Cooking For The Whole Family With HelloFresh: My Honest Review!

Last Updated : February 23, 2024


Admit it. Our current stay-at-home situation has brought the “new normal” we all have to adapt to, and it’s not getting any easier.

And it’s not just us who did “stay” at home — our cooking did, too.

Good news: home cooking is about to be better with HelloFresh, a one-stop-shop delivery partner for all your home-cooked meals!

Learn more about HelloFresh family meals and which plan will work best for your family as you scroll down further below!

Who owns HelloFresh?

Before anything else, let’s first know who is the genius behind the convenient, innovative homemade meal provider that is HelloFresh.

The HelloFresh brand is currently spearheaded by the corporate genius tandem of Dominik S. Richter and Thomas Griesel, the founders and CEO of the brand since its inception in 2011.

From simply being employees of corporate giants, these two entrepreneurs-by-heart has found their way into founding HelloFresh, the union of both their business and strategy expertise.

The two-manned team eventually grew in size, adding two more to the management board namely Christian Gartner as the CFO and Edward Boyes as the COO years after the brand’s founding.

HelloFresh has welcomed more people into their team since.

What is HelloFresh?

At first glance, HelloFresh might seem like just another foodservice startup you can access anywhere on the internet.

But, hold it right there: there’s more to HelloFresh than meets the eye!

With HelloFresh, preparing healthy, organic home-cooked meals any time of the day does not have to be that hard as it provides you with fresh, carefully chosen ingredients right in the comfort of your home.

No more long drives to the grocery store and long walks carrying arm-breaking groceries — HelloFresh is here to do exactly just that.

This Germany-based meal-kit provider delivers personalized, handpicked meal packages,

making waves in several various countries including the United States, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia with their groundbreaking service made specifically just for healthy foodies just like you.

Not only that, but with its commitment to provide not just excellent service but also its four pillars — Budget, Health, Taste, and Sustainability — HelloFresh should definitely start being your go-to food provider!

With HelloFresh, digging into your favorite nutritious meals just got better —  changing the way people eat, one meal kit at a time!

How does HelloFresh work?

With the advent of technology for the food industry, HelloFresh is always one step ahead.

And how exactly does it do that?


It does the demanding, time-consuming task of meal preparation so you don’t have to.

While most food-related startups only connect you to any famous kiosks, restaurants, fast food chains you love, HelloFresh brings the exact experience of dining out inside your home.

Each carefully packaged box comes with an equally carefully planned week-long meal plan, complete with recipe cards, pre-measured raw ingredients which mostly take around 30-40 minutes to cook.

As the world’s leading meal-kit service provider, HelloFresh also brings you a variety of nutritious, health-friendly meals to last you a week, generally made for sharing for about 2 persons each package.

It is basically just as simple as grocery shopping BUT minus the time, effort, AND hassle!

Experience dining at home while staying at home like never before with HelloFresh!

What comes in a HelloFresh box?

Now that we know about HelloFresh and the wonders that it brings, it is now the perfect time to bring out the juiciest, much-awaited question there is out there:

What’s in the box?

Each week, a HelloFresh box contains 1.) bite-sized, easy-to-follow recipes complete with all the nutritional values you need to know, 2.) freshly-picked quality ingredients straight out of their farm produce and, 3.) fridge-friendly meal kits which all fit oh-so-easy without the fuss.

And not only that: the box of goodies from HelloFresh also offers you to choose from and ultimately, a satisfying yummy-in-my-tummy dining and cooking experience!

This is going to be the best $60 to $70 bucks you’ve ever spent!

What type of plan do they offer?

The best thing about HelloFresh? It is all about YOU.

Vegan? No problem.

Love seafood? No problem.

Have a picky, 4-year old eater in the house? No problem.


The only problem you’ll have is making a final pick on their 23 fresh, affordable plans to choose from!

With their plan personalization option, you can easily get what you wish for as you can choose your preferences right at your fingertips.

HelloFresh offers a variety of meal plan choices, from Meat and Veggies to Veggie, to Family-Friendly, to Calorie Smart, to Quick and Easy, and up to Pescatarian, all dietitian-approved, naturally-produced, and overall hassle-free!

And the personalization doesn’t stop there: it’s only getting started.

You can customize your plan further by specifying the size, starting with how many numbers of people is the plan for (either 2 or 4) and how many recipes to get for the week (choose from 3,4, or 5 recipes a week).

For starters, the most popular plan size is for 2 people with 3 recipes a week, so you might want to check that out if you’re planning to give HelloFresh a try.

You’ll also never run out of recipes to love as HelloFresh gives you more than 2,500 mouthwatering recipes in their recipe collection.

Definitely perfect for all types of eaters!

What is the HelloFresh family plan?

We get it.

Preparing meals for one person is stressful and time-consuming enough, more so if it is for a family.

Imagine preparing a well-balanced meal, but make it 4 to 5 times over, each with specific dietary requirements to consider.

Such a hassle, right?

Good for you, HelloFresh got you covered with their family plan.

Aside from their best-selling plan for approximately 2 heads, HelloFresh also offers a Family Plan made exactly for every seater at the dining table.

For only around $5.37 per service, you can get all the nutritional needs for the rest of the family while saving insane amounts of money and time.

AND not to mention the free shipping!

We mean, who doesn’t like FREE stuff?

With the Family Plan, you can get nutrition-rich meals in no time — give or take 30 minutes!

If you’re going for both the quality and quantity for tonight’s dinner, you should probably get this family-friendly plan.

What is the difference between HelloFresh classic plan and family plan?

While the Classic Plan and Family Plan are equally good plans to consider, let’s take a good look at their differences to know which plan suits you.

For starters, the Classic Plan is the best plan for those who are still testing the waters with HelloFresh as it allows you to order for either 2 or 4 persons with 2,3, or 4 recipes weekly.

Plus: you get to enjoy choosing from 17 recipes in the ever-changing menu each week!

On the flip side, the Family Plan can feed up to around 4 persons per recipe, which also comes in weekly just like the Classic Plan.

Whether it’s two or three meals you want to get in each box is completely up to your choice.

Say goodbye to all the” you-choose-no-you-choose” dilemma about what’s for the next meal when you start these two no-fuss meal plans!

Can HelloFresh feed a family of 4 or 5?

Is a family of 4 to 5 people a lot of craving mouths to feed?

HelloFresh’s meal boxes do not think so.

With its Family Plan, you get 2-3 meals per box to save the day!

Add that to their fresh take on a typical family dinner menu that even the pickiest kids would ask another plate for, or two!

Enough to not just satisfy your cravings, but also the dietary requirements per meal your family deserves.

No need to stress over measuring them equally into 4 to 5 parts since each box contains just the right amount of ingredients you need — and more.

Go ahead and have yourself a sumptuous feast with your family each week through the Family Plan!

How many meals come in a HelloFresh box?

Not sure what to cook for the next meal?

No worries, the HelloFresh box always has your back.

For every HelloFreshbox you order comes 3 vacuumed-sealed meal kits consisting of farm-fresh ingredients perfect for both vegans, omnivores, and everything in between.

Before you say 3 is such a small number of meals, wait until you find out how filling it is when actually get to try them.

That’s about to change as you get to see the leftovers you can easily use to make another meal in the morning!

Who could say no to step-by-step recipes carefully made by HelloFresh’s in-house chefs and dieticians?

Ditch your Pinterest boards because you’ll never run out of cooking-ready meals brought to you by HelloFresh.

Calling all the busy dads and working moms out there!

Are you drowning over the wide array of choices on the recipe collection?

Why not try the three most popular meals for families, to begin with?

With their six-step recipes curated by health professionals, you can never get lost with these 3 most popular meals put together exactly for you and your family.

Below are three easy-peasy recipes guaranteed ready  less than an hour to — no meal planning and grocery shopping needed:

1.Lemon Dill Lobster Ravioli and Shrimp

Has the family been craving for the much-awaited family fix, but can’t find a health-friendly recipe online? Maybe you haven’t seen HelloFresh’s Lemon Dill Lobster Ravioli and Shrimp yet.

In just 25 minutes, you can have yourself a healthier take on ravioli filled with well-cooked pasta, rich and juicy lobster meat, sweet-flavored shrimp, lemony dill cream topped with zesty, lemon dill cream sauce and garnished with farm-fresh zucchini ribbons to finish— all for just 600kcal.

Just be informed that this meal contains a few allergens including shellfish, eggs, milk and wheat. Other than that, you’re good to go!

2. Hoisin Pork Burgers

Holding back to try this one because of the word “burger”? Drop your worries as the Hoisin Pork Burger is not just healthily-good but is also taste bud-friendly — and definitely not fast food material.

Not all burgers are made equally. In this fusion of our traditional burgers and the iconic Vietnamese banh mi, typical beef patties are exchanged for a healthier, cleaner alternative that is the umami-glazed pork hoisin patty, topped off with cucumber and carrot coleslaw and sriracha mayo. It is then pillowed between soft, potato – yes, potato – made buns to match.

Having only 960 kcal per serving, you can now enjoy these to die for burgers like you always do — minus the grease and the fat. Bet your family would finish the Hoisin Pork Burgers faster than you prepare which oh, by the way, only takes 35 minutes!

3. Balsamic Fig Sirloin

Want to get on with trying out something different for your taste buds? How about a party on your mouth with HelloFresh’s sweet and savory Balsamic Fig Sirloin?

In this easy gourmet dinner time recipe, sugar meets spice as it leaves a flavorful taste in your mouth with the Balsamic Fig Sirloin. We mean, with a juicy, almost melt-in-your-mouth sirloin steak drizzled with unique, tangy pan sauce and potatoes roasted in Rosemary to boot, who could say no to this mouthwatering dish?

Have yourself a nutritious feast as you dig into HelloFresh’s quick and easy recipe with only 660kcal in total, only 40 minutes to prepare, and a whole more time to enjoy.

Put on your apron and get cooking for the kids and the hubby/wifey alike today through these 3 starter meals!

How healthy are HelloFresh meals?

Just how “healthy” are Hellofresh meals?

You’re about to find out!

Putting the “healthy” in “healthy diet”, Hellofresh allows you to choose from 4 categories of nutritiously-delicious recipes.

From recipes by ingredients, recipes by meal, to one-pot/one-pan meals and recipes by dietary lifestyle, HelloFresh has you covered with their variety of guilt-free meals.

Still not convinced?

What if we tell you to scroll down on HelloFresh’s website a little further…

A little to the side…

There you go!

We suggest you drop the worries and just sit back and relax at your dining table as HelloFresh assures you that every meal on your plate is 100% backed by Science.

Quit all the second-guessing as everything about nutritional facts comes together with each full recipe you choose.

All you need to know about calories, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugar, dietary fiber, protein, cholesterol, and sodium content are just right there on your screens, providing you a detail-per-detail label per every one serving of a meal you dig in.

And as the cherry on top, the nutritional information included is all FDA-compliant.

Looks like the apple is not the only one keeping the doctors away — HelloFresh meals, too.

Simply check out their website for the nutritional information you need to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your taste buds.

Make each day a chance to eat better and eat healthier with HelloFresh’s pre-packed meals!

How to cancel HelloFresh?

What’s stopping you from giving HelloFresh’s meal kits a try?

Are you worried about not being able to step away when you find out it’s not working for you?

Or are you afraid of getting stuck into a lifetime commitment you wish you haven’t signed up for?

Don’t be!

Because with HelloFresh, you can unsubscribe to your previously availed plan whenever you feel like it.

In addition to a flexible subscription which allows you to skip weeks and swap recipes any week you want, any way you wish…

… HelloFresh also gives you the choice to cancel anytime you like!

Want to know how?

Just simply log in to the HelloFresh dashboard and click on the Plan Setting section from the Account Setting page. From there, visit the Delivery and Payment section to end your current subscription.

And just like that, you are unsubscribed as easily as you subscribed!

Tracking your orders is just a few clicks away.

Download the app from Google Play and Apple Appstore now!