paper towel and gently pat (dry) the fish.
  • Cuts of an inch should be made on the sides. This helps in making the skin crispy.
  • Season the dish with some salt, pepper, and whatever else you like (e.g., oil, rosemary, etc.)
  • Pour a little bit of oil into a pan (must be oven-friendly, thus made of cast iron). The heat setting ought to be medium-high.
  • Now sear the salmon skin sides. Make sure the fish sizzles, for which you have to wait for the oil to get hot.
  • Soon, the skin will begin to crisp. Once that happens, flip the fish, and then place the oven-safe pan in your oven for anywhere between 3 and 5 minutes.

Now here are the steps to grill Wild Alaskan Company salmon:

  • You need a charcoal grill for grilling salmon, which also works if the oven at home is not working or is broken.
  • Light up the grill to get the temperature to reach about 400° Please note that different grills and charcoal tend to heat differently, so do what you think is best depending on the equipment you own.
  • Lightly brush your wild-caught salmon fillets with some oil, and add a little bit of pepper, salt, and lemon slices.
  • On your grill, toward the outside, place the thin fillet edges, while the thicker parts of the fish are put right on top in the middle. Remember to position the skin side of the salmon down to prevent the heat from coming directly in contact with the heat.
  • Let the fish cook like that for around 6 minutes, which is the perfect amount of time to get the skin to separate itself from the grill. Then flip the salmon.

The ideal internal temperature of cooked salmon should be 145°F. But if that’s too hot for you, 125–110°F also works without compromising texture and moisture.

Wild Alaskan Company Coupons, Promotions, and Discounts

Wild Alaskan Company ships once a month, and if you subscribe for these monthly deliveries, free shipping is all you get.

Another notable treat comes in the form of a 15% discount on the next order you place after signing up for their newsletter.

Lastly, on the first Wild Alaskan Company box, there will surely be some or the other discount, as is the case with almost every meal delivery service.

How to Order from Wild Alaskan Company Using the App/Website?

Wild Alaskan Company How to Order?

Wild Alaskan Company works like just about any other subscription-based seafood delivery service. They have a simple sign-up (3-step) process where you choose the fish box size you want to receive, either once a month or once every 2 months.

Step 1

The seafood items are bundled into 3 different plans:

  • Wild Salmon Box
  • Wild White Fish Box
  • Wild Combo Box

Each box consists of 12 or 24 servings of fish (including coho salmon, sockeye salmon, halibut, cod, sablefish, scallops, and others). Every serving is 6 ounces. So, after you choose your plan, you have to pick between 12 and 24 portions (add-ons available).

Step 2

Then you select the frequency of deliveries – monthly or bimonthly.

Step 3

Enter your payment information and delivery location and click “Place Your Order.”

Wild Alaskan Company Pros and Cons

Wild Alaskan Company Pros Cons
  • Every time you get naturally sourced fish and not a genetically modified one
  • Ordering and delivery process are completely transparent and traceable
  • You have the option to from a wide range of monthly subscription plans
  • Fishes and seafood items and sourced from The Wild Alaskan Company waterbodies
  • You get doorstep delivery of your favorite meal boxes which are ready to cook
  • Premium quality and exotic fish
  • You can literally hog on to your favorite fishes for the money you spend
  • Flexible bi-monthly and monthly subscription plans
  • Each seafood entrée is individually packed, and you can enjoy them separately
  • Can be more expensive than standard seafood delivery companies
  • Limited delivery options - choose from monthly or bi-monthly

Is Wild Alaskan Seafood Worth It for a Family?

Wild Alaskan Company for Family

The serving sizes of Wild Alaskan Company seafood are very small – only 6 ounces of fish per portion. Considering the cost per serving as well, the serving sizes just don’t add up. But what’s good here is choosing between 12 and 24 packs of fish.

Then there are the 3 different plans – Wild Salmon Box, Wild White Fish Box, and Wild Combo Box. These options make sense when you want to order seafood for your whole family; you get a variety of fish and portion sizes.

Wild Alaskan Company understands how some people can be very picky, even more so with seafood. That’s precisely why they offer variety like wild Alaskan pollock, soho salmon, and more. No matter the type of fish, everything is really fresh, and it cooks well and tastes delicious.

Wild Alaskan Company is highly recommended by its happy customers for family, friends, and anyone who enjoys quality fish.

Why You Should Order from Wild Alaskan Company?

Why You Should Order from Wild Alaskan Company?

If you follow a pescatarian diet, you have to be more thoughtful in making the right food choices. You should take extra care about what you should eat and from where it’s sourced. A globally acclaimed brand like this makes your job easy by delivering top-quality seafood right at your doorstep. Whether you’re on a keto or pescatarian diet, life becomes easier with Wild Alaskan Company.

They stand out in the freshness and quality of the fish they deliver. The moment you order, the food gets shipped at lightning-fast speed. If you care about your environment, you will highly appreciate the sustainably sourced model of Wild Alaskan Company and gradually fall in love with its family-owned business model.

While you may find Wild Alaskan Company meal kits to be expensive, ask yourself this simple question: Won’t you want to partner with a company that brings high-quality, fresh-frozen, delicious, healthy, and sustainable food to your doorstep? I bet you will.

You may feel that going to Walmart or your neighborhood supermarket and buying some fish is cheaper. But do you know how and from where those fishes are sourced? Yes, that’s where you will understand the true value of Wild Alaskan Company.

You are supporting a growing family business and sustainability and consuming non-GMO foods that are the best for your body. We are sure that you will convince yourself to pay a premium for all these wonderful benefits.

The majority of the seafood found in the local grocery store is average or below standard. Salmons are farm-raised and cods and halibuts are genetically altered. You will often encounter these issues in local stores. Well, that’s not the case with Wild Alaskan company.

They source wild salmons and wild fishes, and trust me – they taste divine and will melt in your mouth. Farm-bred and farm-raised salmon lacks flavor and taste compared to its wild-sourced friends, and that’s where Wild Alaskan Company has a definite edge. Wild-caught fish is a rare sight in local seafood retailers depending on where you live and what time of the year it is.

While testing out our Wild Alaskan Company order, we were also skeptical. Our team did a thorough and repeated research to find out the actual source of the fish. Well, we then realized that the ingredients inside their meal box are curated by an experienced and generational fisherman. He follows 100% sustainable harvesting as the core business principle, and the moment you open their box, you will know that you are holding a wild salmon.

You will appreciate their focus on quality, considering we are all surrounded by low-quality products and seafood fraud (like mislabeled fish).

Once you receive your seafood, don’t forget to follow these steps:

  • Open & Defrost

Carefully unpack the ingredients. Move your meal from the freezer to the fridge the night before you plan to cook. It will make them ready to cook the very next day.

  • Season & Cook

A simple broil or pan-fry takes not more than 7–10 minutes from preparation to serving. Wild Alaskan Company makes cooking hassle-free for you by providing all the recipes.

  • Plate & Enjoy

Pick your favorite seafood and relish it until you crave more. Whether you want it for breakfast, lunch, supper, or dinner, Wild Alaskan Company seafood will always bring a fresh taste to the table.

We suggest you take note of the following points before going ahead with the Wild Alaskan Company subscription. Wild Alaskan Company meals are perfectly suited for the following:

  • Those who are on a keto, high-protein, or pescatarian diet
  • People who love high-quality seafood and value convenience
  • Those who support the sustainable seafood procurement model

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Wild Alaskan Company Alternatives

Wild Alaskan Company Alternatives

Sitka Salmon Shares

Another company that sends wild Alaskan seafood is Sitka Salmon Shares. Their fish is responsibly sourced from Community Supported Fisheries (CSF).

Alaska Gold Club

Alaska Gold Club is also a favorite among seafood lovers who enjoy quality fish straight from the sea to the dinner table. They have the finest wild-caught salmon, black cod, rockfish, halibut, etc. Once again, these are independent fishermen for the best online seafood delivery.

Wild Premium Salmon

Whether you want 5 pounds of whole sockeye salmon fillets or 40 pounds of bulk whole sockeye salmon fillets, Wild Premium Salmon has you and your salmon cravings covered.

Wild Alaskan Company Customer Service

Wild Alaskan Company Customer Support

Customer queries and complaints are resolved promptly; Wild Alaskan Company is very forthcoming as far as resolving issues and overall customer support are concerned.

When you want to manage your subscription, the service is reasonably flexible. For example, if you’ve selected once-a-month deliveries, you can still switch to a bimonthly subscription in a hassle-free manner.

Another instance involves pausing or scheduling orders for up to 8 weeks in advance.

You can contact Wild Alaskan Company only through their email, which is sockeye@wildalaskancompany.com. No phone number is listed currently. However, they do have a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Final Verdict

Wild Alaskan Company Verdict

Wild Alaskan Company has been dedicated to providing healthy, premium-quality seafood from Alaska. They offer varied subscriptions that deliver straight to your doorstep, with a particular emphasis on Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Lots of newcomers are always hesitant about ordering seafood online, and it’s likely that you’ve had a bad experience with ordering fish online too. But after taking the plunge and ordering a box of salmon from Wild Alaskan Company, all customers were pleasantly surprised by its quality.

Fish bought in supermarkets is often just “okay” and may taste bland, but Wild Alaskan Company is a foolproof and top-quality service, especially for families that love cooking seafood dishes, especially salmon, regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wild Alaskan Company

Wild Alaskan Company FAQs

The signing up process with the Wild Alaskan company is super easy. You just need to click their “Choose Your Plan” button and select from the list of plans. Once you have finalized your area of interest, simply click “Select Your Plan,” and you are good to go. Once you have decided the plan, you need to enter your delivery details and click the “Place Your Order” button. Sounds easy, right?

Your fish comes in the fresh-frozen form so that you don’t miss out on its wild freshness. Well, it may sound a little weird, but trust us, that’s how the freshness is preserved. Fast freezing the wild-caught fish kills any potential germs or parasites and increases its longevity. The irresistible flavor of the neatly processed fish will blow your mind.

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging are the USPs of the Wild Alaskan company. Your fish is delivered frozen in a recyclable insulated cooler strategically packed with dry ice. The moment you receive your seafood, stash it in your freezer or cook immediately. Instantly freezing the wild-sourced fish once it’s brought to shore retains its freshness and flavor along with increasing its life span.

Your order is expected to get delivered every week between Monday and Thursday. You will receive every shipment around the same time every month. Set your clock accordingly and be home if possible so that your food doesn’t have to face any time decay.

Tracking of your Wild Alaskan meal delivery is super easy. All the boxes are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays each week. The delivery time of your Wild Alaskan meal boxes depends on your residential address. Presently, the company doesn’t allow you to choose your preferred delivery day. The only drawback of this approach is if you are not at home, your meal box will be dropped on your doorstep.

They have a helpful support team. You can email or call the team to find out the delivery status. Launching a mobile app or website chat option is in the pipeline.

Wild Alaskan team values your time and makes your cooking experience hassle-free. After you receive your favorite seafood, pop it inside the freezer. You don’t need to prepare or sharpen your culinary skill to prepare Wild Alaskan meals.

When you feel like eating, simply thaw, cook, and enjoy.

As of now, they don’t have a gifting option that you can use. Having gift cards for Wild Alaskan seafood would surely be a great idea to test out their offerings.

Wild Alaskan offers you with a monthly subscription that can be canceled or paused after a monthly cycle is over.

They run a monthly and supply-driven seafood subscription program by sourcing high-quality fishes in small batches. Since the fishes are procured from wild and sustainable sources, monthly estimation is key. It helps source high-quality fish consistently, which otherwise gets difficult without an accurate estimate. The sustainability-driven approach of the Wild Alaskan Company is a pole apart from your local fish retailer or the grocery store.

They offer monthly or bi-monthly plans. Once you sign up, the Member Experience team of Wild Alsakan company reaches out to you and to make sure your ordering frequency is in line with your needs. They will also give you some handy tools to track and manage your orders. If you feel like modifying or changing your order frequency, you can easily do it with the Wild Alaskan smooth ordering process.

If it’s your first time trying Wild Alaskan Company and you’re not satisfied with your order, let them know, and they’ll happily provide a full refund.

But if you’re a regular customer and aren’t happy with your order, let them know within 7 days of receiving the order. They offer three options:

  • Sending a replacement
  • Giving you a full refund
  • Adding credits to your account

Returning non-food items from their menu, you have until 30 days from the delivery date to return them. The item must be unused and in its original packaging.

In some cases of returning, Wild Alaskan Company may request photos of the box or items you’re unhappy with before processing a return or a refund.

The Wild Alaskan company doesn’t forcibly bind you with them. Their scheduling feature is super flexible. You can skip, pause, or cancel future deliveries anytime before your membership is due for renewal every month. You can initiate the process by simply logging into your Wild Alaskan account.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting customer support. However, once an order is in the “Confirmed,” “Preparing,” or “Shipped” status, sadly it cannot be canceled, and you might have to pay a cancellation charge.

However, you do have the flexibility to modify your subscription plan, frequency, and delivery schedule before the order has been shipped. You can do this easily through your online account portal.

If you find that you’re getting too much seafood, you can opt for less frequent deliveries, like every 1.5, 2, or 3 months, while still maintaining your subscription.

One important note before deactivation – if you have any pending orders or preordered specials at the time of deactivation, reach out to their customer care team to resolve it. They’ll do their best to stop pending orders from being shipped.

Once an order has been packed for shipping or has left the packing facility, it cannot be stopped. So, keep an eye on your inbox for shipping updates regarding any orders.

The seafood delivered by Wild Alaskan Company can be safely stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days, provided it’s fully thawed and the temperature is kept at 40°F or lower. However, if you want to freeze it, that’s fine too. It’ll stay fresh for longer than a week, up to 3 months ideally, or up to a year.

What about cooking and storing fish? Wild Alaskan Company suggests that cooked fish lasts a bit longer than raw. The best you can do is consume leftovers within 3–4 days to avoid spoilage.

The quality maintenance at Wild Alaskan Company is superior and consistent. The process of flash freezing is crucial to maintaining the quality of fish, differentiating it from “fresh” fish typically sold in grocery stores. Flash-frozen fish keep the taste intact by minimizing thawing cycles.

Storing raw seafood for the first time? Transfer the seafood to a covered container or a resealable bag to prevent drying out. You can also wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or moisture-proof paper until you’re ready to cook.

Ideally, cooking fish shouldn’t take you longer than 15–20 minutes after the raw fish has been thawed and kept at refrigerated temperature for up to 30 minutes before cooking.

Here’s a chef’s tip: Before cooking, make sure you use a paper towel or a dish towel to pat each fish piece dry. If the fish has extra moisture, it may cause the fish to stick to the pan while cooking.

Expect all Wild Alaskan Company orders to occur within the delivery window of Monday through Thursday each week. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that each upcoming shipment will be scheduled to arrive at approximately the same time each month, so you won’t get any surprise visits in case you’ve ordered multiple shipments in advance.

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