5 Fun Romantic Dinners to Make With Your Girlfriend

Last Updated : February 23, 2024

Romantic Dinners With Your Girlfriend

When you are looking to prepare a surprise for that special someone in your life, cooking them a fresh meal is an excellent choice. Dinner date ideas using a meal delivery service are fantastic for people who want to impress someone. They are even better when you want to stay home to avoid contact with people in the grocery store.

Summer is one of the best times of the year to use these services because there are dozens of fresh produce items and recipes to enjoy. If you are not handy with a knife, then selecting a place that sends you everything you need in the correct portions cuts out a lot of the work. Here are five excellent food delivery companies and ideas when you are cooking for your girlfriend or making a meal together.

Deliveries from Sun Basket

This company uses certified organic fruits and vegetables, giving you the best flavor, nutrients, and options for dinner. You can choose what you want to make or options for the type of diet you follow. For example, you can choose from Paleo or gluten-free meal options. Sun Basket preps the food for you, so there is no work to do like cleaning and chopping vegetables.

Sun Basket regularly offers discounts, new meals, and snacks. They even include free gifts like snacks you can take on your way out the door. When you sign up for the website, you can take advantage of the special deals, and set up your meal plan. They send products every week until you cancel.

Most menu items are ready to eat in about half an hour. The company allows you to change out your order as long as you meet the cut-off deadline according to their terms of service. They ship to most of the United States, however; they do not deliver to Hawaii or Alaska. In Montana, North Dakota, and parts of New Mexico, there may not be a delivery service. It is important to check with the company to see if your zip code is in the delivery zone.

When cooking for girlfriend, one of the must-try recipes is the Cashew Lime Glazed Chicken. You can use the meal up to five days after delivery. If something gets in the way of your dinner plans, then you can save the meal for a different night. This meal is safe for diabetics and is only 350 calories. Feed her slices of fresh radishes and bok choy. The fresh cilantro and brightness of the citrus fruits make this dish stand out. If she cannot have dairy or one of you is allergic to soy, then this dinner is the perfect choice because there are none of these ingredients in the meal.

Seasonal favorites from HelloFresh

Is there a special meal for a girlfriend you want to try out? HelloFresh offers a huge variety of seasonal produce and meal choices. Every week this delivery service creates 20 different meals to try out. You can cancel anytime you want as long as you make your plans clear by five days before your order ships. You can customize your options and select vegetarian or meat dishes. Choose from three, four, or five dishes each week. You can also adjust the serving size to accommodate dinner for two or four people.

While you are using this site, discounts are available through Honey and Hello Fresh accepts promotional codes. If your dinner date ideas are for a special occasion, then going with a steak dinner is magnificent. The Steak and Shallot Meal with a sauce you make from the drippings is sure to please any meat lover. They round this meal out with fresh zucchini. They source it at the precise ripeness for tender and juicy bites you can share. A side of garlic bread completes the meal. With little fuss and very little preparation, you can have this dinner on the table as quickly as 25 minutes after opening the box.

Spend the prep time catching up with your girl and talking about the day. Share the cooking duties by taking turns basting the steak, filling your home with the aroma of seared meat, and sauteed vegetables. You will have the chance to sip a glass of wine or feed her a decadent dessert if you are not on a carbohydrate conscious diet. She will adore the time you spend preparing such a fragrant meal with fresh ingredients. Hello Fresh packages each item separately, so there is no cross-contamination between the garlic and the steak. This packing choice lets each ingredient shine in your special meal for girlfriend.

Quick dinners from Green Chef

Do you want to cook up a gourmet meal, but time is not always on your side? If you are a busy person, then sometimes, it is important to have fresh food options that you can use for intimate gatherings. When you want to host a party of two, then a delicate dinner that is bursting with flavor can be the way to go.

Green Chef features four different meal plans to consider. The Keto meals offer low-carbohydrate options for people who want to maintain a low-calorie diet. Plant-Powered is a vegan and vegetarian meal selection. The Balanced Living option is a customizable selection with a variety of meats and vegetables. The Paleo meal plan allows you to create dinners with no dairy, soy, gluten, or grains. It also includes organic produce.

You can select meal plans for two or four people. Meal deliveries come as three or four recipes per week. One of the biggest advantages of using the Green Chef delivery service is the ability to select when you want to receive your meals. There is no preset delivery day. The company ships to the lower 48 states, except for some places in Louisiana.

Another perk of using Green Chef is the packaging they use. They only put products in environmentally friendly materials. Right now they are offering free shipping and an $80 discount on the first four weeks of deliveries. Dinner is done in as little as 30 minutes.

One bold dinner choice is the Creamy Baked Farfalle Pasta. This delicious dinner option will tickle her taste buds with vibrant flavors. Cremini mushrooms and chard sit under a sauce of lemon and basil yogurt with a hint of garlic. The pasta gets a coating of mozzarella cheese, but the star of the meal is the fresh tomatoes with a marinade of balsamic vinegar that will make your mouth water as you wait for the dish to bake. This meal uses wheat and milk, so you will want to make sure she has no allergies to these items before you place your order.

No preparation meals from Home Chef

Cooking for a girlfriend means making sure the meal goes according to plan. With Home Chef, there is no worry about someone cutting his or her finger while prepping the ingredients. If you are not handy with the stove, then maybe choosing an oven option is best. You can get a $60 discount on your first six orders with your plan.

This meal option features a number one satisfaction rating among buyers. You can order every week, or you can skip a delivery with no penalties or worry about charges. Most meals are under $7.00 a dinner, and there are 38 different choices to consider surprising her with when you want to treat her to a memorable evening. The company delivers to all lower 48 states with most weekly plans sitting under $50.

Home Chef packages foods, sauces, and other items in recyclable materials. You will never have to throw any packaging in the trash. You can even compost the liners inside the boxes. There are four meal plans to consider. When you want the fastest option, then the less than 30-minute dinners are the no-prep choice. You can also choose from low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, and vegetarian meal plans.

When she is arriving much sooner than you expect, fire up the grill and get ready to watch the sunset with the Salmon with red pepper jelly sauce and asparagus with crispy onions. You can have this meal on the plate in as little as fifteen short minutes. She will thank you for making dinner with less than 28 grams of carbohydrates and serving something that packs a punch in every bite. While this dish comes with hot jalapeno sauce, the overall heat is mild. All you have to do is supply the conversation and the grill.

Customizable dinner options from EveryPlate

When you want an affordable delivery service plan for dinners, then Every Plate may be the one you’d like the most. These meals can be as low as $2.99 per serving. Every option is five dollars or less. Plus, new subscribers can save as much as $80 total on their first few orders. The insulation in the boxes means your delivery stays a consistent temperature until you get home to collect the shipment when you are out picking a fresh flower bouquet or bottle of wine.

EveryPlate offers two and four-person meal plans. They base the options on adult portions, so a family with a couple of children can easily feed five. However, when you are surprising your girl for a major event or celebration, then the two-person option is more than enough food for both of you. With top-quality ingredients, you know you are making a meal that is healthy and full of flavor.

If the two of you are more of a burger and fries couple, then the mouthwatering Super Smashed Burgers from Every Plate is the place to start. Invite her over for movies and a filling meal. This choice includes a smoky chipotle aioli sauce and sugar-crusted onions from caramelizing them. You will serve her these burgers on a potato bun. The main course sits alongside fries you make with Yukon Gold potatoes. With very few ingredients to supply, you will probably have the ketchup and oil on hand to serve this dish any night of the week.

Surprising your girlfriend with a spectacular meal is much easier with the help of one of these food delivery services. They come with all the ingredients minus a few staples. The recipes are easy to follow, and the delivery prices are inexpensive. The great thing about these meal options is you never have to leave home. You can order from the safety of your residence to cook her a dinner she will not soon forget.