Takeout Kit Review 2023: Everything You Need to Know

April 12, 2022


You won’t feel like shopping for groceries if you are too tired after a hectic day outside. However, if you wish to cook for yourself and/or your loved ones, buying the ingredients and finding the recipe would seem like a more challenging task than simply cooking. To save you from this hassle every day, you can buy ingredients along with recipes from a reliable meal kit delivery service out there. Whether you want to cook something Indian, Chinese, Italian, or Spanish, you will get many options.

Although a meal kit delivery service will take care of the prep and cook time, what makes them so special? Well, their dedication to delivering all the grocery ingredients along with a digital recipe card right at your doorsteps on time is what makes them so popular. So, if you wish to seek their services, Takeout Kit will be a great one-stop-shop to start with. So, let’s know all about this meal kit company.

What is Takeout Kit, and how was it created?

Takeout Kit is one of the most popular meal kit delivery companies in the US. This company primarily focuses on offering international cuisines like Italian, Chinese, and Indian to its customers or rather individuals who are adventurous foodies.

Rachael Lake, the founder of Takeout Kit, created this meal kit delivery company out of inspiration from Blue Apron. Former finance professional Rachael started turning her favorite dishes into meal kits to save her time and energy to cook later. She decided to create Takeout Kit when she realized that there was no woman-backed meal kit company then, and the kits could be easily cooked by anyone, even her husband – a lazy cook!

takeout kit logo

Innovative and great chefs from around the world help the company to come up with hard-to-find ingredients and genuine global recipes. With every meal kit box, you’ll receive something more than ingredients and recipes. You’ll learn about the background and culture of the dish, explore exotic and unique new ingredients, and follow easy-to-prep and cook instructions for making your own globally inspired dish.

Takeout Kit is the only meal kit company in the US market that claims to have a 2-months of shelf-life for their ingredients. The company ensures the packaging in such a way that the ingredients won’t go through any damage. Every order is delivered in an insulated and sealed cardboard packaging box, which comes with a two-month shelf life. So, it keeps your ingredients safe when delivered. Moreover, they offer sampler packs, individual meal kits, and multiple drink add-ons.

What does Takeout Kit Offer in a Weekly Plan?

Takeout Kit enables their subscribers to choose between a monthly subscription, a la carte ordering, and even a combo of both. Regardless of what option you pick, you’ll receive ingredients and recipes that let you cook the most famous and delicious takeout food from around the globe.

If you go with the a la carte plan, you’ll be able to order 3-kit samplers or individual kits as much as you want. You’ll enjoy picking the meal kits along with the quantity. However, if you go for a subscription plan, you’ll enjoy the option to choose the duration (length) of your subscription. Also, you’ll be able to pick the number and selection of kits included in the deliveries.

Every kit delivered to your house will consist of details of the dish, an easy-to-follow recipe, and ingredients required to prepare a meal that can easily feed three to four adults. After getting shipped, the order takes around 2-6 business days to arrive at your doorsteps. However, when it comes to a la carte, orders get shipped as soon as the company packs and confirms that it’s ready to go.

With Takeout Kit, you can always choose to modify or cancel your subscription with convenience.

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Takeout Kit: How Many Cuisines Do You Get?

Takeout Kit offers a great range and excellent variety of cuisines to their customers. Here, you won’t be getting any simple burger or sandwich, but experience some new innovations and dishes worldwide. With 19 types of cuisines, which is subject to change, you’ll receive meal kits for recipes that are Indian, Chinese, Argentinian, Italian, etc. You can choose the best recipes every week from their rotating menu as per your cuisine. So, a few famous types of cuisines at Takeout Kit include:

1. Indian Cuisines

The Indian cuisines by Takeout Kit will meet your nutritional requirements all while delivering exquisite taste and deliciousness. Not only are they heaven to your taste buds, but you’ll also get all the nutrients that you want in your diet. From Indian Butter Masala to Indian Chana Masala Pantry meal kit, the recipes will never fail to live up to your expectations.

Features of Takeout Kit Indian Cuisines:

  • Balanced calorific content
  • Easy to prepare and cook
  • Adjustable spice level
  • Organic and fresh ingredients

How Takeout Kit Prepares Indian Cuisines:

Ingredients with:

  • High-protein content
  • Freshly sourced veggies
  • Organic spices
  • Minimal cooking oil requirement
  • Healthy and tasty vegetables and meat

Why Choose Takeout Kit for Indian Cuisine?

  • Meets your taste preference and delicacy needs
  • Ensures great nutritional value
  • It helps to build muscles, support growth, and meet appetite needs

2. Chinese Cuisine

When it comes to Chinese cuisines, you can definitely rely on the ingredients and recipes from Takeout Kit. Apart from being super-delicious and tastebud-friendly, they meet all your nutritional requirements of the day. Currently, the meal kit company only offers a single option for Chinese cuisine – Sichuan Mapo Tofu Pantry Meal Kit.

Features of Takeout Kit Chinese Cuisines:

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Easy to prepare and cook
  • Spicy ingredients
  • Fresh and organic vegetables

How Takeout Kit Prepares Chinese Cuisines:

Ingredients with:

  • High-protein vegetables
  • Low calorific value
  • Soy and wheat
  • Organic Sichuan peppercorns and vegetable juices
  • Packed with healthy and tasty protein

Why Choose Takeout Kit for Chinese Cuisine?

  • It helps you enjoy a plant-based meal option
  • The essence of authentic Chinese delicacy
  • Boosts immunity
  • Supports weight loss
  • Meets nutritional needs

3. Italian Cuisine

Who doesn’t like Italian dishes, right? Takeout Kit brings a single yet one of the most exquisite, delicious, and innovative forms of Italian recipe on the table Italian Truffle Risotto. Not only will the recipe help you eat something with fewer calories, but it also delivers an ocean of deliciousness to your taste buds.

Features of Takeout Kit Italian Cuisines:

  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Easy to prep and cook
  • Finger-licking delicious ingredients
  • Fresh vegetables and organic cheese
  • Loaded with nutritional benefits

How Takeout Kit Prepares Italian Cuisines:

Ingredients with:

  • High-protein vegetables
  • Rich in fiber
  • gluten-free
  • Moderate calorific value
  • Organic cheese
  • Organic portobello mushrooms and organic cremini mushrooms

Why Choose Takeout Kit for an Italian Cuisine?

  • Good source of plant-based protein
  • The essence of authentic Chinese delicacy
  • Boosts immunity and strength
  • Great appetizer
  • Balanced nutritional value

4. Thai Cuisine

The world can never be more thankful to Thailand for its excellent range of Thai foods than ever. To add, the chefs at Takeout Kit glorified the Thai cuisine recipes even more and took it to another level. From Thai Crab Curry to Thai Coconut Curry Noodles, they have extra delightful, healthy, and palatable cuisines available right for your dietary and taste needs.

Features of Takeout Kit Thai Cuisines:

  • Flavorful and high-quality ingredients
  • Easy to prep and cook
  • The exotic taste of spices
  • Fresh vegetables and meat
  • Great nutritional value

How Takeout Kit Prepares Thai Cuisines:

Ingredients with:

  • High-protein meat and veggies
  • Rich in fiber and minerals
  • High calorific value (500-600 kcal)
  • Organic ingredients

Why Choose a Takeout Kit for Thai Cuisine?

  • Protein powerhouse
  • Authentic Thai recipes
  • Boosts health, growth, and development
  • Keeps you full
  • Great source of nutrition
  • Mouth-watering recipes

5. Argentinian Cuisine

Dishes and recipes from one of the most famous countries of South America – Argentina – hold a special place in the heart of food lovers globally. When it comes to something delicious yet nutritional, Argentina’s Empanadas top the list. Takeout Kit has introduced this famous recipe with renowned chef David Dippong to bring the essence of Argentine Empanadas right to your home.

Features of Takeout Kit Argentinian Cuisine:

  • Organic, locally sourced ingredients
  • Easy to prep and cook
  • Finger-licking deliciousness
  • Fresh chicken and vegetables
  • Significant nutritional value

How Takeout Kit Prepares Argentinian Cuisine:

Ingredients with:

  • High-protein chicken and veggies
  • Rich in protein, carbs, and fiber

It contains egg and wheat

Drink pairing like Malbec or Torrontes (optional)

Why Choose Takeout Kit for Argentinian Cuisine?

  • Nutrition storehouse
  • The essence of Argentinian recipes
  • Great for muscles and bone density
  • Ideal appetizer
  • Mouth-watering ingredients and recipe

Top 3 Best Selling Takeout Kit Recipes [2022]

The option to conveniently choose the preferred cuisine/recipe every month ensures that you only get the dishes you want. Clearly, Takeout Kit is designed to meet the customer’s multiple needs that vary according to their taste and diet preferences.

Simply choose the meal recipe that you want, get them delivered, and cook them quickly. It not only enables you to try something new and exquisite on your own time, but you also won’t have to worry about any ingredients too. However, with a multitude of options, it can be quite confusing to know the best recipes on the menu.

Every meal recipe on their menu is customizable. So, if you want to change any ingredient or add some more creativity to the recipe, you’re free to do so.

To make things easier, you can check their top 3 best-selling recipes in 2022, given below.

1. Thai Coconut Curry Noodles (Khao Soi)

Takeout Kit has introduced one of the most nutritious and delectable recipes on their menu under the Thai category –Thai Coconut Curry Noodles or Khao Soi. In this recipe, the chefs around the corner have incorporated the signature Thai flavors of chili, shallots, and lemongrass. The recipe includes ingredients like coconut sugar for its subtle sweetness, tart crunchy pickled mustard greens, and bright kaffir lime to amplify these flavors. Every bite of this dish is a treat to your taste buds. Within 30 minutes, you can enjoy the true essence of Northern Thailand at home.

Thai Coconut Curry Noodles

Ingredients by Takeout Kit:

  • Egg noodles
  • Yellow curry paste
  • Coconut milk
  • Vegetable broth
  • Green onions
  • Shallots
  • Garlic
  • Turbinado sugar
  • Wonton strips
  • Pickled mustard greens
  • Kaffir lime
  • Thai chili (optional)
Prep & Cook Time Prep – 5-6 mins

Cooking – 25-30 mins

Calories 530 calories
Fat 16 grams
Carbohydrates 83 grams
Protein 17 grams

2. Argentine Empanadas

The Argentine Empanada kit from Takeout Kit company is one of the tastiest dishes available on their menu. This Argentinian dish features chicken filling seasoned with a rich achiote spice blend and manzanilla green olives. This recipe allows you to craft the dough from scratch and turn it into hand pies, which will be baked into crisp perfection. Then, all you have to do is devour its taste into the dipping sauce and enjoy it. Not only is it delicious, but also highly nutritious. Moreover, the Takeout Kit gives you the benefit to customize your order and change the ingredients as per your needs.

Argentine Empanadas

Ingredients by Takeout Kit:

  • Rotisserie chicken or ground beef
  • Empanada dough mix
  • Tomato sauce
  • Sunflower oil
  • Green olives
  • Achiote spice blend
  • Honey
  • Egg powder
  • Lemon and Cilantro
Prep & Cook Time Prep – 10-12 mins

Cooking – 60 mins

Calories 390 calories
Fat 10 grams
Carbohydrates 51 grams
Protein 22 grams

3. Indian Butter Masala & Basmati Rice

What can be more delicious than a spiced, creamy, tasty authentic Indian Butter Masala dinner? Takeout Kit offers the tastiest Indian dishes with a perfectly balanced spice blend for all its customers. The Indian Butter Masala & Basmati Rice is a significantly popular and one of the best-selling recipes on their menu. This 30-min-to-cook meal is indulged in the rich and unique taste of organic grass-fed ghee, diced tomatoes, fragrant Himalayan basmati rice, coconut cream, 100% natural chicken, and perfectly blanched masalas (spices). Their spice level is adjustable, so no worries on that section!

Indian Butter Masala & Basmati Rice

Ingredients by Takeout Kit:

  • Chicken
  • Rotisserie chicken, or paneer
  • Veggies: peas
  • Basmati rice,
  • Italian chopped tomatoes
  • Garlic, grass-fed 100%
  • Organic pasteurized butter
  • Cumin, ginger
  • Garam masala
  • Himalayan pink salt
Prep & Cook Time Prep – 10-12 mins

Cooking – 25-35 mins

Calories 320 calories
Fat 14 grams
Carbohydrates 32 grams
Protein 17 grams

Takeout Kit Add-Ons

For add-ons, Takeout Kit offers drinks and side dishes. However, there are only a limited number of side dishes, somewhere around 4-5. However, the number of side dishes keeps changing every week. But you can always order drink pairings with your order. For instance, you can get masala chai tea with your Indian butter masala. So, we hope they come up with more add-on options in the future.

Takeout Kit Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing plans, Takeout Kit is reasonable. Their individual meal kit cost is around $29.95 to $34.95, whereas the cost of their 3-kit samplers varies between $86 and $102.95. The company also offers discount offers on their subscriptions, which vary depending on the time when you took the subscription. Also, Takeout Kit doesn’t charge any shipping fee for all the delivery locations. It’s all FREE!

The available subscription plans at Takeout Kit vary from a 1-month plan to a 12-month plan. When it comes to a 1-month subscription plan, you’ll have to pay $29.99 every month for a single kit. For a 3-month subscription plan, you’ll get a single kit every month for the period of 3 months at $86.99. It means you’ve to pay $28.99/month for three months.

It costs $167.99 for your 6-month subscription plan, which ultimately turns out to be $27.99 per month. However, for the 12-month subscription plan, you’ll have to pay $323.99 ($26.99 per month). Here, you can clearly see that you’ll save a few bucks if you subscribe for a longer period. If not canceled, the subscription gets automatically renewed.

For 1-Month Subscription Plan
Meal Kit Per Month Price Per Month Total Cost
1 $29.99 $29.99
For 3-Month Subscription Plan
Meal Kit Per Month Price Per Month Total Cost
1 $28.99 $86.99
For 6-Month Subscription Plan
Meal Kit Per Month Price Per Month Total Cost
1 $27.99 $167.99
For 12-Month Subscription Plan
Meal Kit Per Month Price Per Month Total Cost
1 $26.99 $323.99

Takeout Kit Delivery Location

As you read that Takeout Kit ensures a long shelf life with their meal kit boxes, the company is now capable of shipping their boxes to even the most remote areas of the United States. Takeout Kit delivers to the majority of the US territories and all the 50 states, including the overseas APO addresses (Alaska and Hawaii). You won’t have to sit at home and wait for the package’s arrival as the kit box won’t need refrigeration, and the delivery person could safely leave it at your doorsteps.

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How to Order Using Takeout Kit?

The ordering process by using Takeout Kit is pretty simple as their subscription policy is easy. Firstly, you’ll have to decide which plan you want to choose. The meal-kit company will offer a variety of options to you, ranging from 1-month to 2-month subscriptions.

Secondly, you’ll have to pick the takeout meal that you prefer the most. You can choose the meal from any of the international cuisine categories. Then, you’ll be required to choose the next kit on the 15th of every month.

Amazingly, Takeout Kit comes with an exceptional range of international dishes to pick from, and their chefs are constantly trying to add new and unique recipes. Apart from their subscription services, you’ll be able to buy their 3-meal sampler pack or individual pack. This enables flexibility if you’d prefer to try them before going with any subscription.

Takeout Kit: Pros and Cons

  • Order a la carte or subscribe their service
  • Chemical-free and USDA organic healthy ingredients
  • Availability of special diet options
  • Reward system for subscribers
  • Free shipping facility
  • International dishes
  • Flexibility to choose your protein with some kits
  • 2-month shelf life without any need for refrigeration
  • Available in all parts of the US (including Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Does not have options for smaller portions
  • A bit costlier than other meal kit services
  • Limited number of add-ons
  • Limited choices for Chinese cuisine

Why Should You Choose Takeout Kit?

Takeout Kit is one of the most renowned meal kit delivery services in the US. It is famous for turning takeout dishes and recipes into easy-to-cook meals. With Takeout Kit by your side, you can order as much as you want. Whether it’s customizing the kits, cooking exotic dishes for four people within half an hour, or tasting adventurous international cuisines, Takeout Kit allows you to do it all.

To create a unique difference from competitors in the market, this meal kit company has surpassed its capabilities to offer the most amazing dining experience to its customers. By sourcing ingredients from multiple countries around the world, it introduces exotic sauces, spices, and extras on its menu to ensure authenticity in the taste of its international meals.

It enables you to explore the world in the comfort of your kitchen and provides music playlists and drink pairings to let you recreate and enjoy the special vibe of a place that you always wanted to visit or have visited. The company allows you to try its kits one by one and sample multiple dishes combined under a common theme.

However, you can also subscribe to their services and enjoy some new international dishes every month while saving a few bucks on your orders. There is nothing wrong with this company, apart from the fact that you only have to order a meal kit for four people. But not to worry, as its extended 2-months shelf life enables you to save the ingredients for later.

So, conclusively, if you’re a home cook who wants to liven up the menu or try something international every month even though you’re not traveling, then you should definitely choose Takeout Kit as your meal kit delivery service.

Takeout Kit Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Takeout Kit is all about emails. It allows anyone to join their email list for updates and info regarding promos, new kits, and foodie content. Their customer service team is available 24/7 through email. You can always visit their email list to ask any queries or make any adjustments to your subscriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Takeout Kits always ensure to deliver their items in an insulated sealed cardboard box. However, you have to ask their customer support whether they provide any ice packs for temperature control or not. You can even inquire more about their refrigeration requirements. Every meal kit will help you explore a “full meal experience” by letting you know all about the background of the dish, global ingredients, required kitchen supplies, and a recipe card. They even ask for optional drink pairings or add-ons.

Takeout Kit claims on their website that almost all their ingredients are USDA-certified organic. They also say that every ingredient in their menu is preservative, pesticide, and chemical-free.

The average cost of 3-pack samplers at Takeout Kit ranges from $85 to $105 for adventurous foodies, spicy food lovers, meat-lovers, and vegetarians. However, the cost of individual kits is around $35 for the meat-based kits and $30 for the vegetarian kits.