Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel Factor 75: Simplify Your Meal Plan Changes

Last Updated : March 7, 2024

How to Cancel Factor 75

If you’re here to find out how to cancel factor meals subscription you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we go straight to the point, providing you with clear, step-by-step instructions to end your subscription. Expect detailed guidance from prep to finish, including understanding your subscription details, initiating cancellation, and ensuring there are no loose ends.

Key Takeaways

  • Cancel your Factor 75 meal subscription before 11:59 p.m. CT on Wednesdays to avoid being charged for the next delivery. Manage changes via ‘Plan Settings’ in your account.
  • After deciding to cancel, use the ‘Deactivate My Plan’ option in the ‘Plan Settings’ or contact customer support by email or phone. Confirm cancellation with an email from Factor.
  • Before canceling, consider alternatives like skipping delivery weeks or adjusting meal preferences. If switching to another service, compare options to find a better fit for your dietary needs and budget.

Understanding Factor 75 Subscription Details

Fresh ingredients and meal plans

Factor 75, a meal delivery service that’s been making waves since its establishment in 2013, offers an array of meal plans to fit a variety of dietary needs and food preferences. Whether you’re on a Keto diet, a Vegan diet, or just want to try out the Chef’s Choice, Factor 75 has you covered with meals made from fresh, never-frozen, and high-quality ingredients.

The flexibility of a Factor subscription is one of its main attractions. You can customize your Factor meals subscription by choosing from:

  • 4 meals per week
  • 6 meals per week
  • 8 meals per week
  • 12 meals per week
  • 18 meals per week

What’s more, the menu changes weekly, keeping your meal times exciting and varied. The cost of your subscription will depend on the number of weekly meals that you choose to have in your meal box, and be on the lookout for discounts and promos that may be available.

Keep in mind, though, Factor’s weekly cutoff time. If you wish to cancel factor’s offerings of meals subscription, make sure to do it before 11:59 p.m. CT every week. This way, you’ll avoid extra charges for meals you won’t be consuming.

Initiating the Factor Cancellation Process

Accessing account settings for cancellation

So, you’ve made up your mind to cancel your Factor meals subscription. The first step is to sign in to your Factor Meals account on their website. Once you’re in, locate the ‘Plan Settings’ option on the sidebar menu of your account’s main page.

This will bring you to the plan management section of your account. From here, you can start the cancellation process. Ensure to carry out this process before the weekly cutoff time of 11:59 pm CT every Wednesday to avoid unnecessary charges. This way, you can avoid being charged for another week of meals.

Locating Your Account Settings

When you log in to your Factor Meals account, you’ll find your account settings in the ‘Settings’ section of the Factor 75 website. This is where you can find answers to frequently asked questions about canceling your factor meal subscription. The account settings icon isn’t specifically described on the website, but it’s typically a person icon or something similar that signifies personal account options.

If you encounter any issues with your subscription, Factor 75’s customer support is just an email away to inquire about a partial or full refund.

Navigating to Plan Management

After locating your account settings, proceed to the ‘Plan Settings’ found on your account’s main page. This is where you can manage your new subscription commitment period. If you’re using the Factor 75 app, you can also manage your plan by checking out your account details through the app, giving you another option besides the website.

Finalizing Your Factor Cancellation

Finalizing cancellation request

Good job, you’re almost there! With the ‘Plan Settings’ page up, you’re ready to finalize the cancellation. You can do this by selecting the ‘Deactivate My Plan’ option or by contacting Factor’s customer support team via email or phone. Don’t forget to cancel your Factor 75 subscription before the Wednesday deadline of 11:59 pm CT to dodge charges for the upcoming delivery.

Once you’ve submitted your cancellation request, you might want to check your Factor account and cancel your authorization or update your other payment details change your method if necessary. This is to ensure that your cancellation goes through smoothly and you won’t be charged in the future.

To confirm that your Factor 75 subscription has been thoroughly canceled, look out for an email confirmation from Factor’s customer support team. If you don’t receive one, contact their team to ensure your cancellation has been processed.

Selecting the Factor Cancellation Option

To select the cancellation option, navigate to ‘Plan Settings’ and scroll until you see the ‘Deactivate My Plan’ option. Click on it. You have the option to cancel your subscription by either sending an email to or calling Factor 75 at (888) 573-5727.

Submitting Your Factor Cancellation Request

After selecting the cancellation option, you need to submit your cancellation request. You can do this by:

  • Providing your full name and the email address associated with your Factor 75 account
  • Sending this information via email to
  • Calling (888) 573-5727

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out to Factor’s customer service for further assistance.

Confirmation and Follow-Up

Well done, you’ve submitted your cancellation request. But is that all? Not yet. Following the cancellation, it’s critical to verify that your request has been processed. Usually, Factor 75 sends a confirmation email within 5 to 10 minutes of cancellation.

This email will likely contain a message confirming the cancellation of your subscription and might express Factor’s wish to retain you as a valued customer. This is a standard procedure, so don’t be surprised if they try to win you with back and forth emails.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, don’t panic. Simply reach out to Factor 75’s customer support team to verify whether your cancellation has been processed. You can contact the support team via email at, by calling (888) 573-5727, or through the live chat option on their website.

Alternatives to Cancellation

Skipping a delivery week

Before opting for outright cancellation, you might want to contemplate the Factor 75 alternatives. With Factor 75, flexibility is part of the package. You don’t necessarily have to cancel your subscription if you want to take a break or if you’re not happy with your current meal plan. You can simply skip a delivery week or adjust your individual meal amount preferences to better suit your needs.

How to Skip a Delivery Week

To skip a delivery week, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Factor 75 account.
  2. Select the week you want to skip.
  3. You’ll find an option labeled ‘Skip’ next to the edit button.
  4. Remember to do this before the cutoff time, which is 11:59 pm PST 5 days before your delivery.

This way, you can skip a week of meals without canceling your subscription.

Adjusting Meal Preferences

Rather than settling for less than satisfactory meals, consider adjusting your meal preferences to include nutritious meals. Simply go to your account settings and modify your meal quantity and menu preferences to suit healthier lifestyle and your dietary needs. You can switch up your meal preferences every week, allowing you to enjoy a variety of meals tailored to your taste.

Transitioning to Other Meal Delivery Services

Exploring competitor offerings

There might be times when you’re not looking for a break or a specific meal plan modification. Instead, you may be interested in exploring other meal delivery services. When contemplating a switch, making an informed decision is key.

Here are a few steps to guide you through the process.

Exploring Competitor Offerings

Before you make the switch, take some time to explore other meal delivery services. Here are some competitors you might want to check out:

  • Sunbasket
  • Blue Apron
  • Home Chef
  • CookUnity
  • BistroMD
  • Fresh n’ Lean

Each of these services has its unique offerings, and some might cater better to your own dietary preferences, needs and lifestyle.

Making an Informed Switch

Once you’ve explored other services, you can make an informed switch. Consider factors such as:

  • the variety of meals on offer
  • dietary accommodation
  • convenience
  • cost

Don’t forget to read reviews and testimonials to get a feel for the customer experience.

Your switch should ultimately align with your dietary needs, preferences, and budget.

Managing Account and Payment Details

Whether you’ve canceled your subscription or switched services, managing your account and payment details remains crucial. You’ll want to ensure that your payment information is up to date to avoid any hiccups in processing future transactions and to keep your account running smoothly.

Updating Payment Information

To update your payment information, simply log in to your Factor 75 account and head over to the home/quick summary or ‘Managing my Subscription’ section. Here, you can enter your new payment information.

You can choose to add multiple payment methods for your convenience.

Handling Future Charges

Finally, here are some tips to keep in mind regarding billing:

  1. Stay alert for any potential future charges.
  2. If you encounter any issues with billing, don’t hesitate to contact Factor 75’s customer service.
  3. You can do this by calling (888) 573-5727 during their operating hours (6am-11pm ET Monday-Friday and 7am-7pm ET on weekends) or by using the live chat on their factor website.


In this blog post, we’ve tackled the step-by-step process of canceling your Factor 75 subscription. We’ve also explored alternatives to cancellation like skipping a delivery week or adjusting your meal preferences, as well as transitioning to other meal delivery services. Lastly, we’ve discussed the importance of managing your account and payment details after cancellation. Whether you’re taking a break, switching your meals, or making a complete switch, we hope this guide has been helpful for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel Factor 75 anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Factor 75 anytime without any hassle. Just make sure to cancel before the weekly cutoff time of 11:59 p.m. CT to avoid any unwanted charges or meals.

How do you skip week factor 75?

To skip a week with Factor 75, simply log in to your account, choose the date you want to skip, and confirm. This will pause your delivery for that week, and it will resume the week after.

Can I freeze my factor meals?

Yes, you can freeze your Factor meals if you won’t be eating them within two days. It’s best to put them in the freezer until you’re ready to eat them.

How long do factor 75 meals last?

Factor 75 meals last for 7 days in the fridge, and there is an “enjoy by” date printed on each meal for reference, but freezing the meals is not recommended.

What is the latest I can cancel my Factor 75 subscription to avoid getting charged?

You can cancel your Factor 75 subscription before 11:59 p.m. CT every week to avoid being charged. Keep this in mind to manage your subscription effectively.