Think Vegetarian with Blue Apron

Last Updated : February 23, 2024

Vegetarian with Blue Apron

Some weeks you’ll just want to take everything easy. You’d just want a quick meal to get through the day. Some weeks, you’d want to savor the time to dine with the family.

That’s just what meal kit services provide you with – time and convenience! With the rise of the meal kit industries, several companies have shown up and are struggling to stand out in their own ways.

Especially in this time of the pandemic, families avoid going outside and lining up at grocery stores, meal kit services are really the way to go. Some companies boast their advocacy towards sustainability, their ties with organic farmers, and other reasons.

This particular meal kit delivery company has something special in each box they deliver.

Blue Apron started as a small house project in the summer of 2012 where Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak initiated sharing their recipes they whipped up in their apartment.

Having in mind accessibility for everyone everywhere the joy of cooking quality recipes, they started Blue Apron. In 2016, their team has expanded greatly, being able to serve 8 million meals per year. What sets Blue Apron apart is having the mindset of everyone, including their customers, as their team members.

Straight from their archives, Blue Apron has become a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking much like how chefs around the world wear a blue apron when they are still learning.

Each recipe they provide was conceptualized from the dedication of customers to culinary education.

Reasons to try putting on that Blue Apron.

Delivering fresh ingredients and top recipes is not an easy job. This entails ensuring that the ingredients each customer would receive are fresh and free of any defects.

Blue Apron takes pride in prioritizing their delivery of high quality, fresh ingredients that are safe to consume. They are boasting a comprehensive food safety plan that would ensure that controls are in check. Even their suppliers are not spared from these standards!

All suppliers undergo this assessment before being allowed to work with Blue Apron. They also provide training and education for their food handlers in compliance with FDA regulations. Now that is impressive!

Blue Apron has partnered with over 100 family-run farms as their source of quality ingredients. Each supplier attests to never using any hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics to grow their produce.

In addition, as expected from a well-known meal kit delivery company, their seafood is certified by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

When asked if Blue Apron is a non-GMO company, their answer is a resounding “Yes.” All ingredients from their suppliers are required to be certified prior to their delivery.

How do we put on the Blue Apron?

Much like any other meal kit delivery services, Blue Apron has made it super easy for customers to order and get their meal kits on time.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have the kits delivered to you in no time. After all, a convenient delivery system is the main market of Blue Apron. Their services have narrowed the instructions to three easy steps:

  • Choose your meals,
  • Unpack your box, and
  • Cook, create, enjoy!

blue apron
We know it’s really more than just three clicks, but it’s super easy! As soon as you create an account for Blue Apron, the fun begins! Blue Apron lets you chose between three main categories.

You have Signature dishes for 2 and 4 persons, and of course the vegetarian dishes.

They offer 2-3 healthy and super amazing vegetarian meals each week which start at $9.99 for 2 recipes, per serving plus $7.99 shipping fee – and if you opt for 3 recipes you get FREE SHIPPING!

Each week, Blue Apron gives you 2-3 vegetarian recipes to choose from. Not much room to wiggle your choices, but hey, they all look delicious!

One exciting thing about ordering your meal kits from Blue Apron is that they offer seasonal recipes which are specialized for the right season.

Each meal kit that gets delivered to you contains step-by-step instructions for that carefully curated meal for you and your loved ones.

All ingredients are contained within an insulated bags with recyclable ice packs to keep the freshness of the ingredients.

Blue Apron offers its services for all the days of the week in almost all the locations in the

the continental United States.

blue apron menu
If suddenly, you don’t feel like prepping your meals and decide to go out for dinner instead, you can always cancel orders before they are processed.

Does Blue Apron value proteins for vegetarians?

Of course, they do! Blue Apron focuses on supplying proteins to vegetarian diets by maximizing the use of legumes and beans such as lentils, chickpeas, and soy.

Most recently, Blue Apron has partnered with Beyond Meat™ to create a wider range of recipes for the health-conscious market.

In addition to the well established present vegetarian recipes of Blue Apron, things will become more interesting as they introduce Beyond Burgers™ infused recipes to their weekly selection.

Maintaining the 2-3 vegetarian recipes per week, Blue Apron has opened its doors to Blue Apron and Beyond Meat collaboration recipes.

Our Blue Apron is decorated with tags.

Blue Apron has a way of classifying their recipes to help you which among their long list suits your lifestyle. Their vegetarian selection has a total of 8 dietary tags.

Blue apron

  • Vegetarian
    This tag highlights that the recipe you are trying to order is free of any meat, poultry, seafood, or any animal-
    based dairy.
  • Fri Delivery Only
    Blue Apron has made Fridays even more special as they introduce special recipes during this day, and this day only.
  • 600 Calories or Less
    To ensure that you are getting just the right amount of calories, Blue Apron provides you with this tag made specially for those who are trying to monitor their calorie intake.
  • Mediterranean Diet
    Focusing on the health benefits of vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans, and whole grains, Blue Apron has whipped up recipes based on this diet just for you. These recipes highlight flavors from countries along the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Carb Conscious
    For the individuals who watch the type of carbs they consume, this tag ensures that your sources will only be high-fiber foods. Recipes under this tag only have 48g of carbohydrates or less.
  • Plant-Forward
    This tag does not equate to vegetarianism. Although, it ensures that the main hero of the dish are vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and beans with occasional small portions of meat.
  • Diabetes-Friendly
    This tag guarantees that the recipe adheres to the guidelines set by the American Diabetes Association to enjoy a guilt-free meal.
  • WW™ Approved
    Blue Apron has teamed up with WW™ for the health-conscious personality in you. Specific recipes tell you how much SmartPoints or ZeroPoints you’ll be gaining as well as the type of diet it is under, based on the color classification set by WW™.

Blue Apron is not Afraid of Wine Stains #BlueApronWine

Nothing caps off a good dinner than a great glass of wine.

Blue Apron knows this for a fact that they started introducing wines that are best paired with the recipes you will be having.

Much as how ordering meal kits works, ordering your wines is as easy! You can order based on your preference or follow Blue Apron’s suggestions.

When you choose to have a whole personalized box delivered to you (we are definitely getting a box), you get six 500 ml wines of your choice. Perfect for two – or one!

Let it be red, white, or a mix of both! Included in your delivery are tasting notes and tips for when to have a specific wine paired with a dish. They even add the story of each wine you will get.

blue apron wines

Priced at around $10 per bottle, you can opt to pay for the whole month for only $65.99, which includes the shipping fees. Blue Apron takes the concept of farm-to-fork, or in this case glass, to a different level.

At Blue Apron, you get the best tasting wine for less! Go ahead and enjoy that glass or bottle. We never judge.

For each meal you choose to order or are thinking of ordering, Blue Apron suggests the perfect pair of wine.

In the list of top-rated recipes, we will provide below, you will get to see what criteria Blue Apron uses for selecting the best bottle for your recipe.

blue apron wine criteria

What’s on the Menu from Blue Apron?

Despite not putting an emphasis on which recipes are top-rated, Blue Apron has a pretty wide range of vegetarian dishes that have garnered a lot of attention – both good and bad.

In this list, we will be talking about three recipes which have garnered more than a thousand ratings and have a total rating of not less than 4.00/5.00 to help you see how good these recipes are.

We mean, one recipe even has more than nine thousand recipes. If that doesn’t tell you it’s a hit, then what will?

Summer Vegetable Gnocchi with Pecorino Romano Cheese (4.3★ with 9.9k reviews)

If you’re up for a bright and light meal, then this one definitely for you. Tried and tested by over 9000 customers, this dish boasts freshness that is super easy to cook. Light on the calories and bursting with vibrant flavors.

With just four easy steps, starting with peeling and cutting the vegetables in desired shapes and thickness, you can be your own chef.

Minimal and simplistic condiments and spices are needed to whip up this great dish. Toss in the vegetables into a pan with heated olive oil, season to taste, and stir in medium heat until vegetables are slightly softened.

• Summer Vegetable Gnocchi
Lastly, to finish the dish, you just have to put the boiled gnocchi together with a dash of butter, grated cheese, and some of the reserved gnocchi cooking water to tie up the dish. Stir and get ready for a sumptuous dinner.

*Blue Apron wine pairing

Griolamo wine
Considered as an Italian white wine that is bright, fresh, and zesty. Just the same adjectives used to describe our Summer Vegetable Gnocchi. Flavors of peach, lemon, basil, and orange peel from this wine highlight the simplistic profiles of the dish and allow it to stand out.

Arco di Triano wine
Arco di Triano
Arco di TrianoA white wine with a history that’s just as rich as its flavors. Vibrant and delicate, this wine will pair well with the ensemble of the dish and create a beautiful pairing. Notes from lemon, jasmine, lime, and almond marry together to elevate the dish while standing in as the perfect background taste.

Smoky Vegetable Enchiladas with Guajillo Pepper Sauce & Monterey Jack (4.3 ★ with 5.8k reviews)

• Smoky Vegetable Enchiladas with Guajillo Pepper Sauce & Monterey Jack
Blue Apron does not shy away from giving you a little extra. In this meal kit, you will receive not one, not even two, but four tortilla wraps for you and your companion.

Fill the tortilla wraps with black beans, zucchini, poblano pepper, and rice that is amped-up with Mexican spice blend. Make the dish even more flavorful by topping it with guajillo pepper sauce and Monterey jack then finishing it up with sour cream as it cools from baking.

Savor the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine with this meal kit recipe and cap the dinner off with Blue Apron’s suggested wines.

*Blue Apron wine pairing



Pair any flavorful dish with a powerful white wine with lower alcohol content. High in acidity from its key lime flavor yet is still vibrant from the note of pineapple. Discover something unique with this flavorful wine and accent your cheesy and creamy dish.


A type of Sauvignon Blanc boasting its complex and fresh citrus and tropical flavors from passion fruit, grapefruit, lemon, and gooseberry. The zest from this wine is best paired with a dish accompanied by creamy elements such as cheese to balance out the experience.

One-pan Vegetable Udon with Furikake Peanuts (4.3 ★ with 3.2k reviews)

One-pan Vegetable Udon with Furikake Peanuts
To compensate for a busy day, come home and get this recipe for yourself. In just 25 minutes, you and your loved one will be feasting on a hearty meal.

Experience Asian infusion in a single dish with flavors from earthy cumin, Sichuan peppercorn, and all leveled-up with furikake!

Lay your fresh udon on top of beautifully stir-fried vegetables with peanut furikake seasoning and enjoy the night with a little spice to it.

*Blue Apron wine pairing


Always pair depend on a zesty and citrusy white wine to balance out the flavorful taste and experience from a spiced-up dish.

Seasonal flavors at Blue Apron

There’s always something to get excited about at Blue Apron. This company has laid out an initiative to offer recipes that are only accessible at certain seasons!

Now you’ll have something to look forward to as you watch new episodes of your favorite evening show with a special meal.


Nothing says Fall than a vibrant and heaty dish like Blue Apron’s Spaghetti squash stir-fry with vegetables, eggs, and tamarind-peanut sauce.

Don’t be fooled. You won’t find any pasta on this meal kit. It’s called spaghetti squash for a reason.

Blue Apron has devised a way to turn a special variety of squash into a spaghetti-like texture that is perfect for a stir-fry dish.

Prepare your chef’s hat as this meal kit is about to get you some work for a well-deserved dinner. Blue Apron provides a step-by-step procedure on how to achieve the spaghetti-like texture so pay attention.

Spaghetti squash stir-fry
Find more recipes exclusive during Fall at Blue Apron’s cookbooks.


As the flowers start to bloom, it’s the perfect time to try new things!

Try Blue Apron’s Spring exclusive Sweet Potato and Mushroom Bao with Hiosin Mayo and Cabbage Slaw.

Don’t be intimidated, Blue Apron has included ready-made steamed buns in each meal kits, and 6 at that!

Delight yourself with the pillowy bao stuffed with roasted sweet potatoes, glazed mushrooms, and crispy radishes.

Sweet Potato and Mushroom Bao
Don’t be afraid to make the meal kit more vibrant and complete with Blue Apron’s wine pairing of the red wine Omen Pinot Noir.


Feel the summer vibes in every meal kit you order this season. Blue Apron’s BBQ Chickpeas and Farro with Corn, Cucumbers, and Hard-boiled eggs will surely bring you the feels.

A blend of savory-sweet barbecue sauce on your chickpeas with your charred sweet corn would do just the trick to liven up the dinner on a summer night.

BBQ Chickpeas and Farro with Corn
Freshen up and cut on the smokey flavors with the best wine pair for this meal kit recipe. Blue Apron suggests Vignerons des Terres Secrètes chardonnay for its fruity notes to complete the summer experience.


You will surely be needing a meal to warm you on a cold winter night. Blue Apron has just got the solution for this.

Dive into Blue Apron’s take on this North African chili boasting the flavors from the blend they call ras el hanout. Find out what this blend contains in the Moroccan-style Vegetable Chili with Couscous and Garlic Labneh meal kit recipe.

Don’t frown just yet as this meal kit contains more than just ingredients for chili.

 Moroccan-style Vegetable Chili with Couscous and Garlic Labneh

Spruce your dish up with yellow couscous and a dollop of bright labneh to tie the whole dish together.

Now you’ll feel warmer, and not to mention full and satisfied for the holidays!