Factor vs. Freshly: Who’s the Best?

Last Updated : February 23, 2024


Would you ever want to compromise your health and trade your precious time for it? Of course not! We got this answer from many people who value their time and health and never compromise on any entity leading to a less healthy life. Factor75 (also known as Factor) and Freshly are competitors in premade meal delivery.

Both websites let customers choose a meal plan according to their preference and deliver the meal directly to their doorsteps. This makes customers’ life easy, saving them from the hassle of creating a meal from scratch. You can create a meal plan for yourself, making it easy to keep track of your diet and daily intake of calories. The food is freshly prepared and made by chefs who can make your tastebuds happy while saving substantial time.

Why Should You Use a Meal Delivery Service?

Usually, if you want your favorite meal, a market tour is necessary for collecting the items or groceries needed. Using a meal delivery service is not shared worldwide, but can it revolutionize the food system? The answer can be extracted by comparing the essentials and services offered related to previous methods.

In traditional methods, you will have to prepare the necessary ingredients and chop things up until they are ready for use in your favorite recipe. And now comes the tricky part you have to wait for it to cook and be there to make sure the meal turns out well. Meal delivery services can save you from all that hassle and time wastage at an affordable price.


Meal delivery services are your golden ticket out of your daily routine and can give you time to focus on essential tasks. They don’t even cost much compared to all the work required to prepare a meal. Suppose you live alone in an apartment and cooking three times a day costs a lot of your time. Comparing the price, hard work, and time consumption between the traditional way of cooking and the quick meal delivery service, it’s not hard to decide.

However, meal delivery services can be limited to a specific menu. They usually provide about 20 to 30 options for a suitable meal plan. Factor and Freshly offer enough votes for a weekly meal plan with huge similarities. Still, these meal delivery services can prove their worth as their pricing is quite effective compared to traditional cooking.

Saves Time

Good cooking can cost a significant amount of time, considering different dishes, the preparation for ingredients, and waiting time for it to cook until you can devour it. This can cost you essential time and affect your work schedule. As discussed above, living alone or cooking for a large family can be challenging.

While meal delivery services like Factor and Freshly can spice up an individual’s routine, they can make effective alterations to their daily routine. The customer has to prepare a meal plan for the week that can be done using a laptop or directly from a smartphone which is ideal for people who are health-conscious and keep track of their diets.

Factor vs. Freshly: Menu Option Comparison

Both brands focus on fast food delivery by providing many dishes on the menu at affordable prices. They provide 20 to 30 options that you can choose from and create a weekly meal plan. The meals can be vegetarian and nonvegetarian, depending on the type of food you want.

The menu is specifically created for the user by the user. This gives customers better opportunity and authenticity to select what’s best according to their desires. Both companies provide fully prepared meals and weekly rotating menus with different add-ons. Thus, this is the best gig for anyone who is health-conscious and tries to manage their time without compromising on flavor.

Factor’s Menu

Factor provides about 20 meal selections per week which you can choose from according to your diet. Customers can decide which meals to take for their breakfast, lunch, or dinner and benefit from the rotating menu. Compared to Freshly, Factor has more choices for vegetarians but is more expensive.

They provide a complimentary dietitian for consultation according to customers’ calorie intake and best diet choices. Users can create a custom menu with all the essential proteins and diet ingredients. Factor’s meals are perfectly balanced and provide sweets, while the Freshly menu is more diversified. The menu offered by Factor also has the freedom of selecting add-ons to your meals to improve your eating journey.

Freshly’s Menu

The Freshly menu varies greatly from Factor, whether it is in the number of options or ingredients. They offer about 30 meals every week, which is more than Factor, but all of their meals are gluten-free. This is a plus point for most people, but they are usually based on public health and nutrition. In contrast, for some people who are on a specific diet like keto, Freshly comes as a better option for them.

The meals at Freshly are not vegetarian, so you can count yourself out if you are following a vegetarian diet. However, if you like the taste, the calorie intake and diet can be managed accordingly. Nutrition information and guidance are given on the website and mobile app, which can provide customers an insight into their diet selection.

Meal Plan

Individuals can choose different meal plans offered by the brands that concern their diet and nutrition requirements and fulfill them. The program includes the number of meals per week which you can select depending on your diet needs. They may range from 4 to 18 meals per week, but for Freshly, the weekly limit is about 12 meals per week.


From Factor, customers can select meals ranging from 4 to 18 meals per week which are more significant than Freshly. Factor offers its customers many features, including a diet plan and automatic selection of the best meals by chefs. The programs at Factor are of three types: Chef’s Choice, Calorie Smart Diet, and Keto-oriented diet.

  • Chef’s Choice includes a carefully calculated menu, including a balanced diet of low-calorie and vegetarian meals. It is a balanced blend of all the flavors and nutrients.
  • Calorie Smart diet includes a diet specifically designed for people who want a low-calorie intake.
  • Keto Diet plans a meal specifically keto-friendly, as the name suggests, and makes it easier for people to choose.

Changing Meal Plans

Customers can change their meal plan any time of the day before midnight, which offers the option to cancel, alter, or edit a meal before the next day’s delivery.


Freshly provides more choices than its competitors. Freshly offers meals per week ranging from 4 to 12 in quantity. For Freshly, customers can select their custom menu from the list of dishes. Then, the customer can choose their delivery day and start their nutritious diet immediately.

All of the meals at Freshly are gluten-free, and it’s hard to find foods with vegetarian options. However, the user can create their specific meal list as the nutrient and protein guides are available online and on the Freshly app. Thus, no matter what diet a user follows, Freshly provides a wide range of options.

Changing Meal Plans

Customers can change, pause, or cancel a meal before it’s delivered the following day by changing their meal plan at any moment before midnight. The Skip button is available to customers under their delivery section, and they can skip meals with just one click.

Partner in Weight Loss

Cooking daily is hectic, but what if you are inclined toward your health and diet scenarios? It will be challenging to cook and manage the daily calorie intake when you can’t cook with stability and authentic ingredients. This can cause a rise in calorie intake and result in weight gain, which can cost you your health.

However, customers can see and plan their calorie intake with either Factor or Freshly. While both brands produce meals with fewer calories and sustainable ingredients mesh, options are still available for you to gain weight by planning your diet accordingly. One can simply use an online calculator to calculate the calorie intake needed for their desired weight goal.


What is the use of a meal delivery service if it’s going to deliver inedible food? Here, we give you a comparison between the taste of both Factor and Freshly so you can decide what’s best for you!


Everyone mostly likes Factor’s meals, and the seasoning is well-appreciated. For people who want good seasoning with organic foods, Factor is the better option. The reviews from different customers give the verdict, and the crown goes to Factor rather than Freshly. Factor provides excellent foods with taste and perfect seasoning while balancing health with calories.


Freshly meals are good, but the seasoning is not right on point. Compared to Factor’s, their foods are not mostly organic and may affect many consumers. They provide high-quality meals, but their foods are gluten-free and refined. The brand does not add artificial ingredients to the meals, but if you want organic foods, Factor is the choice.


Consumers are always aware of the prices that a brand’s competitors offer. Thus, companies try to be more affordable and provide customers with better options than their competitors. Both Factor and Freshly offer a specific quantity of meals per week and prices according to that.


Factor offers meals ranging from 4 to a whopping 18 meals per week. The price for the smallest number of meals per week is significantly higher than when you opt to purchase meals in larger batches. Customers can choose accordingly and plan their diet and nutrition.

For 18 meals, it’s about $11 per meal, while it costs $15 per meal for 4 meals per week.


Freshly has more menu items and about 30 meals, but they provide a meal range of about 4 to 12 per week. The same rule is applicable: the more you buy, the more you save. For the lowest meals per week, Freshly has a price of $10, including the shipping charges, which is $5 less than Factor.


Both brands emphasize nutritional meals and diet factors. Freshly has more options to choose from as they provide a variety of 30 meals, while Factor has only 20 meals. However, organic foods are a different story, but both give a blend of variety and nutrition with their meals.

The nutritional content is available, but Freshly does not portray itself as nutrition-oriented on the market. Freshly is more about healthy meals, which does not mean they do not care about nutrition. However, Factor is more inclined toward the nutritional goals of consumers and has arranged the meals according to low-calorie, high-calorie, ketogenic meals, dairy-free, etc.

Meal Preparation

How a company prepares meals tells a lot about its policies and care for its consumers. Many meal delivery services make their production top-notch by avoiding unhealthy food and environments and improving the best user experience. Both brands create their meals by considering users’ health and dietary needs and giving the best possible meal list with good facilities.


Factor is a famous brand in the market of meal delivery services. There are many competitors available in the market which provides different food menus with varying delivery days. However, the users are inclined to online meal delivery services because of the short time or their lack of knowledge for cooking. Factor considers all possible combinations, creates the best meal list with organic compounds, and makes it easy for users to reheat and eat anytime they want.

Factor uses unfrozen ingredients for their meals and tries to make their menus with the help of dietitians and nutritionists. You can reheat the meal in 23 mins, and Factor also mentions on its boxes that they are BPA-free. Also, you can freeze the leftover meal and eat it some other time. Factor’s menu also focuses more on the nutrition side and gives proper knowledge about the content of meals.


The meal delivery service mainly concerns the health of its consumers rather than dietary factors but still provides all the nutritional information needed for the meal. Freshly is a competitor to Factor, and comparing both brands, Freshly’s menu is more diverse and gives more options. Like Factor, Freshly’s menu is also tailored by dietitians and nutritionists; thus, consumers can enjoy food while never compromising their health.

The difficulty level of both services is easy, and anyone with little knowledge deals with it. The meal is well-prepared, and when it arrives, the only thing you need to do is eat. This makes the user try new meals every week while taking care of their health and tastebuds. The boxes are also microwavable and can be stored for further usage and reheating meals.


Regardless of the product, packaging quality is essential and gives a lot of information about the brand. Good packaging refers to the product’s high quality and suitability, especially regarding food. Most people are concerned about the environment and the effects of plastic products on daily life. The packaging should be easy to handle, biodegradable, and friendly for meal storage.


Factor provides extremely well packaging for the meals and shows its environmental care. The materials used for packaging are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, which helps sustain the environment and leaves a good impression on its customers.

The boxes are microwave-friendly so that customers can reheat their food in minutes. A simple text is written over the boxes, and a minimalist design is offered by Factor.


In the case of Freshly, 85% of the material used to create the packaging is biodegradable. Environment-friendly substances are used, which leaves a good gesture on the minds of its consumers. Moreover, they provide better labels than Factor by applying them on the sides of the box. Thus, even if the boxes are stacked, you can easily see the box’s content and find your perfect meal.


For an online business, an app or website is crucial; otherwise, the brand cannot even create its image in the market. The main goal is not just a website but one that is easily accessible and fulfills the usability goals for users.


The company brings its users a website and an app that they can use to interact with and select their meals to get delivered to their doorsteps. The UI of the website and app is commendable and extremely good compared to other meal services. The website provides usability and hands-on experience on selecting meals with their details all in one place.


Freshly clearly wins the battle of providing their customers with a better experience. Although the user experience looks the same as Factor, there are minor differences that affect the experience of consumers and make it easy for them to use. Freshly follows better usability guidelines in its app and website, making meal selection and avoiding certain meals according to their profile easier.

Customer Service

Factor and Freshly are well-known brands that provide satisfactory customer service. From users’ data, both brands quickly respond and solve ongoing issues without delays. The feedback is quick and effective, which gives the user a better chance to stay connected to the brand and be a loyal customer.

The responses are pretty friendly and do not seem like a scripted bot, creating a better user experience and a loyal customer if problems are solved.



  • Convenient to create a meal plan.
  • Balanced seasoning with organic food.
  • Rotating menu to choose from.
  • Menu changes every week.
  • Meals prepared with unfrozen ingredients.
  • Recyclable BPA-free packaging.


  • Affordable than its competitors.
  • Large menu of about 30 meals.
  • New item nearly every week.
  • The food menu is entirely gluten-free.
  • 85% of the packaging is recyclable.



  • The source of ingredients is not fully disclosed.
  • More expensive than its competitors.
  • Breakfast options are limited.
  • Not suitable for people with gluten allergies.
  • The vegetable portion is small.


  • The food isn’t organic, and the source is unknown.
  • Fewer options for people pursuing a diet.
  • Not suitable for people with allergies.
  • Breakfast and snack options are not included.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Is Factor and Factor 75 the same company?

Yes, the name of Factor75 was changed during a rebranding strategy. The current name of the company is Factor.

Can I pursue a healthy lifestyle with meal delivery services?

Yes, these services provide a diverse and nutrition-based meal menu for your selection. Meals contain the essential nutrients and calorie intake for a healthy life and offer better diet plans like Keto and Calorie Smart.

How much does Factor cost per month?

The cost can change according to your number of meals selected as the price decreases for a higher number of meals per week. Moreover, the cost can vary depending on the add-ons. For 18 meals per week, Factor charges about $10 per meal.

Is Freshly more expensive than Factor?

From the price point of view, Factor is more expensive than Freshly, but if you want organic food, Factor is the choice.

Which brand has better seasoning?

Compared to its competitor, Freshly provides better seasoning and organic meals, which are more balanced in terms of health and nutrition.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a meal delivery service can be hectic when you have dozens of options. People cannot try every meal delivery service and choose the best among them. In terms of Freshly and Factor, both brands stand up to their name and provide good-quality food with essential nutrients and diet options.

Factor provides food more on the seasoning side, which is organic, and pays more attention to the diet factors of users. The price is somehow more than Freshly, but it is still justified because of its better taste and nutrition.

Freshly allows the users to adopt a healthy lifestyle by providing food that is more concerned about health. They also offer balanced diets and the information of contents in meals but do not specifically concern diet factors. Both brands have good meal delivery and customer services, while Freshly is less costly and provides more meal options than Factor. However, if you are more diet-conscious as well as a seasoning lover, Factor is the choice.