HelloFresh vs Freshly – Interesting Meal Kits and Heat-and-Eat Meals!

Last Updated : February 23, 2024


They’re convenient, economical, and downright delicious – meal prep services like HelloFresh and Freshly have really changed the way we approach meal planning and prepping for all kinds of people. This includes singles, couples, and also families!

Fresh, homemade-style meals – these are all made using locally sourced, seasonal, and quality ingredients. They’re equal parts delicious and healthy. Meal kits and premade meals are certainly more feasible for people with a busy lifestyle – errands to run, meetings to prepare for, creative projects to complete, etc.

Even parents with kids find meal delivery services a very practical option. The catch, however, is figuring out which service is the most conducive to your dietary preferences – or in this case, HelloFresh vs Freshly.

Both are worth your time, money, and attention if you wish to eat healthy meals throughout the week but can’t make time or don’t have the expertise to combine different types of ingredients and prepare nutritious, yummy lunches or dinners, let alone cook meals that accommodate your diet plan and restrictions, such as gluten-free, paleo, keto, high protein, low carb, etc.

So, if you want to become a subscriber to either HelloFresh or Freshly, I suggest you keep reading this article because in the end, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision between the two depending on your dietary requirements.

Meal Delivery Services – Pros and Cons

Meal subscription services have really transformed healthy eating, so these are great for one too many reasons!

  • You eat healthier meals without having to actually put in the effort of preparing your lunches or dinners and without learning any new cooking techniques or recipes.
  • You can use your kitchen time to do other things or nothing at all. The latter means you get some free time to slow down a little and relax.
  • You have something new yet very tasty to eat week after week. Meal delivery services like HelloFresh and Freshly have a weekly rotating menu with new, exciting offerings all the time.
  • You can follow a more customized and nutritional diet plan that works for your dietary needs, demands, preferences, or restrictions.
  • You get to pick family-friendly meals, so even your kids can eat regular, healthy food. A proper family mealtime routine is established this way.
  • You don’t have to deal with leftovers and waste. Since every meal is pre-portioned, based on how many servings per meal you select, there are no extras to be either stored in the refrigerator or discarded in the bin.

Now here’s what I don’t like about meal delivery services!

A meal subscription is not for you if they tick off any of the following:

  • If have very specific dietary preferences and/or restrictions or have severe food allergies. While it is agreed that there are many meal delivery services that offer variety in terms of including or excluding certain ingredients (through the use of menu filters), in most cases, the meals are prepared in the same facility where all ingredients are handled, even the ones you might be allergic to.
  • If your diet plan is very meticulous or strict. In that case, you’d rather prefer making your own meals from scratch because meal variety options like these are a bit lacking.
  • If you don’t really mind searching for unique, new recipes for every single week of the month. With a meal subscription, even though the menu, in most scenarios, changes every week, you get the same rotation of tried-and-tested recipes. Thus, meal variety is still short-handed.
  • If your budget is really tight with no wriggle room whatsoever, then you’re most likely to find grocery shopping and preparing your meals from scratch a more cost-effective approach.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – How Does Pricing Work?

Both HelloFresh and Freshly are two different meal delivery services, so the pricing range varies from one brand to another. Both have multiple price options based on the size of your weekly order.

Freshly serves single-person portion sizes with 4, 6, or 10 meals a week.

Now, here’s the cost of every Freshly meal plan:

4 meals per week $11.79 per serving, $51.95 per week
6 meals per week $10 per serving, $62.93 per week
10 meals per week $9.29 per serving, $99.89 per week
12 meals per week $9 per serving, $113.87 per week

The shipping fee is added to the total weekly numbers (total cost per week) above.

Moving on to HelloFresh’s pricing range:

Cost per serving of 2-person meal plan

(shipping is extra $8.99)

Cost per serving of 4-person meal plan

(shipping is extra $8.99)

2 meals per week $12 $9.49
3 meals per week $10 $8.49
4 meals per week $9.49 $8
5 meals per week $9 $8
6 meals per week $8.49 $8

Unlike Freshly, HelloFresh offers 2-person and 4-person meal plans, so that’s 2 or 4 servings per meal that you pick for your weekly order.

Once again, unlike Freshly, HelloFresh’s maximum order capacity is only 6 meals per week (2 or 4 servings each). That of Freshly goes all the way to 12 meals per week, but they are only single-serve or contain a 1-person portion size.

Do you see how both have their own advantages and disadvantages here?

HelloFresh vs Freshly – What Are Your Meal Choices?

On the Freshly menu, there are around 30-40 single-serve meals per week. So, you get to choose how many meals you want to add to your weekly order. As for menu variety, there is enough room to accommodate a few dietary preferences – you can add or remove gluten, dairy, soy, and others.

If you just go to the Freshly menu, you’ll immediately spot the various menu categories:

  • Purely Plant
  • Signature Collection
  • FreshlyFit
  • Proteins & Sides

Every recipe page or pop-up window features tags or labels that tell you if the meal is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, high protein, etc., along with the macronutrient breakdown, such as how many carbs, calories, protein, and total fat.

You may not be able to sort these meals by, for example, carbs, calories, or protein, but at least you know what ingredient and how much of it is a part of your meal.

HelloFresh’s weekly changing menu also has around 25-30 meals plus add-ons in the form of snacks, desserts, protein packs, and beverages. There are no menu filters over here too, but you do have to select a particular meal plan on HelloFresh:

  • Meat & Veggies
  • Veggie (only)
  • Family Friendly
  • Fit & Wholesome
  • Quick and Easy
  • Pescatarian

So, it’s all up to you when it comes to figuring out what suits your special dietary requirements. As a whole, HelloFresh meals are very easy and quick to prepare (even the few “gourmet” options).

As far as menu variety is concerned, there are quite a few classic meals with a fun twist. Traditional dishes take over the menu, and this includes seafood- and plant-based choices.

Regarding meal modification or meal plan customization, the window for these types of changes is pretty constrictive. But in defense of HelloFresh, you should know and recognize that they have family-friendly meals that you’re sure to find delicious, comforting, and familiar.

Freshly, on the other hand, allows you to customize your weekly order which can have anywhere between 4 and 12 meals per week. All of these meals have a single-serve portion size. Every week there’s a brand-new menu, which suggests that new dishes are brought in regularly for making mealtime more exciting for you.

Furthermore, the Freshly menu consists of bulk protein options and side dishes too. These are available to easily streamline meal planning and prepping.

Potential allergens are mentioned as well and so are tags such as Easy Prep, Quick, Veggie, Spicy, Calorie Smart, and more. The list of ingredients and nutrition labels is also available.

Even on Freshly, there’s no way to filter the meals based on ingredients or any diet preferences. Lastly, if you’re on a vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, or pescatarian diet, your options will be limited. For example, for plant-based eaters, the weekly Freshly menu consists of just 3-4 meals.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – Do They Accommodate Dietary Preferences?

Unfortunately, and also coincidentally, both Freshly and HelloFresh do not directly cater to strict diet plans like paleo or keto. Even though some really good paleo and keto dishes are a part of every meal plan, these aren’t specifically marked as such.

Nonetheless, at the time of setting up your HelloFresh and Freshly account, you do have to specify your dietary needs and requirements. This allows you to mention or pick ingredients you prefer and want to avoid.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Freshly seems like a more diet-friendly meal delivery service. All recipes on the Freshly menu are certified gluten-free meals. In addition to that, the meals are also tagged using labels like soy-free, dairy-free, high protein, <35g carbs, <500 cal, and more.

As a matter of fact, even the HelloFresh menu has tags such as Veggie, Calorie Smart, Carb Smart, etc., but these aren’t as helpful, informative, or specific as the ones found on the Freshly menu.

So, the best thing to do is just select your dietary preferences at the time of sign-up on HelloFresh or Freshly and you’ll get to view meals most suited to your diet plan.

HelloFresh has 6 different menu options depending on various preferences. For instance, when you choose the Veggie meal plan, you will see a vegetarian-only menu (all the other options are at the bottom).

Also, the full list of ingredients and also potential allergens are easily accessible on both Freshly and HelloFresh, so nothing is hidden from sight. You only have to make the effort to click on every meal to find out.

But more meal customization, as in excluding certain ingredients, when following a specific diet plan can be done on HelloFresh. So, the HelloFresh experience is slightly better than Freshly as far as dietary preferences are concerned.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – How Is the Menu Variety?

Does menu variety necessarily mean more meals on the menu? In the case of HelloFresh vs Freshly, it does. Because Freshly has a bigger menu (over 30-35 recipes every week) as compared to HelloFresh’s menu (25-30 options only).

But at the same time, it’s important to note that the former offers more because it provides single-serve meal kits along with microwavable or prepared meals.

As for HelloFresh, this top meal kit delivery service also features many meal plans and dishes, even for those who prefer meat-free recipes.

Moreover, the HelloFresh menu has more than only American cuisine (i.e., chicken and hamburgers). The menu offers more global-inspired cuisine. Here are a few really tasty examples:

  • Thai Coconut Curry Chicken
  • Sesame Soy Beef Bowls
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Spaghetti

Comparatively speaking, the Freshly menu is mostly comprised of conventional American meals. So that would be a lot of chicken-based dishes but with a few international flavors here and there:

  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Roasted Tomato & Parmesan Risotto
  • Thai Green Curry Bowl

HelloFresh vs Freshly – How Creative Are the Meals?

First of all, Freshly has meal kits and premade meals, all with single-serve portions. These meals all contain protein and vegetables. At the same time, all Freshly meals are certified gluten-free. On top of that, the menu offers soy-free, dairy-free, low-carb, low-calorie, etc. options too.

As for the types of cuisine found on the Freshly menu, the list includes American, Indian, Thai, Tex-Mex, Mediterranean, and Italian. A typical Freshly meal will have a protein with a good serving of fresh veggies and sometimes even a grain – and finally, a delicious, flavorful sauce to bring it all together!

Freshly has different menu categories too – Purely Plant, Signature Collection, FreshlyFit, and Proteins & Sides. Each category presents a blend of classic and new, exciting flavors and cuisines for a more creative and enjoyable mealtime.

What about HelloFresh? Even the HelloFresh menu features worldly, more creative recipes, but these are a little more complex to prepare. Every meal is made up of protein, veggies, and grain with a flavorful sauce.

HelloFresh has more than just various kinds of cuisines (Korean, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, BBQ, Tex-Mex, and more) – even cooking methods are different.

But if your goal is to just cook simple meals with little to no prep, go with Freshly. On the other hand, if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of extra effort, then HelloFresh’s more creative meals and cooking styles would be perfect for you.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – How Easy and Quick Are the Meals to Prepare?

By their natural design, HelloFresh’s meal kits are incredibly simple to prepare. Most of them are really tossed dishes – pan-seared meats, tossed pasta, and the like. Even the sides are easy and quick to put together. This must and should sound like a huge relief if you have up your sleeve just basic chopping, mixing, and cooking skills. Overall, it’s all quite effortless.

For Freshly meals, the biggest hack is tossing the food in a skillet (the non-stick type), be it pasta, chicken bowls, stir-fries, and whatnot, except for recipes that include sides such as roasted potatoes, mashed cauliflower, etc.

You could use the microwaving method if you want to prepare the meals quickly, but this won’t and doesn’t produce the same results as when you heat the meals in the skillet.

Your next best option is the convection or countertop oven.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – How Is the Quality and Freshness of the Ingredients?

HelloFresh talks about sourcing only fresh, best-quality ingredients. Some of them are organic as well. The poultry and meat HelloFresh delivers to you are actually sourced from suppliers who abide by federal safety regulations. Even their seafood is ocean-friendly and sustainably sourced.

A large variety of new, tasty flavors for different types of regional cuisines are involved. And their original texture and taste are kept intact during transit because these are all completely fresh ingredients. Everything arrives fresh and very much usable, including the meat. The chicken and fish especially are top-notch in terms of quality.

HelloFresh also uses name brands, for example, Old Bay seasoning, Colavita white wine vinegar, Clovis mustard, and more.

You may find some minor variances in ingredients between the photos and what is actually sent to you. For example, the size of the potatoes might not be the same as what you see in the pictures on the website. But these differences are almost negligible because they don’t have an impact on the overall taste of the food and when combined, the said ingredients meet the benchmark.

Freshly also claims that it includes only high-quality ingredients. On top of that, they clearly mention that no refined sugar or artificial ingredients are used. The meat they provide is thoroughly checked by the Department of Agriculture. So, there are no preservatives, fillers, or additives!

Fresh produce comes from local vendors situated in the United States. It all depends on availability and seasonality, although Freshly says nothing about their ingredients being sustainably sourced, organic, or anything of the sort. So, if you prefer organic, sustainable ingredients, Freshly may not be the right meal delivery service for you.

Nevertheless, Freshly’s quality and flavor are exceptional, even in the case of their microwaveable meals. Meal variety and flavors are surprisingly abundant, and every ingredient tastes fresh.

Furthermore, Freshly keeps it all well-balanced by pairing high protein with the perfect amount of complex carbohydrates. The outcome of this is you feeling sufficiently full after each meal.

Seafood-based recipes, more often than not, are tagged soy-, gluten-, and dairy-free. The flavors are nice, bright, tangy, and not overpowering at all. The vegetables on the side and the texture of the fish, for example, are like the cherry on top.

In fact, there are quite a few such gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein, and paleo-friendly dishes.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – What About Packaging and Delivery?

Perhaps packaging is one of the very few things that really set apart one brand from the other. Freshly’s packaging materials are completely recyclable -cardboard boxes, plastic trays, etc. Meanwhile, HelloFresh’s packaging is not all recyclable. Also, HelloFresh uses a little too excessive packaging materials, which means more plastic waste.

HelloFresh wraps loose ingredients in separate plastic bags. So, the more meals you order, the more plastic packaging is involved. Paper bags could’ve easily replaced their plastic counterparts.

On their Recycling and Packaging page, you’ll see instructions for recycling ice packs. Also on that page is a small description as to why ingredients such as cucumber and zucchini are wrapped individually in plastic.

Then there’s Freshly’s Packaging & Recycling section on the FAQs page. Here too are all the necessary instructions and information related to packaging materials. Freshly includes non-toxic, gel-based ice packs with recyclable plastic wrapping, along with recyclable cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and denim insulation liners.

And now the “delivery” part of the meal delivery services. HelloFresh delivers on weekdays, whereas Freshly delivers throughout the week, including Sundays.

For one too many reasons, Freshly seems to have the upper hand as far as packaging and delivery are concerned.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – Now It’s Time for Nutrition and Recipes!

Freshly nutrition is the perfect fit for you if your diet consists of low-carb, quick meals. Vegetarian options are a bit lacking since most of the recipes are meat-based, with tons of veggies on the side of course. And then there is the Freshly menu, 50% of it, that’s got meals with less than 500 calories per serving – most suitable for a low-calorie diet.

The menu category of FreshlyFit is specifically created for workout and gym enthusiasts. The meals here are best for the much-needed pre-workout energy boost. So that means they are equipped with plenty of potatoes, zucchini noodles, and rice pasta.

Not so surprisingly, low-calorie meals are a part of the HelloFresh menu too. No doubt, most of these dishes are relatively healthier even though they have a higher carb and fat content, for example, carbs are 60 grams or more per serving and fats are 30 grams or more per serving.

HelloFresh is all about incorporating fresh, seasonal, and unique ingredients, so they focus more on that instead of crafting meals that cater to weight loss or any other specific diet programs.

Chicken-Based Meals


Cranberry Thyme Chicken


Grilled Lemon-Tahini Chicken

Prep time: 35 minutes Prep time: not mentioned
Calories (per serving): 470 Calories (per serving): 380
Protein (per serving): 38 grams Protein (per serving): 33 grams
Carbs (per serving): 45 grams Carbs (per serving): 19 grams
Fat (per serving): 6 grams Fat (per serving): 20 grams
Sugar (per serving): 21 grams Sugar (per serving): 8 grams

Plant-Based Meals


Vegan Spicy Tex-Mex Cauliflower Bowl


Thai Green Curry Bowl

Prep time: 30 minutes Prep time: not mentioned
Calories (per serving): 590 Calories (per serving): 390
Protein (per serving): 6 grams Protein (per serving): 9 grams
Carbs (per serving): 97 grams Carbs (per serving): 58 grams
Fat (per serving): 10 grams Fat (per serving): 13 grams
Sugar (per serving): 16 grams Sugar (per serving): 7 grams

Beef-Based Meals


Ancho BBQ Burger


BBQ Bison Burger

Prep time: 35 minutes Prep time: not mentioned
Calories (per serving): 950 Calories (per serving): 610
Protein (per serving): 33 grams Protein (per serving): 30 grams
Carbs (per serving): 100 grams Carbs (per serving): 42 grams
Fat (per serving): 14 grams Fat (per serving): 35 grams
Sugar (per serving): 35 grams Sugar (per serving): 11 grams

HelloFresh vs Freshly – Is Customer Service Useful and Reliable?

You can call HelloFresh, mail them, and even do a live (virtual) chat. When the virtual assistant is unable to answer any questions or solve a query, you’re connected with a customer support representative – customer service is highly responsive, friendly, and helpful.

On HelloFresh as well, you get to text, email, and call customer support (it’s all here on HelloFresh’s Contact page). And this is Freshly’s Contact Us page with all the information required to get in touch with them.

HelloFresh has an incredibly useful live chat feature, along with very helpful and friendly customer service agents.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – Can You Make Order Changes and Cancel Orders?

You can indeed cancel your Freshly subscription. They have a list of commonly asked questions on their website that has “Managing My Subscription” and Managing Order sections.

Actions such as skipping a week, modifying weekly meal plans, and even canceling your Freshly subscription can be taken – just make sure you adhere to the cutoff time for making these kinds of changes, which should be mentioned in the Edit Delivery part of your Freshly account page.

The deadline is actually based on your chosen delivery day and where you live. In most cases, you get around 4-5 days to edit your orders and deliveries. The confirmation email also contains information regarding the specific cutoff time.

With HelloFresh orders, making changes and canceling are available options as well. As for the HelloFresh deadline, it’s 5 days before the scheduled delivery date. The cutoff time is midnight (PT). Just open the dashboard, and you’ll get to know the deadline for your every HelloFresh weekly order.

And yes, you can also cancel your HelloFresh subscription without having to connect with the customer service team. All the necessary information about managing account, orders, payments, etc. is found on their Help Center & FAQ page.

HelloFresh vs Freshly – Are There Any Useful Add-On Features or Services?

The first thing that comes to mind here is whether or not HelloFresh and Freshly have easy-to-navigate (user-friendly) apps. Well, you’re in luck because both have apps, which are great for getting quick access to editing or viewing delivery details, cooking instructions, and lots more.

Additionally, the active and very useful HelloFresh blog features brilliant cooking ideas and tips. They also have separate pages dedicated to Sustainability, Recycling and Packaging, Social Impact, Carbon Footprint, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About HelloFresh (FAQs)

Does HelloFresh Meal Subscription Save Money?

Cooking from scratch means doing meal planning, going to the grocery store, prepping the ingredients, cooking, and then cleaning up the mess. But wait, this doesn’t have much to do with money, so let’s talk about your savings on HelloFresh.

On average, you’re most likely to spend around $80-$100 on groceries enough for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 2 weeks. But this doesn’t include the cost of buying meat in case you happen to be nonvegetarian.

Then there’s HelloFresh, on the other hand, whose most popular meal plan is no more than $70 (shipping fee included) per week.

Frankly speaking, you do spend more money with HelloFresh or HelloFresh-like subscription-based meal delivery service. So, at this point, you need to ask yourself if the additional cost is worth the convenience, menu variety, and all the benefits that are a part of choosing the best meal delivery service.

Do HelloFresh Meals Save Time?

When you know your meals are going to take no more than 30-35 minutes to cook with all the prepping already done for you, it’s a no-brainer. You can’t turn down a wonderful opportunity like this, particularly if your daily routine for most days of the week is hectic!

On top of that, if you’re also slow when it comes to meal prepping, then you have one more justifiable reason to get the HelloFresh subscription.

Meals on the HelloFresh menu are not only quick but also very easy to prepare. Thanks to the trimmed meats, portioned ingredients, clear cooking instructions, and the like, you spend less time in the kitchen. In fact, you actually end up saving time per night.

Even post-cooking, clean-up is less time-consuming and more effortless. You only need basic pots, pans, measuring cups, etc. for the task. And if that’s also something you don’t want to do, then HelloFresh has “Easy Cleanup” meals on their menu too – those as well as “Quick” recipes!

Are HelloFresh Meals Easy to Make?

They have super simple recipes even if you’re new to the whole process of cooking meals at home!

The instructions provided are clear and simple to follow, with step-by-step guidelines and photos. Overall, the preparation is quite straightforward.

Cooking techniques involved are basic as well – simmering, sautéing, roasting, frying, and also microwaving.

What I also really liked about the prepping bit is the less amount of food wastage. For example, you won’t end up throwing any extra lettuce, pieces of garlic, bottles of vinegar, milk, sour cream, or any other ingredients – all thanks to HelloFresh properly portioning out the ingredients. Hence, everything is used up!

How Do HelloFresh Meals Taste?

Seriously, mouth-wateringly delicious! Be it a meatloaf, pizza, or even soup, every HelloFresh meal tastes anything but shoddy. These are all tried and tested recipes that are not only flavorful but also filling.

At the same time, the meals are low calorie per serving. As a matter of fact, those used to eating a smaller serving per meal can actually split the hefty portion size into two or three parts.

The lattes are a delicacy, lunches and dinners bring back sweet childhood memories, and desserts are equally indulgent!

HelloFresh Pros:

  • Affordable meal delivery service for more servings.
  • Easy-to-prepare meals and a wide range of dishes.
  • Delivers meals and groceries.
  • Low-calorie, pescatarian, and vegetarian recipes are included.
  • Efficient, recyclable packaging.

HelloFresh Cons:

  • The shipping cost is extra ($10.99 per weekly meal box).
  • Not made for strict diet plans such as vegan, paleo, or keto.
  • No exclusive gluten-free or allergy-friendly meals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Freshly (FAQs)

What Are Freshly Meals Like?

You’re looking at a gluten-free and well-balanced menu here, with meals you can customize to better accommodate your dietary preferences. The meals have no excessive sugar content, chemical preservatives, or artificial flavors. Whole, fresh ingredients are used instead – high protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and tons of vegetables!

After every meal, you’re bound to feel pleasantly full and your body receives a perfectly well-rounded dosage of essential nutrients -and all this without any feelings of lethargy or energy crash post-mealtime!

Freshly is quite popular for its certified gluten-free dishes, and the vast variety of meal options cater to diet plans like low carb, plant-based, low calorie, soy-free, dairy-free, paleo, etc.

There’s enough room for multiple diets in one meal plan. For instance, on the Freshly menu, there are wild-caught fish recipes that are also dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free.

Furthermore, every week has a new range of meals, both plant- and meat-based. Meal kits, heat-and-eat meals, and bulk proteins are a part of the Freshly menu. The proteins as well as sides are perfect for completing your weekly meal planning – such as meatballs, chicken strips, steaks, mashed potatoes, and more.

Everything, including proteins and sides, tastes incredible with the quality and flavor being more versatile in comparison to traditional meals.

Are Freshly Meals Easy to Make?

Cooking Freshly meals means your lunch or dinner will be ready in 5 minutes. One of the most appealing truths about Freshly is that its recipes are easy and quick to prepare.

You can get the meals ready in a few minutes only, especially the prepared ones. All you have to do is remove the plastic cover of the container and place the meal tray in your microwave for no more than 3 minutes -that’s about it.

Entrees are faster to cook than the sides and proteins. Every dish has a primary and substitute heating method, but the latter is usually the more convenient option. Nevertheless, be it the stovetop or oven, the meals taste really good, although heating on the stovetop yields a better taste and texture than microwaving the meals.

The best thing to do is to follow the instructions for heating that are printed on the backside of the cardboard sleeve. But overall, prep time takes less than 10 minutes.

Is Freshly Meal Delivery Service Worth It?

Healthy meals, instant convenience, and a wide menu variety – if these are your reasons for choosing a Freshly subscription, then it surely is worth every dime you spend. And this still holds true if you’re following a particular diet as you get to know and decide what goes into your weekly meals.

Freshly meals, on the other hand, are not the best for families because of the lack of more than just a single serving per meal, but you can increase the number of meals you want to add to your weekly order.

Freshly Pros:

  • Crowd-pleasing meals at affordable prices.
  • Satisfying portion sizes.
  • All dishes are certified gluten-free.
  • Mostly recyclable packaging materials.
  • Plant-based recipes are also a part of the menu.
  • Multi-serve side dishes.

Freshly Cons:

  • Very few seafood options and no snacks or breakfast meals.
  • The shipping fee is extra.
  • Organic ingredients are not used.
  • Specialty diets, other than gluten-free, are not accommodated.


To sum it up, HelloFresh is best for simple cooking, bold flavors, and fresh ingredients, while Freshly is the better choice for pre-portioned, fully prepared meals. Both are affordable, offer convenience, and live up to expectations.

At the same time, both are not the perfect meal delivery services for strict diet plans or dietary preferences, restrictions, etc. There are low-calorie and low-carb meals and more, but none of these dishes and sides are specifically designed to accommodate any particular diet pattern except for Freshly’s certified gluten-free meals!