Trifecta Nutrition Meal Delivery Service Review 2023


Trifecta is a meal-subscription service that offers a wide range of delicious, nutritious, and balanced meals.

Trifecta offers several menus specific to paleo, keto, or vegan diets. Trifecta recently became the official delivery partner of Cross Fit. They also raised over $20 million in fresh funding.

Trifecta specializes in using organic produce using humanely raised meat for its meals. Their meats are sustainably produced.

This article reviews Trifecta Nutrition and tells you how it works, who’s it for, the pricing of the meals and if you should choose the service.

How did Trifecta Nutrition start?

Trifecta Nutrition started in 2015 to help Americans lose weight. The service offers fully cooked meals at affordable prices to help you with your health and nutritional goals. Trifecta supports you through helpful advice, community support, and an app to get to your goals.

What is Trifecta Nutrition?

Trifecta Nutrition is a fully organic meal-delivery service. They provide fresh meals that taste great and are nutritious. That applies to entrees, lunches, and dinners.

The meals use locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and have lean proteins, complex carbs, and vegetables.

Trifecta Nutrition’s meals can be categorized as follows:

Clean meal plan
  • Clean: this meal plan includes meals with meat, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
  • Keto: this meal plan includes meals with meat, fish, dairy, healthy fats, and low carb fruits and vegetables
  • Paleo: this meal plan includes meals for the paleo diet with meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables
  • Vegan: this meal plan has meals have legumes, tofu, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

With each of the meal plan options above, you get chef-curated meals. You get a selection of meals chosen from their menu. You cannot specify specific sides or entrees with this service.

In addition, you can also go for the Whole30 approved Paleo meal plan. This program is a way of life for many people, with the core focus being a paleo-based diet.

This means no added sugars, grains, dairy, and legumes in your meals.
Trifecta Nutrition has a classic plan too, where you can choose your own meals to craft a custom menu.

Each meal on the classic plan has meat or fish, sweet potatoes or rice, and mixed vegetables. You can order meals for 5-day or 7-day plans. You get breakfast, dinner, lunch and an entree.

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What do you get with Trifecta Nutrition?

The Trifecta Nutrition website lets you order meals from the comfort of your home. You can also order meals from their app, iOS and Android. That’s convenience at its best.

First, choose your plan. Add items to your cart. After this, you will be asked to create your free account.

Once you place the order, you get tracking information for your order starting from Thursday to Saturday. The meals are generally delivered every Friday or Saturday between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you want to make changes to your order, you should make them by Friday before the next delivery date if you make changes after these changes apply to the order for the next week.

After placing the initial order, your delivery will be renewed each week automatically. You can skip those deliveries by customizing the schedule to get meals every other week, or every 3 weeks, or once a month.

How long do Trifecta Nutrition meals last?

Meals are prepared and then vacuum-sealed, then shipped together with ice packs. The ice packs and the vacuum sealing ensure their freshness during transport. You can place the meals in the refrigerator to have them later when it reaches you.

There’s a best by or enjoy by date for each meal, usually within the next week or two. You can freeze the meals to extend their life by up to 3 months.

Trifecta Nutrition Meal selection

Trifecta Nutrition gives you a choice of weekly rotating meals with a variety of fresh ingredients.

The meal-subscription service caters to keto diets, vegan or vegetarian diets, and paleo diets.
Here are a few samples:

  • Salmon and wild rice mixed with cranberry and rosemary
  • Korean beef bulgog with seasonal vegetables
  • Tofu skillet with quinoa and fresh organic vegetables

If you get a subscription, you can exclude 2 ingredients from the menus like mushrooms, shellfish, soy or salmon.

The classic plan lets you place orders for individual meals.
However, the plans don’t allow you to choose specific meals or craft your own weekly menu from scratch. That can be a problem for a lot of us.

The lack of exclusion options is undoubtedly a setback. The service lets you remove only two ingredients, and there’s only a limited number of ingredients to pick from.

Trifecta Nutrition meal ingredients

Trifecta meals have several fresh, high-quality ingredients that are sourced locally. These ingredients are sourced from businesses that make use of sustainable growing practices.
The product is 100% organic and sustainable, using humanely raised, grass-fed beef and seafood. This ensures great-tasting food.

The meals are cooked in healthy oils like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. For seasoning, they use sea salt and organic spices.

With the variety of spices and seasonings on your plate, you’ll never feel bored with the different tastes the meal-delivery service offers. The taste and texture don’t disintegrate even after reheating the food.

Does Trifecta Nutrition help you with losing weight?

Trifecta Nutrition can be really helpful in helping you meet your weight-loss goals.
The meals are packed full of nutrition, using high-quality ingredients to ensure you get all the essential health benefits you must.

The meals give you between 300 to 500 calories. The reduced calorie count helps you with weight loss.

At the same time, a low-calorie diet isn’t always the best for your individual needs. Low-calorie diets often make you hungry more often. And you start eating more food resulting in weight gain.

The meals are protein-rich, giving you almost 20 to 30 grams of proteins. Studies show that a protein-rich diet keeps you feeling full for longer.

The meals are full of fiber as well. This helps with weight loss and gives you a feeling of fullness.

Pros and Cons of Model Meals

  • Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options
  • Offers plans for several diets like keto, paleo, Whole30 approved and more
  • Features organic, sustainably sourced ingredients
  • May help support weight loss and improve health
  • Offers free shipping throughout the United States
  • You don't have to shop for ingredients or spend time prepping meals
  • You get fresh, farm-to-table food based on organic produce, grass-fed proteins, and more.
  • Athletes use this meal delivery service.
  • It's a nutrition program. With the app, you can see over 6 million food items and access a community of like-minded people.
  • Does not allow you to choose your own meals on most plans
  • The plans where you can select ingredients have limited ingredients
  • Allows you to exclude only up to two ingredients from your weekly menu
  • Becomes progressively expensive over time
  • Costs add up each year

How does Trifecta compare to competitors?

Multiple meal delivery services compete with Trifecta Nutrition.
Other meal services help you choose your meals based on food preferences you like and help you choose add-ons like shakes, soups, protein packs and more.

Trifecta Nutrition has received a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google from 831 reviews.

Reviews indicate that the customer service team is responsive and helpful. Reviews also note that the service is great if you want balanced meals and don’t wish to spend any time cooking in the kitchen.

Other reviews aren’t happy with the strict cancellation policy the company follows. Additionally, you need to contact them over the phone or email to cancel your account. There are reports of missing deliveries and the vast amounts of packaging inside the meals.

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Is Trifecta Nutrition worth trying?

Trifecta Nutrition provides you with healthy, balanced meals with options suited for a range of different diets.

That’s why it is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cooking.
The meals are tasty, with the menu offering lots of variety. Plus, it’s a great option for those who want organic meals.

You can experiment with other ingredients and make your meals even more interesting.

Trifecta can streamline meal preparation and ensure that you eat nutritionally balanced meals that require no cooking. Only a little reheating may be required. That takes only 10 to 20 minutes, depending on whether you’re using a microwave, a skillet, or an oven. If you’re someone with a busy schedule, Trifecta gives the best choices of dishes.

Trifecta gives you in-depth information on the nutritional content of each meal. Anyone concerned about eating healthy or needs to know the nutrition details, like bodybuilders or athletes, will find the information very useful.

If you are trying different diets like vegan or paleo diets, Trifecta can help you get started.

Trifecta Nutrition isn’t the best meal-delivery service for all. The meals aren’t great for those who suffer from food allergies or those with picky eating habits.

The biggest reason behind this is you don’t get to choose your own meals.

If you can choose and create your own menu, you need the classic plan or order another meal-delivery service.

Trifecta also gives you very little freedom to exclude ingredients. You can only remove two ingredients from the meals, and that’s an important problem to consider. But a concern is that there are plenty of picky eaters or people with more than a few allergens. Giving the option of excluding two ingredients alone isn’t enough.

The meal-delivery service can quickly start costing a lot if you order more than a few meals every week.

Trifecta Nutrition packaging

The inability to decide whether to strike out nuts or turkey either due to allergies or because you don’t want those ingredients in your food weighs heavily.

But even when you cancel out ingredients, there’s no guarantee that you will receive meals that display variety. One reviewer who got 10 meals from the sample box said that his meals were all either containing chicken or beef. He wanted to try salmon but couldn’t get a single meal with salmon in it.

The A la Carte option lets you pick whatever you want, but the menu itself is limited. You get more than a dozen variations like scrambled eggs, chicken breast and beef patty dishes, but that’s it. The meal-prep kit costs $119 per week, where you can choose your protein, vegetables, and others.

There’s no denying that subscribers would have liked more control over what they get.

How to prepare Trifecta Nutrition meals?

There’s no stopping you from microwaving your food. Still, Trifecta suggests using an air fryer, a stove, or an oven to reheat the meals to maintain their flavor, quality, and integrity.

Many reviewers mention that the results aren’t that great despite controlling ingredients and local sourcing. One reviewer said the chicken breast felt rubbery and didn’t carry any taste. The vegetables and quinoa with it or the chilli beef with jasmine rice were better. Still, they evoked no intense flavors that a chili dish might suggest.

As a meal-delivery service, Trifecta doesn’t deliver the tastiest meals. Perhaps that’s by design. Trifecta is a nutrition company that wants to provide you with healthy meals to help you with weight loss or help you live a healthier life. That’s why the focus is on organic ingredients, sustainable growing practices and much less on the actual taste of the meals.

That’s why it’s important to point out that sometimes food that’s great for the body may feel a little bland on the tongue.

Trifecta has a free-to-use mobile fitness app to further its commitment to fitness. You can see workout exercises that help you stay lean and fit on the app. The exercises that feature on the app showcase different workouts for different days focusing on different body parts like the front or the back.

The app also lists meals, recipes, and ingredients, but you can also create something custom on your own, driving inspiration from the content in the app.

How much does Trifecta Nutrition cost: Pricing?

Trifecta Nutrition has several meal plans that differ in pricing, depending on the servings you choose week-after-week.

Here’s a sample pricing chart:

  • Vegan and vegetarian plans charge you $11.25 to $14.28 per meal
  • The classic plan charges you $10.49 per meal
  • The paleo, keto and clean plans charge you $14.82 to $15.86 per serving

In addition, you can buy the meals or snacks individually and the pricing would depend on the 

individual items you choose.

Trifecta delivers to any address in the United States. Plus, they give you free shipping on all orders.

Meal plan Pricing
Paleo $118.95 (7 meals)
Keto $118.95 (7 meals)
Vegan $237.49 (14 meals)
Vegetarian $237.49 (14 meals)
Classic $446.48 (28 meals)

What are Trifecta meals like?

Trifecta’s meals contain proteins, whole grains, vegetables, and more. Nutritionists and dieticians create the food with the meals averaging 300 to 500 calories.

The meals never have high-cholesterol ingredients like cheese. There’s no use for dairy. They rarely use foods like potatoes that are full of empty carbs. There are seafood meals that include salmon, but mostly you get chicken, turkey, or beef.

It doesn’t matter which meal you choose; by default, you get a lot of proteins that are low in calories.

The company claims that most of its ingredients are from small, local farms and that meats are all free-range and grass-fed.

A la carte bundles for meal planning

Trifecta offers a unique service in providing bulk amounts of precooked meat, fish, vegetables, and others to plan your meals. It’s, however, cheaper than the precooked meals, and you don’t get sauces or seasonings. The meal prep bundles include 2 pounds of chicken, beef, turkey, brown rice, and sweet potato. This costs you $125 a week. You can also order grains, fish, and meats in 4-ounce servings for $119 a week.

But meal-prep kits mean you need to do your own cooking.

How to cancel your Trifecta Nutrition account?

The meals are prepared in advance. That’s why Trifecta needs a 7-days advanced notice before you terminate an account.

If the meals have already gone for delivery by the time you reach out to them to cancel the account, there’s no way for them to accept returns. The meals inside the boxes are perishable in nature, and they cannot accept a return like Amazon or FedEx.

There’s no need to turn off the account to skip deliveries. You only need to give 7 days’ notice to skip the meals on the “My Account” section.

To turn off the account, call them at (530) 564-8388 or send them an email at

How are meals prepared at Trifecta Nutrition?

The meal plans are designed by nutrition experts. They are prepared by hand, much like someone assembles a dish at home.

The chefs use the highest-grade gluten-free ingredients. Some examples are grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, salmon and locally sourced vegetables.

The menu changes seasonally as new produce becomes available. There are soy-free, dairy-free, or meat-free options for those who want it. The dishes require minimum processing and light seasoning.

The meals are delivered in temperature-controlled boxes.

The bottom line

Trifecta Nutrition is an organic meal-delivery service that significantly improves your diet with various healthy options.

If you’re gaining weight year after year, now is a good time to switch things up. Trifecta Nutrition does most of the heavy lifting for you in preparing calorie-controlled meals and delivering them to you.

Trifecta specializes in meals catering to Keto and Paleo taste buds if you wish, and those options can help you lose weight.

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Frequently asked questions:

Trifecta Nutrition is good for those who want a healthy meal without having to spend too much time in their kitchens. The service provides a detailed outlook of each meal’s nutritional content, which can be a key factor in determining which service you choose to go with.

It isn’t great for anyone who is a picky eater, has allergies or has severe dietary restrictions. For the price the service charges, it should have cornered these concerns. So it’s a bit expensive considering all that you don’t have.

Trifecta meals are rich in nutrients, great in protein and low in calories. Most meals average 300 to 500 calories. This supports weight loss. However, ultimately weight loss boils down to the physical activity you carry out each day.

Trifecta doesn’t come with a free trial. They have discounts for new customers, with 40% off the first order.

Trifecta meals arrive in vacuum-sealed packs and can be frozen before they enjoy by the date on the package. You can thaw those meals out of the fridge before you eat them. All it needs next is some reheating.

That’s very less likely. Most meals contain between 300 to 500 calories and use only recommended amounts of sodium as stated by dietary guidelines. Most meals average out 600 to 800 mg sodium at best.