4 Veestro Alternatives You Should Know About

Last Updated : May 20, 2024

Veestro Alternatives

As a health-conscious foodie, there can be limited options for you to try to find the right fit for a plant-based meal delivery service. A meal delivery service like Veestro can turn the tides in your favor, especially if you’re struggling to find time cooking healthy meals.

Veestro is an exciting way to incorporate wholesome, plant-based meals into your daily routine without all the hassle of meal planning, prepping, and cooking. It also takes care of meal variety because when it comes to plant-based food options, limited variety is always one of the drawbacks. However, that’s not the case with Veestro.

Luckily, Veestro is not the only healthy and nutritious meal delivery service out there. There are others like Purple Carrot, Sakara Life, Thistle, and more to simplify meal planning and cooking for you. This article puts each one under the microscope for careful evaluation.

But before that, let’s understand Veestro’skey features.

Veestro – A Vegan, Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service

Veestro explains just how it works in two easy steps. It involves you choosing a meal plan and then cooking and delivering the meals. They also offer essential features like meal order customization, skipping weeks, and cancelations.

When it’s time to prepare the meals, heat them. No chopping, prepping, or cooking is necessary. Simply take the meal out of the refrigerator or freezer, and heat it in a microwave or oven for a couple of minutes. That’s all it takes to eat the delicious meals of Veestro at home.

The main difference between Veestro and any other vegan meal delivery service is that Veestro’s meals are fresh and not frozen. This means a wholesome menu, but it also means a restrictive delivery area. You can check on their website if they deliver to you.

Veestro is unique in the way it serves plant-based meals. Theirs is an eco-friendly and health-boosting meal delivery service that incorporates a vegan diet without using preservatives, GMOs, fillers, or additives. Whatever your needs and dietary requirements as a vegan eater, Veestro helps you navigate your options seamlessly.

Veestro prides itself on being environmentally conscious of its packaging too. The insulated single-serve food containers are made up of recycled materials, including ice packs. The containers have labels on them indicating the freshness of the meal as well as the nutrition facts, ingredients list, and heating instructions.

Veestro – Pricing and Meal Ordering

Price-wise, Veestro offers multiple subscription options. You can choose meals for every week, bi-monthly, or monthly. You can also decide how many meals you want to buy at one time. Veestro lets you select from 8 to 30 meals at a time – the exact number varies by location.

You can also opt for their recurring meal plan, which lets you save more money in the long run.

The average cost per serving for a Veestro meal starts from $9 to $14 per meal. Shipping charges are extra and vary by location but cost you anywhere from $8 to $13 per delivery.

Veestro Pros

  • The meals are delivered fresh, not frozen.
  • No processed and meat-based ingredients.
  • Snacks, desserts, and a la carte meal options are included.
  • Large menu with easy navigation.
  • Low-calorie and gluten-free meal options.
  • A great option for vegans.
  • The packaging is durable and recyclable.

Veestro Cons

  • The meals and shipping costs are pricey.
  • Restrictive menu depending on location.
  • Not all ingredients are organic.

Veestro – Menu Options and Variety

Veestro’s menu is not like other meal delivery services. They have a fixed but versatile menu for every week, which you can only browse through once you’ve entered your name, email, and zip code.

Signing up is essential to view the menu. This might be a drawback to some people. But it takes only seconds to do so, and you will be directed to the menu right afterward.

It must be reiterated that Veestro is a vegan and fully plant-based meal delivery service. Their meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, and take minutes to heat. Once they arrive, you can also store them in the fridge or freezer depending on how long you want them to last.

One of Veestro’s rare qualities is that they use plant-based ingredients wherever possible. The whole menu is vegan and does not use high-calorie ingredients. Likewise, the majority of their recipes have no more than 600 calories.

This makes Veestro a weight loss-friendly meal delivery service. It also seems very homemade because its menu includes a blend of traditional and experimental recipes for singles, couples, and families.

Though Veestro does not offer a weekly rotating menu, some new recipes may get added every once in a while to keep things interesting. The menu includes breakfast, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts, plus an a la carte menu that lets you add extras easily.

Vegan proteins like mushrooms, legumes, tofu, beans, and leafy green are low in carbs and rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for a plant-based lifestyle. Meals that usually taste great with meat have been recreated with vegan protein, and they taste amazing!

All this only goes to show how committed Veestro is to incorporating non-GMO and fresh fruits and vegetables into everyday life. The meals taste home-cooked and are packed with nutrients and flavor.

Veestro Alternative #1 – Purple Carrot (Nutritionally Complete Plant-Based Meals)

Purple Carrot makes it super easy for you to create an account and select how many meals per week and how many servings per meal you prefer. Meals for the first week are recommended by this amazing plant-based meal delivery service, but you can make changes if you like.

Crowd-pleasing basic meals are a part of the recommendations, so you’re bound to find comforting dishes on the menu.

Speaking of which, it’s a weekly rotating menu. Thus, it’s a more enjoyable experience for you if you prefer to have enough options to choose from. The new meals added each week are unique recipes. This includes both heat-and-eat meals and meal kits. You can select items from either or both lists to suit your diet and lifestyle.

As far as quality, freshness, and flavor are concerned, Purple Carrot has successfully managed to nail all three important factors. As a healthy meal delivery service, it offers very fresh ingredients that are ready to be cooked (hence, no meal prep).

These are 100% plant-based meals, so no dairy or meat is involved. Who knew sour cream and cheese could have a vegan version too?

Purple Carrot meal delivery is the best for a vegetarian or plant-based diet. Even meat-eaters who would like to eat more meat-free meals during the week can sign up on Purple Carrot. It’s a fantastic meal delivery service that ensures you don’t miss any animal products. The gourmet meals take care of that aspect really well.

However, if your diet mainly consists of meat or seafood or just a huge variety of recipes, Purple Carrot is not for you.

Purple Carrot Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

Is Purple Carrot worth it? Taking into account the different price points of the meal plans, you can decide the answer to that question.

Meal Kits

  • 2 meals, 4 servings = $80 per week
  • 3 meals, 2 servings = $72 per week
  • 3 meals, 4 servings = $120 per week
  • 4 meals, 2 servings = $96 per week

Prepared Meals

  • 6 meals, single serving = $78 per week
  • 8 meals, single serving = $104 per week
  • 10 meals, single serving = $130 per week

So, is Purple Carrot expensive? Well, that depends on how much you’re currently spending on takeout, groceries, etc. every week and how much you’re okay with spending for the sake of convenience. Purple Carrot is definitely worth a shot if your diet hardly ever consists of healthy, homemade-style meals. In that case, it can actually save you money!

Purple Carrot Meals – What Are Your Meal Options?

Do you prefer 2 servings or 4 servings per meal? Once you select the right option for you, the Purple Carrot menu tweaks itself and shows you a wide range of meals. Now the menus (yup, plural!) include the following:

  • Meal Kits
  • Prepared Meals
  • Less Prep Meals
  • Frozen Meals

Every Purple Carrot meal’s nutrition facts, ingredients list, cooking instructions, and prep time can be viewed. But the thing you’re most likely to appreciate is the use of labels such as the following:

  • Quick and Easy
  • High-Protein
  • Gluten-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Chef’s Choice
  • <600 Calories

Purple Carrot provides a decent number of premade meals as well. These are single-serve meals that are easy and quick to simply heat in your microwave– Tamarind Curry Noodles, Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets, Louisiana Style Red Beans, and Chilled Farro Antipasto Pilaf.

As for Purple Carrot meal kit recipes, cooking them requires no “special” or “expert” skills. Even in this category, the options are quite interesting:

  • Green Veggie Burgers with Gochujang Mayo & Togarashi Fries
  • Tofu Peanut Stir-Fry with Charred Broccoli & Midnight Grains
  • Buffalo Tempeh Quinoa Bowls with Roasted Peppers & Tzatziki

Step-by-step instructions accompany each and every recipe. There are simple-to-cook meals and also gourmet options – the latter is perfect for when you’re in the mood for something special and don’t mind putting in a little more effort. But if not, then Less Prep meals are the way to go, such as Dal Makhani, Mafaldine Alfredo, and Masala Cashewed Fried Rice.

On the side, there are separate categories for breakfast and “Plantry” items. So, the Purple Carrot menu includes more than just lunches and dinners, for example, Baklava Overnight Oats, Deep Chocolate Brownie Bites, and more.

Purple Carrot Pros and Cons

What’s Good:

  • Vegans meals with healthy, fresh ingredients.
  • Very delightful, creative flavor combinations.
  • The menu includes meal kits and premade meals.
  • Options for breakfast and pantry items are also available.

What’s Not So Good:

  • No meal customizations can be made.
  • You can’t choose the delivery date/day.

Veestro Alternative #2 – Sakara Life (Organic, Plant-Based Ready-to-Eat Meals)

Those committed to healthy eating have most likely heard of a plant-based meal delivery service called Sakara Life. They offer fully soy-free and gluten-free nutrition programs that consist of prepared meals. Not only do they advise you on what to eat, but Sakara also tells you when to eat by providing you with a complete schedule, which is also delivered to your doorstep along with your weekly order.

Enter your zip code to check if ordering Sakara meals is even an option for you or not. Then, you pick the meals you like – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After that, select how many days you want this plant-based meal delivery service to cover for you – 2, 3, or all 5 weekdays. It’s a subscription-based service, but they accept one-time orders as well.

All the meals are sent to you already made, and everything is fresh no doubt. And all meals are 100% plant-based with organic ingredients.

Each week’s menu is new and different, so mealtime will always be that thing in the day you look forward to. How many Sakara meals you receive on a weekly basis depends on the number of meals you choose during the sign-up process.

The only caveat here is that you can only select the number of meals and not the meals themselves. Despite that, the meals delivered to you are in sync with the meal program you choose:

Sakara Life offers a more well-rounded approach to nutrition and lifestyle where they focus more on feeling good instead of obsessing over your daily calorie count. Everything you eat that’s been sent to you by Sakara is balanced, energizing, and nourishing. The ingredients are non-GMO, dairy-free, and also refined sugar-free. Nutrient-rich superfoods, whole foods, and hydrating ingredients take the limelight.

Sakara Life is an excellent choice for couples or individuals who don’t have a problem spending a little extra money provided they’re getting to maintain a nutrient-dense plant-based lifestyle through the brilliant convenience of premade or ready-to-eat meals. Sakara meals are immensely nourishing and contain high-quality ingredients that do an exceptional job of rebooting your health.

On the other hand, Sakara Life is not for you if you have budget constraints or are looking for family-friendly portions.

Sakara Life Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

One look at the Nutrition Philosophy of Sakara and you know why Sakara is so expensive. So, here’s the pricing breakdown based on the number of days you choose:

  • Signature Nutrition Program: $185–$440
  • Metabolism Reset: $460 (7 days), $1,610 (30 days), $3,170 (60 days)
  • Fresh Start Cleanse: $460 (7 days), $1,730 (30 days), $3,410 (60 days)
  • Performance System: $575 (7 days), $2,125 (30 days), $4,200 (60 days)
  • Gut Health Reboot: $595 (7 days), $2,275 (30 days), $4,500 (60 days)
  • Level II Detox: $400–$450
  • Bridal Program: $1,395–$1,680

Sakara Life Meals – What Are Your Meal Options?

Sakara’s Signature Nutrition Program is the most basic and popular meal plan. The 5-day Detox Program is also highly appreciated – Level II Detox is the extension of the Signature Program. A 3-day Signature Program order has 9 different premade meals – 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners.

The thing about Sakara recipes, even the ones from the Signature Program, is that they’re super tasty. The company knows that it has to keep its plant-rich, organic meals even more delicious. So, all menus across all nutrition programs are diverse and appealing to the taste buds. They’re full of superfood ingredients, such as jackfruit and probiotic dressing.

A favorite item on the menu is the Sakara Burger, which is a thick patty of grains and beans with a moderately spicy sauce made using cashews. The topping here is coconut bacon! This burger is actually very filling and flavorful and will do everything in its power to curb any post-meal cravings.

However, there’s one setback – the bowls and salads are not as filling. The veggie-focused meals here are fully appreciated, no doubt, but the serving size is a bit lacking in that you’ll want to add more ingredients and substance to these types of meals.

Sakara Life Pros and Cons

What’s Good:

  • Ready-to-eat meals delivered fresh
  • Plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free
  • Nutrient-rich meals for specific dietary needs
  • Healthy snacks and supplements also available

What’s Not So Good:

  • Too expensive for a meal delivery service.
  • Low protein levels and small serving sizes.
  • Not for families.
  • No meal modifications can be done.

Veestro Alternative #3 – Thistle (High-Protein, Vegan Fully Prepared Meals)

Thistle has a plant-based menu you don’t normally see, thanks to all the effort put in by professional nutritionists and chefs. Even the cold-pressed juices and snacks are crafted by experts who know what it takes to keep up with a healthy, wellness-focused plant-forward diet.

The most appealing quality about Thistle’s philosophy is that they prioritize fresh, high-quality ingredients with the exclusion of gluten, dairy, and processed additives. The foods are all about high nutrition and high protein. Along with vegetables, you also get legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and fruits. Even the fats are healthy and plant-based, and the herbs and spices are downright flavorful.

Thistle caters to those dealing with common food allergies as well. This includes dietary restrictions. The meal plans are customizable, and this subscription service is plenty flexible, which translates into ample convenience.

So, if you struggle with consuming more healthy meals or are preoccupied with work, consider choosing Thistle.

Thistle Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

Thistle is a healthy food delivery service, but is it also budget-friendly? The answer depends on what and how much you order.

The starting price of Thistle meals is around $11.50 per serving. The most basic Thistle meal plan (3 lunches) can cost you about $43.50 per week – proof that Thistle offers comparatively more affordable vegan meals!

Thistle Vegan Meal Plans:

  • 3 vegan lunches per week – below $45
  • 3 vegan dinners per week – below $45
  • 5 vegan lunches per week – below $75
  • 6 vegan dinners per week – below $85
  • 5 vegan lunches and dinners per week – $125
  • 6 full-day vegan meals per week – below $210

Thistle Omnivore Meal Plans:

  • 5 omnivore lunches per week – below $82
  • 6 omnivore dinners per week – below $100
  • 5 omnivore lunches and dinners per week – below $150
  • 6 full-day omnivore meals per week – below $235

Thistle Meals – What Are Your Meal Options?

It’s a very convenient mix-and-match food experience with Thistle. The totally customizable meal plans make meal planning a lot easier. During sign up, you select the number of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Dinners can be skipped if you prefer cooking for yourself at night, but daytime meals are covered.

Then, you pick either plant-based protein, meat, or both. If you choose plant-based proteins, you’re more likely to incorporate them into your diet foods you would normally not cook for yourself. These meals contain at least 20 grams of protein per serving (grains, nuts, seeds, tofu, and veggies).

You also have the option to eliminate peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, coconut, or pork in case of food allergies. As for major allergens, like gluten, dairy, eggs, artificial additives, and refined sugar, these are not used from the beginning.

There’s a West Cost menu and an East Coast menu. Some of the highlights include Kale Pesto Pasta Salad, Mango Coconut Rice Bowl, Roasted Artichoke Scampi, Balinese GadoGado Salad, and Moroccan-Inspired Tagine, along with breakfast and snack options such as Mango Coconut Oat Bar, Polenta Almond Cake, Spirulina & Coconut Smoothie, and lots more.

Thistle Pros and Cons

What’s Good:

  • Plant-based fully prepared meal delivery service
  • Fresh foods and new meals added every week
  • Most delicious vegan options
  • Gluten-free and dairy-free
  • No artificial sweeteners or refined sugars
  • High protein content and healthy fats
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks

What’s Not So Good:

  • Slightly more expensive
  • Not all organic produce

Veestro Alternative #4 – Trifecta Nutrition (Fully Organic, Weight Loss-Friendly Meals)

Trifecta Nutrition offers a menu that is made entirely with organic ingredients, and the meals are customized by diet type. Every meal category specializes in a specific type of nutrient-backed diet plan including Clean Meals, Paleo meals, Keto meals, Whole30 meals, high-protein vegan meals, and high-protein vegetarian meals.

Build your plan by choosing the number of meals you want to add per delivery and whether or not you want to add breakfasts to your order.

For further customization, you have the option to exclude any 2 ingredients from your diet plan. This is great news for people with food restrictions for ingredients like shellfish, beef, pork, tree nuts, and whole mushrooms.

If nutrition tracking is one of your top priorities when considering a meal delivery service, then Trifecta Nutrition is right for you. All the meals are designed keeping macros in mind, plus they are dietician-designed.

Trifecta Nutrition is a unique and sophisticated meal delivery service with strict weight loss plans. When you sign up, the macro tracking feature allows you to monitor your weight loss goals more efficiently.

All their meals are packed and delivered in vacuum-sealed containers. Though each container comes with a “enjoy by” date, you can freeze the meals soon after they are delivered to increase the shelf life.

Trifecta Nutrition Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

You can add from 5 to 14 entrees with or without breakfast on Trifecta Nutrition’s menu. The menu for each diet category is different with a weekly rotating menu that never repeats the same recipe twice.

The meal plan pricing of their Clean Meal, Paleo, Whole30, and Keto plans starts from $154.99 to $310.99. The size of the meal order ranges from 10 entrees, which includes 5 meals and 5 breakfasts, to 14 meals without or without breakfast.

Their High-Protein Vegan and High-Protein Vegetarian meal plans are relatively cheaper starting from $142.90 for 5 entrees and 5 breakfasts per week. And it goes up to $289.59 for 14 different meals and 7 breakfasts. You can opt out of breakfast when you increase the number of entrées.

Committing to Trifecta Nutrition also means paying a flat shipping fee of $9.99. This applies to all orders and may vary slightly depending on your delivery location.

Trifecta Nutrition Meals – What Are Your Meal Options?

Trifecta Nutrition gives you the option to choose from 5, 7, 10, to 14 entrees or meals every week. Plus, you can include add-ons like breakfasts in the same week.

Their meal plans are custom-tailored for weight loss and boost a diet of proteins, complex carbs, and low calories.

For weight loss, their meals fit the needs of people looking to consume not more than 500 calories per meal. A high-protein diet is essential with meals that contain 20g–38g of proteins per meal.

The high-protein and low-calorie ratio ensures that you do not feel hungry between meals as it curbs appetite and builds muscle. Their meals can support an active, healthy lifestyle complementing other restrictive diets like keto, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian.

The Clean meal plan includes foods that boost fat loss, increase energy and reduce food cravings. The meals are high in lean proteins, grains, legumes, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Low-carb, grain-free, dairy-free, and plant-based diets are also highly prioritized on their menu. Plus, Trifecta offers the nutrient breakdown of every meal including breakfasts.

Trifecta Nutrition Pros and Cons

What’s Good:

  • All meals are high in proteins and low in calories.
  • Delivers freshly prepared meals quickly.
  • Premium proteins with high-quality ingredients.
  • No prep work is necessary.
  • You can include breakfasts in every meal plan.
  • Option to exclude ingredients like shellfish, tree nuts, etc.

What’s Not So Good:

  • You cannot select meals of your own choice.
  • Flat shipping fee on every order.

Why You Should Pick Meal Delivery Services Like Veestro

1.    Nutrition Tracking

One of the benefits of subscribing to Veestro or any one of its alternatives is nutrition tracking. Nutrition tracking takes into consideration the different macros you consume every day such as calories, proteins, fiber, carbs, fat, and more.

It’s one of the most effective ways to stay on top of your dietary goals and get a clear sense of what your eating habits are. Now, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to eating healthy.

For this very reason, tracking every food you eat can be stressful and, let’s face it, time-consuming. Thanks to meal delivery services like Veestro, you don’t have to download that nutrition tracker app on your phone. It provides clear and concise nutrition facts about every meal, including breakfast, snacks, desserts, and a la carte items.

By implementing a health-conscious diet, you can meet your fitness goals more efficiently. You can easily pick low-calorie, low-carb, and high-protein meals depending on your specific health requirements. Every food item on their menu is accounted for.

2.    Portion Control

Eating in moderation does not mean you have to eat very little and keep yourself hungry for most of the day. Moderate eating or portion control is developing a dietary habit that curbs over-eating or over-indulgence.

It has various benefits such as weight loss, weight management, and manages your blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

Portion control also means that you never end up consuming too much of a single type of food. Even eating too much of anything can cause problems in health over time.

That’s where meal delivery services like Veestro help by introducing a wider variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, so you can try new things every time. It inspires you to stick to a healthy diet plan and enjoy meals and snacks that are satisfying and delicious.

Foods that are high in calories or carbs won’t necessarily keep you full for longer. To practice portion control, consuming more fiber and protein is essential. By providing nutrition information, you can easily select meals that are high in protein and high fiber, helping you stay active and eliminate unhealthy food cravings.

3.    Plant-Forward Meals

If you plan to exclude all animal products from your diet, including meat, eggs, dairy, and honey, a vegan diet would suit you best.

A vegan diet also eliminates processed ingredients and finds whole, plant-based substitutes. It needs to be said that eating vegan does not imply that it’s a one-size-fits-all diet plan for everyone. Lots of vegan products contain preservatives and are low in nutrients but high in carbs.

People choose to become vegans for a variety of reasons. Although veganism typically addresses issues concerning the environment and animal welfare, it can also prove beneficial for improving one’s health. Weight loss, heart health, diabetes, cholesterol, gut health, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s – these are all health benefits of a vegan diet.

Final Verdict

As a vegan or vegetarian, finding the best meal delivery that does not limit your food options is shocking. Veestro is one of them. Its menu is entirely made of plants, without processed foods and preservatives. Plus, it takes matters into its own hands by prepping and cooking all meals.

You don’t have to order takeout or even cook a packet of instant noodles just to have something to eat on busy days. A meal delivery service like Veestro saves you time while ensuring that all your nutrient needs are met.

But what if Veestro isn’t the one for you? If you’re running out of options or you don’t like the recipes on Veestro’s menu, several other meal delivery services offer healthy and vegan meals right to your doorstep.