Feast and Fettle Review 2023: All You Need To Know


Meal delivery services have become one of the most popular options for people who want to eat healthy on the go. But with so many choices, how do you know which one is best for you?

Feast and Fettle is one of those companies that aims to make healthy eating accessible no matter where you are – in the city or the country.

This Feast and Fettle meal delivery service review will help you learn more about Feast and Fettle meal plans as well as their food and meal options.

We’ll also take a deep dive into what it really is, who it’s for, and what it offers. Let’s get started!

The Early Days: How Did Feast & Fettle Start?

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Feast & Fettle is based in Rhode Island, where they launched their first gourmet meal-delivery service. Currently, their service has expanded to Boston, serving the following locations: Charlestown, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Cambridge, Somerville, and other neighborhoods.

The service was launched in 2016 by personal chef Maggie Mulvena Pearson to meet the growing customer base in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She happens to be a firm believer in quality over quantity. They focus on a small niche group of busy families and working professionals.

After closing a Salem Capital Management-led $1.2 million seed round in 2020, they built a 7000 sq ft production base to store food products and make deliveries more accessible. The company has hired several experienced professionals, too, with the new funding round.

The core philosophy behind Feast and Fettle is that people have an emotional connection with food, which has helped provide a unique dinner table experience. Nowadays, the focus of the brand’s values is done through embracing local communities.

Feast and Fettle's Services: How Do They Work?

Feast and Fettle was founded by Chef Maggie Mulvena Pearson, who worked with Nicole Nix to bring the service to us.

The chefs prepare the meals in local kitchens. In-house delivery teams deliver the meals across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The company has supported local communities wherever they work and donates $1 of its earnings to Edesia Nutrition.

You get a new menu online with at least eight entrees each week. The ingredients with their allergens are listed in this weekly rotating menu.
Once you select your meals, they’re prepared by professional chefs in a commercial setting one day before delivery. Then these meals are delivered fresh to your home. The kitchen is located in East Providence, a 30-minute drive by car from Brookline.

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Feast and Fettle's Promise: How It Sets Itself Apart

This isn’t a meal-kit delivery service where you need to cook the meals. That means there’s no work involved on your part.

Besides its obvious promise of convenience, the brand also takes pride in its unique capabilities.

GMO-Free Ingredients

The ingredients are always 100% organic and sourced locally. It serves as the brand’s reputation in the community.

They do everything from preparing, packaging, cooking, delivering, and everything else a meal-delivery service must do. This produces a better quality meal than most competitors do.

A Diverse Dining Experience

Compared to most other services, they provide both entrees and sides. This results in a much more in-depth culinary experience.

Users have a wide selection of food items to choose from, and all of these options can be customized according to their preferences.

Free Delivery and Freshness Guaranteed

Packing meals by yourself means you will do it individually to retain their freshness. When you assemble home-cooked meals, you need to buy them from the store, and it’s hard since most people reach home only by 5 pm.

Feast and Fettle save you from the horrors of strenuous grocery shopping and possible food quality degradation. You can skip the preparation work and the cleanup. The food is packaged like a family dinner. It encourages people to eat together.

Not to mention, the delivery is free. As a customer, you can choose between getting all your meals on Monday or splitting the deliveries into two days for the week to get a longer shelf life.

Most meals remain edible for up to four days after delivery. So the meal you get on Monday remains fresh until Friday.

Helping Hand to the Community

Feast and Fettle has a charitable wing too. They donate a dollar from every meal to Edesia Nutrition.

Edesia Nutrition has reached over eight million malnourished children in 50 countries since 2010 with quality meals, clothes, and other forms of aid.

FDA-Approved Sanitary Practices

Another notable aspect of Feast and Fettle is the level of sanitization and cleanliness they pay attention to. Since they’re big on cleanliness, they scrub the walls, the stove and other kitchen equipment almost daily.

Conversely, professional kitchens clean their kitchens in this manner once every quarter or semi-annually. Food packers and delivery agents wear gloves. So do chefs and everyone who works in the kitchen.

Gifting Option

Feast and Fettle also have a gift option if you want to buy a week’s worth of meals for someone else. You can gift these meals to the elderly or relatives incapable of cooking meals on their own.

To gift a meal or a week’s worth of meal, simply select the option to “Order for Someone Else” when you are about to fulfill your order and preferred meal plans.

Absolute Convenience and Versatility

Most of our days are busy. We work, pick up the kids, prepare dinner, do dishes, and do all this all over again day after day. Chances are, the cooking and cleaning you do slice off huge chunks of your time.

You continually have the same kinds of dinners and lunches during such times. For working parents, healthy homecooked meals can be a distant dream. That’s where services like Feast and Fettle for local meal delivery services can be of great help.

They deliver dinners on Monday and Wednesday. When you get home from work, an insulated package, cooled and lined with ice, will be awaiting you at the doorstep.

Saving Time and Effort

Feast and Fettle also promise that their service frees up a lot of your time. It’s time you can use to engage your kids, play with them, or do some exercise.

Imagine preparing a home-cooked turkey meatloaf paired with tomato jam by just reheating it in the microwave, or perhaps making a herb and parmesan roasted potato with little to no cooking involved. That alone is a huge brand selling point for busy individuals and breadwinners.

Meal Personalization

Feast and Fettle’s meal-delivery service is like having your own personal chef for you.

The founder of the company itself is a chef by profession and fashion. Maggie Mulvena graduated from Johnson and Wales University and, before long, started working as a nanny and personal chef before switching to full-time meal delivery for professionals, couples, and small families.

Nowadays, hiring a personal chef is outdated because the chef is physically present at your home. This type of setup is more attuned to people who specialized dining preferences and necessities, and it has the whole feel of having a personal chef.

Most of the Feast and Fettle meals are for vegetarians, vegans, and those who want gluten-free meals. The nutritional and allergen information is provided on every container. There are checklists for you to determine if the dish has wheat, nuts, eggs, or shellfish. That way, it’s easy to avoid what you don’t like.

Additionally, Feast and Fettle is an ideal choice for busy moms who want their meals to be ready-to-eat. Every busy mother’s life was easier before she had her kids. But it becomes hard after that. Since everyone wants variety, Feast and Fettle meals are good choices for them.

Updated Food Choices

The meals are prepared at Hope and Main in Warren, home to the world’s largest and most diverse food companies. They are delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the East Bay area and Providence.

You can go to their website to place the orders as a customer. You can order for weeks in advance and as many meals as you want, with almost endless choices to browse through, either monthly or weekly.

Cheap Takeaway Offerings

Takeout options are available for way less money, but that often means relying on pizza and Chinese dinners. Feast and Fettle charges you $99 a week for two entrees with four sides and $159 for a family plan for four people with two entrees with four sides.

Another example of a meal is the seared turbot filets with mango salsa, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and burrata with sea salt rice crispies. These menu items can be ordered as takeaways from the Feast and Fettle website for reasonable costs compared to major fast food establishments that deliver dishes with compromised taste and quality.

Feast & Fettle—Sample Sides and Meals

Feast and Fettle commit itself to a no-frills, nutrient-forward meal delivery service for its customers across the globe. That said, here are some of their meals and sides:


  • Simply Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Mexican Quinoa Salad w/ Cilantro Lime Crema
  • Braised Mexican Beef w/ Cumin-Lime Crema
  • Grilled Strip Steak w/ Chipotle-Pumpkinseed Salsa


  • Crisp Green Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette
  • Southwest Spinach Salad with Chipotle Ranch Dressing
  • Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes w/ Bravas Sauce
  • Two Sweet & Salty Cookies
  • Grilled Mexican Street Corn

The top favorites of many reviewers are the Mexican Quinoa Salad and the Cilantro Lime Cream, which you can eat with Mexican beef.

Also, these Feast and Fettle entrees and sides are sent to you in big portions, and you can save what remains for lunch or dinner the next day. The cookies as a dessert are another favorite.

Feast and Fettle Clientele: Who Is It For?

As mentioned, this meal delivery service is geared towards busy people, especially those struggling with their cooking schedules.

Most of the time, these schedules end up banging against each other, which any person who wants to buy groceries for weekly meals can absolutely relate to. Handpicked produce often gets wasted if left unused for a couple of days, eventually spending money on unused groceries and takeout dinners.

Perhaps you may consider another choice of ordering from Whole Foods, which may cost you over $100 for an underwhelming volume of food. So this is one area where busy moms can delegate.

Feast and Fettle is your personal chef for all these needs. With the help of their personal chef, you can get healthy and fresh dinners on the table during the school week. For just $199.99, chefs prepare three healthy meals for a family of four and deliver these meals freshly packed with ice.

They have different meal plans. You can select the entrees and sides with other options. Here are some of the examples of meals you’re getting with them.

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Sample Ready-Made Meals From Feast and Fettle

To give you an idea of what Feast and Fettle offer, here are some of their ready-made meals:

  • Grilled flank steak with red pesto sauce
  • Signature curried cauliflower and Indian naan
  • Jamaican jerk pork tenderloin with souffle
  • Chicken skewers with peanut sauce and power slaw

All of these meals are well-balanced and authentic. For instance, the Jamaican jerk pork tenderloin is not too spicy with grilled vegetables and cheesecake souffle.

Also, these are made with simple and clean ingredients that arrive with the packages. You can either bake the dish or microwave the food. You can always microwave if you are short on time.

For Families By Families: Feast and Fettle's Homely Convenience

Ultimately, the idea is that the process of preparing these ready-made meals doesn’t take a lot of time and spending it more on what’s more important – families.

With Feast and Fettle, you don’t have to stress about dinners or go to the grocery shop and plan your meals. With Feast and Fettle’s promise of the convenience of its offerings, you can now enjoy big family dinners and gatherings!

Maggie was creating great meals for her family before. The word got out, and she started delivering home-cooked meals. And that became a business. She traded her car for a delivery van, reached out for help from Nikki Oliveira, and helped her out.

Maggie and Nikki are delivering on the promise of convenience. They also accommodate requests for allergies or to satisfy a kid who won’t eat most meals. This is why the meals are prepared and sent so customers can spend their time and energy bonding with family members and knowing what they really need and want rather than wasting them on meal prep dilemmas.

Feast and Fettle Shipping

Feast and Fettle deliver to MetroWest Boston, Newton, Wellesley, Needham, Sudbury, Wayland, Providence, Newport, and Barrington.
All orders must be placed by 2 p.m. EST on Thursday for delivery the following Monday or Tuesday. Orders placed after this time cannot be guaranteed to ship in time for the weekend.

Currently, the company offers free shipping to first-time customers in the United States regardless of order size or location. All orders are shipped via FedEx Ground unless otherwise requested by the customer when placing your order.

However, Feast and Fettle does not allow substitutions for products or meals included in your order; however, if you are unsatisfied with your shipment, their team will work with you to resolve it quickly.

Pros and Cons of Feast and Fettle

  • Tastes like homecooked meals
  • The meals are relatively inexpensive
  • Great for busy individuals
  • It's like hiring your own personal chef
  • The delivery is limited to certain places
  • Only a few entrees and meals


Feast and Fettle focus on meal delivery for busy upscale individuals. It’s like having a personal chef at your home cooking meals for you. The meals have the quality and freshness of home-cooked meals.