Mighty Macros Review 2024: All You Need To Know

Last Updated : March 7, 2024


We all know that macronutrient-rich diets can improve weight loss and improve conditions of metabolic syndrome compared to standard protein diets.

Protein, along with other macros, is the building block for muscles, and more protein translates to more muscle in your body. Muscle mass is essential for your body to maintain a better look and feel and perform at your peak.

The question is, why does this matter for our overall nutrition?

Most people aren’t fully aware of their daily protein requirements. They need to know how to plan their diets to get the required proteins, optimize their bodies and reach optimum performance.

Thus, macro tracking helps you understand the desired level of macros like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the body to help boost your nutrition levels and achieve your desired goals. But macro-tracking is hard. There are a few things that can go wrong.

This is where Mighty Macros come into play. There are multiple meal-delivery services for you like them, and while you may feel that you need to try each of them out to understand how good the meals are, we made it easy for you by testing different meal-delivery services like Mighty Macros.

In this article, we will give you an overview of Mighty Macros, whether it is worth trying, and how to track your macros.

The History: How Did Mighty Macros Start?

Mighty Macros History

Mighty Macros started as a service that helped people track macros without actually following them.

According to James Hughes, RD, an in-house dietitian of Mighty Macros, he claimed, “Life moves fast, but that doesn’t mean fitness goals need to suffer.”

A lot of services don’t use quality ingredients and skip on them. However, their chefs, dietitians, and individual needs don’t compromise quality.

Mighty Macros meticulously plans the portion size, protein, carb content, and fat content of meals to cater to health and fitness goals.

They are ready-to-eat natural meals delivered fresh to you. These meals are never frozen. These meals are low-sodium, packed with protein, and free of added colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Overall, you get clean, delicious meals with the promise of complete macronutrients, with the extra commitment to convenience and quality.

What is Mighty Macros All About?

To put it simply, Mighty Macros is a company of registered dietitians who study, conceptualize and prepare ready-to-eat meals.

To add, the brand is a full-service, macro-friendly meal-delivery service that provides you ready-to-consume meals for an easy, convenient, well-balanced diet that will help you meet your hunger goals, satisfy your cravings and track your macros as well.

The ingredients used in Mighty Macros’ meals are real, organic ingredients sourced from the best production facilities. As a result, meals are always nutritious, healthy, and delicious.

The meals are packed full of proteins and improve muscle growth, promote weight loss, fill you with a feeling of fullness and improve your energy. In addition to proteins, the meals have fats and carbs to fit your nutrition goals.

There are several different meal plans you can choose from, depending on your individual preferences and goals. Whether it’s weight loss you want, building muscle mass, or performing well in the gym, Mighty Macros has a plan for you that helps you achieve these goals.

Mighty Macros Plan Options

Mighty Macros Plan Options

Presently, Mighty Macros gives you four different meal plans to choose from. Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside each meal plan.

Weight Loss

This plan is designed to help you lose weight faster with low-carb meals with less than 350 calories per meal. The low-carb meals provide you with less than 19g of carbs per meal. You get lean proteins, balanced healthy fats, and non-starchy carbs. This one is for you if you regularly eat low-calorie meals that help you lose weight.


Do you want to improve the way your body looks and feels? You can achieve this with the help of meals rich in protein but low in carbs. This meal plan is suitable for those who want to be lean and fit. These meals are low in protein and low in carbohydrates. 


The performance plan helps you maintain your peak level of performance and reach new heights with your workouts. The meal choices are high in protein and have moderate levels of carbs.

In addition, the Perform meal is made for customers to achieve new goals when working out. The recipes have lots of protein and moderate amounts of carbohydrates.


This plan helps build muscle and is protein-filled, carb-rich, and full of calories. To build muscle mass, what you need is plenty of calories. The Mighty Macros meals in the Gain category are full of proteins, carbs, and calories and will help you on your muscle gain journey.

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Mighty Macros Performance Meal Plans

Mighty Macros Performance Meal Plans

Mighty Macros, with its plans, can fulfill the dietary requirements of anyone who wants it. It’s reassuring, and the meal delivery services may not be able to provide plans specifically for someone who needs something incredibly unique. 

Since the meals fall under one of these defined categories, here’s what you stand to get with the diet.

Mighty Macros gives you choices for diet-specific meals to be more inclusive with meal plans. The plans include paleo, low-carb meals, dairy-free meals, and no additional gluten.


The meals are high in clean protein and free of grains or legumes. The paleo meals are full of clean protein and don’t have any legumes or grains in them. This is the perfect diet for those who want to reap the benefits of eating clean meats.


Bloating too much on high-glycemic carbohydrates can be a problem for weight loss and wellness. That’s why low-carb meals exist. 

This meal plan gives you meals with 19g or lower carbs per meal with a good focus on clean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and light amounts of healthy fats.

No Added Gluten/Gluten Free

Gluten is a special type of protein found in most grains, but it can cause allergies for some people. This is where the importance of gluten-free meals kicks in. The meals are high in protein and feature less processed nutrient-dense ingredients.


Are you allergic to dairy ingredients and components but don’t want to compromise on taste and quality? Go for dairy-free meals by Mighty Macros Performance! The ingredients use tasty and nutritious substitutes for dairy in sauces or seasonings.

What Are the Features of Mighty Macros Meals?

Mighty Macros Features

In today’s day and age, there are several food delivery services accessible, and they didn’t slow down through the epidemic. In addition, it is believed that the online meal delivery business will be worth $126.91 billion by the end of the year. This demonstrates their popularity.

That said, unique features are important in identifying your ideal meal delivery service. There are many meal options out there, and here are the reasons why you might want to choose Mighty Macros over others:

  • The meals are always high in protein
  • They are all delivered fresh to your door
  • They never serve frozen meals
  • Available without added gluten
  • The portions are controlled

Not all prepared meal delivery services are created equal. Mighty Macros meals are healthy and help you meet particular goals that help you live a fitter, healthier, and more convenient life. Here are all the reasons why you may like Mighty Macros meals.

Protein-Rich Meals from Mighty Macros

Mighty Macros Protein-Rich Meals

The higher the levels of protein, the better the meals are. Here are the different advantages of protein-rich meal plans:

  • Improved muscle mass
  • Improved metabolism
  • Better strength and stamina.
  • Weight loss or gain depending on gaols
  • Improved energy
  • Uses real ingredients

Mighty Macros use different ingredients in their natural form. Since they’re unprocessed, the meals are delivered fresh to you. You can feel great about the food you eat because Mighty Macros delivers the great stuff to you.

More Details About Meals

When eating macro-friendly diets, there are many benefits. You don’t have to spend time calculating macros on your own. The proteins, carbs, and fats are in the right ratios and formulated by a registered dietitian.

The meals are convenient because they are delivered to your home. There’s no shopping, prepping, or cooking involved in the meals.

After picking meals that align with your weekly goals, Mighly Macros help you feel better and eat better. If you order seven days’ worth of meals, you get seven packed meals that are kept cool inside with the help of ice packs. These ice packs help you keep your food cold for up to eight hours or a little more after delivery. So you don’t come home to food that went bad due to the weather. Since the meals come precooked, all you need to do is heat them up inside the microwave or inside the stove.

There are various dishes like the Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Salad, Sesame Beef, Hawaiian Chicken, and more. Another favorite, according to most reviewers, another favourite is the Sri Lankan chicken with curried chicken resting on kale and cauliflower rice. It bursts with flavor and has seasonings and spices that are novel to the Western palate.

On each of these meals, you get calorie information. For each meal, you get the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fat information. This lets you monitor your meals and track what you’re eating. This takes the guesswork out of your meals, and you don’t need to plan what you want. You can always skip pause or cancel the meals any time you want.

Where do Mighty Macros deliver to in the United States?

Mighty Macros Delivery Location

One big problem with Mighty Macros is that the delivery isn’t yet available throughout the United States. However, they’re expanding quickly and want to be available in the entire U.S. This may happen quite soon.

Mighty Macros delivers to the west coast and other western areas of the US. They have a map on their site that helps you better understand where the meals are delivered. You can simply enter your zip code and see where it’s available in your area.

Pricing Terms: How Much Does Mighty Macros Cost?

Mighty Macros Costs

Mighty Macros offers lots of options for customizing your weekly meal delivery. You can choose from seven, ten, 15, 18, 21, or 24 meals weekly. The cost of the meals depends on the meal frequency you choose. The table gives you an overview of the pricing.

Name Pricing per meal Pricing per week
Weight Loss Plan $9.13 – $11.29 per meal  $219 – $ 279 per week
Sculpt Plan $9.13 – $11.29 per meal  $219 – $79 per week
Performance Plan $9.17 – $12.14 per meal $220 – $85 per week
Gain Plan $9.71 – $12.71 per meal  $233 – $89 per week

Who Should Try Mighty Macros?

Mighty Macros Who Is It For?

Mighty Macros are great for anyone who wants macro-friendly meals with no planning or zero effort. The biggest thing when someone starts eating macros is that tracking macros is a big issue. It takes time to calculate what they eat and then log it individually in their tracking apps.

People who want to track macros aren’t always sure if they are measuring their servings properly. It’s always possible to grossly overestimate or underestimate the calories they eat every day. The problem is, with this, they’re unable to stick to their plans and can achieve less than ideal results.

For MyFitnessPal Users

Mighty Macros makes it easy to track and calculate what you are eating. It puts the macros on the label with a ready integration into MyFitnessPal. Scan your meal, and all your data will be automatically added, and you can start tracking the information. If you can scan your meals, you can track macros automatically. 

For Macronutrient-Conscious Aspirants

You’d be much happier with their service than tracking things manually. You can get meals that meet your specific goals with four different meal plans. And you can then adapt your meals based on your changing goals.

Choose the weight loss meal plan if you are in the fat loss phase. In the maintenance phase, you can go for the Sculpt or the Perform plans and for the bulking plan later on with the gain plan.

For Busy People

As a busy career person. You are always tired. It didn’t matter how many calories you consumed because the number of calories consumed didn’t make you feel better. At the same time, you craved more food at the end of each meal. Processed and frozen foods have high amounts of sodium, unhealthy fats, sugar, and calories, but they lack crucial minerals and macronutrients that support your body, help mend wounds, improve the immune system, and more.

Empty calories don’t do much for your belly as you load up on unnecessary fat. It doesn’t have any nutritional benefits either. If you want to eat well and conveniently, the best option is to clean up your diet with something like Mighty Macros.

For Elimination Diet Enthusiasts

You can also be more specific with the meals by choosing options that meet your dietary goals. You can eat them caveman-style with paleo meals, keep a low carb intake, and low carb meals. Or go for gluten-free and dairy-free options with their no gluten-added meals.

Mighty Macros give you meal selections no matter which phase of your fitness journey. You don’t have to worry about switching meals. Mighty Macros gives you plenty of choices for those who follow health and performance.

However, one thing that Mighty Macros lacks is vegan or vegetarian options. If that’s not you, then you need something other than Mighty Macros. Trifecta is a good alternative, with many vegetarian meals to choose from.

Mighty Macros Alternatives

Mighty Macros Alternatives

Mighty Macros is a solid choice for macro-friendly meals delivered right to your doorstep, but it’s not perfect by any means. It can’t be the right meal plan for your goals, preferences, taste buds, and more. If this is the case, you may want to look for these Mighty Macros alternatives:

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta is one of the best meal delivery services because of its performance-based meals and the different meals to choose from. Trifecta has meals for different dietary needs, like vegan and vegetarian meals. The meals are always delicious and shipped fresh. The meals are available throughout the entire US.

Factor Meals

Factor meals are healthy, macro-balanced meals with a good degree of flavor. The factor is a great choice for meeting specific meal choices and dietary needs and provides you with great meals that help you perform well in life.

FlexPro Meals

FlexPro meals give you two options for meal boxes. The first one is called “fat trimmer boxes,” and the second is “lean muscle boxes.” They also give you meal preparation options that help you achieve your fitness goals. These meal prep services have a protein-rich bakery option that gives you tasty meals and treats delivered every week.

Mighty Macros Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Mighty Macros Reviews

After reviewing multiple reviews, it seems Mighty Macros’ meal plans are largely successful. In addition, they have put testimonials up on the site in a dedicated section.

The meals are very helpful in helping people meet their health and fitness goals. Whether you want to count macros or be more health-conscious, there’s freshness and taste to the meals. Mighty Macros help people eat macro-balanced diets, which are not bland or tasteless.

There are some negative reviews too. But, there’s nothing negative about the food they deliver.

These negative issues were around late deliveries. However, on Trustpilot and other sites, Mighty Macros’ team responded to every single review and offered a way to improve their service. 

This reflects real care and customer support on their part. Brands can run into issues all the time, and delivery issues are part of the growth process. However, the willingness to resolve these issues and provide great meals is what’s commendable.

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Mighty Macros Packaging

Mighty Macros Packaging

You get your meals in an insulated refrigerated box with ice packs to maintain the freshness of the contents. The box is fully recyclable, and the meals should remain fresh even after eight hours.

Mighty Macros Shipping and Delivery Areas

Mighty Macros Shipping

For their meal delivery, the company ships the meals to Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, mountain States, and the West Coast, all of which support all major courier partners such as UPS and FedEx. Mighty Macros charges its customers a base $7.95 shipping fee plus mileage.

Pros and Cons of Mighty Macros

Mighty Macros Pros Cons
  • Has plans for those who do lower physical activity and those who engage in higher physical activity with their varied plans
  • The pricing of the meal is $12 per meal
  • The portions are large
  • Variety of cuisine like Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian and more
  • The packaging is easy to recycle
  • Plenty of seafood-based proteins
  • Relatively expensive beef pieces
  • Rice can be soggy
  • Carbs are few, the meals are rich in proteins, not carbs

Wrapping Up: Is Mighty Macros worth it?

Mighty Macros Conclusion

Mighty Macros is worth the price for someone who eats healthy macro-balanced meals. Meal preparation and cooking take up a lot of your time. If you track food by its macros, you need to measure, weigh, and log in the food details, which can cause problems.

Mighty Macros’ meals are full of nutrition too. The service offers simple but tasty meals, which is a great way to meet your nutrition goals.

They have plans for everyone’s dietary needs and choices, allowing a big audience to eat those meals. When you are home alone or just want to relax, unhealthy food like pizzas and pasta may be the norm. It’s easy to find these foods on the grocery aisle. You can also always order them and get them delivered in under 30 minutes.

Frozen meals and ready-to-microwave meals are available any time you want them. But the big problem with this high-sugar food, your body starts paying the price. You realize why they are called junk food.

Not only that, Mighty Macros is one of the leading meal delivery services in Australia and has launched its service in the United States. They build on what they know. The meals are designed by experienced dietitians and chefs who use fresh, high-quality ingredients. The vegetables and seasonings are almost always in-season. 

The dishes, as a result, are tasty and highly nutritious. Depending on your goals, Mighty Macros offers different meal options that are generally low in sodium, low calories, dairy-free, high in protein, and free of artificial colors and flavors. They offer plant-based gluten-free low, carb, and paleo meals so that even customers following a specific diet can find what they love with Mighty Macros.

Mighty Macros is the best choice for you when you’re busy and want someone else to make healthy, delicious food for you.

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Mighty Macros FAQs:

Mighty Macros FAQs

The meals you get from Mighty Macros are precooked. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions on the packaging. Just put the meals inside a microwave for two minutes. If using an oven, put it inside the oven for eight minutes. You may also cook the meals by putting the contents on a stovetop and stirring the contents.

Yes, you’re free to freeze or refrigerate Mighty Macros meals overnight or for how long the packaging says you to. However, the company doesn’t recommend freezing meals with raw vegetables.

The subscription is weekly, allowing you to cancel the subscription any time you want. Use your login data. Go to subscription settings and click on the cancel subscription button before the week’s cutoff date and time.

A diet full of proteins leads to weight loss and improves metabolic rates. This helps us understand the value of Mighty Macro’s meals; the food is 100% fresh and made of healthy ingredients.

If you like macro-balanced dishes with proper macro tracking, Mighty Macros is worth the cost for you. The biggest advantage is there’s zero prep time, no calorie counting, no meal planning, and no improper tracking of macronutrients.

Mighty Macros does all the work for you in helping you achieve your fitness goals. You can get macro-friendly meals that will fill you up with added variety and flexibility. It’s great for someone who wants healthy food without the work involved in making them.