Blue Apron vs Daily Harvest – Which Convenient Meal Delivery Service Emerges as Number 1?

Last Updated : February 23, 2024


In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to cook nutritious and delicious meals can be a challenge. Thankfully, meal delivery services have emerged as a convenient solution, offering pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes right to your doorstep. Blue Apron and Daily Harvest are two prominent players in this space, catering to busy individuals seeking a convenient and healthy mealtime experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a head-to-head comparison of these two meal delivery services, evaluating their key features, menu options, and overall user experience. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of which service emerges as the top contender for your culinary needs.

Blue Apron, one of the pioneers in the meal kit industry, has revolutionized the way people approach cooking at home. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and chef-designed recipes, Blue Apron aims to make home cooking accessible to all. Their extensive menu options cater to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegetarian, pescatarian, and even options for families with picky eaters. By providing pre-measured ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and helpful cooking tips, Blue Apron takes the guesswork out of meal preparation, making it an ideal choice for both novice cooks and seasoned kitchen enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Daily Harvest offers a unique twist to the meal delivery service landscape, specializing in ready-to-blend smoothies, soups, and bowls. With a strong emphasis on whole, plant-based ingredients, Daily Harvest aims to simplify healthy eating without compromising on taste or nutrition. Each item from their menu comes in a frozen, single-serve cup, ready to be blended or heated in minutes. This approach appeals to individuals looking for quick and effortless meal solutions, particularly those with busy schedules or limited kitchen skills.

When it comes to determining which meal delivery service reigns supreme, several factors need to be considered. Price, flexibility, variety, and overall customer experience play crucial roles in the decision-making process. By weighing the pros and cons of Blue Apron and Daily Harvest, we’ll delve into the details that make each service unique and evaluate how they meet the needs of different individuals. So, whether you’re a time-strapped professional, a health-conscious foodie, or simply someone seeking convenience without sacrificing taste, join us as we compare the most popular picks today: Blue Apron and Daily Harvest.

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Why Choose Convenient Meal Delivery Services?

Nowadays, juggling work, family, and various responsibilities leaves little time for meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. This is where convenient meal delivery services step in to save the day. By opting for these services, you can reclaim precious hours in your day and eliminate the stress associated with meal preparation. With pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes delivered right to your doorstep, you no longer have to worry about searching for recipes, measuring ingredients, or dealing with food waste. Convenient meal delivery services streamline the entire cooking process, making it a viable option for individuals and families seeking healthy and delicious meals without the hassle.

One of the primary reasons to choose a convenient meal delivery service is the time-saving aspect. With the demands of modern life, time is a valuable commodity. By outsourcing meal planning, grocery shopping, and recipe preparation, you free up several hours each week that can be allocated towards other important tasks or leisure activities. These services eliminate the need to go to the grocery store, wait in line, and navigate through crowded aisles. Instead, you receive a neatly packaged box containing everything you need to create a meal, saving you valuable time and energy.

Convenient meal delivery services also offer a solution for those seeking a healthier lifestyle. These services often focus on providing balanced and nutritious meals, offering a wide range of options to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re following a specific diet like vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, or simply aiming to incorporate more whole foods into your meals, meal delivery services can cater to your requirements. They often source fresh, high-quality ingredients and provide detailed nutritional information for each meal, allowing you to make informed choices about your food intake. By choosing a convenient meal delivery service, you can prioritize your health and well-being without compromising on taste or convenience.

Overall, convenient meal delivery services present a compelling solution for individuals and families seeking a stress-free and time-saving approach to meal planning and preparation. With their focus on providing fresh ingredients, varied menu options, and easy-to-follow recipes, these services offer a convenient way to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals without the hassle of traditional cooking. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent with limited time, or someone looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, the benefits of choosing a convenient meal delivery service are clear: more time, less stress, and a satisfying dining experience.

Choosing Convenient Meal Delivery Services

When it comes to selecting a convenient meal delivery service, several factors should be considered to ensure you find the best fit for your needs. By evaluating aspects such as menu variety, dietary accommodations, pricing, flexibility, and customer reviews, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Let’s explore these key factors in more detail:

1. Menu Variety and Dietary Accommodations

One of the essential aspects to consider when choosing a meal delivery service is the range and diversity of menu options available. Look for services that offer a wide variety of meals to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, or have specific dietary requirements, such as gluten-free or dairy-free, it’s important to find a service that can accommodate your needs. A diverse menu ensures that you won’t get bored with repetitive meals and allows you to explore new flavors and cuisines.

2. Pricing and Value for Money

Meal delivery services typically offer a range of plans with varying prices to fit different budgets. Take the time to compare the pricing structures and determine which plan offers the best value for your money. Consider factors such as the number of meals provided per week, portion sizes, and any additional costs like shipping fees or special add-ons. Some services may offer discounts or promotions for new customers, so be sure to check for any available deals that can help you save.

3. Flexibility and Customization

Flexibility is an important consideration when selecting a meal delivery service. Look for services that allow you to customize your orders based on your preferences and dietary restrictions. Some services offer the option to select specific meals from their weekly menu, while others provide flexibility in terms of portion sizes or the ability to skip weeks when needed. Having the freedom to tailor your orders to your liking ensures that you receive meals that suit your tastes and dietary needs.

4. Customer Reviews and Reputation

Before committing to a meal delivery service, it’s beneficial to read customer reviews and assess the overall reputation of the company. Check online platforms and review websites to see what others have to say about the service’s quality, delivery reliability, and customer support. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get a comprehensive understanding of the service’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, consider reaching out to friends, family, or colleagues who may have experience with the service you’re considering for their firsthand insights.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose a convenient meal delivery service that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. Take the time to research and compare different options to ensure you find a service that not only provides delicious and nutritious meals but also delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Benefits of Convenient Meal Delivery Services

Convenient meal delivery services not only provide time-saving solutions for busy individuals but also offer several health benefits. Let’s explore the various ways in which these services can contribute to your overall well-being:

1. Access to Balanced and Nutritious Meals

One of the significant health benefits of meal delivery services is the access to balanced and nutritious meals. These services often focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients and creating recipes that prioritize whole foods, lean proteins, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. By choosing a meal delivery service, you can ensure that your meals are well-balanced and provide essential nutrients necessary for your health. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who may struggle with meal planning or have limited knowledge of nutrition.

2. Portion Control and Calorie Awareness

Maintaining portion control and being mindful of calorie intake is crucial for weight management and overall health. Meal delivery services typically provide pre-portioned meals, which can help prevent overeating and promote portion control. Additionally, many services include detailed nutritional information with each meal, allowing you to make informed choices about your calorie intake. This level of calorie awareness can be especially beneficial for individuals who are trying to lose weight, manage their dietary restrictions, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Reduction in Food Waste

Food waste is a significant environmental issue, and convenient meal delivery services can contribute to its reduction. These services provide pre-portioned ingredients, minimizing the chances of excess food being wasted. By receiving the precise amounts needed for each meal, you can avoid buying more ingredients than necessary, thereby reducing food waste. This not only benefits the environment but also helps you save money and avoid the guilt associated with throwing away unused food items.

4. Introduction to New Ingredients and Cooking Techniques

Meal delivery services often introduce customers to new ingredients and cooking techniques they may not have tried before. This exposure to diverse foods and preparation methods can expand your culinary knowledge and encourage a varied and balanced diet. Trying new ingredients and recipes can be an exciting way to break out of food ruts and explore different flavors, textures, and cuisines. It can also be an opportunity to discover new favorite dishes and incorporate a wider range of nutrient-rich foods into your meals.

By taking advantage of the health benefits offered by convenient meal delivery services, you can enhance your overall well-being and make positive strides towards a healthier lifestyle. From accessing balanced and nutritious meals to promoting portion control and reducing food waste, these services can play a valuable role in supporting your health goals and simplifying your dietary choices.

Why Choose Blue Apron?

Blue Apron has established itself as a leading meal delivery service, and there are several compelling reasons why it stands out as a top choice for many individuals seeking a convenient and enjoyable cooking experience.

Blue Apron prioritizes the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients in their meal kits. They partner with farmers and suppliers to source seasonal produce, sustainably caught seafood, and responsibly raised meats. This commitment to quality ensures that you receive ingredients that are at their peak freshness, resulting in flavorful and nutritious meals. By using premium ingredients, Blue Apron allows you to enjoy restaurant-quality dishes in the comfort of your own home, elevating your cooking experience.

One of the standout features of Blue Apron is its emphasis on chef-designed recipes and culinary education. Each meal kit comes with detailed, step-by-step recipe cards that guide you through the cooking process. These recipes are carefully crafted by Blue Apron’s culinary team, who draw inspiration from various cuisines and flavors. By following their instructions, you can learn new cooking techniques, experiment with different ingredients, and expand your culinary skills. Blue Apron’s commitment to culinary education empowers you to become a more confident and creative cook.

Blue Apron offers flexible subscription options to cater to different preferences and needs. You can choose between two-serving or four-serving plans, allowing you to tailor your subscription to your household size. Additionally, Blue Apron provides a range of menu options each week, including vegetarian, carb-conscious, and family-friendly meals. This variety ensures that you can find meals that align with your dietary preferences and accommodate the tastes of everyone in your household. Blue Apron also allows you to skip weeks or easily modify your subscription, providing the flexibility to fit your schedule and changing needs.

Why Choose Daily Harvest?

Daily Harvest has gained popularity as a go-to choice for individuals seeking a convenient and healthy meal delivery service. With its unique focus on ready-to-blend smoothies, soups, and bowls, Daily Harvest offers several reasons why it stands out in the market.

Daily Harvest is committed to providing whole, plant-based ingredients in their products. They prioritize sourcing high-quality fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based ingredients to ensure that you receive meals that are rich in essential nutrients. This focus on whole foods makes Daily Harvest a great option for individuals looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet or follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. By choosing Daily Harvest, you can fuel your body with nourishing ingredients that support your overall health and well-being.

One of the key advantages of Daily Harvest is the convenience it offers in terms of meal preparation. Their products come in frozen, single-serve cups, making it incredibly easy and quick to prepare a meal. For smoothies, simply blend the contents of the cup with your preferred liquid, and within minutes, you have a nutritious, ready-to-enjoy smoothie. Similarly, soups and bowls can be heated and ready to eat in no time. This streamlined process is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or limited kitchen skills, as it eliminates the need for extensive meal prep or cooking.

Daily Harvest understands that everyone’s taste preferences and dietary needs are unique. They offer a wide variety of menu options, allowing you to customize your meals based on your preferences. Whether you prefer fruity or green smoothies, hearty soups, or protein-packed bowls, Daily Harvest has an array of options to choose from. Additionally, they provide flexibility in terms of subscription plans, allowing you to select the number of cups you want to receive each week. This customization and flexibility ensure that you can create a meal plan that suits your specific tastes and lifestyle.

How Blue Apron Works

Blue Apron operates on a straightforward and user-friendly model that simplifies the cooking process and brings delicious meals to your table. Let’s explore how Blue Apron works in four simple steps:

1. Choose Your Plan and Preferences

To get started with Blue Apron, you’ll first need to choose a plan that suits your needs. They offer two main plans: the 2-Serving Plan and the 4-Serving Plan. The 2-Serving Plan provides meals for two people, while the 4-Serving Plan caters to larger households. Once you’ve selected your plan, you can then customize your dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, pescatarian, or family-friendly options. This customization ensures that the meals align with your preferences and any dietary restrictions.

2. Receive Your Meal Kit

Once you’ve set up your plan and preferences, Blue Apron will deliver a meal kit right to your doorstep on the specified day of your choice. The meal kit contains pre-portioned ingredients for the selected recipes, along with detailed recipe cards that provide step-by-step instructions. The ingredients are carefully packaged to maintain their freshness and quality during transit. You can expect to receive a variety of ingredients, including proteins, vegetables, grains, and spices, all sourced with an emphasis on freshness and taste.

3. Follow the Step-by-Step Recipes

With Blue Apron, you don’t have to be a professional chef to create delicious meals. Each recipe card included in the meal kit provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions. The step-by-step guidance ensures that you can confidently prepare the meal, even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen. The recipes are designed by Blue Apron’s culinary team and feature a diverse range of flavors and cuisines. From classic comfort foods to adventurous global dishes, Blue Apron offers a variety of recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied.

4. Enjoy the Delicious Results

After following the provided instructions, you’ll have a freshly cooked meal ready to enjoy. Blue Apron meals are known for their restaurant-quality taste and presentation. With each dish, you’ll have the satisfaction of creating a homemade meal that looks and tastes impressive. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, a partner, or your family, Blue Apron allows you to enjoy the experience of cooking and sharing delicious meals without the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping.

With its easy-to-follow model, Blue Apron simplifies the cooking experience by delivering pre-portioned ingredients and chef-designed recipes to your doorstep.

How Daily Harvest Works

Daily Harvest offers a unique and convenient approach to meal delivery, focusing on ready-to-blend smoothies, soups, and bowls. Here’s a breakdown of how Daily Harvest works:

1. Customize Your Selections

To begin, you’ll need to customize your selections based on your preferences and dietary needs. Daily Harvest provides an extensive menu of options, including smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, lattes, and more. You can choose from a variety of flavors and ingredients to suit your taste. Daily Harvest also offers options for different dietary preferences, such as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. This customization ensures that you receive meals that align with your specific preferences and dietary restrictions.

2. Receive Your Frozen Cups

Once you’ve made your selections, Daily Harvest will deliver your frozen cups directly to your doorstep. The cups are carefully packaged to maintain their frozen state during transit. Each cup contains pre-portioned ingredients for a single serving, ensuring convenience and reducing food waste. Daily Harvest’s use of frozen ingredients allows for optimal freshness and nutrition, as the ingredients are picked and frozen at peak ripeness.

3. Prepare Your Meals in Minutes

Preparing your Daily Harvest meals is quick and hassle-free. For smoothies, simply blend the contents of the cup with your preferred liquid, such as water, milk, or plant-based milk. The result is a creamy and nutritious smoothie ready to enjoy. Soups and bowls can be heated on the stovetop or in the microwave, providing a warm and satisfying meal. The convenience of Daily Harvest’s ready-to-blend and heat options eliminates the need for extensive meal prep or cooking, making it an ideal solution for busy individuals or those with limited time for meal preparation.

4. Enjoy Nutritious and Delicious Meals

With Daily Harvest, you can savor delicious and nutritious meals without sacrificing your health or time. The meals are carefully crafted to provide a balance of essential nutrients from whole, plant-based ingredients. Whether you’re starting your day with a refreshing smoothie, enjoying a nourishing soup for lunch, or indulging in a flavorful harvest bowl for dinner, Daily Harvest offers a variety of options to satisfy your cravings and support your well-being.

By customizing your selections, receiving frozen cups, preparing your meals in minutes, and enjoying the delicious results, Daily Harvest offers a convenient and healthy way to incorporate nutritious meals into your routine.

How Blue Apron Works

Making an account on Blue Apron is the easiest. The first thing you need to do after adding your email address and zip code is deciding how many meal kits and servings you want per week. Blue Apron asks you about your protein preferences, so if you’re a vegetarian, you can select only veg-based meals.

You can order as little as two 2-serving meal kits and as many as four 4-serving meal kits per recipe. Overall, Blue Apron’s meal ordering process is flexible and convenient. You can always go back and customize your weekly box and change your protein preferences.

The default setting on every meal subscription makes it easier for you as it automatically selects meals on your behalf. Meanwhile, if you want to control each week’s order, you can handpick meal kit recipes yourself.

Blue Apron also features several bundles with larger meal kit servings combined with add-ons like wine, dessert, and appetizers. The more meal kits you order, the less you pay per serving, and you can manually add several add-ons every week.

The delivery window is flexible based on where you live. Plus, you are given the option to edit the delivery depending on your convenience. Blue Apron allows you to skip, edit, change, pause, and cancel your orders easily via their Account Settings.

From start to finish, the meal ordering, meal customization, and order placing processes are quick and efficient. If you need any more help, their handy Help webpage lets you search FAQs by keyword or phrase.

How Daily Harvest Works

One point of difference between Blue Apron and Daily Harvest is that the latter does not automatically pick meals for you. You have to choose the items that you want to receive every week.

Daily Harvest’s menu has several types of meal kits that are also prepared meals as all the ingredients are pre-chopped, preportioned, and pre-prepped. Pick the items that you like and want to receive as Daily Harvest features many types of cuisines such as smoothies, soups, forager bowls, flatbreads, ice creams, bites, and healthy bowls.

There is proper information like the nutrition facts, ingredients, and cooking instructions for each item. You have access to all of this even before signing up.

Daily Harvest’s meal plans are divided into 3 optimal categories or sizes – a delivery of 9, 14, or 24 items per order. You receive a bigger discount on the highest order and an effective but nominal discount on the smallest order of 9 items only.

Making things more convenient and user-friendly, Daily Harvest features a smartphone app for ordering, customizing, and editing orders. You can skip weeks, change your delivery address, reschedule, and modify upcoming orders easily without a fuss.

Preparing the meals is as easy as ordering the meals with Daily Harvest. Most of the prep work is already done. You just need to cook the ingredients as per instructions on a stovetop or microwave oven. This shouldn’t take longer than 25 minutes.

The Blue Apron Menu

The Blue Apron menu changes from week to week which, in comparison to Daily Harvest, is of big help and keeps the versatility of their menu interesting. Daily Harvest has a fixed menu that is not as ever-changing as Blue Apron.

Blue Apron’s menu boasts a variety of proteins including plant-based meat alternatives, different flavors, and a mix of different cooking times. The meal kits have different labels like Wellness, Fast & Easy, Craft, Make It Vegetarian, Chef Favorites, Family Friendly, Premium, Ready To Cook, etc. that show their usefulness.

Majority of the meal kit recipes on their menu are easy and fast to prepare. Some are premade meals that require no cooking skills or pots and pans for preparation.

The menu is divided into several categories:

  • Signature
  • Vegetarian
  • Wellness
  • Signature for Four
  • Add-Ons

Within these categories, you have a blend of recipes to pick from that are balanced, WW-recommended, diabetes-friendly, and weight loss-friendly.

The meals also display the cooking time and protein nutrition, so you know which meal is the fastest to prepare and which is vegetarian.

For each recipe, useful information like nutrition facts, calories, ingredient lists, and cooking instructions are available. You can evaluate all your options quickly and narrow down meal kits that suit your personal preference.

Variety-wise, Blue Apron is a fine choice but not for people with severe food allergies or on a dietary restriction plan.

Some meal kits come with swappable proteins, offering to make a meat-based recipe vegetarian, but the choices are limited. You can switch from beef to vegetarian patty without paying extra. Other plant-based alternatives like tofu are also available depending on the recipe. But again, the choices are limited.

You can alter the recipes yourself by swapping protein or making a dish less spicy. The cooking instructions are displayed for each recipe, making it easier to personalize meals with time and regular practice.

The menu is a balance of home-inspired dishes and restaurant selections. Some of the crafty recipes are faster to make, so you don’t have to put in extra effort to create a flavorful recipe. The weekly changing menu features health-conscious dishes in worldly flavors and cuisines. You will find yourself enjoying cooking more than before.

If you’re a picky eater, modifying meal kits and orders is easy to do. Everything you need to know about all your upcoming orders is on the Upcoming settings tab.

The majority of the meals are served for 2 people, but you can increase the serving size to 4 people by opting for the Signature for Four meal category.

Add-Ons include single servings of breakfast, side dishes, soup, appetizers, premade meals, and proteins. Protein options include a variety of choices depending on what you prefer – shrimp, pork, salmon, chicken breast, patties, sea scallops, etc.

Healthy eaters on an omnivore diet plan will benefit more from Blue Apron’s menu. Their meal kits are centered around more meat-based recipes with some vegetarian options that you can include 2–3 times per week.

The Daily Harvest Menu

Daily Harvest, contrary to Blue Apron, is a 100% vegan, plant-based meal delivery company. Their menu features all plant-based options suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The menu comprises Smoothies, Harvest Bowls, Harvest Bakes, Flatbreads, Soups, Forager Bowls, Scoops, Bites, Lattes, and Mylk. Each category offers a selection of plant-focused and healthy recipes containing no processed foods and only fruits and vegetables.

Though there is never a “one-size-fits-all” approach to eating healthily, every individual’s diet is unique and caters to specific dietary needs. What Daily Harvest does is it makes healthy, plant-based eating more accessible with the help of portioned and delicious foods.

If you’re currently on a restrictive diet, make sure your diet plan aligns with what Daily Harvest has to offer. Some foods may trigger your system if you’re not used to eating all vegan and plant-based foods. It’s wiser to stay informed about what your body needs by consulting with a healthcare professional first.

One special factor about Daily Harvest’s meal recipes is that the ingredients arrive frozen. The ingredients are flash-frozen and packed to preserve freshness, nutrition, and flavor.

Studies suggest that freezing fruits and vegetables is actually healthy as they pack higher levels of antioxidants. Freezing fruits and vegetables lock in their nutrients so nothing goes to waste, even after you prepare and cook the meal.

Freezing food has another benefit – it lasts for a longer time in your freezer. This aligns perfectly with Daily Harvest because you can keep foods fresh for longer – anywhere up to 6–7 months depending on the food item.

At the moment, Daily Harvest’s menu offers almost a hundred different choices, ranging from sweet to savory and breakfast to desserts. All are plant-based and 100% preservative-free with organic ingredients. If healthy eating is on your radar, Daily Harvest should suit you perfectly.

The nutrition profile of Daily Harvest’s meals focuses more on low-carb and low-calorie meals. Some may even find that their meals are smaller, portion-wise, which are tailored to encourage a whole-food diet that is low in sodium, calories, and carbs.

Daily Harvest’s menu also features several filters that allow you to personalize the menu by ingredients and dietary needs. Each recipe features nutrition information, an ingredients list, and cooking instructions. You can check for allergens in each recipe, but Daily Harvest is not the best allergy-friendly choice as all their meals are processed in the same kitchen facility as gluten, nuts, dairy, and soy.

Is Blue Apron Diet-Friendly?

The macros of any chosen Blue Apron meal are wholesome and health-focused. It’s a mix of lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and healthy carbs. Some meals you’ll find have refined carbs, while other meals contain whole grains. The typical range of calories differs from meal to meal, but the calorie count falls between 450 and 1100 calories per meal.

You don’t have to second guess and compare the nutritional value of the meal kit recipes because it’s published for all the recipes on their menu. Plus, it’s accessible via the website and mobile app.

Meal kit recipes are labeled as Vegetarian, Wellness, WW Approved, Diabetes-Friendly, Low Carb, and Low Calorie so you can check each recipe’s tag to find your ideal choice.

The meals are well-portioned and cater to versatile diets that encourage a balanced and holistic approach to healthy eating.

If you’re on a restrictive diet like keto, paleo, or Mediterranean, you may not find Blue Apron’s meals very accommodating. The same applies to people on a plant-based diet because Blue Apron offers a limited variety of vegetarian meals, not vegan.

A balance of wholesome nutrients and nourishment is what you get with Blue Apron’s meals. It prioritizes healthy and balanced eating before any restrictive diet plan like keto, paleo, or Mediterranean.

Even for allergies, Blue Apron does not have any allergy-friendly options or alternatives. You can swap proteins on select meals like beef to the veggie patty. There are also other alternatives for pescatarians and nonvegetarians.

But overall, for diets like gluten-free, vegan, keto, paleo, and Mediterranean, Blue Apron does not offer meals that cater to strict macros and health conditions.

Here’s the breakdown of Blue Apron’s nutritious meals:

  • 600 Calories or Less: Some of the meals have fewer than 600 calories per serving.
  • Vegetarian: Meals that do not contain any meat but there is a possibility of dairy, eggs, or honey based on the dish you select.
  • Diabetes-Friendly: Some meals are good for the heart and diabetes, according to the optimal diabetes-friendly guidelines of the ADA.
  • Carb-Conscious: The meals contain less than 48g of carbs per serving.
  • Mediterranean Diet: Similar to the Diabetes-Friendly diet, a Mediterranean diet is good for boosting heart health.
  • WW-Approved: The meal is high in lean proteins and veggies. This contains weight loss-friendly recipes that are good for people on weight management diet plans.
  • Plant Forward: Similar to the Vegetarian diet, maximum nutrition is derived from whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes, etc.

Is Daily Harvest Diet-Friendly?

Daily Harvest has an elegant menu design that supports weight loss with the help of plant-based meals and smoothies. Their main dishes contain no more than 400 calories per serving. As a result, you may experience some weight loss after eating Daily Harvest’s meals.

Before you subscribe to any meal kit delivery service, it’s important to evaluate your calorie intake. Only then can you effectively replace your current diet with that of Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest focuses on low-carb and low-calorie meals by default though their meal portion size is considered to be smaller than other meal kit delivery services.

A weight loss-friendly diet plan is synonymous with reduced blood sugar levels, obesity, and other chronic illnesses.

They also increase protein with the help of plant-based ingredients like beans, leafy vegetables, chickpeas, etc. So, you end up feeling full for longer and curb your appetite naturally.

Having said that, some Daily Harvest meals contain fewer than 20g of protein, which may not be sufficient to keep you full for longer. So, make sure you add a blend of protein-rich and low-calorie meals to your weekly plan for a more balanced approach to weight loss.

Nutrition facts, an ingredients list, and helpful tips are available for each recipe on the menu. So, you can track how many calories you consume throughout the day including proteins, carbs, and other essential nutrients.

The menu is designed with the help of nutritionists and chefs to ensure what you’re eating is healthy, clean, and delicious. All the meals are prepared with high-quality ingredients, some organic.

Unlike other meal kit companies, you can store Daily Harvest’s meals for up to 3 whole months in the freezer. So, it’s a much smarter and more convenient way of losing weight.

Daily Harvest also offers a good, healthy hack for clean binging on items like snacks, coffee, and ice cream. The ice creams are made of natural ingredients, and the sweetness comes from whole foods such as coconut, dates, cinnamon, etc.

All their meals and bites are plant based, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. Compared to Blue Apron, Daily Harvest’s meals are more diet- and weight-loss-friendly.

How to Prepare Blue Apron Meals

Preparing and cooking meals from Blue Apron is a breeze. The recipe cards that are sent along with the meal kits provide incredibly user-friendly and simple instructions with precise cooking times. It takes the guesswork out of the process, especially for beginners.

For additional support, the website and mobile app are also equipped with an abundance of cooking resources, such as how-to videos, a digital cookbook, and cooking tips that guide you.

Since Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service, the cooking process can be lengthy for some people. The majority of dishes require at least two burners on a stovetop, and some dishes also require a standard microwave oven. The recipes demand basic cooking equipment and basic cooking skills as well. Even if you’re new, following the step-by-step instructions make it manageable.

The ideal time frame to cook a Blue Apron meal is 60 minutes. The recipe cards read an estimated prep time of 35–45 minutes, but an hour is what you need to prep and cook the meal kits. The extra 10–15 minutes includes cleaning up all the pots and pans used while cooking the recipe.

Considering how flavorful and unique each dish turns out to be, the time you put into preparing Blue Apron meals and skipping grocery stores is well worth it.

For individuals who want to minimize cooking and cleaning, Blue Apron does offer “Easy Prep and Cleanup” meals. These are one-pot recipes that take less than 20 minutes to whip up. These recipes are just as delicious and healthy as the more complicated recipes on Blue Apron’s menu.

As a whole, Blue Apron is valuable for people looking to upgrade their cooking skills while also saving time at the supermarket. The recipes are easy to cook and simple to follow with abundant cooking resources.

How to Prepare Daily Harvest Meals

Even for someone with a lack of experience in the kitchen, preparing Daily Harvest meals is effortless, with no chance of burning the food or undercooking it. The recipes are delicious and healthy, and the cooking instructions are concise and straightforward.

Most of the items require only a microwave and a blender to prepare, depending on the recipe you select. For example, you can prepare a Daily Harvest smoothie by adding some water, fruit juice, or milk. The packaged ingredients are preportioned and pre-chopped. Simply blend and drink it.

The Harvest bowls and forager bowls need only be microwaved. The breakfast bowls need to sit in the fridge overnight once you’ve combined all the ingredients. This shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to do from scratch.

Since all Daily Harvest items are frozen and packaged, a maximum of 10 minutes is essential for thawing the ingredients before cooking them.

Smaller items like snacks are also user-friendly to make, even for novice cooks who might otherwise find cooking intimidating or confusing. Daily Harvest provides all the cooking instructions you need to make the cooking process a breeze.

The instructions are so simple and easy to follow that even someone who has little to no cooking experience will find that making a tasty and nutritious meal takes so little time, thanks to Daily Harvest.

How are Blue Apron Meals Packed?

Blue Apron is a crafty meal delivery service that offers fresh and preportioned ingredients for simplified home cooking. The meal box arrives weekly, on a scheduled delivery day, containing recipe cards, ingredients packed in plastic bags, and any additional ingredient like animal protein in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. The wet and dry ingredients are packed separately to avoid spilling.

The vacuum-sealed bags ensure that the meat maintains optimal freshness. Sometimes, Blue Apron will use two layers of plastic instead of one to prevent water from seeping out. Some people think that Blue Apron can make use of paper bags instead of plastic to pack dry ingredients and seasonings, making the packaging eco-friendlier.

The size of a typical Blue Apron box is as tall as a bottle of wine. The box contains all the ingredients double-packed with insulated bubble wrap and linings. Cold packs are used to keep food items cold and fresh. You can drain the cold packs as it contains water-based gel.

Some of the ingredients like whole fruits and vegetables are packed without any paper or plastic wrapping. But don’t worry as all the ingredients are individually packed and organized by recipes into labeled bags. Some of the packaging may be deemed excessive, but overall, it’s very user-friendly and durable.

The recyclability of Blue Apron’s meal boxes is smart and efficient. They have a dedicated Recycle page that lists out all the possibilities for every packaging material.

Even if the weekly box is dropped at your doorstep in the afternoon, the contents inside will remain cold and ripe, thanks to the huge gel ice packs that help seal the box.

Delivery customization is also possible where you can skip a week, change the delivery address, and alter the frequency of delivery easily for up to 5 weeks in advance.

How are Daily Harvest Meals Packed?

For a healthy meal delivery service that’s also environmentally friendly, look no further than Daily Harvest. The food is packed efficiently with frozen food items kept fresh with dry ice. The packaging materials, including the large cardboard box the meals arrive in, are recyclable. The cups and containers that store frozen fruits and vegetables are also recyclable.

When the box arrives, everything is cold to the touch, so you can quickly store it in the freezer. Once you make a recipe, the food container can be recyclable, with some compostable bowls for the Harvest bowls, oat bowls, and forager bowls.

The meals are packed with dry ice, which you have to let completely evaporate before you can take the containers out of the box. This process is a bit time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort because the dry ice keeps the items ripe and fresh during transit.

The main white boxes are recyclable and compostable. The presence of dry ice, instead of ice packs, reduces the usage of plastic, even though it takes a few extra minutes for cleaning. If you want less waste, dry ice is an efficient solution.

The convenience of having all your meals delivered to your doorstep with minimal unpacking and storage makes Daily Harvest an environment-friendly meal service.


Blue Apron features 5 different menu categories – Signature, Vegetarian, Wellness, Signature for Four, and Add-Ons.

Here are some high-protein recipes that you’d like from each category:


Creamy Pesto Chicken & Orzo

  • Calories: 750
  • Fat: 36g
  • Carbohydrate: 61g
  • Protein: 45g


Paneer and Veggie Tacos

  • Calories: 650
  • Fat: 37g
  • Carbohydrate: 58g
  • Protein: 27g


Seared Chicken & Black Vinegar Pan Sauce

  • Calories: 620
  • Fat: 26g
  • Carbohydrate: 54g
  • Protein: 44g

Signature for Four

Oven-Baked Beef & Pinto Bean Chili

  • Calories: 640
  • Fat: 32g
  • Carbohydrate: 46g
  • Protein: 46g

Compared to Blue Apron, Daily Harvest’s meals are more varied offering smoothies, bowls, baked items, flatbreads, soups, and much more.

Meal-wise, their caloric value is limited, so the meals may not be all that satisfying if you’re looking for homemade recipes. But for clean and weight loss-friendly diets, the macros of Daily Harvest’s meals are worth your investment as they encourage clean and nutrient-dense eating habits.

Here are some of their best recipes in each meal category:


Banana + Greens

  • Calories: 120
  • Fat: 0.5g
  • Carbohydrate: 29g
  • Protein: 3g

Harvest Bowls

Red Lentil + Cumin

  • Calories: 240
  • Fat: 10g
  • Carbohydrate: 30g
  • Protein: 12g

Harvest Bakes

Squash + Wild Rice Gratin

  • Calories: 590
  • Fat: 33g
  • Carbohydrate: 58g
  • Protein: 20g


Kale + Sweeet Potato

  • Calories: 370
  • Fat: 16g
  • Carbohydrate: 52g
  • Protein: 7g


Broccoli + White Bean

  • Calories: 180
  • Fat: 3.5g
  • Carbohydrate: 27g
  • Protein: 13g

Forager Bowls

Strawberry + Goji Berry

  • Calories: 280
  • Fat: 7g
  • Carbohydrate: 48g
  • Protein: 8g

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do Blue Apron and Daily Harvest Offer Add-Ons?

Blue Apron

Aside from the meal kits, Blue Apron also has an entire catalog of appetizers, side dishes, and desserts for you. You can order them one at a time. They are pre-prepped and pre-cooked.

The downside to adding extras to your cart is that Blue Apron lets you add up to two items only per box. If you want to add more extras to your box, you have to order a second box and pick your meals accordingly.

Another impressive add-on item on their menu is wine. You can pair all your weekly orders with different wines that Blue Apron recommends. It costs more than your typical add-on item, but you can opt for a monthly subscription that costs close to $60 monthly.

The wine subscription works similarly to the way you order meal kits with Blue Apron. You can accept wines individually or let Blue Apron pick the best choices. Blue Apron also offers a food-wine pairing guide to make the most of all your purchases.

Blue Apron also features a market where you can buy kitchen tools, pantry items, wine bundles, and wines in bulk at a cheaper cost. It’s a great way to spruce up your kitchen with new kitchen equipment that you can use to prepare meal kits.

You don’t need to have an active subscription with Blue Apron to order from their Market section. It functions as a stand-alone catalog, which is similar to the way you shop for things online. The most favorite and highly reviewed items on Blue Apron’s market are their kitchen tools and equipment. They are handy and durable to use for a long time.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest does not offer add-ons the way Blue Apron does. But they have special food and drink categories like ice cream, small bites, coffees, and their plant-based mylk. They cost less than the soups, forager bowls, flatbreads, and soups on their menu.

Plus, you can add as many items as you want; the more you buy, the higher discount you get on your weekly/monthly box.

All the bites, ice cream, and coffees are made up of plant-based ingredients, organic, vegan, and 100% preservative-free.

2. How Easily Can You Change, Edit, Cancel, or Pause Meal Plans?

Blue Apron

Blue Apron has a whole section for Managing Deliveries on their FAQs page. They offer solutions for every customer query about topics like their weekly cutoff date, skipping deliveries, rescheduling active orders, changing delivery day, and updating address or payment details.

Similar to Daily Harvest, Blue Apron prescribes a weekly cutoff date that allows you to modify, pause, or cancel your weekly box without extra charges. The cutoff time for each weekly box will be mentioned through their Account Settings. The cutoff time varies on every order depending on the time and location of delivery.

Once you make changes to a weekly box before the cutoff time, the changes get applied immediately. You can also set up reminders for weekly orders if you’ve ordered a few weeks in advance. Skipping and pausing meal orders are also possible via their website or phone app.

Daily Harvest

You can easily change the number of meals in your weekly box by clicking on the menu and selecting “Manage Plans.” Modifying the number of meals, updating the delivery address, and pausing or canceling the subscription can be easily done.

The deadline to modify placed orders is 6pm ET every Sunday before the delivery week or month. The interesting thing about Daily Harvest’s meal plan is that you can order meals for either a week or a month. There is no limit to the quantities of items you can add to your cart – the more, the merrier.

Daily Harvest also allows you to modify the frequency of your deliveries, update or change payment methods, schedule a delivery after one week, and change the delivery day based on your location.

The best part is that you don’t need to contact their customer support to get all this done. All the features for managing orders and customizing meal plans are accessible to everyone after logging in.

3. Where Do Blue Apron and Daily Harvest Deliver?

Blue Apron

Blue Apron delivers to the continental United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii. To know whether they deliver to your area, you can enter your zip code and find out what delivery options are available to you.

You will be taken to the sign-up page where you have to add your email address to set up an account.

Changing the delivery day varies from location to location. You will be provided with a list of suitable days to pick from. You can later change the delivery day before the cutoff time in your Account Settings.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is more specific about where they deliver, and they also have information about the different courier services they use to deliver your orders. For now, Daily Harvest delivers to 95% of the contiguous United States.

You can find out more by heading over to their Sign Up page and entering your zip code and email address.

For instant delivery access, Daily Harvest delivers to select areas like NYC, LA, Philly, Miami, Austin, DC, Baltimore, and very soon Atlanta through services like DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, and Seamless. These services provide instant delivery, which is like ordering food from a restaurant. It gets delivered immediately.

Blue Apron Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The menu has comfort foods and world cuisine. Meal customization is not allowed.
Fresh produce and top-quality ingredients. The packaging uses a lot of nonrecyclable plastic.
Very affordable meals – the price per serving for 4 is budget-friendly. No allergy accommodations.
Can order up to 16 meal kits weekly. Shipping is not free.
Minimal meal prep for meal kits plus oven-ready meals.
Good fit for vegetarians and health-conscious eaters.


Daily Harvest Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Frozen meal delivery service with nutrient-packed, fresh, organic ingredients. Portion size doesn’t satiate hunger, and meals are low in protein.
Almost all packaging is recyclable. An expensive meal delivery service.
Meal customization is available to suit dietary preferences. No special menu plans, such as paleo, keto, etc.
No shipping charges.
Easiest to prepare meals.
Plant-based lunch/dinner options along with gluten-free meals and vegan choices free of additives, preservatives, and fillers.

Blue Apron vs Daily Harvest – Final Verdict

Whether or not Blue Apron’s recipes and premeasured ingredients are good for you depends on various factors like budget, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences. The most compelling advantage is this – Blue Apron offers a huge menu variety, from low-calorie to vegetarian meals.

If you care about factors like food variety and cooking convenience, then Blue Apron is an ideal choice for you.

One of the best advantages of Daily Harvest, on the other hand, is that they include organic ingredients. Daily Harvest meals are also gluten-free, vegan, and don’t have any preservatives or the like. As long as you’re okay with spending more, these high-quality, plant-based meals are perfect.