The 5 Best Food Delivery Services to Keep Your Kids Happy

Last Updated : April 2, 2024

Meal delivery services for kids

Single parents with sons or daughters know all about proper nutrition, but where do you find the time to cook a lot when raising kids on your own? Meal delivery services can help make preparing home-cooked family meals much more manageable, and the good news is that these services are within budget.

Busy parents who want to save time have dozens of options that they can choose from if they don’t want to sacrifice quality. However, with so many services available, you might want to narrow your possible choices down to the best overall options. These top five services will help make the life of a single parent easier.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers a range of options for single parents with children that include family, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and breakfast selections. Classic meals cost less than $12 a serving, whereas family meals are below $10 per serving, which helps them easily fit within most budgets. Your kids will be able to enjoy healthier meals with the range of options available with the meal choices.

All the ingredients are sustainably sourced, with antibiotic-free and grass-fed meat, being a staple of most of the entrees. The produce-based ingredients are organic and as fresh as possible for the best quality. When you put these meals together, you can have the assurance that your children are eating healthy.

Some of the options that are perfect for a single parent’s time include:

  • Greek meatballs with tomato-cucumber salad and lemon-tahini dressing
  • Crustless chicken pot pie with mushrooms and carrots
  • Butter chicken with basmati rice pilaf
  • Spicy shrimp over smashed cucumber salad
  • Vegan Caesar salad with tempeh croutons

All of these meals are easily prepared, with minimal ingredients of your own required. In most cases, you can have the meals ready in 15 to 30 minutes. First-time users can enjoy perks like free meals or discounts off their first order.

Sun Basket ships to most of the US, except for Alaska and Hawaii, as well as some areas of MT, ND, and NM. With delivery to a broad coverage area, most parents should be able to make use of this service easily. The time that you save using these services allows plenty of time for other activities with your kids.


HelloFresh! offers the fresh ingredients that make meal preparation for busy dads or moms easier. There are three weekly plans that users can choose from among, with an average cost of under $10 a meal. There are classic, family, and calorie-smart plans that customers can choose from served by this European company.

Customers in the continental United States have full access to the diverse menu choices. You don’t have to worry about your kids being bored with any of the offerings that are available. Everyone in your house will enjoy the opportunity to sample new flavors.

Some of the meals include:

  • Cherry balsamic pork chops with green Beans & thyme-roasted potatoes
  • Salsa Verde enchiladas with poblano pepper, black beans & Monterey Jack
  • Herby balsamic pork tenderloin with roasted broccoli & garlic bread
  • Sesame Szechuan pork noodles with rainbow cabbage and peanuts
  • Pork chili and cheese stuffed poblanos with black beans and fresh salsa
  • Italian noodle soup with chicken sausage, farfalle pasta & Parmesan toasts
  • Beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce with roasted brussels sprouts and fingerling potatoes
  • Caesar Crunch Chicken with Parmesan Frico roasted veggies
  • Mushroom and chive risotto with garlic herb butter

One of the options that HelloFresh offers is omitting ingredients if you have allergies or sensitivities. All of the parts feature individual packaging, which makes omitting ingredients easier if you decide you need to leave something out after your order has been delivered. It’s very easy to keep your meals free of ingredients that can trigger allergies or sensitivities. But this does not guarantee that the kits are free from the allergens as all meal kits are prepared within the same area. Although cross contamination is minimized with leaving out the main allergen ingredient, HelloFresh does not guarantee that there is no present allergen.

New customers can enjoy coupons that offer savings off their first order, creating a great incentive to try these meals and use them again in the future. Enjoying savings off your order is a good way to decide whether this service is the right choice for your family.

Green Chef

Green Chef is an ideal solution for a single dad with daughters or sons who want to make sure that their children get the most nutritious, sustainable options. These meals are ready to eat in 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time with your kids. Eco-friendly packaging is used for shipping to help you minimize your family’s carbon footprint. Average prices of $10 to $15 per meal make this delivery service an affordable option for the needs of most families.

Meal options are diverse, ranging from family meals to paleo and vegan options that don’t require you to sacrifice anything. Nobody in your family will be bored with the food, and will probably end up with a few new favorites. Some of the meal options that you might want to explore include:

  • Chicken fajita salad with bell pepper, creminis, jicama, and cilantro-lime vinagrette
  • Caribbean trout with mango salsa and coconut-flavored cauliflower “rice,” onion, and roasted bell pepper
  • Kale salad with pork, radishes, and roasted red beets, sunflower seeds, and Swiss cheese
  • Thai coconut shrimp soup with scallions, shiitake mushrooms, and black sesame seeds
  • Honey-mustard pork tenderloins featuring roasted yellow squash with walnuts and Parmesan potato cakes
  • Vegan and bean stuffed peppers with rice and roasted peppers, and chimichurri sauce

The $9 shipping fee makes these meals very affordable to get and use on a regular basis. Customers in all areas of the United States, except for Alaska, Hawaii, and some regions within Louisiana can enjoy these services. It’s easy for Louisiana residents to check and see if their zip code is one of the areas of the state served.

You can have the food delivered on your schedule, and pause deliveries as your needs require. The deliveries will never become burdensome because of how easily you can schedule them. Coupons offering savings of up to $50 off your first order are a great incentive to give this service a try.

Home Chef

If you’re a single parent , you’ll want to give Home Chef a try for meals that you can customize to your kids’ tastes. These meals are ready in 30 minutes or less, and many are easy to prepare and serve in five minutes. Some of the individual options available include low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, and vegetarian options.

At $6.99 per meal, you’ll be able to afford this meal delivery service very easily. Meal delivery kits offer an excellent value over fat food meals, with a better nutritional value. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier with these kits.

Some of the meals that you might be able to try include:

  • Teriyaki-lime ahi tuna with roasted broccoli and jasmine rice
  • Prosciutto and fig mini-flatbreads with mozzarella
  • Israeli salad with bell peppers, crispy chickpeas, and feta cheese
  • Cajun sausage stuffed peppers and remoulade sauce with grape tomatoes and queso fresco
  • Chicken and black bean soup
  • Red pepper jelly-glazed salmon with crispy onion asparagus
  • Cuban avocado black bean quinoa bowl

Even if your plan preferences change, it is easy to update your preferences. Customers in most of the United States can take advantage of this service. Several discounts are available that you will have access to, including free shipping deals and meal discounts.


EveryPlate is an excellent option for single parents with son who want quality meals ready in less time. You’ll have 12 meals to choose from among every week, and these meals are ready in 30 minutes to give you additional time. Choose servings for two to four people and three to five meals each week. At $4.99 per serving, you’ll find this meal delivery service within your budget needs.

Some of the tasty meal options you can choose include foods like:

  • Stuffed pork burgers with potato wedges and BBQ onion
  • Dijon butter steak with asparagus and rosemary potatoes
  • Cowboy skillet pie with jalapenos and green beans
  • Charred zucchini and tomato melt featuring mozzarella and sweet potato rounds
  • Lemony shrimp penne in silky tomato sauce with Parmesan

The shipping for each meal is $8.99, making these options very readily affordable. One thing that you will want to keep in mind is that the plans don’t include meals for special diets, so you’ll need to keep this in mind if anyone in your family is on a different type of diet. Every Plate delivers to most of the continental US, and you can look up your zip code to see if delivery is available for your area.


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