Go Vegetarian with HelloFresh!

Last Updated : February 23, 2024


Amid this pandemic upon us, there has been one thing that has saved us the time and risk of getting exposed. Companies have been vying for the recognition of being the best provider of recipes and meal kits for all of us right to our doorsteps! One of the top contenders is the largest provider of meal kits in the United States, it’s none other than HelloFresh! Headed by Dominik Richter, Thomas Griesel, Christian Gärtner, and Edward Boyes, HelloFresh is a food service company based in Berlin, Germany, and is one of the four food services headed by these men.

HelloFresh also has operations in Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. With over 280 million meals delivered in 2019 and more than 4 million active customers, HelloFresh guarantees customer satisfaction, a healthier you, and a healthier budget too!

This company specializes in serving meal kits that are not only healthy for you, but also for the environment. With their banner theme “We change the way people eat forever” is their commitment for a more environmentally friendly approach in every meal kit you get. HelloFresh has carefully arranged each meal kit that you will be getting to be just the right amount that you need and refrain from having any excess food.

Hello fresh

The USDA has identified that 30-40% of the food supply in the United States becomes food waste. This data translates that approximately 133 billion pounds in 2010 has contributed to food wastage. In a recently published article in rts.com, they estimated that 80 billion lbs per year, 219 lbs per person costing $1600 each family, is because of food waste in the United States. This makes US the global leader in producing food waste.

At HelloFresh, they aim to reduce this by giving you just the right amount of servings you and your family need. Sourcing their ingredients from local farms create a sustainable cycle and works faster than grocery stores. But HelloFresh does not stop at reducing food waste. To create an eco-friendly environment, HelloFresh aims to reduce their carbon footprint by 100% with their partnership with TerraPass and creating a shorter food chain system to bring the meal kits faster to you.

Environmental protection is everybody’s concern thus HelloFresh takes this seriously. The carbon footprint is defined as the effect caused by humans and their activities on the environment, which is evident in the climatic conditions. HelloFresh has partnered with agricultural farms which also advocates for sustainable agriculture. They achieve this goal by emphasizing environmental quality, improving agronomic productivity, and contributing to the control and reduction of climate change.

Do you know what’s next when there is less food waste? Fewer bucks off your wallet! In their latest analysis, HelloFresh has estimated that partnering with them and availing their services costs you 68% less than takeaways in the US and more than 134% when compared to the international platform.

HelloFresh gives you the satisfaction of getting 100% fresh produce and super easy-to-follow recipes. Speaking of recipes, this company offers 20+ delectable and mouth-watering recipes that were conceptualized by their very own chefs each week. With a lot of choices to choose from, HelloFresh values your opinion when it comes to your diet.

The main aim of meal kit delivery services is for people to have more time for themselves and other things while being able to nourish themselves and taking great satisfaction into consideration. HelloFresh had this in mind when they created their brand.

Offering guaranteed blockbuster recipes, HelloFresh does not require your 100% commitment. You can always choose to skip on a meal by canceling your meal kit delivery before their cut-off at 11:59 PM (PST) at least 5 days before your delivery. Great for those who really have their days (and weeks) planned.

Is it THAT good?

Uh, yeah it is! Picked to have America’s Best Customer Service for Meal Kits award by Newsweek and #1 Meal Kit Service by USA Today and was part of the 10 Best Meal Kits in 2019, HelloFresh has got to be good, if not the best! But don’t take it from us, rather take it from over 10,000 5-star meal kit reviews on their website! You know, there is a reason why their page says, “The Internet’s Best Meal Kit Delivery Service”.

How to get fresh with HelloFresh?

Getting started with HelloFresh is super easy compared to it’s revolutionizing effect on your lives. They have simplified the process to three easy steps

  1. “Pick a plan”,
  2. “Get your delivery”, and
  3. “Cook, eat, enjoy!”

Each plan you select ensures that you get the most out of the food you will be getting. HelloFresh has embraced inclusivity and diversity as they accommodate all types of diets and are very mindful of what the customer wants. You get to enjoy more time with your family while saving the Earth from more waste.

HelloFresh lets you personalize your plans by giving you four main selections. Choose to have a well-balanced meal with “Meat & Veggies” or get that super nutritious and delectable set of meals by choosing “Veggies”. If you’re cooking with a very strict diet, go and get “Calorie Smart”, whereas if you’re cooking for the whole family, they have that too with their “Family Friendly” plans!

Since we’re all about going vegetarian, cooking for two people with an average of 3 recipes per meal would only cost you $4.32 with FREE SHIPPING on your first meal kit!

Each week, HelloFresh offers 2-3 veggie-based recipes from over 20 vegetarian recipes in their cookbook. In support of individuals who are yet to transition into becoming a vegetarian or vegan, HelloFresh has thoughtfully curated veggie meal plans for you. Each meal kit you get contains fresh, seasonal vegetables with recipe cards. In case you want recipes with instructional pictures for the visionary in you, you can always head to their cookbooks. Each recipe tells you the average time it would take you to finish in one meal – and in no less than 30 minutes at that!

HelloFresh understands how crucial it is for vegetarians and vegans to get the complete set of nutrients through a well-balanced meal. That’s why each recipe has been carefully conceptualized to meet these standards. The chefs at HelloFresh have broken down each recipe to illustrate the nutritional value you will be getting. We know how tedious it is for us to be searching for foods with complete details, so HelloFresh has taken the burden and decided to help us with this!

Top-rated vegetarian dishes.

Since HelloFresh is all about saving time and the environment, we want to keep this ball rolling by giving you their top-rated vegetarian dishes and save you the trouble of searching for them! This list also includes some of our own picks.

Sweet potato and black bean tacos

No wonder this recipe is top-rated. Brimming with loads of healthy fats from avocados and vitamin A from the sweet potatoes, you’re really in for a treat with this veggie taco. Classified as one of their “easy” recipes, this dish would only take a minimum of 45 minutes to prepare.

Veggie couscous bowl

It is not just one of their top-rated dishes but is also considered calorie smart. With only 690 calories per serving, this recipe promises a bowl of flavors and textures. HelloFresh has secured in this kit fresh vegetable stock that will impart loads of flavors into your couscous, amped with lemon zest. This meal kit contains two units of whole wheat pitas that go well with the ensemble, topped with creamy feta sauce. Please excuse us while we drool over this recipe.

There’s top-rated, and then there’s Hall of Fame.

To be a top-rated dish is one thing but imagine if you choose a Hall of Fame-level recipe! These recipes are considered as most popular among HelloFresh’s customers. No need to search blindly from their array of recipes. We know how you always search for pasta on restaurant menus, so HelloFresh has got this covered.

HelloFresh’s Penne Rustica with a kick

This dish will surely be a great way to cap off your week. We can’t promise that you won’t be craving for this recipe over and over again. Packed with vibrant flavors, this dish spices up the game with a sprinkle of parmesan and almond, chili, and lemon panko topping. Bet you’ve never had that!

Veggie burritos bowls

Black beans together with fresh onions, tomato, and charred corn. If you’re not too stingy with dairy, bump the recipe up with sour cream and Monterey jack cheese and seal the deal with hot sauce.

Sweet potato fajitas

These are for those who seek something new and unusual while being healthy. Coat those sweet potato wedges with the Southwest spice blend from HelloFresh’s kitchen and roast them to perfection. From here on out, let your imagination run wild with the toppings. Don’t let anyone stop you.

You know we can’t name all of HelloFresh’s famous recipes so why don’t we give you one that will surely hit the spot.

HelloFresh’s Black bean & poblano flautas

This is their own take on a classic Mexican fried dish known for its crispy texture bursting with tastes in every bite. Black beans, poblanos and jalapeno-flecked pepper jack as filling, anyone? Pair this with HelloFresh’s guacamole, sour cream, and hot sauce. Pro tip, you can add anything you want! We won’t know. *wink*

We smell burgers.

No, you don’t! HelloFresh knows how not all vegetarians started out with a strong willpower and discipline to maintain a plant-based diet. Some may have the occasional burger cravings. Because let’s face it, burgers for dinners have become normal at one point in our lives – or at least for some. It takes a lot of consideration and planning to be named as America’s Most Popular Meal Kit, and HelloFresh has definitely proven their point. For ex-meat lovers that are now vegetarian, or for those who just want to try, HelloFresh offers a line of Beyond Burger™ recipes.

      • Starting out with their all-AmericanPlant-based Beyond Burger™. The best alternative to the burger we all have gotten used to. In each meal kit, you get 8 oz of Beyond Burger™ patties with two plump potato buns and the works! Sauces, veggies, and cheese. They even throw in 12 oz of Yukon gold potatoes. Because is it even a burger meal if there are no fries?

If you’re the type to try new things out, then this plant-based burger is for you.

Goudalicious Beyond Burgers

A beautiful burger paired with potato wedges and creamy mustard aioli. To describe this recipe, the chefs at HelloFresh curated a burger with melty gouda, balsamic onions, ketchup, and Dijon-spiked aioli revolving around the famous Beyond Burger™ patties encased in two glorious brioche buns. Now that’s a meal.

Now, we know this next recipe is not a burger but this one is also for the ex-meat lovers who are looking for an alternative to their regular meat-based meals and the curious vegetarians.

Plant-based beyond baked penne.

HelloFresh introduces their Plant-based beyond baked penne. Turn the usual Beyond Burger™ patties into that rich ground “meat” to flavor your pasta together with spinach, marinara sauce, and cream cheese. Top the whole dish off with a layer of mozzarella and crispy panko breadcrumbs. Dazzle your loved ones with this super easy dish in just 35 minutes! What are you waiting for? Get that meal kit delivered now!

We’ve been talking about Beyond Burgers™ non-stop and we want you to know what goes in them. Beyond Burger™ is the newest and uprising way of getting healthy. These products are made from a variety of beans including pea, mung bean, faba bean, and brown rice which were all mixed, together with other ingredients, to deliver the same level of protein and nutrients from their animal-based counterparts! Made by the innovative company Beyond Meat in 2020 as the future of food.

With no hormones, antibiotics, and cholesterol for that guilt-free meal. This groundbreaking concept provides vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins from yeast extracts and uses natural colorants from organic produce such as beets and apples. You never have to worry about getting too little nutrients. The patties themselves are even vegan!

Uhm, but where are the vegan recipes?

In every set of meal kits within a week, you might wonder why there are very few vegan meals being offered. Despite the limited list of vegan recipes, HelloFresh still strives to provide meal kits for every type of diet and they surely won’t disappoint!

Mushroom lo mein.

HelloFresh goes Asian with one of their most rated vegan dish. Dive into the wonders of this Chinese-style lo mein loaded with mushrooms and vegetables. Savor the flavors of stir-fried noodles flavored with soy, hoisin, and sesame-based flavor.

Brown rice bibimbap

Hold up! Hold up! You have to know this all-time favorite Korean dish. You should try the Brown rice bibimbap from HelloFresh’s kitchen. Each meal kit is studded with fresh carrots, broccolis, and button mushrooms. A Korean dish is not complete if it’s not spicy. So, the chefs at HelloFresh threw in just the right amount of hot sauce in your kits. Practice your preparation skills with this delight – oh, did we mention this only has 510 kcal?

Seems like HelloFresh is big with Asian cuisines so why don’t we add up on those recipes? So, you’re not into Chinese nor Korean cuisines. Why not try Thai cuisine? When you hear Thai food, you have to anticipate flavors!

Pad see ew

Pad see ew is HelloFresh’s take on a native Thai dish. Explore the flavors of Thailand with this aromatic meal kit composed of rice noodles, soy sauce, peanuts, and loads of mushrooms and broccoli.

Don’t let us stop you there, discover HelloFresh’s vegan selections from their website, and see if they’re up for grabs this week! Oh, we just have to remind you to watch out for the allergen declarations in each recipe. Your safety is important for HelloFresh.

HelloFresh works as a group.

In order for HelloFresh to serve their growing number of customers, they have partnered with multiple brands that promise fresh and sustainable meal kits. HelloFresh focuses on every step of the food production; from where it is sourced up to the point the meal kits reach your table.

They have partnered with some of the well-known farm brands such as Villari Brothers, Lakeside, Maple Leaf farms, and Sunkist to bring you the freshest produce.

To maintain their commitment to sustainability, HelloFresh has become a part of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and is working with Monterey Bay Aquarium and SmartWay Transport Partner. In addition, to ensure that no food goes to waste, HelloFresh’s ingredients in every meal kit are managed using the system provided by SpoilerAlert.

Gift me a meal kit!

As a way of sharing the love for sustainability and great foods in meal kits, HelloFresh allows you to give a friend a gift card for weekly recipes! These gift cards range from $60.93 to $126.83. Starting at their lowest gift card value, share the healthy and sustainable way of getting dinners by letting a loved one enjoy 3 recipes per week for 2 persons. Recipients are free to choose from the available meal plans and have them delivered to their doorsteps. Let your loved ones enjoy the same delicious and healthy dinner meal kits you get every week. It doesn’t stop there! The recipient is entitled to add more meals under the gift card, at their own cost.

One more thing that’s good about these gift cards is that there is completely no commitment after redeeming the card. Gift cards are one-time transactions that may change a loved one’s whole life and way of eating.

I need more options!

When we mentioned that HelloFresh works as a group, we weren’t kidding. At HelloFresh, they aim to serve every type of diet a customer may have. But as you may have noticed, the menu, especially for vegetarian and vegan selections, is quite limited. Just when you thought HelloFresh is about to let you down come to their sister companies. HelloFresh works with three other companies to satisfy the needs of their customers for healthy meals.

On one hand is EveryPlate, known for its more cost-efficient and budget-friendly plans, this company is ready to serve most states in America and in Australia. Chefs Plate, on the other hand, caters to the customers in Canada for easy-cook recipes and affordable meal kits.

But what about a meal kit delivery service specializing in plant-based diets? Worry not, because Green Chef is there for you. Offering easy-to-follow meals for diets from keto to plant-based and more. What’s more, is Green Chef only serves 100% organic meals! As they say in Green Chef, they’re “The #1 Meal Kit for Eating Well.”

Why go vegan with HelloFresh?

As HelloFresh advocates for a sustainable and healthier lifestyle, they strive to accommodate all types of diets. HelloFresh values the choice of our vegetarian and vegan friends when it comes to their meals as these types of diets go hand-in-hand with environmental sustainability.

Several studies have already shown that vegetarian and vegan diets are associated with lower environmental impacts. They contribute to the reduction of environmental footprints. This is mainly linked to the use of less resource-intensive and environmentally destructive methods of production compared with raising animals as sources of food.

In addition to the well-established information that plant-based diets impart cardiovascular benefits and reduced risk of morbidity, the production of plan proteins consumes fewer resources. These resources include water, land, and energy. This type of production has been proven to produce the least amount of greenhouse gasses in aggregate.

This just proves that you get more than just a meal kit when you choose to be a part of the HelloFresh community, you also get to be part of creating a more beneficial impact for the environment.