Last Updated : January 14, 2024

At Meal Fan, our team understands the important of getting an education and understands the structures the difficulties it is to pay for school and take school at the same time. This is why we decided to offer our own scholarship fund for all college students. We know the difficulties and would like to help out any way that we can with the future generation of students.

BI-ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP IN THE AMOUNT OF $1,000 which will be provided to a student enrolled at either a Community College or University.

To enter:

The 300 word minimum essay should respond to the question: Why do you want to graduate college?

Attached to your essay, please include a copy of your resume including current GPA as well as what University or community college you are attending.

Please email all inquires to


The scholarships deadline for each applicant to apply will be September 15th and March 15th of each year.


Winners to announced September 20th and March 20th!
Announcements will be emailed and posted on our page.