Diet-to-Go Review 2023: All You Need to Know

December 28, 2020

DietToGo review

What is Diet-to-Go and how was it created?

The top-notch healthy diet food supplier Diet-to-Go was originally founded in 1991, in Virginia. It is today’s top-ranked company that was developed and flourished by the business tycoon Hilton Davis who has adequate past experience in relevant fields.

Diet-to-Go is a privately owned company having its headquarters in Lorton, United States. In 1999, the CEO of the company decided to make it possible to deliver frozen food nationwide. It maintains two main commercial kitchens; one in Lorton, Virginia, and the other one in Burbank, California.

This company plays a vital role in nourishing your body by supplying hygienic food right at your doorstep. This food is equally delicious and satisfying as it helps you get rid of sparing time from your busy schedule and prepare weight loss meals. This service was labeled as the best flavor supplier in town, by judges at Epicurious in 2011.

The best part is, regardless of the fact whether you are a diabetic patient or are suffering from any other body ailment, Diet-to-Go takes care of your specific needs. This #1 ranked meal planner makes it possible for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle within budget. This service develops your meal plan accordingly and dispatches the most suitable foods to you, every day. In this way, you get healthy along with accomplishing your long-term weight loss goals.

What Does Diet-to-Go offer in the Weekly Diet Menu ?

There are four weekly plans on the menu. Plans are balanced according to your physical needs, 1600 calories for men and 1200 calories for women. This is because the box size for men is slightly larger as compared to women’s. The food cycle repeats after 5 weeks, you can customize your plan as well.

There is nothing like an unsatisfying meal because Diet-to-Go is based on the principle “Happy & Healthy meal”.

Food is just like home-prepared one, healthy and delicious with no additives and preservatives to ensure your health safety. It is packed in microwave-friendly containers and comes in required portions.

In the customized plan, the meal is prepared with ingredients of your choice. While in other Diet-to-Go plans, a combination of multiple ingredients is utilized to satisfy your hunger, taste buds, and weight loss goals altogether. For example: meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, sauces, salad, dairy, etc.

When the meal arrives, you have to put it in the oven for a while and serve hot.


You can choose to receive Diet-to-Go meals 5 or 7 days per week according to your convenience. The company delivers up to 3 meals per day i.e. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may skip breakfast and switch to getting 2 meals per day.

A sample meal may include:

Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes with honey and nuts; cheese omelet; zucchini noodles.

Lunch: Chicken piece, vegetable pizza, or turkey with sausage.

Dinner: Pasta with turkey sauce, baked salmon served with tomato salsa, chicken mushrooms.

Other significant plans include the Ketogenic diet plan, The Balance Diabetic plan, vegetarian Diet Plan, etc. These charts have been designed to meet your physical requirements such as controlling blood sugar level, low-carb diet challenge for short-term weight loss, etc.  A major plus that Diet-to-Go offers includes expert coaches that provide you guidance whenever needed. You may seek help regarding meal planning, personalized meal plan, food groups to choose from, portion control diet that would help recover from health issues you are suffering from, etc.

SNEAK PEEK! Guess what if you get to have Blueberry pancakes with turkey sausage for breakfast, Szechuan Turkey Burger for lunch, and Chicken Pizza in Dinner. Yes! This is how interesting your life is going to be. Once you enter the Diet-to-Go world, there is no coming back, because of the fantastic services this brand is providing. And their skill set with which they are running this company is appreciable.

Diet-to-Go Meals - How Many Kinds of Meal Kits Do You Get

Diet-to-Go helps people to achieve their health-related goals, easily and successfully. When you receive a weekly rotation of your meals delivered at your home, it becomes easier for you to stick to your weight loss journey and achieve your goal weight more efficiently and effectively. It is considered that the correct proportions of each carbohydrate, fats, proteins, sodium, fiber and dairy are combined to produce the best results.

Along with its regular Balanced Diet Plan, Diet-to-Go offers 3 more exclusive meal plans which are provided here as follows:

1) The Balance Plan:

This plan is best for prediabetic people and those who are looking forward to achieving their weight loss goals. It provides you with calorie-controlled portions of food that are low in sodium, fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. You get to eat everything that you wish for but in restricted portions. In this way, a calorie deficit is maintained in your body and you continue to lose weight. This plan provides fat, dairy, carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals from different animal and plant-based sources.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Vegetable omelet

Lunch: Grilled fish

Dinner: Mexican style Burrito

2) Vegetarian Diet Plan:

This meal plan has been designed for ovo lacto vegetarians, who opt to eat dairy, eggs, and honey because they don’t favor killing animals for food. They exclude poultry, red meat, and fish from their diet completely. This plan makes it easier for them to enjoy a stress-free weight loss journey without having to care about other factors.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Vegetables with cream cheese

Lunch: Pasta Salad

Dinner: Stuffed capsicum with tomato and cheese

3) Ketogenic Diet Plan (low-carb):

It is also known as Keto-Carb 30 plan because it replaces carbs with fats. It provides you with 30 net carbs each day. It is a low-carb diet for those who want to shed more pounds in less time to achieve short-term weight loss goals. The keto diet menu is amazing, it will blow your mind with its endless foods and flavors that you can relish straight away. You can also personalize the keto diet menu according to your lifestyle and taste.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Western-style loaded omelet

Lunch: Egg noodles with turkey sausage

Dinner: Chicken chunks with salad

4) Balance Diabetic plan (low-carb):

Diabetes patients have to suffer a lot when it comes to weight loss because their system does not allow them to follow any random diet. To cope with this condition, Diet-to-Go has come up with a Balance Diabetic plan that is also a low-carb meal plan. It enables you to lose weight fast. It provides 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates in each meal. As it is particularly designed for Diabetes patients it takes care of your dietary needs and blood sugar level really well. The balance-D plan has been approved by the American Diabetes Association which means it is safe for use.

Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Egg pizza

Lunch: Meat burger

Dinner: Baked salmon

With Diet-to-Go you can choose from over 400+ recipes per week and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. This is like a dream come true for each one of you because no more worries about grocery shopping, meal preparation and cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis.

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Top 3 Best Selling Meals

All the meals offered by Diet-to-Go are super-delicious and healthy. They have a reasonable amount of calories so you are able to lose weight. Diet-to-Go offers hundreds of multicolored and flavorful recipes for you to choose from.

We are mentioning three brilliant recipes here to give you an idea:

1. The Veggie Goat Cheese and Watercress Sandwich

Healthy and yummy recipe to fulfill your dietary needs and give a soothing taste to your tongue. Takes only 35 minutes to prepare and offers 4 serves.

Prepared with the fantastic combination of eggplant and goat cheese with roasted red pepper to spice up the taste. Seeded bread with watercress sprigs, made by using olive oil. Heavenly sandwiches come out fresh from the oven and tickle your taste buds. This meal contains 450 calories only.

The Veggie Goat Cheese and Watercress Sandwich

2. Roasted Salmon with Tomato and Onion and Herbs

This tasty recipe which is hardly 375 calories, is made out of fried seasoned fillets topped with tarragon sprigs. Chopped tomatoes and onions are sprinkled over salmon. The roasting process continues till juices go dry and you get the fish served with olive oil and red wine vinegar. The number of servings is 6. This recipe is quick, yummy and healthy.

Roasted Salmon with Tomato and Onion and Herbs

3. Turkey Stew Osso Bocu served with Brown Rice

You won’t be able to resist this finger-licking recipe of Turkey Stew served with brown rice. Only 280 in calories, this serving has been prepared from turkey breast sauteed with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. It is seasoned with salt, pepper, basil and simmered in potent beef stock.

Turkey Stew Osso Bocu served with Brown Rice

Not only these recipes put your taste buds on fire, but also provide you adequate energy to perform your daily activities. Thus, Diet-to-Go helps you maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Diet-to-Go Pricing Plans

You must be worried about your budget while choosing a platform that provides you with cooked low-calorie meals at your doorstep. Well! There is nothing to worry about because Diet-to-Go is offering the lowest prices. You can grab a portion at a reasonable cost of as low as $9 which is even less than normal meals at other restaurants. The price of your diet meals varies from $9 to $15, depending upon the quantity you order and on the menu, you choose from. Can you imagine $165 for 21 meals including shipping charges? Diet-to-Go promises you that.

This company does not charge you more. However, your bill payment depends on the number of meals you order. What you have to do is to choose your five or seven-day plan and order 2 to 3 meals per day, as per your requirements.

For the most expensive option i.e; 7-day meal plan with 3 meals per day, the company charges you almost $180 per week.

Cost of Balance Plan: For men, its price starts from $125.59 and for women, its price is about $117.59. This is because, on average, men’s portion size is slightly large as compared to women’s meal size.

Other plans like Vegetarian plan and Diabetic plan have similar charges. However, keto meal plan’s charges are a little bit different, provided below as:

Keto-carb30 price starts from $133.99 per week.

Diet-to-Go Delivery

The company offers two types of services, depending upon your location.

a) Local pick-up service.

b) ‘To go’ home delivery service.

Home delivery service is provided to all the areas of continental United States. It offers local pick up along with food sampling availability in Baltimore, the Washington DC Metro area, New Jersey and the Los Angeles area. It usually takes 30 minutes for your meal to be ready and some additional time for the rider to deliver your order.

One of the most impressive things is contact-free delivery which ensures standard hygiene conditions specifically in these times of pandemic.

More surprises are on the way!

For up to 2 weeks, you can enjoy free home delivery. After that, it will charge you around $20 per week. The journey is filled with lots of free meals and coupons, so there is nothing to worry about.

Diet-to-Go packaging

You get five individually packed meal trays with a thermal cooler bag tucked inside a card box with the five-day meal plan. The meal trays came with plastic wrapping and cups. In addition, you get five to seven ice packs, cardboard dividers and sheets of bubble wrap.

It’s easy to recycle the cardboard, the plastic bubble wrap and metal trays.

Diet-to-Go sends a nutrition label, a list of ingredients and a packing slip with reheating instructions. Additional support material is sent digitally via email.

Pros & Cons

  • Transparency with food source: Diet-to-Go is true to its type. You know very well what ingredients you are eating.
  • Portion control diet: You receive a defined amount of calories to eat. It helps to generate super-fast weight loss results with no health loss, because even though you are eating less, your body requirements are met properly.
  • Organic food: Meals are healthy and safe for your body, no toxins and no side effects.
  • High quality: Diet-to-Go never compromises on food quality. This is the reason, it has been a top-ranked diet food supplier since 1991.
  • Safety: Diet-to-Go believes that customers' safety is always on the top of the list. Everyone can supply food, supplying health is rare, which is done by Diet-to-Go.
  • Flavorful meals: Yummy meal is a happy meal. Diet-to-Go makes sure that the food is made in such a way as to give it a delicious flavor, so you love it every single time.
  • Certified: Recipes fulfill the standards of the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association.
  • No groceries: Since you are spending on ready-made meals, you won't have to go and shop for additional food items at the grocery store.
  • Reasonable price: The prices are just normal and won't affect your pocket much.
  • Flexible subscription: The company gives you the choice to subscribe or unsubscribe any time.
  • Weight loss goals: The food in your day to day life provided by Diet-to-Go is ideal to meet your long-term weight loss goals.
  • Food journal: You can track your meals and maintain a food journal to aid your weight loss journey.
  • Customizable menus: You can customize your meal plan according to your mood and convenience.
  • Health trainer available: Whenever you are looking for some health advice, professional coaches are there to help.
  • Meal planning: You will be free from the stress of planning and preparing your diet meals every day because Diet-to-Go will take the charge.
  • Variable meal plans: The more, the better. You can choose to eat from 4 different menu plans.
  • Limited food: Sometimes you may not get satisfied with the restricted supply of food. But since you are on a weight loss journey, you need to stick to your portions.
  • Non-sustainable: The diet may not be sustainable for some people. Those who are not serious about giving up junk food and switching to a healthy lifestyle, may not be able to enjoy the services provided by Diet-to-Go.
  • Unavailability of Gluten-free diet, vegan diet and Kosher diet.
  • Shipping fee: You will have to pay shipping charges i.e; $20 per week. Although it is not that much, but it can be a hurdle for some.
  • The Balance menu has two significant options for men and women. 1200 calorie meals for women and 1600 calorie meals for men. According to research, these meals are low in calories and may not be satisfying to all who subscribe to their meal plans. The recommended guidelines state the average male should get 2400 calories a day, while females should get 1600 calories per day.
  • Since most adults need more calories than this to maintain their weight, a Diet-to-Go plan will lose weight. However, these results are hard to maintain over the long term. When you consume a significantly lower number of calories, that increases your hunger, and you're constantly on the search for snacks. This results in the opposite effect, resulting in weight gain. Most research points out that those who follow low-calorie diets tend to gain that back. It's challenging to stick to such diets.
  • Diet-to-Go does very little in adhering to diet plans of people with allergies. There's no gluten-free option, no vegan choices, or kosher meals. There are plenty of other meal-delivery services that offer these options.

Why should you choose Diet-to-Go?

~ 30 Years of Excellence

There are numerous reasons to prioritize Diet-to-Go because it does not only work as your meal planner but also prepares and delivers your food at your doorstep. This is equivalent to spoon-feeding in order to enable a person to lose weight. Comparatively, its pricing range is low so that anyone can afford it. It provides safe and healthy meals that taste amazing. It has around 30 years of experience to provide you with the best services at a reasonable cost.

Other meal services do not reveal their recipes, secret ingredients which means you don’t exactly know what you are eating. While Diet-to-Go takes care of customer’s concerns. It first of all, takes care of your self-satisfaction because if you think healthy and you eat healthy, ultimately you become healthy.

Diet-to-Go offers fresh organic food. It does not support cooking that food which has been grown by using inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and other lethal chemicals. In this way, this company is always working on improving standardized health measures for you.

This brand offers huge discounts, deals, referrals, coupons, etc. You may be able to refer Diet-to-Go to your friends and get free food from the company as a return.

Think of Diet-to-Go as a short-term solution that can introduce you to new flavors while also cutting back on calories.

Diet-to-Go is a ready-to-Go meal-delivery service that can help promote weight loss. The menus can meet various dietary preferences, mainly leaning towards low carb diets and promoting vegetarian options.

Diet-to-Go Customer Support

Diet-to-Go is always busy improving its performance to win customers’ hearts. Apart from the best quality food, it also works on other services such as receiving customers’ complaints, responding to them, and putting more effort to solve the matter.

You can choose to contact Diet-to-Go via email, phone, and voicemail. The services are available from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm EST, and Saturday 9 am to 12 pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Diet-to-Go never fails to surprise its regular customers with bundles of coupons, discounts and special offers. Referrals can win you free food. Plus you get free delivery for the first two weeks.

No! Diet-to-Go respects your decision. Once you have decided to not continue with the meal plan, just make a phone call and the company will immediately terminate your subscription.

Meals are prepared fresh and are placed on dry ice. These are delivered in styrofoam coolers. The products that do not require cooling are packed in boxes and shipped. Some customers receive their packages thawed. The amount of dry ice put in your bundle depends on your location and the climate.

Yes! You can order for as many people as you want. You will just have to place a separate order for each individual.

The price differs according to your meal plans: The price range of Balance & Vegetarian plans is $18 to $24 per meal. The price range of Low-Carb plans is $21 to $26. The price also varies depending upon the menu i.e; a 5-day menu with 2 meals per day will cost less than a 7-day menu with 3 meals.

First, two orders will be delivered free of cost. After that, you will pay $20 as shipping charges per week.

Yes! Diet-to-Go meal plans are customizable to fit your lifestyle and taste.

Although weight loss is a complex process which depends on various factors. But if you follow this plan religiously, you can lose up to 2 to 3 pounds per week, without making extra efforts.