EveryPlate vs Freshly – Meal Kits and Fully Prepared Meals Compared!

Last Updated : May 20, 2024


Not excited about weekly or even bimonthly supermarket visits? If yes, then the idea of cooking lunches and dinners yourself must seem even more frustrating or taxing. Enter the best meal prep services – two of which are reviewed and compared right here in this post.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – both healthy meal delivery services for meal kits (EveryPlate) and prepared meals (Freshly). You get a vast variety of recipes or dishes to choose from, which is the best part of the experience.

Whatever ingredients are required for the meals are already portioned and prepped for you, while prepared meals are already cooked and ready to be heated and devoured by your taste buds.

Because of meal deliveries like EveryPlate, Freshly, etc., convenience in the form of new flavors, enhanced cooking skills, money saving, sticking to a particular diet plan, and more is maximized despite having dietary restrictions like vegan, gluten-free, and the like!

One of the best meal kit delivery services (EveryPlate) is competing against one of the best-prepared meal delivery services (Freshly). Both, however, are worthy of praise – that’s for sure. However, only one of them might be a suitable choice for you because between the two, there are more differences than there are similarities.

Meal Delivery Service – What Does It Mean Exactly?

There’s a menu that consists of a wide range of recipes and meals to pick from. Typically, you have meal plan options, serving size options, dietary preferences, etc. So, you can choose what you want to add to your weekly order, and this includes the number of servings per meal and meals per week.

These are meal kits where the ingredients of the meals you select are premeasured and already prepped for you (proper cooking instructions are also provided). And then you have premade meals where the food is already cooked when it reaches your doorstep. These are heat-and-eat or microwaveable dishes, so here, even a little bit of cooking is eliminated.

Prepared meal delivery services, such as Freshly, are perfect for those who don’t want or like to cook at all, while meal prep services that send meal kits are for people who don’t mind cooking as long as the job gets done in less than 30-40 minutes.

Either way, you get a menu bursting with different, global cuisine-inspired flavors so there will be something to suit your taste and dietary preferences. In fact, some of these top meal delivery services also let you modify the meal in case you have any dietary restrictions, for example, no-gluten meals, dairy-free meals, vegan ingredients, and other such common dietary demands.

Benefits of Meal Delivery Services

There is the best meal delivery service for families, healthy meal delivery services, and also the cheapest meal delivery service. In short, this means there is every kind of food service no matter your dietary preferences, budget, number of family members, relationship status, and whatnot!

Top meal prep services exist precisely because you want to promote a healthier lifestyle while also living an easy, convenient life. There’s no need to buy any groceries, chop them up, put them together, etc. – no cooking either if you go for premade meals.

These services provide the right amount of ingredients per serving of each meal, so you end up not wasting money or food!

Meal kits, in particular, are very helpful (or practical) if you prefer having only home-cooked meals. At the same time, you get to learn new recipes and taste new flavors you never would’ve done otherwise. Plus, it enhances your cooking skills as well.

Exotic, seasonal ingredients are delivered too – all fresh and prepped for you!

Meal delivery services like EveryPlate and Freshly also help a huge deal when it comes to achieving health goals. You’ll find many meals that support diet plans centered around weight loss, consuming fewer calories or carbs, veganism, using only organic ingredients, etc. The list never ends.

Top Features of Meal Prep Services (A Quick Checklist!)

Always look for the following:

  • Is the weekly subscription affordable?
  • Are the meals convenient and quick to prepare or reheat?
  • What is the per-serving price of the meals on the menu?
  • Speaking of the menu, does it have filters that accommodate dietary preferences and/or restrictions?
  • Is there an extra shipping cost?
  • How much menu variety do you get?
  • Is the prep time of most meals short or long?
  • What type of meals do you prefer – meal kits or prepared meals?
  • Are there gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, etc. options or alternatives?
  • Is the customer service team helpful and responsive?
  • Are there any first-time discounts, special offers, promotions, etc.?
  • Don’t forget to find out if the meal service delivers to your location or zip code. Just Google “meal delivery services near me.”

I know it’s a pretty long checklist, but so long as you pick the best meal delivery service, you don’t have to think about every factor. Meal prep services such as EveryPlate and Freshly take into consideration all important features.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – What’s the Main Difference?

EveryPlate works as a meal kit delivery service, while Freshly is a freshly prepared meal delivery service. The difference between the two lies in the level of preparation that their meals demand from you.

If you have some time and crave more control over how the meals are cooked and served, you can pick EveryPlate and their weekly-changing meal kits.

Their menu offers around 21 different types of meal kits that take less than 30 minutes to prepare. All the ingredients are packed separately, and most of the ingredients are already pre-prepped, so they’re ready to go.

Freshly features a fully prepared meal menu with over 35 different recipes every week. The meals you select are cooked and packed fresh, and none of the meals are frozen. Even then, they take less than 3 minutes to reheat and eat.

Classic and homemade-inspired meals are a part of Freshly’s diet – meals with fewer calories, balanced nutrition, and healthy proteins. You do have some control over the type of dish you want, for example, you can select entrees, proteins, and side dishes. Dietary customization is also included as you can pick meals that fit different diets at one time.

The price varies according to the number of meals you select each week starting from 2 to 12 meal recipes per week.

At a glance, EveryPlate serves meals for an average rate of $5.89 per serving. Freshly’s meals cost $11.79 per serving at its smallest meal order value. This sums up how affordable and family-friendly EveryPlate’s meals are, while Freshly is the more expensive pick as it is a prepared meal delivery service.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – How Much Do They Cost?

EveryPlate starts from the lowest price of $4.99 per serving for 3 to 5 meals per week and 4 servings each. This is a lot less than Freshly’s price per serving that sits at $8.99 per meal, which is the lowest price for 12 meals per week in total.

With Freshly, you’re paying almost twice as much as EveryPlate for fewer meals per week. EveryPlate is the most affordable meal subscription service you can sign up for when compared with some other popular competitors.

Ordering more meals on Freshly can save you some money since the average price range is between $8.99 and $11.79 per meal. But it’s nothing compared with EveryPlate as their meal prices are super cheap and valuable.

The price range for meals starting with 6 servings in total up to 20 servings each week is $5.89 per serving down to $4.99 per serving. The minimum order value is 6 servings, and the maximum is 20 servings with 5 different meals per week and 4 servings per meal.

What you order on EveryPlate, considering its cost-effective pricing, is a lot more in quantity than the largest order on Freshly, which is only 12 meals per week.

Let’s look at the individual prices for the same number of meals on EveryPlate and Freshly and how their prices differ for better comparison.

Servings/Meals Per Week EveryPlate Freshly
6 servings/meals per week $5.89 per serving $9.99 per serving
8 servings/meals per week $5.49-$4.99 per serving $9.49 per serving
10 servings/meals per week $5.29-$4.99 per serving $9.29 per serving
12 servings/meals per week $4.99 per serving $8.99 per serving

As for shipping, EveryPlate charges a flat $9.99 per order, even on bigger packages. The good thing about Freshly is that the shipping fee is evaluated based on the order you place and the number of meals you order. But there is a shipping fee allotted to every order, and it falls somewhere between $9.99 and $11.99 per order.

I guess that on smaller orders, like less than 7 servings per week, the cost of shipping is higher than for orders above 7 servings each week. The more meals you order weekly, the less you pay for.

For some meals that are made with premium ingredients like steak or seafood, Freshly charges an extra $1.49-$2.49 per serving. Vegetarian meals are the cheapest. Meanwhile, proteins and side dishes cost anywhere between $0.99 and $4.99 per serving. Again, the more bulk proteins or side items you order with Freshly, the less you’ll eventually end up paying.

But it still won’t be as inexpensive as EveryPlate because their competitive prices are trending, especially because they offer a first-timer’s discount of up to 20% off on the first few boxes. You can also unlock some exclusive gifts on the first order as a newcomer.

EveryPlate does not serve side dishes or bulk proteins. There may be a drop in price per serving for simple, vegetarian dishes when compared with premium ingredients like steak and salmon.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – What’s the Menu Like?

EveryPlate offers several meal plans for different diets and lifestyles. They are fairly basic and home-inspired to reduce cooking time and limit the preparation to less than 6 steps per recipe.

You will have access to the full menu on EveryPlate regardless of which meal plan you select during signing up. You are asked to choose your preferences only so that EveryPlate can show you the personalized food options first including more of your favorite meals in every week’s menu.

Meat & Veggie

This includes a combination of balanced recipes with vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options. Classic and restaurant-inspired recipes with veggies, chicken, meat, and seafood are all healthy and nutritious meals perfect for the entire family.

There are Premium and Veggie upgrades to some of the meals so you can select different recipes without repeating any of them unless you want to.


Out of 21 different meal options, EveryPlate features 6-7 different Veggie meal recipes. Salads, soups, tacos, sandwiches, stew, and breakfast bowls are the different varieties you can choose for your weekly diet plan.

Veggie meals are not vegan and 100% plant-based, but the main protein is vegetarian, so it’s suitable for people on a vegetarian diet. Unfortunately, EveryPlate does not offer special dietary restrictions for vegan, keto, and paleo diets.

Family Friendly

Family Friendly meals are meals that take less than 30 mins to prepare even with a larger serving size. If you’re cooking for more than 3 people at a time, you don’t have to spend longer than 30 minutes in the kitchen to prep and cook.

The Family Friendly meals are relatively straightforward to prepare. Plus, they’re delicious recipes that are most likely to turn a boring weeknight dinner into a fun and delicious treat for the entire family. EveryPlate uses conventional ingredients pairing them with veggie and meat protein in an exciting and restaurant-inspired manner.

Quick & Easy

Some recipes are labeled as 30 Min or Less. Those are Quick and Easy recipes to make. Flatbreads, soups, stir-fried dishes, and sandwiches and wraps make up the bulk of this meal category – straightforward with minimal, easy cleaning afterward.

Freshly offers a variety of different meal plans. It’s more varied and diet-friendly than EveryPlate with gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and nutritious meal options.

Freshly delivers quick and delicious prepared meals, but are the meals worth the money, and do they accommodate different diet plans? The following meal categories on Freshly’s menu are customizable, which means you can select the category you prefer and choose meals in each plan.

Freshly features plant-based, signature, fitness-friendly, and bulk proteins and sides. You can look for meals in all these categories or a few or even one of them. The choice is entirely yours.

Having said that, the meals are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and carb- and calorie-smart. Freshly’s ingredients are superior in quality without any artificial sugars, additives, preservatives, and chemicals.

Even meat is free of hormones, fillers, additives, and preservatives. Some of the ingredients are organic based on availability. All this contributes to the higher cost per serving of Freshly’s meals since the meals are premade and delivered to your doorstep every week.

Freshly has some ketogenic and paleo-friendly meal options, but the options are fairly limited. The plant-based meal option is excellent for vegans and vegetarians. Freshly also offers more meal options every week than EveryPlate with some add-ons like proteins, breakfasts, and side dishes.

Purely Plant

Deliciously simple and home-inspired recipes like curry bowls, pasta, baked dishes, lentils, and rice are included in the Purely Plant meal menu. There are not a lot of options, to be honest, but it’s enough to keep you satisfied throughout the week.

The average calories per serving for a Purely Plant meal is less than 700 calories. Freshly pairs a variety of ingredients together to make excellent, versatile meals for people on a gluten-free and vegetarian diet.

Signature Collection

Freshly’s Signature Collection includes a combination of nutritious and wholesome meals, both vegetarian and nonvegetarian. Homestyle recipes that are single-serve and naturally gluten-free make up the bulk of the Signature Collection.

For crowd-pleasing recipes, this meal category is perfect. It offers a bit of everything to a non-picky eater. Plus, this category has the highest number of meals on the menu, so you’ll never get bored of the new recipe ideas. Also, Freshly changes the menu every week. Thus, there won’t be any repeats either.

The Signature Collection includes the most creative and flavorful meals, plus the recipes are backed by nutrition. You can read about the ingredients list and nutrient label of every recipe on Freshly’s menu, which makes everything better.


Only health-conscious, low-carb, and low-calorie meals are included in this diet plan. Protein-rich meals with lean chicken and steak are also included. One minor drawback is that I didn’t see any plant-based FreshlyFit recipe on the menu, but you can select the Purely Plant diet plan if you’re a vegetarian.

The meals in this category have fewer than 500 calories per serving with more wholesome nutrients and fewer carbs too. Plant-based sides like broccoli, spinach, green beans, carrots, and mushrooms take over the otherwise carb-heavy palate.

Proteins & Sides

Premade proteins and sides arrive at your doorstep in a durable and secure cooler box. Though these are limited in variety, you can easily add an extra serving of grilled chicken, turkey meatballs, or sometimes even an extra helping of green beans depending on the availability of proteins or sides.

These items don’t cost as much as an extra meal serving. The proteins cost between $0.99 and $4.99 depending on what you get, and the serving size of each portion of protein is plenty for one person. It might just satisfy the cravings of two people for dinner.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – Are the Ingredients Organic?

EveryPlate uses conventional ingredients sourced from high-quality and reliable suppliers from all over the country. Their ingredients are not organic, and EveryPlate provides little to no information about where the ingredients are sourced from.

Diet-wise, the ingredients of EveryPlate are suitable for people following either a vegetarian or omnivore diet. If you have any specific dietary needs or preferences like vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, carb-conscious, or calorie-conscious, then EveryPlate’s meals are not for you.

On every recipe page, EveryPlate does provide sufficient information regarding the ingredients list, nutrition, and allergens. But it’s not a fitting choice for food allergies and organic or vegan food needs.

Freshly, on the other hand, features some organic ingredients which are sourced from sustainable farms and suppliers. Freshly also provides an insight into how the foods are made, so they’re free of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and refined sugars.

Nonvegetarian ingredients are sourced from hormone- and filler-free farms. Based on the availability and seasons, ingredients become available for a limited period.

Another impressive quality is that Freshly is a gluten- and dairy-free meal subscription service. So, it includes all plant-derived alternatives to conventional ingredients like dairy products, grains, and sauces.

Freshly may not be the best organic or sustainable food subscription service when compared with other competitors, but it’s certainly a more dependable pick than EveryPlate. The former features plenty of plant-based and high-quality ingredients that are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, and nutritionally balanced.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – How Long Does Meal Prep Take?

EveryPlate’s meals look like homely comfort foods. On any given week of the month, even with a weekly rotating menu, the meals are family-friendly, delicious, and wholesome. Classic meal plans that are healthy and satisfying with fresh veggies on the side or as main proteins can spruce up how and what you eat.

EveryPlate is not a very vegetarian-friendly meal service, but they do offer a few plant-based options that are easy to make. An average EveryPlate meal takes about 30 minutes or less to prep and cook – lunch and dinner recipes that you can make for the entire family or precook and keep for yourself for the next few meals.

Even a relatively complex recipe like meatloaf takes 30 minutes to prepare. I found only a few recipes that are advanced or require extensive prep skills. Just as long as you have basic kitchen utensils, EveryPlate is a nice and pleasant option for beginners and intermediates.

Cooking Freshly meals is exactly like reheating a meal. Since the meals are cooked fresh and packed immediately, they need less than 5 minutes to heat.

All the meals are packed in single-serve microwave-friendly containers. Peel back the top plastic lid, and place the meal in a microwave or microwave oven. You can also empty the contents on a skillet to heat more thoroughly.

None of the recipes are a mess to clean up even after heating. The containers are very clean and feel durable. You can even eat the meals in the same food-safe container after heating to reduce cleanup time.

Vegetarian recipes cook and heat rather quickly than nonvegetarian ingredients, so you can adjust the heating time accordingly. Make sure you don’t waste too much time letting the food sit out after heating because the meals cool down rather quickly, especially the entrees and sides.

Freshly provides you with alternate heating instructions for the microwave, oven, and stovetop. You can easily follow the instructions if you are not sure of what to do next after taking a meal out of the fridge. Especially when heating proteins like meat or seafood, heating to ensure that the meal is hot and fresh can be tricky. But Freshly helps you with that as well by providing helpful tips on how to heat and improve the flavor and texture of the food.

Some meals with meat or chicken can take slightly longer than 5 minutes to heat in a microwave or pan. Make sure you have simple pantry items like oil, salt, pepper, butter, etc. to add more flavor and texture to the food so that it looks freshly cooked in a matter of minutes.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – Which Meals Are Allergy-Friendly?

Between EveryPlate and Freshly, Freshly is the more allergy- and diet-friendly pick. It has several customized features to let you pick a diet- and ingredient-specific meal to avoid allergens like gluten, dairy, and meat.

Freshly’s meals are all gluten- and dairy-free. That’s an amazing start already because gluten is one of the common food allergens. Moving forward, Freshly features a special plant-based diet category for people who are unable to eat meat or are pure vegetarians.

Freshly also accommodates another very common type of allergy, which is dairy. All its meals include plant-based dairy-free alternatives.

None of the meals contain preservatives, additives, artificial fillers, and flavors. The dishes are also nutritionally balanced with fewer carbs and no refined sugar. You can easily tailor Freshly’s menu to fit your dietary needs.

On the other hand, EveryPlate has similar but not quite as many meal customizations. Though you can select your meal preference, the meals contain gluten and dairy. For vegetarians, there are only a few plant-based meals on the weekly menu.

So, if you’re looking for a purely plant diet plan with EveryPlate, you may have to eat the same recipe two or three times per week to keep up with the diet.

Most of EveryPlate’s meals are healthy and satisfying, but they do not accommodate specific allergies or diet needs like gluten-free, dairy-free, carb-conscious, plant-based, etc.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – How Many Meals or Servings Can You Order Weekly?

The difference between EveryPlate and Freshly is that EveryPlate serves a minimum of 2 servings per meal and you can order as few as 3 meals per week, which totals up to 6 servings per week, not less. None of the meals are single-serve; they are delivered in either 2 or 3 servings each.

On the other hand, all of Freshly’s meals are single-serve, which means there isn’t a minimum order value for each meal recipe. If you want two servings of the same meal recipe, you can easily increase the number of servings in the cart before finalizing your order.

The minimum order value for Freshly’s meals is 4-5 meals in total. They can be all different single-serve meal recipes with no repeats. That choice to select different meals and diet plans is entirely yours.

A meal subscription service that lets you order single-serve meal kits and prepared meals is more flexible than 2 or 3 servings per meal.

With the latter, there is the repetition of meals that may not be the ideal choice for solo eaters. It means you have to eat the same meal twice either on the same day or 2 days in a row.

The benefit of subscribing to a meal service that allows you to pick 2 or 3 servings per meal is that they are family-friendly. You can order meals for the entire family without paying too high a cost per serving, and it saves you prep time because all the ingredients come preportioned depending on the serving size you select.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – Nutrition and Recipes


EveryPlate’s meal kits are whole and hearty even though the list of ingredients typically doesn’t include a ton of superfoods. Regardless, the meals consist of plenty of protein, greens, and healthy fats and carbs.

An example is EveryPlate’sZesty Herb-Rubbed Salmon with greens beans and potatoes. It’s got the goodness of lemon garlic sauce with protein and omega fatty acids of salmon, plus charred green beans and herb-roasted, tender potatoes.

Here is the complete nutritional breakdown:

Zesty Herb-Rubbed Salmon
Calories per serving 640 kcal
Protein per serving 34 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 43 grams
Sugar per serving 6 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 6 grams
Fat per serving 37 grams
Prep time 30 minutes

Then, you can also try out a veggie version of an equally highly nutritious meal that has crispy chickpeas, roasted vegetables, and fluffy couscous with creamy, lemony avocado dressing.

Harissa-Roasted Chickpea Bowl
Calories per serving 680 kcal
Protein per serving 18 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 100 grams
Sugar per serving 22 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 13 grams
Fat per serving 114 grams
Prep time 40 minutes

It’s important to note that on the EveryPlate menu, there’s no shortage of comfort meals either. For example, these two meal kits are comforting and, at the same time, special in their own way.

Turkey & Green Pepper Tacos

with Pico de Gallo & Garlicky Sour Cream

Calories per serving 630 kcal
Protein per serving 39 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 60 grams
Sugar per serving 8 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 3 grams
Fat per serving 29 grams
Prep time 35 minutes


Firehouse Mac n Cheese

with Green Pepper & a Crispy Panko Crust

Calories per serving 850 kcal
Protein per serving 31 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 98 grams
Sugar per serving 13 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 7 grams
Fat per serving 36 grams
Prep time 35 minutes

Pick any meal kit option from the EveryPlate menu and you’ll see how it’s been crafted with a playful twist. And the picture of every recipe on the menu leaves you feeling hungry!

Just so you know, the delightful photos are not misleading in any way because the actual dish, after you whip it up at home, more or less looks the same – that is, very, very appetizing indeed.

Furthermore, EveryPlate’s weekly menu also features a Premium meal, such as the following. Each week, there’s a new, special option like this that may or may not take 10-15 minutes extra to cook.

Creamy Buffalo Chicken & Bacon Pasta

with Scallions & Tomato

Calories per serving 800 kcal
Protein per serving 59 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 78 grams
Sugar per serving 5 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 4 grams
Fat per serving 27 grams
Prep time 35 minutes

Separate protein packs and other add-ons are also a part of the EveryPlate menu, for instance, 1-2 servings of all-purpose protein Chicken Breast. The protein content per serving here amounts to a whopping 25 grams, with only 130 calories. The best part is yet to come – you can cook this chicken breast any way you like!

An option such as the above is perfect for you if you want to raise the roof of the protein level in your meals.


What’s genuinely praiseworthy about the Freshly menu is that their meals are gluten-free and well-balanced. A good variety of proteins, entrees, and sides are on the menu and no artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavors, etc. Moreover, excessive sugar does not make its presence either.

The entrees are packed with goodness that is high nutrition in the form of whole ingredients and lots of protein, veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. It’s all well-balanced in terms of nutrients that keep you pleasantly full while also eliminating the unnecessary mid-afternoon lethargy or energy crash.

Freshly meals are certified gluten-free, which means all foods and ingredients are kept away from gluten and gluten-containing products. At the same time, Freshly offers a menu that’s got meals catering to other dietary restrictions and preferences too, such as dairy-free, soy-free, low calorie, low carb, plant-based, high protein, paleo, keto, etc.

Freshly’s one dish can accommodate multiple diets at once. Here are a few really delicious examples – the nutritional breakdown of Freshly’s prepared meals!

Savory-Sweet Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

with Basmati Rice & Veggies

Diets served Gluten-free, dairy-free, low calorie
Calories per serving 420 kcal
Protein per serving 23 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 64 grams
Sugar per serving 17 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 3 grams
Fat per serving 7 grams


Swede-ish Meatballs

with Cream Sauce & Masterful Mash

Diets served High protein, gluten-free, soy-free
Calories per serving 630 kcal
Protein per serving 33 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 36 grams
Sugar per serving 10 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 8 grams
Fat per serving 39 grams


Shrimp & Andouille Paella

with Roasted Red Peppers

Diets served High protein, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free
Calories per serving 5300 kcal
Protein per serving 37 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 68 grams
Sugar per serving 4 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 4 grams
Fat per serving 9 grams


Carved Turkey & Creamy Mash

with Green Bean Saute& Toasted Pecans

Diets served Gluten-free, soy-free, high protein, low carb
Calories per serving 530 kcal
Protein per serving 30 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 30 grams
Sugar per serving 5 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 5 grams
Fat per serving 32 grams

In comparison to EveryPlate, the menu variety of Freshly is slightly more limited. But then you have to factor in that the latter delivers already-cooked meals, while the former is the best for meal kits. More often than not, a greater variety of recipes is a more natural part of meal kits than premade meals – that’s just how it is!

Freshly also recently came up with some of the most appetizing and healthiest plant-based meals. These contain whole ingredients, hearty vegetables, and purely plant-based proteins. You can add them to your weekly cart to round off your diet plan with both meat-based and veggie-loaded meals.

Indian-Spiced Red Lentil Dal

with Sweet Potatoes & Green Chickpeas

Diets served Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, plant-based, vegetarian, vegan
Calories per serving 620 kcal
Protein per serving 18 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 73 grams
Sugar per serving 10 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 12 grams
Fat per serving 31 grams


Creamy Marinara Lentil Pasta

with Mushrooms & Plant-Based Mozzarella

Diets served Gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, vegetarian
Calories per serving 520 kcal
Protein per serving 12 grams
Carbohydrate per serving 63 grams
Sugar per serving 10 grams
Dietary fiber per serving 6 grams
Fat per serving 26 grams

Apart from Freshly’s tasty, nutritious, and fresh heat-and-eat meals, the menu consists of multi-serve proteins and side dishes as well. These are designed for making your meal prep time at home even more convenient and enjoyable. Some of the add-ons included are as follows:

  • Baked Turkey Meatballs (multi-serve, 8 meatballs per serving)
  • Grilled Chicken Breasts (multi-serve, 3 chicken breasts per serving)

These extra options taste fantastic and offer more variety in comparison to the conventional meal delivery service experience. In this case, you can mix and match as you please. The sides normally serve 2-3 people (the additional cost is very reasonable), whereas the proteins come between 2 and 5 servings (also moderately priced).

Frequently Asked Questions About EveryPlate and Freshly (FAQs section)

How Does EveryPlate or Freshly Packaging and Delivery Work?

It’s all about sustainability and efficiency concerning packaging in both cases, meaning with EveryPlate and Freshly. Both are eco-friendly meal delivery services. Nevertheless, they are ultimately a meal delivery service, which automatically implies the use of packaging materials.

EveryPlate plays its “green” card the right way because all ingredients of the meal kits that are a part of your weekly order are packed into a single cardboard box unlike other meal delivery companies that use excessive packaging by wrapping each meal kit individually or separately. So, it’s a relief to know that EveryPlate doesn’t do that.

On top of it all, EveryPlate packaging, most of it at least (cardboard boxes, liners, ice packs, etc.), is curbside-recyclable.

As for delivery, EveryPlate ships across the continental USA (the vast majority of it) anywhere between Tuesday and Friday – you can choose your delivery day based on your availability and convenience.

Now it’s Freshly’s turn – it’s all sustainable and efficient here as well. The prepared meal delivery service is just as environment-friendly as any other renowned company – every packaging material you can recycle.

So, the large cardboard box your weekly meals arrive in is recyclable, the recycled denim insulation is also biodegradable, the gel packs are reusable, and all plastic and cardboard containers, boxes, liners, sleeves, and whatnot are recyclable.

In fact, nutritional breakdown and list of ingredients are to be found on the meal container itself, which prevents the use of unnecessary plastic and paper.

Freshly delivers its premade meals throughout the week, including on weekends. However, where you stay is a big factor when it comes to choosing your delivery day per week. For example, based on your location, you may get to select any day between Tuesday and Sunday.

Freshly deliverable areas include all of the following cities listed here on FAQs > Delivery & Shipping >Where do you deliver?

Need to Edit or Cancel Your EveryPlate or Freshly Order?

Plan changes are a part of daily life. Keeping that in mind, when the meal delivery service makes room to accommodate these types of changes, it offers even more convenience.

In that context, both EveryPlate and Freshly step up as far as providing flexibility is concerned. All subscription-based meal delivery services must give you that option. But there is a deadline you need to adhere to.

EveryPlate’s cutoff time is 5 days before the scheduled delivery date – just go to Settings > Plan Settings > Delivery > Edit after logging in to your account. You can achieve the same using the very intuitive and easy-to-navigate EveryPlate app.

Editing or canceling weekly orders, skipping a week, and more are accessible options – EveryPlate has made sure of that! So you see how EveryPlate is more than just healthy, delicious, and well-balanced meals?

Now, can you modify or cancel Freshly orders? Yes, you can do that, along with changing the delivery date and time. You can also cancel your Freshly subscription, skip a week, and edit or customize your meal boxes depending on any new lifestyle changes that may have come up in your weekly schedule.

“Cancel Subscription” is an option and so is “Managing Orders” here on the FAQs page on the website Freshly. Needless to say, the app version of this is equally helpful and convenient.

How Is the Customer Service of EveryPlate and Freshly?

EveryPlate has an entire, dedicated Contact Us page, which makes it so much easier and faster for you to reach them. There’s the live chat feature and phone number (get in touch by phone between Monday and Friday from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.)

The Technical Support of Freshly is also anything but disappointing. The most commonly asked questions are answered very clearly and accurately with simple, quick instructions.

You can contact the Freshly customer support team any time of day, any day of the week. Just text or call 1-844-373-7459. The customer service agent will respond to any query or request in under just 30 minutes.

Compensations for inconveniences caused are also a part of the Freshly meal kit delivery experience.

Is EveryPlate or Freshly Any Good and Healthy?

Most of the meals found on the EveryPlate menu are nutrient-dense because of the inclusion of plenty of fresh veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, and a well-balanced macronutrient breakdown.

Although there will be a few meals on the menu that may seem to have too many calories, carbohydrates, fats, sodium, etc., that’s precisely why you should check the meals before adding them to your weekly order.

And that’s exactly why EveryPlate presents the list of ingredients and allergens plus the nutrient profile of each recipe, so you can pick only those meals that suit your dietary and health preferences, restrictions, etc.

As for the quality of the ingredients, there’s nothing questionable here. The suppliers EveryPlate works with are all very carefully chosen – mostly a wide range of local suppliers that prioritize sustainability and non-GMO and sometimes even organic methods.

Is Freshly premade meal delivery any good? It is a very popular meal delivery service, but then so is McDonald’s one of the most successful franchises. However, unlike McDonald’s, Freshly offers everything that is highly nutritious for you and your body.

It’s definitely not high-end or “premium” cuisine, but the prepared or microwaveable meals are certainly very whole, hearty, and fresh. These meals taste fresh and flavorful at the same time. They’re packaged conveniently and then shipped according to your comfort.

Freshly does not deliver meal kits. Rather, it’s a prepared meal delivery service, but it’s the best of its kind. The meal service, unlike others, is extremely consistent. The menu has universally favorite and exotic meals, which is always a good thing considering how varied our tastes, likes, and dislikes have become.

Considering these are premade or already-cooked meals, the quality is surprisingly pleasant, thanks to the infusion of fresh, flavorful ingredients.

Who Should Choose EveryPlate?

It’s the best meal kit delivery service, so if you want your cooking routine to get a boost or some form of inspiration (cooking burnout is a thing after all), then EveryPlate is perfect for you. New recipes incorporated into your weekly rotation of meals are always a great idea, especially if you don’t mind spending a little bit of time in the kitchen.

Because of EveryPlate, you don’t have to think about what you’re going to prepare for the week and even how you’re going to prepare it. The EveryPlate menu has a vast variety of both comfort meals and slightly more adventurous ones – and all of them are healthy!


  • Easy to cook meals at very affordable prices.
  • Proteins and sides can be swapped.
  • The menu is quite vast and varied.
  • Eco-friendly packaging materials are used.

Who Should NOT Choose EveryPlate?

It may not be the best meal kit delivery service for vegetarians and vegans due to the limited plant-based options on the menu. Also, they don’t specifically cater to special and strict diet plans like paleo, keto, etc. The same applies to dietary restrictions and serious food allergies.

And finally, just so you know, EveryPlate offers only meal kits, which means cooking is required to a certain extent, even though the process is simplified and quick. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for fully prepared meals, you might want to consider choosing Freshly instead.


  • Not enough vegetarian or vegan meals
  • Extra shipping fee
  • Doesn’t accommodate specific dietary preferences or restrictions

Who Should Choose Freshly?

You should really try Freshly if you want meal planning and prepping to be the most convenient for you. The ease of this particular premade meal delivery service is the best fit for someone so busy that he/she either doesn’t have the time or is too caught up to even be interested in making any effort in the kitchen – easiest healthy food preparation!

Freshly also paves the way for healthier eating; the meals are rich with nutrients and without any artificial preservatives, flavors, sugars, and the like. You may find Freshly to be the healthier alternative to frozen or fast-food meals!


  • One of the best and most affordable premade meal delivery services.
  • Single-serve portion sizes are quite filling.
  • The prepared meals are delivered fresh and not frozen.
  • Vegan or vegetarian options are also a part of the weekly menu.
  • Meals are certified gluten-free.
  • Most of the packaging materials are recyclable.

Who Should NOT Choose Freshly?

Objectively speaking, Freshly is not the most suitable for a household with a higher number of family members. This is mainly because the meal delivery service offers single-serve, prepared or already-cooked meals that seem to work better for singles and couples.


  • Very few seafood-based meals.
  • Added shipping cost.
  • No specialty diet plans are included.

EveryPlate vs Freshly – Are They Worth Trying?

EveryPlate is surely worth trying if you want to prepare the most flavorful homecooked meals the most easily and quickly without the hassle of going to the supermarket or doing any meal planning or ingredient prepping whatsoever. Minimal ingredients used, minimal cooking time taken, and minimal instructions to follow – that’s EveryPlate for you!

Then there’s the super-convenience of premade meals by Freshly. This best-prepared meal delivery service has a good amount of wonderfully delicious and nutritious meat- and plant-based choices every week.