Gobble vs Sunbasket – Meal Plans, Pricing, Menu, & More

Last Updated : February 23, 2024


Meal kit delivery services like Gobble and Sunbasket positively impact how you spend time cooking food at home. Turning it from a tiring activity into something light, fun, and most importantly, quick.

Gobble and Sunbasket work in similar ways as they provide meal kits for 2 to 4 people when you select from their unique meal plans. Pick your meal and choose how many servings/meals you want weekly.; They deliver right to your doorstep with the necessary ingredients, recipe instructions, and a few other items every week.

Most of the ingredients are prepared, taking away the main time-consuming part of your cooking which are cutting and prep. You can expect your meal to be ready in an average of 30 minutes, so it’s worth the cost.

But between Gobble vs Sunbasket – which is the better, more convenient option for you?

In this article, I did an in-depth comparison and review of both services. What are they like and their individual strengths and weaknesses based on their plans, pricing, ingredients, nutritional value, etc.?

Cooking food with meal kits: Is it really that simple?

If I had to compare the amount of time I spent, prior to subscribing, and the time I spend now with my meal kits, it would be catastrophic. Meal kits have not only simplified how I cook meals every week, but I also get to make some really interesting recipes that I wouldn’t have previously cooked at home. Plus, it’s oh-so-simple!

The average time I spend in the kitchen is 15 to 30 minutes tops for prepping and cooking by using meal kits! All the recipes are beginner-friendly even if the dish, on its own, is relatively complicated to make.

Meal kits come with literally everything you need to cook a dish. Prepared and pre-measured ingredients, sauces, oil, seasonings, and cooking instructions. All you need to get started is the right pan and a functioning stovetop.

It’s not just about how easy the recipes are to make. Meal kit delivery services like Gobble and Sunbasket prioritize health too. They have different foods that meet different dietary needs such as diabetes, low-carb, low-calorie, weight loss-friendly, etc.

You can filter the recipes by your cooking preferences as well such as cooking time, serving size, spice level, and food restrictions. Trust me when I say this, meal kit delivery services can really spoil you for choice until a time comes when you can’t even imagine making any dish from scratch without the help of such fantastic meal kit services.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – First-timer’s discount

Let’s talk about what you’re going to get as a new customer. Most meal kits offer their first-time customers a discount offer and/or free shipping. Gobble and Sunbasket have their own exciting offers for newbies.

On the one hand, Gobble features a $36 discount coupon for the first 6 meals you order. I should clarify before going any further that on Gobble, the minimum order is 3 recipes per week for 2 people (2 servings each), which makes a total of 6 servings in total on your first order + a discount coupon of $36 off.

The 3 meals with 2 servings each cost $72 for the first week. Top that with the first-time discount and your total bill amount comes to $36.  That’s literally half the amount of the total bill!

Sunbasket, on the other hand, offers its first-time customer $90 off on the first order with free shipping. You get a free gift on the first four deliveries, which makes a total of four free gifts overall.

The minimum order with Sunbasket is 3 meal boxes for 2 people which amounts to a total of 6 servings. The cost of a single serving is $11.99. For 6 servings plus the shipping ($7.99), the bill comes up to $80.

After the discount coupon though, you pay less per serving, which is $6.99 per serving. And the shipping fee is eliminated. So the first order with Sunbasketgoes down from $80 to $31.94 for first-timer customers!

This is a huge takeaway from Sunbasket. On top of the discount on the first order, you can also get $20 off on the next two orders.

Here’s the side-by-side comparison of how much you will have to pay for your first order…

Gobble Sunbasket
For 3 meals x 2 people:

(6 total servings)

For 3 meals x 2 people:

(6 total servings)

Discounted bill $36 $31.94

As you can see, Sunbasket offers a better discount than Gobble on the first order. Plus with Sunbasket, you also get an additional $20 off on the next 2 orders. Even if you order the minimum that is 3 recipes for 2 people (6 servings total),  it’s most likely that you will get a $20 off during check-out.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Pricing

Gobble and Sunbaket offer customizable meal plans and pricing. You can differentiate between the “per-serving” prices based on how many meals you order weekly.

A good way to illustrate what I mean is with the help of a side-by-side comparison table since both Gobble and Sunbasket offer meal kits for 2 or more people weekly.

For 2 people (2 servings each)

Gobble Sunbasket
2 recipes –        (minimum of 3 meals) $13.99 per serving
3 recipes $11.99 per serving $11.99 per serving
4 recipes $11.99 per serving $10.99 per serving

For 4 people (4 servings each)

Gobble Sunbasket
2 recipes -(minimum of three meals) $10.99 per serving
3 recipes $11.99 per serving $10.99 per serving
4 recipes $11.99 per serving $10.99 per serving

Sunbasket is relatively less expensive than Gobble in the long run. You pay on average $11.99 to $10.99 with Sunbasket. There is a significant drop in price “per serving” when you order more than 6 servings divided between 3 different meals.

With Gobble, you pay a fixed price of $11.99 on every order. There is no decrease in price “per serving” as you increase the quantity of your order, which is a let-down.

There is another feature to call attention to when speaking of Sunbasket and that is their Fresh & Ready meals. These are single-serving meals that come pre-prepped so all you have to do is heat them in the microwave and serve them hot.

Select the “Fresh & Ready” option on their menu, you’ll find a variety of quick and easy meal kits. Recipes like Cheesy Chicken Tetrazzini, Sweet Pea, Broccoli Risotto, and Spaghetti Alla Beef Bolognese are some of my favorites.

The cost of each serving for 4 to 8 meals per week looks something like this…

No. of Meals Per Week Cost Per Serving (Single-Serve Kits)
4 meals $11.99
5 meals $11.99
6 meals $9.99
7 meals $9.99
8 meals $8.99

Unfortunately, Gobble does not offer single-serve ready-made meal kits like Sunbasket.

All of Gobble’s meal kits have to be cooked once they arrive as the ingredients are packaged individually. Some of the ingredients like the sauces, meat, and vegetables are pre-measured and labeled but they are not microwave-ready meals that you can simply just heat up and serve as is.

Considering that the lowest single-serve price of a meal delivered by Sunbasket is $8.99 – I can confidently say that it is the more affordable choice than Gobble for long-term use.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Meal plans

Gobble and Sunbasket offer veg and non-vegetarian meals. They have more recipes on every weekly menu than you can imagine. Starting with different categories for foods such as…

Each recipe offers the feature of customization which means you can swap the protein option with another from their selections.

For example, with their Chicken Piccata with Broccolini, you can switch from boneless chicken to ocean shrimp, organic boneless chicken, or Swordfish steaks.

The recipe card lets you know which item is customizable. Though not all their recipes are customizable in this way, I found that most of the main dishes such as salads, burgers, stir fry cuisines, and pasta are.

Let’s dive deeper into the menu of Gobble…

Gobble changes its menu every week so you can expect new recipes on a weekly basis. I counted the average number of meals on Gobble’s menu and it’s around 12 main dishes with plenty of other secondary meals like salads, sides, soups, breakfasts, etc.

  • Dinners
  • Lean & Clean Dinners
  • Premium Dinners
  • Specialty Kits for Four
  • Salads
  • Sides
  • Soups
  • Breakfasts
  • Desserts

I would like to point to Gobble’s “Lean & Clean” meal plan which contains low-carb ingredients for 2 or more people. In this category, you’ll find 3 recipes with fiber-rich and low-fat ingredients such as beans, salmon, hearty squash, quinoa, and lettuce. Wholesome and filling but very holistic and nutritious for health-conscious eaters.

Moving on, Gobble offers a quicker way for you to cook up to 4 servings for a single meal. In their “Specialty Kits for Four” meal plan, you get ingredients for 4 people with cooking instructions that are catered to making larger servings rather than the average 1-2 servings. It’ll save you time to cook up a larger meal with this meal kit than buying individual meal kits. Plus, it’ll save packaging material because you don’t have to deal with unpacking individual meal boxes.

The Breakfast menu contains healthy recipes like Ham Egg Crossanwich, Open Face Chipotle Avocado Toast with Eggs, and Scrambled Egg with a healthy salad, and 2 different types of Quiches! Dishes you’ll probably fail to make at home because they take a long time to put together from scratch.

Even their Dessert menu with cookie dough and Truffle Cheesecake are worth drooling over.

Let’s dive deeper into the menu of Sunbasket…

Sunbasket’s weekly menu features a similar menu as Gobble but with a few changes. Their menu contains…

  • Dinners
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Pasta & Sauces (pantry items)
  • Protein (seafood, poultry, beef, pork, sausage, plant-based, and cooked)
  • Snacks

Each category has its own sub-categories that I will get into detail in a bit. There is no feature to swap ingredients, primarily protein, in any of their recipes. You use all the ingredients in every meal kit.

Customization looks different in most of Sunbasket’s meal kits because they offer a wide variety of snack and pantry items which is absent in Gobble.

In their “Dinners” category, Sunbasket features two sub-categories: meal kits and ready-to-serve meals. The latter are single-serve meals that you simply have to microwave and serve hot. The former is a proper meal kit with all the packaged ingredients and cooking instructions.

In their “Breakfast” menu, though it is not in the form of a meal kit, it looks delicious and wholesome. You have gluten-free egg bites, pies, berry yogurts, different types of oatmeal and granola, waffles, brownies, smoothies, juices, and coffee.

Lastly, their “Lunch” menu includes ready-to-serve items like noodle bowls, soups, falafel, pizzas, and cooked proteins such as shredded chicken, salmon, and falafel.

Another thing about buying from Sunbasket is that along with their delicious meal kits, you can also buy healthy grocery items such as tortillas, bread, deli items, pasta, pasta sauce, and lots more. All these come at an extra cost added to what you pay for the meal kits on Sunbasket.

There is no cap on how many extra items you can order on Sunbasket. You can include even a single item as small as a 2-oz snack bar along with your meal kits for the week. Sunbasket’s menu makes it easy to navigate the different food items without getting confused.

You can read more about the item, its nutritional profile, serving size, and other allergy information. For example, when you click on the Superfood Cookie Banana Bread item, you will be able to the dietary information of the bread including ingredients count, what it’s good for, and its serving size.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Ingredients

The ways that Gobble and Sunbasket lure a new “potential” customer in is something worth considering.

Gobble presents its upcoming menu, a breakdown of its meal plans, and a display of what’s inside its meal kits. On the meu, each recipe card reads the name of the recipe, what it contains (common allergy-causing foods), spice level, and the customization option.

But if you want more information out of the recipe such as ingredients list, nutritional information, and cooking instruction, Gobble wants you to sign up first before viewing the rest of the details. Through each recipe, you’ll be taken to their sign-up and registration page.

Sunbasket offers a breakdown of each recipe including its dietary profiles, serving size, calories, time, and ingredients list.

The recipe cards and instructions indicate all the items that you need so you can prepare what pots or pans to use once the meal kit arrives.

In some recipes, Sunbasket provides extra tips and tricks to make the dish taste and look more appetizing. There are suggestions for preparing certain meals for kids as well.

For example, with Korean BBQ Tostadas with Pollock, which is a diabetic-friendly, soy-free, and gluten-free recipe, Sunbasket recommends some tips to make the recipe more appetizing for children as well.

As you can see, Sunbasket promises complete transparency when it comes to its meal kits and food items. In fact, it also displays all the nutritional information you need for each food item on their list such as sweet treats, snacks, bread, sauces, etc.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Packaging

Every once in a while, don’t you wonder how much plastic/packaging you use for your meals? How are the ingredients packed? Can you reuse or recycle certain items in your pantry or refrigerator?

Gobble, on that note, has a straightforward method of packaging but no guarantee of recycling. There is nothing conclusive about Gobble following sustainable and eco-friendly methods for packaging.

Every meal kit comes with tinier packages containing the ingredients. Each box uses more packaging seals and materials than most meal boxes. This is to avoid confusion about the ingredients since all the packages are labeled and transparent.

The best thing about Gobble though is that they pay extra care and attention to packaging sensitive ingredients like eggs, whole tomatoes, prepped sauces or marinades or pickles. Nothing leaks out because it’s doubly layered to avoid spilling.

Sunbasket, on the other hand, has proper paper insulation inside every meal kit box to ensure freshness and quality of flavor. Other small packaging items such as ice packs, cotton fiber, paper bags, denim lining, wooden trays, and other eco-friendly items are used to reduce the use of plastic. Isn’t that great?

Most of their packaging is recyclable. You can recycle the packaging by checking where the nearest municipal dumping ground is. It’s a convenient way to ensure you’re doing your bit for the environment despite using a meal kit delivery service. The extra packaging goes back into the factories to be processed and reused again as packaging.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Delivery

Gobble serves all continental United States but not Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Dakota. It also does not deliver to Alaska and Hawaii. If you live in any one of these regions, then Gobble is not the one for you.

Sunbasket delivers to 47 states excluding a few zip codes such as AK, HI, MT, ND, and some areas in NM.

The time and date of delivery you can access are based on where you live. Yes, you can opt for flexible scheduling by managing your orders after you sign-up and place your first order on either one of these websites.

I found no complaints regarding delivery. You can change the time of delivery any time you want and get all your updates on your email and phone number.

Gobble makes it easy to change and reschedule orders as well. You have to make sure to reschedule the upcoming order a few days in advance. The same thing applies to Sunbasket. In case you want immediate help, after the deadline, you can email their customer service and get quick assistance right away.

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Protein sources/content and nutritional value

The diversity and variety of both Sunbasket and Gobble menus foodies are highly likely to find very, very gratifying. With the former, the weekly menu consists of as many as 18 different recipes whereas the latter includes 10 equally mouth-watering dishes.

Although let’s acknowledge that Sunbasket offers more meals, which you can perceive as catering to more dietary/lifestyle preferences. Nevertheless, both Sunbasket and Gobble recipes are not only appetizing but also highly nutritional.

So how about I compare their recipes (chosen randomly) side by side just to give you a sneak-peek into their vast menus that obviously include more such healthy, tasty dishes…

Vegetarian by Gobble

A part of their Vegetarian Dinner category is this  Brown Rice. The tofu, loaded with proteins that make you feel full for a longer time, is diced and stir-fried with hearty, colorful veggies like broccoli, red bell peppers, etc., and further glorified with fiber-rich and protein-rich cashew nuts.

From the meal kits section, there’s the vegan recipe of Black-Eyed Pea Pitas with Crunchy Salad and Red Pepper Baba Ganoush.

It’s soy-free and dairy-free, only 430 calories, and ready in just about 15 minutes. The 13 grams of protein comes from leafy greens, black-eyed peas, and cabbage. Now isn’t that a whole lot of health and fun for both vegetarians and vegans!

As for the Fresh & Ready dishes of Sunbasket, this Chipotle Butternut Squash Stew with Chorizo, Cauliflower, and Cashews looks very inviting.

The tags (for dietary requirements) included for this one are soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, carb-conscious, Mediterranean, and paleo. It’s equipped with 18 grams of protein – higher in comparison to the vegetarian/vegan meal kit recipe by Sunbasket.

Chicken by Gobble

In my opinion, up against Sunbasket’s top-rated chicken dish is Gobble’s Souvlaki Marinated Chicken Sandwich with Greek Salad & Red Wine Vinaigrette. With Gobble, you don’t just get protein-loaded, boneless, and skinless chicken breasts but also the vitamins and antioxidants goodness of Greek salad that is nutrient-dense and low-calorie.

Chicken by Sunbasket

In the case of Sunbasket’s Chicken and Hummus Flatbread “Tacos” with Greek Kale Salad (once again, it’s their top-rated chicken recipe), the packed protein is not just boneless and skinless chicken breasts but also chicken thighs. Weight-loss-friendly Greek salad is a part of this meal too, along with low-fat, crumbled feta cheese and whole-grain, sumptuous flatbread.

But nothing beats Sunbasket’s Fresh & Ready chef-crafted meal of Chicken Enchilada Pie with Olives and Pickled Jalapenos that goes straight from their kitchen to your microwave oven (meaning ready in only under 6-7 minutes). The ‘Protein Plus’ label here means lots and lots of protein – as much as 37 grams! Plus, you get to have delicious pie for dinner!

Beef/Pork by Gobble

How about Peruvian-Style Steak with Patatas Bravas & Red Chilli Pepper Sauce by Gobble – you’re sure to “gobble” this down as quickly as you can!

Just like many of Gobble’s recipes, you can personalize this chef’s pick, medium-spicy dish – eggs (optional), soy (optional), and milk (optional).

If you’re into pork, then check out Gobble’s quick and easy meal which is Gochujang Glazed Pork Stir-Fry with Brown Rice.

Beef/Pork by Sunbasket

Moving on to Sunbasket, Greek Beef Skewers with Arugula-Pear Salad and Hazelnuts andBurmese Beef Khow Suey with Ramen Noodles in Coconut-Curry Broth. Both dishes are quite indicative of how diverse, savory, and filling  Sunbasket’s meal delivery kits really and truly are.

As for pork-based meal kits by Sunbasket, I selected their most recent addition –Dukkah Pork Chops and Kale Salad with “Everything” Ranch Dressing. Once again, an extremely delectable recipe that is a part of Sunbasket’s international-inspired cuisine.

You know you get more variety with Sunbasket because of their add-on Fresh & Ready category as well. From this department, I chose 5-minute-readySpaghetti Alla Beef Bolognese and Pork Chile Verde Over Cilantro Rice. Both are soy-free, below 600 calories, and.

Seafood by Gobble

Chimichurri Shrimp with Asparagus & Couscous.

Greek Salmon with Cauliflower Spanakorizo& Roasted Red Pepper Pesto.

Be it shrimp or salmon, both are high-protein sources along with low carbs and low calories. That’s definitely some good nutrition for your body and an abundance of yummy, heavenly flavors for your taste buds. On top of that, both shrimp and salmon are great sources of vitamin B12.

From their Premium Dinners category, I picked the best-seller New England Lobster Rolls on Brioche Buns with Marinated Cucumber Salad. Just imagine the delicate, sweet flavor of lobster! Needless to say, lobster is an excellent source of protein with low-fat content, much like shrimp and salmon.

Seafood by Sunbasket

Expect no less from Sunbasket’s seafood recipes in terms of their nutritional value and taste –Jumbo Shrimp Bourride with Lemon Aioli and Ciabatta Toasts and Salmon and Quinoa Bowls with Wilted Greens and Citrus Dressing. Both from Meal Kits while Fresh & Ready has no seafood options, unfortunately (but they do have lamb and turkey though!).

Both meal-kit seafood dishes are perfect for pescatarians and those with specific dietary preferences such as gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, Protein Plus, and no added sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gobble vs Sunbasket (FAQs)

What about managing your account on Gobble and Sunbasket?

The whole tedious process of subscription management has been simplified in both cases, even for not-so-tech-savvy customers. Whatever changes you wish to make can be done through your account management settings. Be it canceling/ordering meals, editing payment details or delivery addresses, and more.

Even the app versions of both Gobble and Sunbasket are quite user-friendly and straightforward for updating details, choosing dietary preferences, selecting meals, and canceling your subscription. However, Gobble has a mobile-optimized website platform, whereas Sunbasket has created an app.

Gobble lets you easily manage your account settings after you log in. You can quickly adjust your upcoming dinner kits, update your home address, and switch meal preferences from the Gobble dashboard itself.

You can also manage account changes and weekly deliveries through the FAQs page of Sunbasket.

Can you skip a box or cancel your subscription with Gobble and Sunbasket?

As for subscription flexibility, you have the freedom to skip an order or pause it and even cancel your meal delivery subscription altogether.

Remember that there is a cut-off time set by Gobble and Sunbasket. Gobble’s deadline is Wednesday at noon (i.e., Pacific Time, 12 p.m.) to cancel next week’s delivery. In the case of Sunbasket, make sure to make whatever changes you like also on Wednesday, 12 p.m. (PT) before your order is due.

Do they accommodate food allergies and/or dietary preferences?

Both meal kit delivery services include family-friendly recipes on their menus but Sunbasket caters more to a wider range of food/diet preferences. Their menu consists of vegetarian meals, vegan meals, paleo meals, Mediterranean meals, gluten-free meals, soy-free meals, dairy-free meals, organic meals, and more.

Gobble, on the other hand, offers much fewer choices to those with special dietary demands. Plus, you have to first sign up with them to find out more about the nutritional value and details of the recipes. Although they do have the ‘Personalize this Meal’ feature for many of their dishes, so you can skip ingredients like soy, eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and other such common allergy-triggering food items.

Gobble Advantages

Faster meal kit delivery service and faster cooking

Almost every ingredient is packed separately and properly

Beginner-friendly recipes and cooking instructions

Low-calorie ‘Lean & Clean’ meal plans

Include breakfast, dinner, sides, soups, snacks, and desserts

You get to swap proteins/other ingredients (with ‘Personalize this Meal’ feature)

Occasional promotional offers

Gobble Disadvantages

In comparison to grocery stores, price per serving is slightly higher

Excessive plastic waste due to too many packaging bags

You cannot read nutritional information of recipes unless you sign up

Sunbasket Advantages

Both meal kits and premade meals available (satisfying portion sizes)

More diet-specific recipes (including diabetes-friendly)

Sustainably-sourced proteins and organic, fresh ingredients

Includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks

The best meal delivery service for families and foodies

Mostly recyclable and reusable packaging

Sunbasket Disadvantages

Price per serving is a bit expensive

Delivery cost is not free

Packaging is bulky

No dessert recipes included

Gobble vs Sunbasket – Finalizing the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Sunbasket is one of the best meal delivery services. I found that Gobble makes cooking at home faster with the exception of varied meal kits which is what the Sunbasket offers. But it’s important to remember that both meal kit delivery services do not cater to the same type of audience.

Gobble is a better choice for you if your priority is convenience and saving time. Just the thought of your dinner getting ready in less than 15 minutes can make a busy person feel relieved! Thanks to Gobble’s quicker, easier recipes.

On the other hand, Sunbasket’s all-organic ingredients are quite appealing, especially to the health-conscious lot. Even Sunbasket has dishes you can prepare in under 20-30 minutes.

To further enhance the experience, Sunbasket offers both meal kits as well as premade meals. Moreover, the Sunbasket menu, in comparison to the Gobble menu, is more varied and better suited to meet greater, more specific dietary preferences.