Mosaic Foods Review 2023: All You Need to Know


What is Mosaic Foods, and how was it created?

Mosaic Food’s Journey started when Matt and Sam, two longtime friends, realized how to make eating good food a facile option. They empathized with the difficulties of adulthood and discovered that getting home-cooked and nutritious food on the table was a challenging task. Fed up with unhealthy food and expensive salads, they searched for ways to make plant-based eating easy and thus gave birth to Mosaic Foods. They founded Mosaic Foods to deliver healthy and plant-based food to every table. They have expert chefs who patiently bake, saute, and hand-cook grains to provide outstanding high-quality food.

Mosaic Foods is an emerging leader in the fast-growing plant-based food industry. To serve consumers, Mosaic Foods produces and distributes frozen vegetable bowls, oat bowls, soups, and larger-format family meals in selected markets. With its recently launched Mosaic+ program, top restaurants and chefs in New York City provide prepared meals.

What does Mosaic offer in the Weekly Menu?

Mosaic food offers four different category boxes Veggie Bowls, Family meals, soups, OAT bowls, and Mosaic+. The meals are perfect for keeping you healthy and guilt-free, and it gets ready in 5 minutes without any compromise in quality. Mosaic Foods strives to meet the dietary requirements of people. You will find a detailed description of each meal and its nutritional composition in every box.

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What does Mosaic Foods offer on the menu?

Mosaic Foods offers 30+ vegan and vegetarian meal options delivered in 100% recyclable packaging kits. Mosaic Foods offers everything and can have at your doorsteps, from vegan meals to vegetarian, frozen, and healthy meals. You will always get clean and sumptuous meals among several food choices. Each meal contains the appropriate amount of nutrition, is easy to cook, and requires minimum effort. Mosaic Foods delivers cooked meals and meal kits. All the recipes and meals of Mosaic Foods are chef and dietician-approved. So, no worries, you will always be served delicious and healthy food.

Top 3 meals from Mosaic Foods

1. Ginger Sesame Noodle

Ginger Sesame Noodle

Prep & cook time: 7-10 minutes

Calories:  460

Fat: 15g

Carbohydrates: 63g

Protein: 16 g

It contains wheat and soy, peanuts, and sesame.

Loaded with the goodness of trio crunchy green veggies, aI dente buckwheat soba, and savory miso peanut sauce, this will become your favorite go-to dish. Isn’t it gratifying to eat a healthy meal loaded with bold ginger flavor and nutty sesame? Well, it is mouth-watering, satisfying, and fulfilling. So, get your meal filled with the needed dose of fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients at your doorsteps.

2. Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Cauliflower Tikka Masala

Prep & cook time: 7-10 minutes

Protein: 23g

Carbohydrates: 54g

Fats: 22g

Calories: 490

It contains Milk and Cashew

Enjoy the flavor of this iconic tikka masala. The dish comprises tender, yogurt-marinated cauliflower florets covered with decadent cashew cream, tikka masala sauce, and fragrant spices. Get a bunch of nutrition, and fill your stomach with this creamy, dreamy, and pleasing dish.

3. Italian ‘Sausage’ & Pumpkin Lasagna

Italian 'Sausage' & Pumpkin Lasagna

Protein: 24g

Carbohydrates: 36g

Fats: 19g

Calories: 400

Contains: Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soy

Time took: 40-50 minutes

Have you ever tasted a hearty pumpkin sausage lasagna enriched with essential proteins, fiber, vitamins, and other micronutrients that delighted your tastebuds? This is the right time to try the most delicious meal packed with natural goodness if you haven’t. This tempting dish contains no added sugar and has 24 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and other nutritional benefits. You can have this healthy dish loaded with vegan Italian sausage crumbles, lacinato kale baked inside, ricotta -sage with your family.

Mosaic Foods Pricing Plans

Mosaic Foods is a subscription-based meal delivery service, but you can cancel the subscription anytime without feeling locked. When starting, you need to order a box of more than $70 to enjoy healthy meals with free delivery services. The vegan meal plan starts from $15. Vegan breakfasts start at $4.99 each meal, whereas lunches and dinners start at $8.99. The Mosaic+ meal plan costs $10.99, and soups cost $7.99. There are no shipping charges for orders over $100.

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Mosaic Foods Delivery Location

Mosaic Foods deliver to metro areas in the Eastern and western US.

Pros and Cons of Mosaic Foods

  • Natural, no added flavors, fresh and unadulterated food
  • Effective packaging
  • Unique meal plans come with a preparation chart
  • No commitment is needed. People can cancel theirsubscriptions anytime.
  • A few meals take more than 40 minutes to prepare.
  • Shipping is free only for orders above $100.

How to Order using App/Website

Subscribe by clicking on the “get started” link. Choose your meal box and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Below are the steps on how to order using Mosaic Foods.

1. Click on “Get started.”
2. Enter your zip code and email.


3. You will see a screen as shown above.
4. From here, put your favorite meal in the box and

meal option

5. After adding the food to the box, you can review your order.
6. You can select the weeks for delivery.
7. Enter your address and check out.

Review your order

Why should you choose Mosaic Foods?

This innovative step towards less food wastage and providing everyone with homemade fresh food is excellent. Mosaic Foods is moving forward to reduce food wastage and offer healthy meals. The food business offers homemade, nutritious food to every doorstep.

Mosaic Foods offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian meals prepared by qualified chefs and dieticians. In addition to providing a variety of deliciously prepared meals that can be stored in the freezer, Mosaic Foods makes it easier for everyone to eat healthily. The meal kits of Mosaic Foods can feed multiple people for a few days. There is nothing terrible in eating food that can provide you with a daily dose of essential nutrients.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

It is simple to choose fresh meals from Mosaic Foods. Go to the shop option and select your favorite meal. You can explore an array of meal options. Just log in to Mosaic Foods, and you can access the menu and order the healthy home-cooked food of your choice.

Mosaic Food believes in customer satisfaction and thus never binds the customers with them. You can cancel the food subscription anytime. With zero commitments, Mosaic Foods let customers enjoy every meal.

Mosaic Foods chefs prepare satisfying and customers’ favorite meals. If the customers don’t like any food ingredients, Mosaic Foods replace them with one of their choices. So, if you do not want any ingredients, you can ask for a change. They have a customer-centric service.

Mosaic Foods meal consists of vegan meals and 100% vegetarian foods. Prepared meals from Mosaic Foods only require heating with no extra preparation.

The meals are freshly hand-cooked by real chefs in Hudson Valley. Their chefs sauté, peel, chop, season, and roast ingredients with their hands.

You can select from a diverse range of plant-based and chef-cooked lunch, dinner, and breakfast options. Get the perfect healthy plant-based meal at your table with ease. Choose anything from our food menu. As you get started, you can quickly build your Mosaic food box. Once you select the meal, your well-planned nutritious food will be delivered to you.

The basic difference is you don’t have to invest the time in cooking when you order family meals. They are hand-picked, veggie-packed meals for the whole family. You must bake and serve with no preparation. You will get 4+ veggies in every meal (free from artificial ingredients). Mosaic + plan contains restaurant-quality food with flash-frozen for ultimate freshness.

Since everything Mosaic Foods produce is fresh and made on the spot, it won’t be spoiled. However, when you receive the Meal box, try to store it as per the given instructions. As you receive the food, put it into the refrigerator.

As you receive the ingredients from Mosaic Foods, you will get a “How to enjoy” manual. Just have some necessities like utensils, oil, etc., to cook your food. The food would be ready in a few minutes.

To prepare your Mosaic food basket, they ensure screening everything to deliver the highest quality food items. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free. All our experienced chefs prepare with thoughtfully sourced ingredients to make sure everybody ends up saying, “Wow.” Our experts never use any artificial ingredients and use endurable eco-friendly practices.